Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 103

Good morning everyone !

When we moved here last winter, we would take walks around to acclimatize ourselves to the new neighborhood and there was one house that stood out for me.

It's an older home - nothing out of the ordinary from the outside really but something about it just charmed me.

It's recently been put up for sale - so I finally got to see the inside - and if I found it charming on the outside
I'm absolutely enamoured with the inside.

It's just up the street a little from me.

4 beds, 2 baths
Realtor : MELODY MAY

I'd have a porch swing without a doub- and hanging baskets of colorful flowers !  It kind of looks like these photos were taken once summer was over................

Ready to come inside?
Let's go !

Isn't this the sweetest sun room?

I'd love to have builts in made for either side of our fireplace !

And I love the flow of the main level without it being completely an open concept

I spy ( with my little eye ) a covered deck off the kitchen )

My beloved radiators

Painted furniture?
A cloth banner?
Polka dotted walls?
Maybe she's a blogger !

The basement

 additional bedroom in basement

There's that covered deck

Isn't it a lovely family home?

And there's another one further down the street as well but I think I'll show you that one next week !

Have a wonderful day everyone - the week is half over ( wish winter were too lol )

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  1. This is a gorgeous home! That sun room is huge! The house appears a lot smaller on the outside. I could live here easily.

    1. I think so too Susan - I'm in love with it !

  2. Gorgeous home! The front porch and the sunroom would be a draw for me. It's is nicely decorated and well kept. I wonder how that got that leather sectional down the basement stairs?! Have a great day. sunny and very windy cold here today.

  3. So? What are the chances of you changing your address? Does it have a potential furniture paintin' studio?

  4. What a lovely home. I was not expecting, it to be so modern inside. It's really amazing what one can do with an older home, keeping the good bones and making it more efficient. Thanks.

  5. I love everything about it!!! She is definitely a blogger or at least a blog reader..:) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for " snooping " with me Lisa LOL
      Yah she must be a blogger !

  6. I think I like the inside even better than the outside. That sunroom is wonderful.

  7. Hi Suzan!!!

    As soon as I saw this house I was in LOVE!!!!!

    I've always loved house that looked like this!!! I guess it's because I grew up seeing them in the neighborhood and across the bridge in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue(Filled with gorgeous homes).

    The inside was just as gorgeous as the outside!!! I know which room would be my relax and reading room!!! I even liked their furniture(except the white "cafeteria" chairs, but, that's just me) The children's bedrooms are so cute!!! I agree...I think the first one is a blogger or loves reading blogs. Love her style!!

    And you know me....THE POOL!!! Love the backyard!!!! Can't wait for next Wednesday!!!

    BTW did you get the snow like New York received? Hope not!!! Too soon!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  8. What a charming home and so gorgeous inside. Even has a skylight in the sunroom and love that little porch off the kitchen; the fireplace built-ins....WOW, very nice indeed.
    Susan, I can just hear John now you telling him that you want built-ins on each side of the fireplace.............Let the 4th of July fireworks begin :}
    Enjoy your evening.

  9. Classic beautiful red bricked house. I'd move in tomorrow if I could. Patty

  10. I was thinking it looked like a blogger lived there, lol. Except maybe the wood table...that would be painted, methinks. :) The house is charming, I like the sun room. It's fun you got to go in since you admired it from the street.

  11. Beautiful and very large house. Loved seeing it. I'm not one for wood floor much...love carpet and rugs...but this is still a lovely home. Thanks for sharing it with us...

  12. I definitely like the inside better than the outside. Love white, hardwood, and red brick. There's something about that combination! This is beautiful.

  13. Nice....very nice. I love the bones of this house more than how they have decorated it. But of course, realtors tend to tell sellers to remove almost everything, don't they. Anyway, love the house, love the idea of a sunroom....we do get sun don't we...of course the snow would brighten that room up as well. :)

  14. I love how the light seems to flow in this house. I'm so sorry about winter beginning for you!

  15. I love that dotty wall Suzan, and I could live in that sun room! It's just luscious. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. What a gorgeou house! Love the kitchen and that indoor patio!

    1. Thanks Christine - I'd have the biggest Christmas tree in that sunroom that I could find LOL

  17. Gorgeous home - I want that sun room!

  18. Such a gorgeous home....thanks for sharing it with us.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  19. The house is simply beautiful! I love the sunroom!

  20. GORGEOUS home Suzan...love the homey feel it has!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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