Thursday, October 10, 2013

Decorating with Food - and a special " DOG " story

Until I actually get another piece of furniture painted - you're stuck with food - and houses

I usually decorate with foods around this time of year - ( isn't nature accommodating like that? ) there's just so many beautiful colors - and even just a bowl of apples can be beautiful - or a glass jar filled with tiny crab apples.................
OH NO - I think I accidently deleted the photo LOL - seriously - I may just be losing my mind ( slightly - I still have some of it left - but there seems to be pieces of it missing )
I just went to upload the photo and it's nowhere to be found - and the apples are now in the garbage which John took out this morning - or I would have removed them from the garbage for this post LOL

Ok - let me go see if I still have the photos of my right back

La la la - lallala - la la ( that's background music while you waited )

These are from the market - I asked if I could have the little bushels and the women said NO..........
That she needed them to show various sizes for sale.
She said NO?
Well that didn't go over too well at all -

Suzan says - Well I'm only buying the cranberries for the bushels
Vendor says - Mais je besoin ...................( but I need............ )
John says - Why do you do this wherever we go?
Suzan says - How much did they cost you - I'll buy the bushels
Vendor says - peut-etre 2 dollars chaques ( each )
Suzan says - D'accord - je prends

The vendor wraps up the bushels in a bag and hands it to me
Suzan says - Well now I need the cranberries too please
The vendor looks confused -

John says - It's becoming very embarrassing being out with you lately
John says - You're at a market that sells produce - not what the produce comes in
John says - What's happening to you?  ( as he walks away from me )

Sheesh - what you have to go through...................
Cranberries next to green basil - perfect !!!
Is that the cutest little bushel?

These " flowers " resemble little cabbages - cabbage is " CHOU " in French - not to be confused with
Chou-Fleur ( shoo fleur, don't bother me ) because Chou-Fleur is Cauliflower ................except in this case
because this definitely looks like a Fleur de Chou LOL
Did any of that make sense to even one of you I wonder???

I even found Garlic Flowers !!!

Last week, when I was throwing out flowers that had died - I discovered these had dried beautifully
( which I'd bought a bushel of these too )

Does anyone know what they are?
They dried so perfectly - without doing a thing !!!

so they've become part of the fall kitchen decor now

should this next photo be a painting?

THEN I decided I wanted to have a photo of the cranberries spilling out of the bucket...............
Well well well..................

I tipped it over ( ever so gently ) and cranberries went flying and bouncing all over the kitchen - to which Soda promptly stuck one in her mouth and went running down the hallway - with me chasing her in full pursuit -
Give that to Mommy Soda - c'mon give that to me - with her growling and snapping at me - she was not going to give this little red treausure up.
So I ran to the computer and frantically googled Cranberries/Dogs just as John opens the back door

John says - What the hell is going on here ( as he looks at cranberries all over the kitchen floor )
Suzan screams from the office - I was trying to get a photograph - and they fell everywhere - and Soda has one in her mouth and now I have to see if this can be fatal for dogs .............
John says - I'm going back out...............I can't take this anymore
Suzan says - Oh - it's ok - it won't hurt her after all..................

I got my photo - which is a pretty shi crappy one  ( which is saying a lot because practically every photo I take is crap ) AND I almost killed my dog to get it.................

Anyway - that's how I decorate with food LMHO

Suzan says - I could have killed Soda with this
John says - And to think I've always thought your blog would be the death of me - I always assumed Soda was safe.................

NOW FOR A VERY IMPORTANT LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tina - from WHAT WE KEEP is doing a post on behalf of Will and Grace - 2 beautiful dogs that were horribly mistreated - and will be having a flash sale on Friday to raise funds for their care.
It's a subject that's very near and dear to my heart - Soda was/is a rescued little dog - when she was found she was covered in scars from beatings - she weighs all of 12 pounds - she had been put in a little box and left outside a building for 3 days covered in her own filth............she found heaven here with us - but so many don't.
I'm taking advantage adding this to my post - because I know how much most of you worship animals - forgive me, but when I hear stories like this I'm moved more than I can say - please please please visit her.

For those of you that don't know Tina - she's the one that sent me this dish towel ( you can read about it Here )
Tina does the most beautiful embroidery work - and is the sweetheart to end all sweethearts!!!

Again you can find her post for the fundraiser HERE you'll fall in love with her ( promise )

I'm off tonight to a special event - a very exciting special event - I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!!!

Have a great day all!
Much love and gratitude to all of you - for being so loyal and visiting even when I don't have the time to visit back - I plan on doing as much " catch up " with all of you on the weekend and at some point in the ( not so far future ) there are a few giveaways lined up to show my thanks:)
Even John's been on board the last week or so - when we get back at night exhausted - he always says -
So - what do the bloggers have to say today - your comments are the perfect ending to very stressful days.
You're all -  (Tina Turner says it best)
Simply the best
( better then all the rest )

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  1. I think your photos always look nice. Poor Soda I'm so glad he didn't due of cranberry death and that you rescued him, what monsters can hurt poor little animals.

  2. I love the little basket of cranberries! So pretty and cute. And those chou flowers are amazing. What are they? ~ Dear Soda, I'm glad you found a wonderful home to live in and that your humans take good care of you but please don't eat things off the floor that you aren't supposed to. OK? Good doggie. ~ Have a great day Suzan!

  3. Beautiful photos, Suzan! Of course I prefer the ones with all their glorious color. And it's perfectly understandable to me to purchase something because of the container. Why do you suppose I have so many boxes of tea in my house??? Glad Soda is fine. Just don't leave the dark chocolate out.

    And I know what you mean about not getting to blogs. I'm so far behind in visiting. It will be much better (for blogging) when our ground is covered in 2' of snow. For now, it's that busy time of year.

    Take care. P.S. I see you have your weapons close at hand, just in case one of those conversations with John turns nasty. LOL

  4. I can see why you wanted the baskets! Can't wait to hear more about your house hunting adventures.

  5. Soda wants her own bushel basket. Put that on your to-do list.

    Thanks for the link to Tina. (Love that dish towel!)

  6. It's a good thing most of your blog is in English, that French, well you already know I'm not fluent-not even for flowers. Although I do like the cranberries a lot! I once learned that only the cranberries that bounce are the good ones, but of course, can't remember how many bounces they are supposed to make. You should spill some again and count how many times they bounce. Cuz you aren't painting, right? You need something to occupy the time between that blasted packing. Have fun with my little project!♥♫

  7. You have given me a great idea. We are having a dinner party on Sunday and Steve is making paella. I want a simple centerpiece on the white quilt we will use as a tablecloth. I now have to look for red cranberries. I wonder if they will be at the Farmers' Market on Saturday.

  8. Thank you my sweet friend...I can't seem to stop the tears this morning as I 'm working on items for Will and Grace. I'm sad to say that the reponse has been less than I had hoped.
    I love you more than you know for sharing my post.
    I love decorating with food, too...cabbages are a favorite!
    Kisses for Soda~

  9. Beautiful, and beautiful idéa!

    Looking forward to your new home journey!

    Suzan, I love doing up fall table and holiday settings using garden shrubs, and foods, even stalks of celery in a bouquet.

    A beautiful season to you.


  10. Suzan, one of these days you are going to make me pee, LOL!!! I have had those moments with our two pups. The y are so fast and every time I try to be really careful things like this happen to me. Your photos are really pretty and I can't wait to here about the event.


  11. Another adventure in the life of Suzan and John - love it!! And the cranberry bushel is awesome - I would have given the vendor more than $2 just to have them!!

  12. Adorable story and your photos came out great. Going over to visit What We Keep Now. Have a wonderful day!

  13. Susan, I want one of those cute baskets, too. Please go back and get one for me and maybe as many as you can get because I am sure I am not alone in wanting one of those. Blessings

  14. Grapes are poisonous to dogs, or so I've been told. Will visit Tina's site, but know already that it's going to make me cry. I burst into tears every time I see the commercials with Sarah McLachlan singing "Angel" and the pictures of the abused animals. Drat, I'm tearing up thinking about it :-( On a happier note, love your arrangement! We visited the Farmer's Market in old Quebec city and saw all the little vegetables so neatly arranged in tidy little rows and in the cutest little containers. Every single item was clean and beautifully arranged. It was so gorgeous that i took about 20 pictures of vegetable stands. lol. Our local Farmer's Market looks like the vegetables were dumped on the tables by a passing tornado.

  15. Suzan,
    What a great post. I love the pictures and the colors. Your pictures always look pretty. Wow about little Soda. How can people do that to little creatures that just know how to love. It is sickening and breaks my heart. I cannot even watch those Sarah McLachlan commercials for helping dogs to see what people have done to them. So happy you saved little Soda and gave her a great life. You are an angel.

  16. I'm loving picturing you in pursuit of a dog with fruit! I would have totally bought those bushel baskets! Now I'm hoping for a recipe with cranberries next...I love them! Nice link to Tina by the way! Such a good cause and like you, she has a heart of gold!

  17. You never have a dull moment, do you? Think how exciting life is for John? haha! Love the photos of the put together a picture perfect vignette. But we need more HOUSE photos! Your blog is better than House Hunters! Sweet hugs!

  18. Such pretty pix and that little basket it darling! I will have to pay a visit to Tina's blog soon...:) Have a blessed Friday and happy house hunting!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  19. I saw her post yeasterday, and it's very sad. I am a dog lover and bushel lover as well

  20. I once left a chocolate covered pretzel in my purse and my dog got it...what an ordeal, calling Poison Hotline for pets. Glad the cranberry was not dangerous to Soda. This post was great fun to read, as all of yours are, Suzan! And the photos are great!

  21. Oh Suzan, you just keep it so real. I love it. {Telling us your woes in trying to get a good "cranberries out of the bucket" picture.} LOL!!!! I can just see all those berries bouncing around! The things John says are priceless. Heading over to the other blog now.


  22. So funny girl! I can just imagine you playing with your food and chasing the dog and arguing with John! And those cranberries and basil are gorgeous! I love simple. Love the cabbage and garlic too!

  23. So I have to ask if Soda actually ate the cranberry? lol Great pictures Suzan. I love your bushel basket too. Tina is amazing!

  24. I've seen her post and it's a great thing she is doing. There are so many Sodas out there that need a second chance at love! Nice food shots, too.

  25. Aaaw, I'm glad Soda found you. I'd love to smack the person who did that to her. Same with my cat, she was left in a box and was pregnant.

  26. You suck. I want your stuff. You have the coolest stuff. And my stuff sucks.


  27. I don't decorate with food often but when fall comes around, more specifically Thanksgiving I have been known to use cranberries in my decorating. They add so much color.
    I can imagine your little French interaction and I love it!

  28. Love these ideas! Thanks for linking it up at Monday Funday Suzan

  29. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic project on The Inspiration Board at homework. I featured you today! Have a great weekend.

    homework &


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