Monday, October 7, 2013

The connections we make !!!

Good morning everyone :)

Ok - so if you saw yesterday's post ( HERE ) then you'd know that John and I appear to be on completely different pages with our wants and needs in choosing a new home...............
As I was reading the comments I decided to call John into the office and read them aloud to him.

This is hilarious folks - absolutely hilarious - this man is too much

Suzan says - Come John - I want to read you the comments on the house you loved yesterday
John says - Why?
Suzan says - Well there's some interesting advice here
John says - We're taking advice from bloggers now?
Suzan says - Yes actually I am - I'm lost at sea here and I'm hoping someone throws me a paddle
John says - Well if you're asking blogger's advice - then I'm going to start asking my customers for their advice.
John says - What exactly is going on here anyway?  ( it's a conspiracy John - a CONSPIRACY )
Suzan says - Your customer's are clothing designers - what kind of advice are they going to give you about a house?
John says - Well maybe before we buy any new clothes I'll check with them - you know - sort of like what your doing with buying a house.
Suzan says - A lot of them are favorable to the house you like
John says - Oh - ok - read them then
Suzan says - No, actually, I don't think I will now.

But I did - and those of you that agreed with John - you'll be greatly honored to know that he's given you
the " John Wood Common Sense Award "
For those of you that agreed with me - well hate to break this to you - but apparently you're all as nuts as I am :(

Anyway, as I'm reading the comments, I came across this one ( from a follower in Ontario - not even from these here parts - although her Son and Daughter-in-law are )  Check out what RAZMATAZ sent me ( and then check out her link - she has a great shop!!! )

I would be less than enthusiastic about John's pick. I am sure you could make it nice, but I am with you, I like a house with character. This is a very cute house here. Not sure what area you are looking in, but it is near the lake in Senneville.

You can find out about this area here SENNEVILLE

and this is where the above link sent me

A while back ( RAZMATAZ ) contacted me to ask if I had an ornate mirror or frame ( which I did - you can find the original post on that frame HERE - I painted it a glossy white because it was for her first
new born Granddaughters bedroom.
Tomorrow I meet the Mother of that little baby girl - because she happens to be the agent for this listing !!!

Now I'm going to tell you blogging brings me much joy - it's gotten me through some rough times in the last couple of years - it allows me to connect with like minded people - it's introduced me to many many new friends - but NEVER in a million years - NEVER did I think it would be the source of a potential new house.

Suzan says - Well John - it looks like a fellow blogger may have found us a home
John says - Hummph
Suzan says - I was just wondering, has anyone in your industry let you in on a gem of a house for sale lately?
Suzan says - BTW - this particular blogger is one of the ones that's as " nuts " as I am LMHOROTF !!!
Suzan says - She didn't like your pick at all LOL
Suzan says - She can't imagine me living there LMHO
John says - Oh stop laughing  - you sound like a hyena.................if these people really knew you...................

We saw 2 other gems yesterday - GEMS - I'll post them tomorrow for I WANNA live there - because now we all know I desperately need your feedback - PLEASE keep it coming - if only to drive John right around the bend - weaken his defenses - and make him come around to my way of thinking ( insert Hyena laugh here - which by the way is a new one - he usually claims I sound like a witch )

I can tell you this whole process has left me Simply Suzan :)
I was in bed by 10 p.m. last night, something that hasn't happened in a very very long time - talk about a cure for insomnia !!!

Much love,

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  1. I simply LOVE the house that RAZMATAN sent to you. Wish you good luck !!

  2. The house is very nice and I am sure you can put your personal touch on it. After all you are the one that is home most of the day while John works. Good luck looking for a home and I know it is tiring.

  3. What a charming home full of character. Lovely outdoor area too. John sounds like my husband. You could always tell him there is enough outdoor space for him to build his own private man cave. Happy hunting!

  4. I am thinking this one might have some appeal to John. It feels kind of "English" to me. Don't know why. Maybe it's the kitchen and the lack of built ins. I think it is charming and the backyard has possibilities. Lots of nooks and crannies for you! Anyway, good luck with the hunt today!

  5. It is darling! AND it has peonies! Those things take forever to grow, so it's a bonus!

  6. Oh it's lovely.i have to read yesterday's post lol and the comments.

  7. That house looks more like you! Yep...I think you could live there!

  8. I'm enjoying your banter with John. This house is pretty nice. One could move right in with very little work to do except maybe for some landscaping which could wait until spring. I love the huge backyard. Good luck today.

  9. At least now you have a few to pick from that suit you. Enjoy the process, it is fun when the right house comes along.

  10. Yep, I looked at that listing yesterday too when I saw it in the comments. I think it's awesome! I can't wait to see your gems!


  11. Usually shopping together....for anything....creates tension. But I think the two of you are getting along better than ever! I see you are agreeing on many aspects of....well, blogger buzz.....or blogger buddies! You must have taken my advice to hold hands. I LOVE this house! Happy hunting today! Happy holding hands and hugging! Your blog buddy, Diane

  12. LOL. Well, when "we" house hunt, it is usually "me" doing the hunting. First online, then in person. When I think I have found one that Mr. Comforts would like too, I bring him out. It could be the perfect house....but if it looks old, Mr. Comforts wants nothing to do with it anymore. He says he spent too many years fixing up older homes....

  13. Hope today is your day to find your new home!

  14. Much better! You are getting close to you....Hang in there. It will happen and John will love it too!

  15. We all connect for a reason...that house is adorable! Does it have a basement or area for you to have a workshop? I would say, whichever of these charming houses you choose you must have a workshop room!

  16. I love this one, love the kitchen and the backyard!

  17. Hang in there, Suze! I like this house and like Kirby said...peonies!

  18. John seems to have a dry sense of humor! Love his idea of his own award.

  19. What a sweet house... and it looks like a great area!!!

  20. Ooooooh, now this one looks intriguing!

  21. I am catching up on my reading....and I should have read that first post but.....this is a lovely house! How cool that a fellow blogger found this and shared it with you!

  22. This house appears to have tons of character and potential. I checked out the link to the area and it looks like a really good area to live, as well.

  23. i was lmborotf i love when you drive john bonkers he has to learn to be more like us this house is way more you you could put your door where they have the armoire xx

  24. I love your blog and that you share your conversations with your husband. I really enjoy the parts with your husband. I don't have one of those! Blessings

  25. Hang in there...I'm sure you will find your new home soon. You'll just know it is the "one" when you see it.

  26. I must say I didn't know what to write yesterday. I hope John notices how often I try to be on his side... But yesterday, it was hard to be. So now, I can't wait to see those houses you saw today. I may have to ask for a sick day, because I don't know if I'll be able to wait till the end of the day!

  27. I'm saying a little prayer that you find your home soon. I know you'll end up where you belong, but it's stressful along the way :) This house looks full of charm, keep us posted.

  28. I like the idea of Senneville because it is close to cute little Sainte Anne de Bellevue which I adore. But...I would be lying if I did not say that I prefer Hudson. Of course it is all personal, very.

    1. I grew up on I'lle Perrot and cherish my memories of it!! We always went to Sainte Anne de Bellevue and my 2 brothers and sister went to MacDonald High School. The houses around that area are so vintage and beautiful!!

      My uncle is selling his house close to Hudson in Sainte-Lazare, but, his son lives in Hudson. That area is very beautiful!!


  29. oh and did you see this in Hudson...

  30. Hi Suzan!!!

    I love this house!!! It's very cozy and the bedrooms are big for that time era.

    Love the back yard!!! I would love it if you guys did pick this one!! John wouldn't be the same!! LOL

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  31. Well that looks more like you than yesterdays did! Good luck girl and I'm missing you.

  32. this house is really nice...lot of character! the look of the house is great, and i love the size of the yard. i certainly would hire someone else to do the mowing! that said, the rooms seem to be small, and that may be "cozy" to you. i could do without the dark floors, too, but that i easily remedied if you desire. i don't think i am getting the real scale from the pictures. those couches seem to be over-sized...not sure.

    the real problem i would have is with the kitchen. there are many steps between the sink and the stove. that could be solved if you really like the rest of the house and didn't care for the set-up in the kitchen.

    those spaces...the covered patio and the garage (?)...look suspiciously like places where you could paint and re-do furniture and stash stuff! *smile*

    i would keep this one in mind and compare others to it. it looks

    the link that an anglo in québec showed is really nice, but too big and elaborate for me! lol! the house is very generous with room, yet it could still be cozy, and i love the skylights. i could do without the pool...too much maintenance i've heard. (when i visited ontario many, many years ago in the summer, i felt that it was too cold to be in the water. is that true?)

    i can't wait to see your other choices.

    1. oh, my...i didn't realize how long this post was...sorry...

  33. What a beautiful house that someone was so kind to send. I can see you there, has lots of charm! Hang in there girl!!!


  34. Isn't the blogoshpere simply AMAZING! Yes, the connections we make, have made and will make, no doubt, in the future, will make this vast, virtual world, more of a closer, bloggerhood! I hope you find your real, new 'hood' soon!!


  35. It's a small world full of crazy connections. That house is a-DOR-able! Can't wait to see the gems!


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