Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe ( Before & After Armoire )

Good morning all!!!

Now that Sunday is behind me - ( and hopefully I'll never have a furniture day from hell like that AGAIN )
I was ready to tackle the Beast......................
I went a little crazy with the photos :)

Here is how it looked before I started - a typical 70's mediterrean style armoire

I knew I wanted to make this piece look like an old Armoire - chippy and faded and dirtied up a little bit - with White and very Pale Aqua's thrown into the mix.
So the first thing I did was mix some Duck Egg and White chalk paint and start on the color sections.

To achieve this look right from the beginning ( and save the step of sanding )  I make sure there's a lot of paint on the brush - so that I can do whole lengths at a time - but I use a very " light " hand when applying it - (going heavier in some areas to give the look of " worn " paint )
As the paint thins out on the brush - I just continue " dry brushing " with what's left - it kind of gives you a chippy distressed look without much effort at all.  It's the one - step - lazy way to get an aged look actually -

and because it's one step it probably took all of 10 minutes to do this part

Next I went on to the white sections - this is going to take 2 coats most definitely - but again I don't want
perfect coverage - so 2 will definitely be more than enough

I didn't put as much paint on the brush for the white because of the second coat I'd be applying - here it is after 1 coat

The white is much more translucent as you can see but already you can tell where it's going, right?

I just had a vision of someone really loving wood - and then I tried to look at it through their eyes -
just to be fair - but I CAN'T DO IT - LOL -

But it's all right now, I've learned my lesson well
Ya can't please everybody - so ya gotta please yourself..............
( sometimes anyway - and I'm keeping this one for my supplies - there's a ton of room in this beast )

I'm actually writing this post in Real Time - I paint a little - take a break and write up a little - then go back.
So you're seeing it as I'm doing it - it's starting to look old and weathered :)

Last night -
John says - Can I ask you a question?
Suzan says - Of course
John says - I thought you wanted to take old pieces and make them look new again
Suzan says - You don't like it, do you?
John says - It's a bit much for my taste.
Suzan says - Can I ask YOU a question?
John says - Of course
Suzan says - Why don't men shave their arm pits?
John says - Good night Suzan
Suzan says - No, really, I've always wondered about that
John says - You've asked me this before - I think it's when you have nothing to blog about
John says - Good night Suzan

But these are the type of soul searching questions I find myself thinking about from time to time.
Why is it that men never caught on to that little bit of wisdom I wonder???
Oh Well - back to the armoire.

I painted the interiors of the doors white - The doors had a backplate on them for the handles -

which was not the look I was going for - so I filled the the top and bottom holes on the outside of the doors only............dry brushed the back plates - and installed them on the inside of the door - some added detail when the doors are open.....................

just a little dab of paint brings out the design on these perfectly

 Now's the time to give a huge THANKS to Julie ( Follow Your Heart Woodworking )
Who suggested we remove the doors to move the top piece on to the bottom piece.
I pride myself on getting the job done - I do whatever it takes - and yet?
Unfortunately I only found out about this AFTER we tried to move this piece from the van to the car
( you can read about that particular fiasco HERE )
It was still ridiculously heavy - but do-able.

Suzan says - John can you help me put the top piece of the Armoire on the bottom piece
John says - WHAT??????????????????  NO.................we have to call someone to help
Suzan says - But Julie says if we take the doors off it'll be much easier
John mimics me - so you have to imagine a whiny voice - although my voice is not whiny - it's sultry and sexy.......................
Suzan says - Can we at least try?
John says - There's a screw loose - you know that, right?  There's a screw loose, you're brain doesn't function normally
Suzan says - I have an artist brain - it's not SUPPOSED to work like a mathematic's brain silly.
Suzan says - in her sexy, sultry voice - which may or may not have a tinge of whine in it - Please?
John says - NO
Suzan purrrrs - try it sometime - and makes all kinds of promises I can't mention here.
John says - Ok - let's go

AGGGHHHH - it's up!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzan says - this is going to be so perfect in the office John!
John mumbles -
Suzan says - can we put the doors back on now?
John says - Well NO - if you want to move it into the office - just leave them off
Suzan says - then I can't take photos for my blog
John says - Ok let me get this straight...........we took the doors off - now you want them on -
then we'll have to take them off to move it into the office - at which point we'll have to put them back on?
Suzan says - EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!  So you have an artist's brain too!!!!!!!!!!!!
John says - Can I ask you a very simple question?
John says - Why don't you take a photo of the doors - and a photo of the armoire and tell people to use their imaginations................

He seriously asked me that?

Now for the knobs - as I mentionned above - I filled in the top and bottom holes

and I found 2 pretty swirly backplates in my stash ( I keep every single bit of hardware that comes off dressers ) painted them silver - then dry brushed some white on them..................

I then removed the 2 glass handles from this desk ( which I removed from my kitchen cabinets for the desk )
You could ( if you were even mildly interested and if I haven't bored you to death with this ridiculously long post - read about the desk HERE )

And by the way - you see that horse on the desk?
John christened that " Tea Biscuit " to honor his British my world it's called Sea Biscuit.

Do you see how easily distracted I am ?
Ok the handles - Ta Da !!!

Somehow sparkle looks incredibly beautiful on shabby - the Juxtaposition ( God I love that word )  of the two???
Think I'm starting to repeat myself on my blog - I've definitely said that before....................

Ok - I'm taking a 10 minute break to paint the bottom drawers now - you may want to use this time to take a break yourself !!!


I lightly sprayed the original handles white....................very lightly - just a dusting really

John says - It looks like a very old wardrobe -

I like it since that's exactly what I was going for this time.

And just like that a TITLE FOR A POST WAS BORN.........................( but I'm not a witch )

If you're looking for a great on line collage maker - I found a great one -  you can click on the Sharing is Caring button on the right upper hand side of this page - OR - what the hell - you can just click HERE

Now be happy I'm going to leave the interior of this beast redo for another day - because this could very easily become the makeover that never ends - yes it goes on and on my friends - somebody started posting it not knowing what it was - and she'll continue posting it forever just because...................

Paints Used - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Duck Egg Blue and Pure White
Now the big question is - To Dark Wax or not - help ???

UPDATE - to see what I did with the interior you can click HERE
Have a great one!!!
Much love,


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  1. Wow!i turned out beautiful, love the new handles! I think John was CRAZY for suggesting taking pictures without the doors on... ;)

  2. WOW!!!!! That turned out just amazing! Love the duck egg blue and white combination. Gorgeous knobs! I love a little bling on almost anything. :)

  3. She's beautiful Suzan, love the paint color choices and those knobs are perfect! I like her as is, no dark wax! :)

  4. I love it and what a great, entertaining post. Sounds like we are married to the same man. Will definitely be back!

  5. I love anything aqua and the white accents make it even sweeter!! Love your banter and I'm sure your voice is sultry and sexy - men are hearing impaired. Love love love that desk, too!!

    You make me want to go find furniture to refinish even though my plan is to get rid of furniture and stop this insane hoarding thing I have going on since I started blogging... Thanks Suzan. Thanks a whole lot! :)

  6. Holy cow what a beautiful transformation!!! Love this!

  7. Wow Suzan, how simply gorgeous! I'd skip the dark wax, it's already perfect!

  8. I love how it turned out....gorgeous! and I'd use the dark wax....but the dark is always my fav so I may be bias...

    1. Thanks so much Christine - I am soooo torn with the wax question on this one - don't know why!!!!

  9. It's gorgeous, Suzan, but I don't know if I would use the dark wax or not. I wonder if it might muddy up the aqua? Whatever you do it is beautiful. Tell John.................well, you know- xo Diana

  10. I love it as is!!! You are so funny, and I'm so glad I found your blog! I can totally relate to your posts and remarks, down to Earth and real, not to mention your great talent of DIYing! Matter of fact, I'm copying your Grey and white buffet color scheme to do on my Beast of a secretary! Hopefully TODAY! Thanks for sharing and so glad to have found your blog! Hugs & Smiles, Theresa

  11. Beautiful. I may copy this for my husbands gun cabinet I talked him into letting me paint. I need to hurry though before he changes his mind.

  12. I love the makeover! And truly I love 'Tea Biscuit.' You didn't have to explain it to me. Our family thinks like this. :-) Be sure to tell John that I thought it was clever. But really, what's with the armpits??

  13. I LOVE it and I am not kidding or just being nice! :) The hardware switcheroo is perfect. Really love it. (Have I mentioned that I really love it?!) Dark wax will definitely make it look more time worn, in my opinion...which I know you treasure. LOL!

  14. Sadly, sometimes our hubbies just don't get us!! We understand perfectly why the doors have to go back on for the photo shoot and then come back off again for moving-after all, you are just trying to save his back, right??

    Dark wax, dark wax, dark wax is my vote-will just add to the fabulous transformation!

  15. That is a gorgeous transformation! I love the colours. They are so calming; simple. I'm starting to believe that there is hope for those old pieces that I wouldn't give a second glance to otherwise!

  16. what a beauty great job im partial to the clear wax myself

  17. Hy Suzan. I would choose dark wax. It gives it a more time worn, but it's your choise after all. Hugs, Cristina
    P.S. I was hopping to see more wedding pictures....

  18. Wow! What a gorgeous transformation; your hard work really paid off. I love the colors just as they are ... wouldn't change a thing. Great Job and very entertaining post! Loved it!

  19. holy moly! that before picture had me stop mid bite! you cant show me the after pic first! use our imaginations, seriously?!?those knobs sure are getting a run for their money, "tea" biscuit? bahaha

  20. I LOVE it! Love the colors!

    How many quarts does it take of Annie Sloan? Mine is almost 8 feet tall and 5 feet x 28 inches wide. If I paint it, I won't paint the interior.

  21. Great job! I'd skip the dark wax...looks great as is.

    I love the convos between you and your hubby -- hilarious!

  22. Too bad you didn't get an answer to the pit question, I'd have liked to have known the answer to that too. :)

    The wardrobe looks fabulous. Your hard work paid off nicely.

    The L, W, & W was one of my favorite childhood books. :)

  23. One word: Wow. This looks amazing! I don't know where you get the energy. Tell the truth, do you ever sleep? Seriously. BTW--I've been reading posts on my phone so I can't comment, but I came back here to find the post about arms. I read that post on my phone and I was cracking up so much that people in the store were looking at me. I loved that post!!! And boy I can I relate! Just so you know, if I ever need to smile I just come to your blog.

  24. I looks great! I love the special effects on the picture too. It looked as if a chorus was hitting a high soprano note with it, lol.

  25. I have an armoire obsession. I bought one last winter to use myself, but it's still sitting in the garage waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. It's quite intimidating. I really like the way yours turned out. You can tell John that some of the young guys shave (wax?) their chests so why not the armpit hair. That's why i can never stand to see guys in tank tops. So gross.

  26. You did a wonderful job. Love the paint colors you chose. You really brought new life to the piece.

  27. High impact. Regardless of any home's decor that armoire would make any room look better. It's a statement piece, and it's statement is: Look at me, I'm fabulous.

    I'm heading out now to go buy a miniature horse so I can name it Tea Biscuit.

  28. This armoire is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! It took my breath away! It's not a beast anymore, that's for sure! I like the dark wax - but used sparingly.

    Suzan, I absolutely love your blog. I laugh out loud every day! And, get John pinned down about the not shaving their pits, thing, OK? I wanna know, too!

    Oh yeah, and let John know he needs to just suck it up about the doors! lol They need to go back on, then when you're ready to move it back off and once in place back on again. Of course, the process will repeat once you sell your place and find another house! :)

    1. Thanks SO much Camille - what a sweetheart - create a blog so I can see what you're up to too lol!!!
      I never thought about moving this again ( when we sell ) I dare not mention that to him LMHO
      Have a great night

  29. LOL LOL! Love that post that never ends song at the end! I just sang that song to my kids the other day - well not 'post' but 'song' and they thought I was nuts! And it's amazing with paint can do - that armoire is actually beautiful now! Cannot imagine liking it the way it was before. And no dark wax - I'm loving the look it's got right now!

  30. It`s beautiful, dear Suzan. Love the color.
    Your posts always make me smile.

    Hugs from here

  31. So pretty Suzan...and now I'm eyeing the armoire in my craft room that holds all of my craft crap. I'll think about it. Now I have to go practice my purring. LMBO!!

  32. It's beautiful I love the new handles Tea biscuit lol

  33. LOL LOL
    Tell John that "Julie said" that we have to put the doors back on for photos.
    You have absolutely and completely transformed that piece. Please enter it at every blog party and every contest going, it's a masterpiece!

  34. Susan this is stunning! I love the 2 colors, you did an amazing job! I would love for you to come link up at my paint party going on now
    Hope to see you there

  35. I love it! But white and light blue, how could I not fall in love? John is sounding like my father in this post, who really didn't understand yesterday why I asked him to move the kitchen furniture... again! I tried to tell him I couldn't paint the walls around the furniture... It's useless!
    I don't know if I would go with dark wax, because I think the real wood showing as you did is enough. But I'm no Annie Sloan expert, you are!

  36. Love it!! Great touch to add the wreath too :)

  37. It looks fabulous, I love how you used the two colours!

  38. Did you dark wax it? That would give it some awesome patina too. I just did a little chair in whitened down English Yellow and dark waxed it - looks like it's been that way for 100 years.

    And I'm laughing to myself to think of the conversation you and John have when you ask him to move it to the shop. Or are you keeping this beauty?

  39. Haven't dark waxed it - the colors look so pretty in " real life " that I'm a little bit afraid to change it by dark waxing - going to keep it like this for awhile anyway...............
    This one's staying Heather lol
    It'll be hard enough to move it in the house, trust me!

  40. This is really beautiful. You do good work visiting from my turn for us friday hop I'm lorraine at

  41. Hi Suzan! You had me hanging on every word through to the end of the post!!! Great job and love your commentary. Your husband and you sound like me and mine....we are from two different worlds trying to understand each other! We have similar conversations to yours!! I am dying to get into the world of chalk paint and have a pile going of things to do. I found a recipe for homemade chalk paint because honestly, the price of Annie Sloan has kept me away! Visiting from Be Inspired!!

  42. It looks fabulous! What a huge job!

    1. Thanks so much - and it wasn't such a big job at all because I really just " slapped " the paint on lol

  43. BRAVO! you did a great job. John must be my husband's brother from another mother. Moving things, you'd think I've asked him to give me a kidney. Anyway, I understand the heaviness, I thank the Lord for my two son's. I like wood too, but I've decided that all wood is not created equal, and an artistic brain can do colour. When I removed the doors from my piece, my husband trashed them before I knew it, so I have an armoire with "open concept". What was he thinking? Anyway you did a great job. I'm not sure about the dark wax, do light first and then you can control the darkness with the dark one?

  44. Wow...what an amazing is absolutely gorgeous!! Truly enjoy your blog!


  45. Suzan, this turned out beautiful, I know I say this all of the time, but I'm always amazed at what a little paint can do.

  46. Thanks so much for your post on my blog...I am thrilled to "meet" you! And thank are my very first comment-er! lol!
    I'm not real comfortable with all the tricks of blog templates, gadgets, etc., but hope to learn more as I go!! Your blog is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  47. It is beautiful, Suzan! Love the combo of colours and how you really updated it by making it look old, okay that sounds backwards. A beautiful piece and although I love some wood finishes the duck and white are perfect for this piece. I'm going to refer to your techniques if I ever get some AS chalk paint. I had a chuckle at the post title and the Suzan/John banter is always a blast! Sorry John lol.

  48. Charlotte from PEI here....*snort* I have to confess...hubs & I are landed immigrants..aka "Come From Away" (true know...the ones who were born here & go back 10 generations & have relatives in Boston) call (albeit lovingly) people who move here CFAs.
    Tis true...we are both NB born & raised...having moved to PEI nearly 30 years ago. I was expecting my youngest daughter...she is a true Islander...having been born here.
    Now, I hope that doesn't change this perfect view you have of me, LOL!!
    Love having another Canadian blogger...but love & appreciate other bloggers who have such amazing decorating, DIY blogs!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    1. You have a great wknd too you CFA - lol
      You're a no reply blogger Charlottle - if you go up to my top right hand corner you'll see a button that says Sharing is Caring- click on it - you'll find instructions on how to fix that.
      A no-reply blogger means people can't reply to you - ( other than on their blog ) they can't just reply by email!
      Hugs - a third generation Montrealer LOL ( although one of my Grandmother's was born in St. John's
      New Brunswick - left after the " great fire "

  49. Very gorgeous! John is very patient. My husband has learned it's easier just to go with it, easier than prolonging the inevitable! Ha! Every time I read one of your posts I am encouraged to paint the monster secretary in my den and NOW I am ready! Love your fearless style and funny dialogs!

    1. Oh John fights me every single step of the way LOL but always loves everything when they're finished.
      Good luck with your monster!!!!!!!!!!
      Can't wait to see it

  50. John John John....when will you learn Rule #1: Suzan is always right!
    Rule #2: When Suzan is wrong see Rule #1! Looks great girl. Love your color choices as always! I think it would look great with or without wax.

  51. SHE's totally GORGEOUS now! What a wonderful transformation! You did a fabulous job! I'm so glad I found you through Funky Junk's link up party! I transformed a mopey old maple dresser.

  52. Wow! This armoire is stunning! Lovely colors!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ <a href=">Submarine Sunday Link Party</a>

  53. Let me first say how much I love how when I move the mouse around your site, it looks like a martini glass!! :) This post cracked me up! Love the playful banter between you two! Beautiful transformation!

  54. First of all, your writing is so funny and entertaining, I really do get a kick out of your posts, Suzan!

    Second, oh my God, what a gorgeous makeover! I truly never get tired of Duck Egg blue, it's my go to colour to achieve anything Old Word and French looking. And those handles on the doors! Swoon! Well done, sweetie!


  55. OMG, Suzan, I love so many of your pieces but this may be my favorite so far!! I am going to be doing this to an armoire that we have in storage that is pine and looks very country. From my love of the real country look of the late 80's (we, meaning my John, will be adding details that I pick to it)for the new house that I will be posting about soon. We are getting ready to START soon after a long story!!!!,which I will tell. I have to say John is a favorite of mine too, he truly makes be crack up, I mean truly!!!


  56. Gorgeous Suzan!!! love your dry brush techniques!

  57. Suzan, I missed this one first time around. WOW, is that a beauty..Seriously!!..Great job..Happy Monday..Judy

  58. Suzan - no surprise you did it again... I absolutely love this piece and the technique is so simple... I will definitely have to try this on a piece of dark wood and see how it turns out... Narnia is one of my and my grandchildren's favorite movies and this definitely reminds me of the Wardrobe... have a great week....

  59. So beautiful! I love all the tips you you gave us, thanks Suzan!

    1. Thanks so much Cristina - you're the best!

  60. Hi Suzan,
    You did such an amazing job! You really got the beauty out from that beast! Love it! xo

  61. So, I was strolling through No Minimalist Here, open house, and I clicked on your blog. I love the armour and what you have done with it. So pretty....but most of all I love your humor as you write. Too funny, and I so look forward to following you and getting a good dose of laughter each time I read your blog.

  62. Hi Suzan, You always do wonders with paint and this was a great job transforming this piece! Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  63. The gang over at My Personal Accent think your post about the The Lion, The Witch,and The Wardrobe Makeover is fantastic!! We would like to invite you to party with us starting at 5:00 Thursday nights at our new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party to share your creative ideas. Come on over!!


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