Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winterfying the living room


From the Simple Vintageous by Suzan Dictionary.

VERB -To bring warmth into a home located in a 4 season climate.
To remove all coolness from summer decorating.
To make inviting
" she winterfied the living room to make it as inviting as possible "

I LOVE my white slipcovers - but they looked a little cold for this time of year
( free tip - furniture should not match the stuff that falls from the sky ) otherwise you'd feel all " brrrr "

And as much as this looks like an inviting corner to read a good book on a rainy summer Sunday afternnoon it definitely needed to be winterfied - don't you think?  (
Sadly, whether I like it or not, winter arrived here in Montreal this week.

Some very quick - very simple changes had to be done immediately.
Although White and Charcoal Grey are cool colors - it's the depth of the grey - that works in this case to bring warmth into the room.
How's that for an experienced decorator?
I kill myself sometimes - seriously - I type with a big cheesy grin on my face  because I don't have a clue what I'm doing half the time - I just know what looks and feels right for me -

I got rid of the back cushions that originally came with my sofa and chair - and found these fabulous cushions at Home Sense around 4 years ago - in the summer I remove the covers but for the winter they work perfectly ( and wash like a dream ) and the pillows are goose down so they're far more comfortable than the original polyfill backed cushions that came with the set.
You really sink into it now

John says - Every time I walk into a room those bloody bird cushions are there
Suzan says - Well I like them - so I move them around often
John says - Why can't anything - anything at all - ever stay in one place in this house?
John says - Even the dishes - I can't find them from day to day
Suzan says - Ok - let's not turn this into another major deal - we've got other fish to fry - this just isn't important enough to argue about
Suzan says - Where would you like me to put the bird pillows?

I won't tell you his reply - it's not appropriate for this blog but the birds are staying ( because there's absolutely no way they'd fit where he told me I could put them )

John says - There's too many pillows on the couch
Suzan says - The conversation about the pillows is officially over
Suzan says - Except to tell you that winter is coming - and it's the season for layering -

The drapes were purchases at Half Price Drapes when we moved into this place last winter - this is the first time they're hanging - I'm really happy with them - they have a satin sheen to them, they're quite " full " and I couldn't have chosen a more perfect match for those pillows ( of which I was not thinking of at all when I purchased them - it's just a happy coincidence )

I draped a throw over the ladder ( which John still hates having in the living room by the way )
Outdoor ladders are NOT meant to be indoors - dammit - dammit - DAMMIT !!!

Baskets and buckets and bookshelves hold reading material - which I do an enormous amount of in the winter ( we won't talk about my " little problem " with magazines and how I can't get rid of them even though I have never " revisited " one of them in my life - there may come a day when I WANT to  )
We're talking boxes and boxes of them.

O.K. so NOW - the fun begins.
I had a white coffee table in the living room - that you can sort of see in the first photo -
I also had a wood toned trunk.- after removing the legs from the white table I simply placed the trunk on top the wood helps warmify the room. ( it was too high with the legs on the table )

 John says - in a very droll type of way and his charming British accent -  Oh look at that - you've layered the coffee tables....................how unique
Suzan says -  Yes - I'm winterfying the room John

He doesn't understand the concept of layering obviously


It's the perfect spot for a chess game - because nothing screams winter like a chess game by the fire, right?

This was the only change John whole heartedly approved of.
Except I can't play it.
Although I could bring you to your knees, screaming Uncle, with a game of backgammon or scrabble - ( I'm not very humble when it comes to those games - I'm the best - really I am !!! )  I simply can't play chess - and much to John's chagrin ( don't you love the word chagrin?  I love it almost as much as oxymoron ) I have no desire to learn.
The boys play with him whenever they come by.
BUT I do love how it looks
I bought this set from Pier 1 ( years ago ) for John's birthday.

And so that's what I the staff did -
It took all of 30 minutes or so...............

John went outside to rake up the last ( hopefully ) of the leaves - he came in - took a look around and
John says - It's cold outside
John says - It actually does look nice and cozy in here

" Come in " she said " I'll give you "

Shelter from the storm..............................
( does anyone else remember that song?  hint - Dylan )

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Much love,

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  1. Hi Suzan. Your livingroom is just perfect. Love your change for winter. I also change my curtains into grey just now

    Hugs from here

  2. Ahhhh- Yess...I do remember that song. I loved Dylan's music back then...lol
    Your room looks very nice all winterfied. I have been introducing color for the first time in years. Not sure WHAT the heck is going on with me~Weird for sure....even some florals-WHAT? Maybe I am going through a phase. Love the black with the white-it really does warm it up. Hope you have a great day, SuzyQ! xo Diana

  3. I LOVE your warmify-ing look for winter, Suzan. The grey pillows and drapes are perfect. You are so clever to do that with your coffee table. How many people would think of that?! We were in the 'attic' at our son's recently and I came across a box of my father's books and a box of Colonial Homes magazines from the late 70's before they stopped publishing. They've been stored there that long! I chose a few of the November/December issues to peruse. Did you ever purchase that magazine? I think Country Home came out after that and Country Living. {I may have a few copies of those in baskets too} Sometimes I just go through them and say - Okay, I can see most of this stuff on line now. - and recycle them or pass them on to friends who enjoy them. It's getting ridiculous to have all those old magazines around. Have a cozy day. Hugs. Pam

  4. Visiting your blog is a great way to start my day!! Your room does look so warm and cozy and a delightful place to spend hours with that wonderful fire burning. Love the changes for the winter, and yes, the layering is always a must! :-)
    Mary Alice

    1. Thanks so much Mary Alice - there's always half a second where I think
      " maybe he's right "
      And then I blog about it and realize - " nah - he's not " lol

  5. Suzan, men just do not get the concept of change............LOL. You winterized your living room beautifully. I would have never thought about layering the tables. That is an awesome idea!

    1. You're right Susan - I layered the tables because I wanted to bring some wood in and didn't have anywhere to put the white one if the truth be told LOL
      Thanks SO much

  6. Ok, now I want to winterfy my living room. I love the charcoal color of your curtains and pillows and layering the coffee table? Brilliant! The bird pillows are the perfect touch. It DOES feel cozy!

  7. What a gorgeous chess set! I play, but very badly I'm afraid. I thought I was the only one who keeps a set out on the coffee table - I love how it looks and it reminds me to be humble, because chess can be a very humbling game. Your winterfying looks great, BTW. That STAFF really knows its stuff. Do you think you could do something,about the Canadian arctic blast that has put us with windchill in SE Wisconsin of minus 5 degrees F? Pretty please!

  8. Hahahaha... I luv your layering :P The grey and white is stunning!

  9. Love your stone fireplace! The ladder is charming and the bird pillows are perfect!!!

  10. Good Morning Suzan,
    Love the room it is so cozy and very nicely "winterfied"!!! Love that chess game by the fire. Oh how I miss having my fireplace. Enjoy the warmth by the fire. Please keep that winter weather up by you and quit sending it down our way. Geez you Canadians want to share everything!!!!! You know the Anchorman saying "stay classy" well you stay cozy my friend in that beautiful room.

  11. It's all beautiful...both Summer and Winter.

  12. I love your winter change! It looks like fun to do, but a lot of work. It's not really necessary here. Yesterday is the first day that I needed a sweater. xoxo

  13. Poor John... but at least he finally "saw the light"! Love the charcoal greys ~

  14. I love how you 'winterfied' your home, Suzan! I love that word too! In fact- love it so much, I think I will add it to my own collection of words created entirely to drive my hubby crazy! So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing! BTW-your living room looks so cozy! I can actually picture myself paging through a magazine, sipping a cup of tea, and enjoying that beautiful fireplace! Have a great week!

  15. You are a riot...so is John. Your wintrification looks perfectly wonderful. Dylan was my favorite.

  16. Winter? Already? Really? I'd feel sorry for you if it wasn't for your inviting living-room...

  17. That room looks sooooo cozy!! I love switching it up between seasons.

  18. Suzan you make me scream with laughter so often. The room is gorgeous all set for winter. Our old neighborhood had its first snow last week. Ten.minutes away and they had snow. We were on the top of a mountain. The new house, rain. We were so over the weather up there.

    If you said you could play chess I was going to be sick. Looks so pretty but no clue how to play.


  19. I like the word "winterfy". You have to think when you say it. I love the room and the winterfied look. Your conversations with John keep me smiling.

    1. And that's where my madness comes in Rita - I don't have to think about it at all LMHO !!!

  20. PERFECT ! Excuse me now, please....I must winterfy.....

  21. I love what you did to winterfy the living room. I have been thinking I need to change a few things myself since I used a lot of coral in my living room and it is a summery color to me and even fall and spring, but not winter. I need to devise a plan before I decorate for Christmas...:) Have a lovely week winterfying!

    Blessings, Vicky

  22. Score again! The drapes and cushions look great. So happy the bird cushions wldn't fit, they go perfectly there! We are winterfying our living room too, putting insulation and drywall in! Patty

  23. Winterfying a room is a completely new concept to me, perhaps because we dont have the big season changes like you guys. Either season yours looks beautiful. Don't hid the pillows where the sun doesn't shine LOL.

  24. God I enjoy reading your posts Suzan! "a fireplace on top of the fireplace"...cracked me up. Isn't it funny how most often you're right!! Men, gotta love em.

  25. Always a fun time reading your blog. :-)
    LOVE IT! It looks great.

  26. I love your changes for winter. Everything looks so cozy! Oh how I love those bird pillows!!

  27. Beautiful. Looks cozy, warm and very inviting as well as being a very romantic setting.
    Men ought to know better.......Never argue with a woman cause they will loose each and every time. Now John, just give up and get in the mood :}

  28. Hi Suzan!!!!

    Ok.........I can't..........Stop laughing!!!!! Oh, to hear John and his English accent when he comments about what you-re doing would be priceless!!!!

    I love the colours of the "Winteryfy(My knew word) " room and love the way you've done the whole room!!! Just for fun you should wait until John's out of the room and put a box or something under the chess game. I would love to be a fly on the wall when he saw it!!! I'm so terrible and my hubby and sons know how I get a kick out of bugging them like this!!!

    You're all set for winter!!!! Love your fireplace!!!


  29. I LOVE your room but I especially love how creepy those little guys are when they talk....kinda freaks me out! LOL

  30. Beautiful Winterfying Suzan. Love the bird pillows! I'm laughing because hubby thinks we have too many pillows on the couch as well. A month ago he came home and wanted to know where the floral pillows were that went on the couch. I said, "oh, I took them off for a while, they looked too summery". I thought he would be pleased that there would be two less pillows. Nada, he made sure I knew that they were the softest ones. lol! Us girls can't win! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. Love the change for winter. The room looks great.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  32. Awesome job! I do it here, but we call it 'snuggerizing'. I have a similar chess set, and have just realised that it's their muttering keeping me up at night....not the hot flashes (or as we say...my own personal sauna). Love it :)

    1. LMHO !!!
      I'm living in a personal sauna too - it's going to be so great on heating bills, I tell ya !!!
      Thanks Mimi

  33. your version of summer & winter is just awesome. i love this!!!

  34. Snugglely - that's what I immediately thought of - snugglely! Thank you for sharing your winterfied living space at Make It Monday. (BTW I have not lost a Scrabble game in 30 years!)

  35. Your room does look very cozy. Love the bird pillows and the chess game all ready to play.
    Great job Suzan.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  36. Oh I love the changes, the drapes and pillows are perfect together and the room looks so warm and inviting.

  37. Very cozy indeed. A cup of coffee, a good book and the fire and I would be set for the winter. I love to layer also. Cathy

  38. Looks great! A nice plush rug would finish cozying things up nicely. Maybe you should pick one out and let John pay for it...you know a Christmas present. Tell him if he let you get more than one you won't have to move them from room to room like the bird pillows...HAHAHA. I love your house it's soooooo beautiful! Have a great day and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  39. Ha! The talking chess pieces crack me up! I love this space! It's looks so cozy and I love all the layers.


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