Monday, November 10, 2014

70 square feet - A guest room !

Tiny space used as guest room

Most people have closets larger than that - I whined
A lot of people have bathrooms bigger than that - I muttered
But it was all I had to work with - so as soon as I was finished whining and muttering I went to work on
making this impossibly tiny space into a second guest room.
You can see the first one HERE ( which has at the very least 80 square feet - HUGE lol )

Decorating small spaces

These 2 tiny rooms used to be one large one - the previous owners split them into 2 for their 2 daughters.
The jury is still out on whether I should have reverted back to one larger one - not sure if that has any resale impact or not...............I just have to hope a future owner will see charm in them and overlook their size.

A quick coat of black spray paint on the dresser handles to make it fit in the room's decor.

White dresser with black hardware

7 feet X 10 feet ( and even a little under that because the wall juts out a little in one section )
That's a little under 70 square feet for those of you that are not as highly skilled with algebra as I am

Using a black wall as a feature

Anyway -the only way this was ever going to work was by creating a bed nook..  There was simply no other solution.
BUT - that little section of the wall that jutted out?
Well that allowed for a nook to fit a double bed perfectly - and I DO mean perfectly - 1/2 an inch larger and the whole plan would have to have been scrapped.
The bed frame was a craig's list find - and though it really wasn't my first choice - I'm so glad it was the one that ended up being available -

Cosy simple DIY bed nook

Since I have to look for positives wherever I can find them in this room - I WILL say that I love the fact that the " nook " has it's own window - when you're laying in the bed all you can see are the tree tops - it's quite pretty.

I took this little console table out of our bedroom and put it in here - it's narrow enough in depth not to take up desperately needed inches ( it's pretty sad when every inch - not foot - but inch - counts ) but it's a place to put a glass of water - jewellery - etc.
And again I totally lucked out - since the width of this is exactly the width of the wall which it rests against !

Suzan says - It's going in the guest room

But what he doesn't know is this:
I'm dismantling that right our of our bedroom - because in it's place I want him to build me a faux mantel !!!
( UPDATE - you can see the fireplace and mantel HERE and HERE )
Besides it fits the hobbit's guest room better I think.

Drapes made from a duvet on the other end ( which can close off the bed completely ) finished that section off.
I also took the Parisien Armoire out of the other little guest room to bring in here LOL

White Armoire, Wallpaper background

I didn't dare ask John to help me with this one - so as I was struggling to get it from one room to the next I banged it into the doorway accidentally and up he hops from where he was watching t.v.

John says - What the hell?
John says - It's an insane asylum here -
John says - Can't you leave anything alone at all?
Suzan says - Feel free to give me a hand if you'd like -
( as the armoire is precariously tilted to one side - ready to crush me like a bug )
John says - Would you like to bring the dining room table in here too - you might as well
I've learned to block him out - but it's really getting annoying now - he has a comment on every single thing I do - every single step of the way.

One of my daughters gave me this " dress " dummy a couple of Christmas' ago - I brought it out into the landing so I could work on her - and then I needed to drape some dark curtains so you could actually see her.
Again hawkeye appeared out of nowhere

John says - Dressing the dummy now?
John says - What's with the velvet drapes hanging off the dresser?
Suzan says - So you can see it in the photos
John says - It looks
Suzan says - OMG - LEAVE ME ALONE JOHN -

I just threaded gauze strips around the body - and crisscrossed a ribbon on the top

and then tucked her into a corner of the room - the " art work " is a piece of an antique chair that fell apart on me - I'm clinging to the memory of it ...................

And now I'm going to show you the most perfect artwork for this little room.
Tina from WHAT WE KEEP sent me this -
There's sort of an inside joke here - she once told me a bear got in her back yard and she had to dive into her pool to escape it - AND I BELIEVED HER
I'm not blonde for no reason you know !!!
She had this silouette made for me and I framed it - I LOVE it ( thank you so much Amigo of mine )
I'll show you what another amigo sent me later this week -

Check this out - first of all it's black and white - perfect -
And secondly, it's 2 bears living inside an acorn " nook "  ( and the bear reference was totally lost on me - blonder and blonder - she actually had to explain it to me )
Too cute for words -
It sits on the end table - along with magazines to browse through

Once it was all finished John gave his approval
John says - I have to hand it to you Suzan - you somehow always manage to pull off the impossible
He doesn't see the irony in that.
He's impossible -


BED FRAME - 80.00

Everything else were items I had on hand ( including the paint )
We won't count John and I's labor - because that would bring it up to 25,000 dollars I'm sure
Tiny rooms require a lot more resourcefulness - but anything is possible, right?
And if you HAVE to - you can fit a bed - an end table - a dresser - an armoire and a " dress " dummy
into 70 square feet -
But only if you HAVE to......................
Otherwise - if you can - I'd highly recommend at the very least - 100 square feet.

But you work with what you've got, right?
Tiny Bedroom

and this is how it looked when we came to see the house

You all have a wonderful Tuesday !
Much love,

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  1. The room is perfect, Suzan. Love the frame with wood inside.

    Hugs from here

  2. This, my friend, will be the feature across blogtown, no doubt! You've done an amazing job. I once had a space (a BR) that was 56 sq ft (it had another 18 sq ft wall to wall closet), but it never looked as awesome as what you've done, Suzan. Any guest will feel much pampered there.

    1. Thanks so much Rita !
      The closet for this room is just outside of it - where that walls juts out is the back of it actually ..............XOXO

  3. It looks great, Suzan. Love the Judy and how you've dressed her.

  4. Oh! I just love it Suzan. So beautiful! I would love to be a guest in such a dreamy little room. The silouette is so adorable and goes perfectly in your black and white room! You have a decorator's touch for sure...:) Have a lovely day.

  5. Suzan- You did just a phenomenal job of using that 70 sq.ft. wisely. It turned out great and i think that because it is just black/white it looks larger than it is. I love the nook you created. It is such a good use for the space. You will be glad you left it as two separate bedrooms. Bedrooms ALWAYS count when you are looking for resale. Is there a closet in there? Here, to heave it count as a bedroom, it has to have a closet.

    I know that your John & my John are certainly related except YOUR John is I have so many of those same "conversations" here-I should record them, too. lol

    Have a great Tuesday, Suzan. xo Diana

  6. OMG! I love it Suzan, it's soooooo cozy, love the decor! Can I come stay with you?

  7. Spectacular makeover. I want this room. Next time you move, maybe you could consider moving south a bit, like the upstate NY area? And, then, could you open a decorating shop? I'll be your first customer if you do.

  8. So lovely, Suzan. Such attention to small details is what makes your rooms come to life. What's next? (love the artwork from Tina - I thought surely she would send you a Samuel De Champlain squirrel!)

  9. You did an amazing job on this room Suzan. It is simply beautiful. Love that silhouette that Tina sent you. That was so sweet of her. That chair back used as art is perfection.

  10. The bears and I are having a tea party this afternoon, Suzy. Want to join? The squirrels are bringing snacks. wink wink
    Your hard work and creativity makes this tiny room seem effortless. It is wonderful! The special meaningful touches make my heart happy. Warmth isn't a word I'd use to describe a typical black/white room, but you have done it. I want to curl up with Soda and a good book and look out that little window to the winter wonderland. I know you aren't ready to have the snow fall yet....but don't ruin my fantasy. ;)

  11. Once again
    You worked your magic!!

  12. Hurrah it's done and it's beautiful. Wonderful work!!

    And lol to diving in the pool to escape the bear. You made me laugh. :)

  13. Such a wonderful little space. It looks so much larger. I love what you did with your dress form. This is such a cozy comfortable space.

  14. It is spectacular!!! And bless John's heart for acknowledging your genius!!

  15. Just gorgeous! You are amazing. How come you're not on TV?? I love everything about the room including the sweet squirrels in their acorn nook. :)

  16. It's absolutely brilliant! And I claim it for my room when I come to visit! :-D love the dress dummy and the armoire and yes, everything. I'm impressed you got all that in 70 sq.ft.

  17. It's so glamorous! That is my favorite headboard and I usually associate it with a country look, but what you did makes it so chic! My daughter's room is 8x10, so I know how it is to work with a tiny room, although her room is more Disney princess chic :).

  18. Out Standing job! I applaud you for doing such a wonderful job in such a small space.
    That tiny room would had also been nice for a nursery. :} (I know, bite my tongue, right) :} LOL.
    Next time Susan you move a large piece of furniture, get you some of the sliders (no, I don't mean hamburger sliders either) to put under the legs and your furniture piece will move with ease.

  19. I know you're so happy to have this room done. It is gorgeous Suzan! I love all the details! You have such a good eye for style... I love it all!

  20. You've done a magnificent job with this room, Suzanne! Can't believe all you were able to fit into the nooks and crannies, and there's still room to walk around. It's just so pretty!
    Mary Alice

  21. Suzan, you have a gift, my friend. The rooms look fabulous. John knows it too. :)))
    Now go give Soda a gentle hug for me... she knows how completely AWESOME you are too! ~ Christina in Cleveland

  22. John really made me laugh in that post... And you left me very, very admiring for what you've done!

  23. The room is perfect. Everything you placed in this tiny room, makes it look larger than it is. I think you are a genius, and I think John is a very funny man. I, of course, do not know what he looks like, but I bet he is pretty darn good looking. He has to be, to match everything in your good looking home, right? Your blog is my favorite!!!!!!!

    1. You're so sweet Bonnie - thanks SO much !!!
      This home is nowhere good looking yet though - still a long long way to go !
      I think we should call it Tipperary Lane lmho

  24. All you need now is a guest I guess... :P

  25. You have a magic touch when it comes to decorating. Everything looks awesome!!

  26. Great post and I love how the little room turned out!

  27. your little room is as lovely as can be. amazing. and I'm still laughing at the blonder and blonder...

  28. Your guest bedroom looks beautiful Suzan. It's genius how you've managed to fit so much into such a small space. Your guest will love staying there.

    1. Thanks so much !!! ( I don't think anyone with claustrophobia could stay in it though lol )

  29. I can't believe you got all that furniture in 70 sq ft and it doesn't look crowded. You're a makeover rock star Suzan! Beautiful touches throughout the room.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    1. Well it may look just a teeny bit crowded Marie LOL
      But thanks so much - it's a spare room after all - and that's always good to have, right?

  30. Oh Suzan, it's beautiful. Your really did an outstanding job on this room. Everything is perfect and i love the black and white.
    Have a great week.

  31. Suzan, it all looks great and it sure looks bigger than it is. You're a miracle worker with small spaces for sure! I secretly think John loves all that you do. I have a project for your wire dress form for the holidays.....

  32. Oh...and I love Tina's acorn print! I do remember that bear conversation! LOL!

  33. The room turned out perfectly and I'm sure your guests will feel cozy and welcome, great job!

  34. So I was going to tell John to leave you alone on this one, you nailed it, but I see he came to his senses by the end of the post.

  35. Wow! Great use of space! I have a room this size. I love it. Tell John it was worth the hassle. You nailed it!!!

    1. Thanks so much Ellie !
      Is your room a guest room also?

  36. It's just awesome...despite the husband's funny comments! Keep it coming!

  37. I gotta say you amaze me! Such a small room yet it looks so luxurious! My bags are packed!

  38. I LOVE the guest room (I'll happily come and stay in either). I always think it takes so much more skill to decorate small spaces successfully, especially if you aren't a minamalist and actually want to put some random objects in but not end up with it looking like a junk shop :-D I am most definitely NOT a minamalist, everytime I declutter I just end up getting more stuff to replace it! Which is why moving things around is so brilliant, you get a whole new look without adding to the collection. John should be delighted, your constant reorganising is really saving money...

  39. Thanks Gerry LOL - come to Montreal - you can have the black and white room - you just can't dance in it - no room - but if you come in the summer you can dance around the pool!

  40. This is a lovely room...and just right for a guest! I love it?

  41. This room is AMAZING!!!!! I am in awe of what you did with this tiny space! You're a dang genius really are. It's absolutely beautiful!!


  42. I love this little room, it looks so great! I actually LOVE tiny rooms, I don't know why... I guess they just feel cozy to me :o)


  43. Great looking room. Very resourceful decorating. Lovin' it!

  44. This tiny room is GORGEOUS, Suzan! You cracked me up with the "dismantling" of the other rooms, that's what my husband says to me too.:D Great job!

  45. Love seeing the tiny guest room finished. It looks so much larger than 70 sq. feet. Welcoming.

  46. Gorgeous! I really love the black and white theme. Your guests are never going to want to leave. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  47. That is fantastic!! I love how you used the other paint color behind the dresser to highlight and the drapes by the bed!! Perfect!

  48. Oh my goodness! This room looks amazing! I think any guest would be more than happy to stay there! I would love for you to share this at the Talented Tuesday Link Party - live every Tuesday at 9 am central! Hope to see you there! Http:/

  49. HI Suzan,
    You've created a beautiful room. I love the understated black and white color scheme and the cozy curtain around the bed. Amazing job...I'd love to stay in this gorgeous little room!

  50. This truly is beautiful! My old bedroom was about this size which I shared with my sister- bunk beds for about 20 years of my life!!!
    I love the dialogue with your husband- I'll bet it was annoying as hell at the time but in written form, quite amusing- sounds like my husband and I!
    Lovely to meet you via Kathe with an e!x

  51. Another beauty!! I love it!! Found you through the Party Bunch and you have a beautiful blog! :)

  52. Wow! I'm completely amazed by what you were able to accomplish in such a tiny space! And your narrative was so much fun to read! :) Thank you so much for linking up to the Talented Tuesday Link Party - we're featuring you at tomorrow's party - please stop by and pick up your "featured" button! We'd love to see you again this week. :)

  53. Wow!! This is amazing!! Your hubby sounds a lot like mine. I'm glad you've learned to tune out the criticisms too :)

    1. Thanks so much Sydney !!!
      I tune John out so much I sometimes miss the important things he's saying LMHO

  54. I adore this bedroom. You did a beautiful job. I would so love to sleep in that alcove with the curtain shut. My husband talks just like your husband to include sitting while I am moving something heavy. It is hurtful he is not supportive or patient, but I am learning to tune him out!

  55. Hi I love your curtains. Where are they from?

    1. Thanks so much - and believe it or not that's an Ikea duvet cover that I'm using as curtains in that room - they still sell them


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