Monday, October 21, 2013


Good morning everyone -

I needed to take a little break from packing last night - and by some fluke we opened our back door and this little end table was sitting there waiting to be " brushed "

The perfect little " diversion "

I first painted it entirely with Paris Grey but it looked a little boring - so I added a harlequin pattern using this
" diamond " cut out

until it looked like this ( sorry for the ridiculously terrible image - but I'm so tired I can barely type never mind play photographer - of which I'm lousy at, at the best of times :)
anyway you'll get the idea - also I marked x's where I wanted to paint them in to avoid confusion -

random thought - I don't know how I have any followers - really I don't -
I've had no time to reply to anyone
I've had no time to visit anyone
My photos are horrible
and I played with the idea - for 3 minutes - of taking a sabatical from blogging entirely
but really if the truth be known, right now, this little blog of mine is my only link to sanity and I mean my ONLY this moment in time.  It's that or gone on medication lol
When we listed the house for sell - we did so knowing they don't go fast in this area - 2 of our neighbors have been listed for a year and 2 years respectively - so we figured we may as well list it if we wanted any chance at all of ( possibly, maybe ) selling it by Spring - but as you all know it sold in a week - leaving us 45 days to find a house ( of which it is still not a " done " deal - close - but not " done " yet ) and pack and organize everything that needs to be done )
Ok - random thought over.................

Here's the next step with the table :)

and here it is done

Except I DON'T LIKE IT - NOT ONE BIT LOL - I even sanded it all down and still didn't like it

And because I happened to be packing up the dining room - I had some charger plates just sitting there staring at me

I literally held the charger plate in place and painted all the perimeter in Pure White..................
( and then ran like crazy to wash it off the plate before it dried )

I'm not sure if I like it any better - but it's the teeniest little bit easier on the eye - and maybe it'll look good in my new ( wherever I end up ) all white living room

And then HE walks by......................

John says - Why did you paint an Easter Egg on the table?
He's right!!!!!!!!!!
That's exactly what it looks like

And now you know I can't keep it like that, right?
I hope I don't develop an imaginary friend with all of this insanity

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone -
For now I think I'd better stick with the task on hand and forget about painting furniture for a little bit lol
76 and counting
AND that's just the living room and dining room

Much love,

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  1. Suzan, you better take it easy or your going to end up getting sick. I can't believe that you have that many boxes from just two rooms. If I was closer would come over and help you, but So CA is just a little to far. Take care of your self. I do love the little table, maybe if you put a pretty French saying on the top or just plain. I am sure you will figure it out and it will be stunning. REST

  2. You are brave taking on a painting project in the middle of moving. I quite liked the harlequin top, but if you don't like yourself it doesn't matter what other people say.
    Looking at all your boxes there, I'm thinking to myself, do we really want to move next year?
    By the way, I wouldn't worry about not being in contact with any of us, I think we all understand.

  3. Packing's fun, isn't it? How fun that you're painting in the midst of it all. You rock. :)

  4. Hi Suzan. The table looks cute, but I`m sure you will paint it once more lol.
    You must have tons of energy, my friend. Good luck with the rest.

    Big hug from here

  5. I am sure it felt good to put a paintbrush in hand instead of a roll of packing tape. Maybe a French typography label on the table top? When I saw the pics of the boxes my jaw dropped. I know that you only have two speeds - full throttle or full stop. You may want to think about "idle" occasionally! I know 45 days is not a lot of time but you also need some time to regroup once in a while. Take care of yourself!!

  6. Oh - I just thought of something regarding your blog. First, we all know you are crazy busy so blogging has to take a backseat to real life. Second, just think of all the great pictures you will be taking in the new house with lots of light!!

  7. I really like the top of that table. :) Good luck with packing. :)

  8. A little diversion while packing is good. The table looks very cute. I can't believe all the boxes you've packed. What a job!

  9. Oh what a daunting task. Hang in there!! I've got a little bit of the same situation with the moving of our operations to the store on St-Laurent. In between shows and events, it's exhausting. I haven't had a good home cooked meal in over 4 weeks. Yesterday I was able to take a break, clean my house and cook a meal. It's the little things in life that make me happy. Now we jump into preparing St-Laurent for the opening on the 31 st. Phew.

  10. Easter egg lol that man might sometimes be right lol but i kinda like it lol good luck my fingers are crossed that you will soon be done

  11. I really like the finished look. Using that plate was smart!

  12. Love how the table turned out. What a brilliant idea! Good luck with the move and closing on your new home. ~Roberta

  13. I think its beautiful, i love the way your mind works, I think you have more boxes packed in your living room than we have for our whole apartment!

  14. I like it better since you painted around the charger too. And I never would have thought of an Easter egg. LOL

  15. Suzan, I think the table looks great in all its incarnations. Don't worry so much about not commenting, etc. We all know you are BUSY! I'm not packing, and I STILL can't keep up with reading all my favorite blogs, and commenting, etc! At least you have a real reason. I've got no excuse!

  16. I really like the way the table turned out. I would not change it. IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE AN EASTER EGG, JOHN.

  17. I always highlight and shadow my harlequin designs so they do not appear so sparse. In all that free time you have, check out this:

    I do not think the packing is so bad - it's the unpacking that makes me shudder!

    I have other examples too.

  18. I hear you, Suzan. Sometimes blogging is my only outreach to sanity in this crazy world I live in. I actually like the circle of diamonds (didn't I round that out nicely?) I am square like that! Anyway, I am off and running for the day. xo Diana
    ps. I have MADE all my kids sit and watch Harvey with me. I LOVE that show-one of Jimmy Stewart's best movies-I think!

  19. I've barely had time to do any blogging I've been so busy with packing and working at the new place. And I think I DID just see a giant rabbit out the back door...


  20. Suzan, I don't know about you but when I am painting I am relaxing - it's my meditating state to escape the real world and just well... paint... I like the harlequin on top but, you have to like it. I just did a project over and over a few times until it finally turned out - took me forever to get it and I'm still not thrilled but accepting it... lol... Just think you will soon be your new abode and be able to sit back and relax and probably have a laugh or two.... Cathy

  21. Your kitchen is small, right? So maybe that means there's not so much to pack?!! The next time I need to move maybe I'll be too old to do it myself! I think it would be easier if I hadn't taught for 40 years with all the stuff I HAD to have to make school fun. Taking a break now and then is good for the soul, BTW.♥♫

  22. Hun I can totally relate to the losing your mind while packing. I called friends crying after trying to pack 35 bins and 12 mirror boxes by myself. It takes a lot out of you, you start out organized then after while you start packing anything that fits into the box. Relax your followers are not going anywhere, like me, they love you. I like the table with circle of diamonds it looks very cute. Take sometime for you and try not to stress too much, it will make you sick. Hope you get the home of your dreams. hugs Tobey

  23. Suzan
    As a therapist I love to love and assist in the healing of wounded and broken hearts....your talent is a gift and an inspiration to me

  24. The table is sweet.

    That was a great old movie.

    I should see if I can find the play. It sounds like one my daughter would enjoy reading with her mentor.

    Packing is no fun. I remember when I packed my home that at first I was decluttering and packing. I was doing a great job, because I started with the nice things. But at some point, I just started tossing it into boxes. It's quite a job to pack up so many years.

  25. I liked the top both ways. I don't see Easter egg, maybe more of a soccer ball, but I can't remember the pattern on soccer balls so what do i know ;-) Good luck with all you have to do. Like I said before, you are the Energizer bunny.

  26. i will never leave you i promise and if you have to slow down on blogging it is ok with me please let the movers do some packing for you xx p.s. take a walk outside the fresh air will do you good

  27. Huh? Eggs aren't round John! Your living-room full of boxes brings back many, not so funny memories!

  28. Suzan, I like the table. I think everyone needs an ever changing table. Something they can paint over and over again when the urge strikes. For me, it happens to be my walls. I'm painting my bed and bath ....again. Take care my friend!

  29. Oh boy, can you even believe you have that much stuff. Every time I move I think I must have just a few things and then the boxes start to pile up. BTW I like the table. xo Laura

  30. Suzan, just having gone through the packing not too long ago I can totally relate. It is almost as if you pack and pack and someone keeps putting more stuff around for you to pack. It is very tedious and draining. I have to say that you are shocking me that you would even be painting now. I have to say I like the table, I don't see Easter egg at all. You know what you like and you don't so just try to survive right now. I hope you come to a decision and an ending on the purchasing end of it all. That may help because then you know you have a place for your future. That is how it was with John and me. Once we knew where we were going we felt a bit better. Now remember I said a bit better. Reading everyone else's blogs is my saving grace through all of what were are going through right now. Not being able to do projects is driving me CRAZY!!!


  31. I think it looks great. Is the Paris Grey an Annie Sloan Chalk paint? I am doing some makeovers for my blog and waiting for my paint. I have never used the paint before but really excited and hope that it is as easy to use as people make it appear to be.

    Lee :)

  32. I like the second version with the circle I didn't see Easter egg, but don't you love it when people do that. My mum bought an outfit in the 90's for my brothers wedding my sister says on the morning oh it looks like wrapping paper, mum freaked and went in search of a new outfit found nothing before photo time and had a miserable day :(

  33. I thought your table looked fine and not like an Easter egg at all Suzan. Looks like you are coming along on the packing. I keep telling you not to worry about commenting while you are so busy. Your readers love you and they understand. Now stop worrying!

  34. I like the table with the circle on it! It's round not egg shaped so it doesn't look like an Easter egg! So THERE John! heehee
    ANd don't worry about replying or visiting - we'll be here when you get time for us again :)

  35. It doesn't look like an Easter egg to me. I really like how the finished table looks.

  36. Suzan, you just crack me up! I so enjoy and look forward to each and every new post. I honestly didn't see an easter egg at all until it was mentioned, and even then it could go either way in my opinion. And like others have said don't worry about commenting just be sure to get some rest in between all that packing!

  37. Hi,
    Sending you a hug from London, ON.
    I can completely empathize with you. I moved over 2 years ago with over 300 boxes (some from my Mom's and sister's estates). Then I got sick for most of that time but I'm much better now. Though I did fall 5 weeks and broke my foot. Blasted thing!
    So many others have commented about not worrying about your blog. We'll still be here WHEN things get back to normal for you. I'm sure the others feel the same but we are so excited for you with your new-to-you-almost house. You've shared the looking, the pictures of the looking and your disappointments. You entertain us and are being so very gracious with all that sharing. I for one am living vicariously through you as I likely will never own my home. As soon as I see your post popping up I immediately open it and check to see the current news.
    As for your table, I'm a big fan of harlequin. Have you thought of maybe doing a tone-on-tone? Take your gray and cut it with white rather than using the pure white. Maybe it's the contrast? Diversions are necessary when packing and moving or you will go bonkers.
    You're in all our thoughts so don't worry about us worry about yourself. Give yourself a break now and then. Of course, you could always send me the money for a train ticket and I could come and help! :-) I've moved so often I can almost do it with my eyes closed!
    Take care,

  38. Suzan, that's a crazy amount of boxes. You must be exhausted and there you are worrying about not visiting or replying to any of us. We understand, trust me! You'll get the table tweaked to your satisfaction and it will look absolutely wonderful ( it looks good now ) but you'll know when it's right. Try to get some rest.
    Hugs, Cecilia

  39. That is why I am never going to move. I'll just stay here until my kids drag me out of here, kicking and screaming, to go to the nursing home. Then, they can deal with all my crap!

  40. I really like the second version. Glad you're not painting over it just yet. When you return to sanity, you might like it.
    Oh my, look at the boxes. Bob and I intended to stay here until we were carried out in in a box. The six foot long box. We now want to downsize but haven't because of the actual move itself.
    Seriously, take care of yourself and get some sleep.

  41. Wow! Well, what can I say? I hope your little painting diversion helped! I think the table looks sweet...either way. Now take some deep breaths and then.....exhale!


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