Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 49

I live in a pretty incredible area - in Montreal, It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there are days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one or two homes that are for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )
Keep in mind this is in the heart of the city - so the prices reflect that  - think Manhattan - where these places would cost 3 or 4 times what they're listed for here!
On occasion I'll showcase beautiful homes in other areas - countries - continents - the one thing most of them will have have in common will be their age - because I love old homes with stories to tell, join me won't you?


When I was young ( very young ) one of the outings we used to do would be to pile in the car and drive around wealthy areas of town - and look at the houses - shrieking and squealing - " look at that one - 
did you see this one " and as odd an outing as that may seem - that seemed to be something to do in the 60's.  It sounds so strange today to think of it even - but obviously my interest in houses started at a very young age because I used to be the first one scrambling into the car let me tell you!!!
There were usually 2 destinations - Westmount and the Lakeshore.................

A drive along the Lakeshore always ended with icecream at the Dairy Queen - and a walk along the board walk so we kids were prone to want to do that drive.................

I found this one for you today - usually I showcase 2 or 3 homes on I WANNA live there Wednesday but every once in a while I find one that deserves to be shown on it's own - only because I can't imagine finding a 2nd or 3rd one that can shine so brightly - this would be one of them..................

Situated on one of the most desirable, one way, lakefront streets in the West Island, this fully renovated Victorian home features spectacular south-facing water views, and is walking distance to waterfront parks, the Beaconsfield Yacht Club and quaint Pointe-Claire Village.

BUILT 1877

Sigh..............that's all - just a sigh
2 car garage
curb appeal
check out the porch ceiling
ceiling love
floor love
everything love
wainscotting love
again - the floors - this house had me at the floors
I could whip up a dinner or two in here
my office
must be an addition - the floors are different?
love this room
love it even more now
this one too
how charming
what a great basement for a house built in the 1800's
no words - 
love the vanity
this place is a dream come true
as good as it gets for a deck
sigh, that's all, just a sigh
What do you think?
Want to come get an icecream with me?

1 softee please - chocolate dipped - thank you
and amble along the boardwalk eating it?
here's an image I found of the boardwalk before I was born - 1930 - it's since been paved - but it's far more beautiful as an actual BOARD walk don't you think?

 here it is today - it's still pretty special


The boardwalk runs from one length of Montreal to the other- spanning many many neighborhoods - and a bike trail has been added.................

One of these days I'll do a post on the evolution of this amazing trail - but for now I have to run and get a lottery ticket -because if I win this week - that's where I'll be living within a month - without a doubt..

Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody
Much love,

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  1. Wow! I loved the floors too, the master bath is awesome, and I would never think I'd like a red kitchen but this one is gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous! Another fan of the floors here too. I also have porch envy. Our houses don't really have them here in the UK. The surrounding area is beautiful. I would like to see Montreal one day, so I should include a tour of this area.

  3. Love the ceilings and floors, the front porch and the bathroom. But with that red in the kitchen, couldn't they have come up with some way to include a red phone box?? C'mon, people!

    I'll have a mint dilly bar, please.

  4. Okay, forget the English Cottage nestled in all that shabby chic...THIS, this my dear house hunting friend, is totally Suzan! Don't know if it's in your budget, but for starters, forget the softies and start saving - you 'wanna' live 'gotta' make an offer they can't refuse (Vito Corleone voice)!!


  5. Sweet! Love this the best of every house you've ever featured. I don't get the parquet floor deck though. How the heck does that stand up to winter weather??!

  6. No! Mine, mine, mine!! I love every.stinking.thing about this house. Everything. I shall go home to my hovel tonight and cry.

  7. Suzan,
    OMG!!!!! This house is beautiful. Love every inch of it. Love the red cabinets in the kitchen you do not see that very often. The floors are dreamy and that porch. I could just live on the porch. Great house.

  8. WHEN can I move in? I love it- the outside certainly belies the inside! It is so bright and unconventional inside. I just love it and the area is gorgeous! xo Diana

  9. Oh, the floors. The ceilings. You're right...the everything! Let me just check my bank balance as I think we'll...never be able to afford it. Oh well, thanks for the daydream today. That boardwalk is wonderful. I would love to live somewhere with something like that!!!

  10. That is a beautiful home. I love the massive porch. I'd spend a lot of time out there with a book in hand. And I love the floors in the house. I cannot stand carpets, so floors are always an instant bonus!

    I'll have a chocolate fudge sundae!

  11. You buy this one, I'll buy that little stone unit with the pergola to the right of it.

  12. Wow, I love every inch of this! I'm ready to move! The porch is huge! I love the updates! Thanks for sharing this!

  13. If you buy this one, please ask if they can let the desk in the house and send it to me, I'm looking for one like that.
    Also, my parents took me "house-watching" since I was a little girl and I think I like houses from that time.

  14. The ceilings are so beautiful and the floors so distressed. I could move right in and not change a thing. We would always pile into the car to go look at houses on Sunday afternoon and head to the DQ for Mr. Misty's!

  15. I like clean and elegant. I equally like homey and comfortable, but still beautiful and these pictures have me sold!!

  16. I love that first one so much, these posts always leave me feeling depressed when I look at my place LOL

  17. Love the yellow house!!! Mine is also a yellow wood frame home with wood floors--very much cottage or Key West style--but small (one story). We have a HUGE garden in back though. I have loved here 27 years and will never leave. Although the yellow house in these pictures would make me very happy, too....

  18. Replies
    1. Well I didn't win the lottery - so it's still available for you Carla LOL
      Thanks so much for joining the tour!

  19. Wowza. That is one adorable little house. We're going to spend a day or two in Montreal on our way up to Quebec. Wait until my husband finds out we'll be taking a drive around West Island to look at houses. He'll be so excited (not). lol

    1. LMHO Betsy - I can just picture your husband's face - " we're doing WHAT " ???
      Ply him with ice cream first LOL

  20. So how much does something like that cost in Montreal (in US dollars)? The ceilings, the red kitchen, the porch!


  21. First of all, I LOVE that Dairy Queen! lol And YES, I want to live in that house too. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

  22. Gorgeous house! The bathroom is my favorite ;)

  23. I is a beautiful old house. Very well taken care of and the decor is gorgeous!

  24. serious LOVE. How much?
    I'll have a Buster bar please!

  25. So so pretty. You may think I'm crazy but the thing I want most in this house is the mudroom cubbies. I simply have to do that in my house someday.... Crazy about the dining room area too. Obviously made out of a spot that wasn't originally the dining room but they have made that space very usable and put the chandelier there to make it permanent. Thanks for sharing, Michelle /

  26. Pretty much perfection! Yes, I could live there.

  27. She is lovely
    Carolyn - Desire Empire

  28. WOW, I am in love. And the red cabinets in the kitchen . . . oh be still my heart!

  29. Beautiful, Susan! Love the floors, ceilings and especially those red kitchen cabinets!

    1. Thanks Carol - I love that kitchen too - and would have never thought I'd like a red kitchen!!!
      Thanks for joining

  30. What a beautiful home! Too many fab things to pick a favorite.

  31. I'm definitely a farmhouse girl, but this house takes it to a new level. Love it all, especially the floors and the vintage looking bathroom vanity!

  32. What an absolutely AMAZING house!!!

  33. What a gorgeous home! I would love to live there! I am visiting from Savvy Southern Style. I am working on a master bath redo, that will have some of the features in the master bath shown in this home!

  34. Beautiful home!!!...I love the ceiling treatments!!!

  35. Beautiful home. The only thing I don't like is the red kitchen, just not me. Love that boardwalk:):)

  36. I could love there "Happy Ever After" ... thanks for showing this beautiful home.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  37. Dayummm....what a great house! That bathroom....I think my mouth is still hanging open.

  38. Hi Suzan!!!!


    We use to do the same thing with my mom. We'd start in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and drive all over the Lake Shore area and pick the house we each would like when we were older!!

    This house is gorgeous!!!! I love how they have at least one piece of vintage furniture in each room and the windows!!!! I love a lot of windows in a house!!! This house would definitely be the one I would pick to be mine!!

    My Parents walked that boardwalk a lot in the very early '50's.

    Have a great weekend Suzan!!!!!



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