Sunday, November 2, 2014

Do that to me one more time...............................

That's what my furniture says to me -

I can never get enough of a girl like you ♪♫
Paint me, like you just did, oh baby  ♪
Do that to me once again   ♪♫♪

I don't usually post on the weekends and here I am posting on both days - there's just so much going on with that little guest room !

Last week I asked if I should keep the armoire in the little room - or a dresser - most of you voted for the armoire - so I decided to go with the dresser LMHO - but I did give it a quick makeover anyway - and I do mean quick - as in 20 minutes or so.
Paris Grey - the white was already on it ( when it was duck egg blue )

Dresser makeover - Paris Grey Chalk Paint

This thing is heavy - as in if this thing fell back it would have killed me instantly.  With just my legs sticking out like the wicked witch that I am..................
So heavy that I should have worn depends when we lifted the top piece off to move the bottom piece ( too much information I know )
So heavy - as in I may have popped a blood vessel or two and I can lift heavy things believe me.

My Son dropped in for a visit and I asked if he could help John take the top piece off ( again ) because it wasn't level
He did it himself !!!
Oh my God - I don't know how he did it

Mom says - Did you pee a little when you did that?
Gordie says - Ugghhh Mom - why would I pee?
Mom says - From the weight ?
Gordie says - That's gross - you're my MOTHER - don't talk like that
Mom says - Like what?  Sheesh - it's just pee
Gordie says - You should have worn Depends
Mom says - I know that.........................

But I digress - you didn't come by to hear about my bladder after all.

It's a very light coat of grey actually - some duck egg blue is peaking through here and there but I kind of like that
And I left the white parts as chippy as they were - cutting the painting time in half I'm sure

Paris Grey Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

 It's in the hall landing - and it's ridiculously too big for the space but that's where it's staying until I get the office done - ( and God knows when that'll be - it's the last room to do upstairs and I'm not in the hurry that I should be )  I DO have the perfect spot for it in the reading room downstairs - but JOHN'S t.v. is in the way.

But it suits the space better then the duck egg would have

It can always go back to it sometime in the future - no big deal-ee-o - right?
I DO love the color - it just didn't fit

( I'm writing that because now that I'm looking at it - I'm afraid you're all going to say I shouldn't have touched it ) 

You can see the original 2 part posts on the first makeover HERE and HERE
I dry brushed a little gray on the 2 interior drawers as well - very little actually.

Paint me - like you just did  ♪
Oh baby................... 
Do that to me one more time  ♪♫♪

Now I officially have clothes in my bedroom - in both guest rooms and the upstairs landing

John says - Are you sure you have enough drawers
Suzan says - I could probably use just one more 
John says - I think there's a corner in the shed outside we could probably squeeze one more in 
John says - It's too much - there's dressers all over the bloody place 
John says - It's like living in a shop

Yaddy yaddy yadda

I'm thinking of secretly taping him - so you get the audio

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone - 

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  1. While the Duck Egg and white was perfect, it is not perfect for your house. That's my opine. Your kitchen is all black and white and kind of sets a tone for the rest of the house. The gray and white are really, really the prettiest! Really. I am in love with the mixture on that curvy, lovely armoire.

  2. Suzan you crack me up. I so enjoy reading your post. I love the armoire!

    1. I wish John found me funny LOL
      Thanks so much Susan !

  3. it does look heavy, but beautiful, such great lines. Its a wonder you haven't injured your back!

  4. Oh, I love the grey, Susan! You have such a knack for picking color combinations! And you have a wonderful knack for creating and writing about humorous situations! I know what you mean about needing Depends. If I cough too hard . . . well, you know what happens!

  5. I think it looks great, Suzan. It is hard when you move to a smaller space to try and figure out where to put things-even clothes...what to keep-what to let go.

    I hear you about taping the old boy. I have the same thing here. He likes to scold. I tell him it is like being nibbled to death by a duck. lol xo Diana

  6. I think it lookls better in grey myself! Wanted to let you know I got Sadie's portrait yesterday and it's on my blog. I am in LOVE with cute! If you get a minute, go check it out! Have a lovely day.

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. I don't usually comment on a blog, but I just have to say that I simply adore you, and you always make me smile (or down right laugh out loud)... Hat's off to your husband for what you put him through, Lol!!! Loving the way your new room is coming along. Hope you have a beautiful day ♥

    1. Oh Janice - what a beautiful comment - you just MADE my day !!!
      Hope you have a wonderful Sunday's the day of rest - think I'll go paint something lol

  8. Gorgeous!!!! Absolutely love it!

    1. Thanks so much Karen - it would have been perfect in black and distressed but it's already an overpowering piece in a small house :)

  9. I read your stuff out loud to anyone who will listen... it cracks me up and they are generally in stitches...... I love all the cupboards... although I admit that with the lack of closet space in our bungalow.... I put closets in the laundry room and made it into a dressing area... no carrying clothes all over the house. And, clothes are easier to put away right off the drying rack or out of the dryer.

    1. Well I'm devestated - all those thought provoking deep conversations I put out there - and you laugh at them ............AND get others to laugh at them too?
      LMHO !!!
      A dressing room/laundry room is genius !!!
      Do you have a chandelier in there? ( every dressing room needs a chandelier, don't you know !!! )

  10. I think the dresser was the right choice. :) Sometimes my husband says he's going to tape me and I tell him to go ahead because with his technical "expertise" he would probably tape himself and show everyone what an a@# he can be. lol

  11. Your blog is funny, very romantic (I mean John must love you that much to agree to live in a house that according to him looks like a shop) and very instructive (I had to google "depends" as I had no idea what that was)!

  12. You and John are so funny - I think you and john complement each other. Never a dull moment with you two.
    I like the colors you painted the chest - looks good. you can always change it if you don't like it.
    Happy Monday.

  13. You are so funny! The armoire is perfect. Yes, it's large, but that's ok. I wish I had room for an armoire. We kept most of our furniture when we moved...big mistake. It leaves no room for new. Darn.

  14. I love your and Johns But what really cracked me up and may have made me pee a little is the bladder My son and I were trying to set up a satellite receiver (that we borrowed) at an outdoor event we were at and it started falling over and I lunged.......and you can guess what else I did......yep...jacket wrapped around my waist the rest of the day......:( Have a great week!!

  15. You cracked me up dear Suzann! The armoir is gorgeous, what a great piece and you did a fine job with it too.

  16. Beautiful in the grey. Sigh, so many pieces of lovely furniture. Tell John he's lucky to have such a talent as yourself. xo Patty

  17. I love the grey and white! You always do such an amazing job on everything. John just needs to relax and go with the flow ~ :)

    Hope you have a wonder*filled week my friend!

  18. Oh, yes, one of your gentle conversations playing in the background as we look in amazement at the latest paint creation. I vote for keeping it this new color. Even being a lover of duck egg, I choose the gray. Thank you for dragging your heavy furniture and bladder issues to Make It Monday.

  19. This was so funny to read! :) youre armouare is amazing! And I love the colors! I found youre blog post at Vintage Inspirational Party. I would love it of you would have a look at my blog sometime:) I just postet a beautyful antique sideboar That I paintes with MMS milkpaint:)
    Have a great day:)

  20. So fun to read and what a beautiful piece! Love it!

  21. I needed Depends after reading that you should have worn Depends! Suzan, you are too funny! I'm just catching up on a bunch of your posts; I've been so busy, but it's good to be back!

  22. Girl, I swear that you never sleep! Really love the grey. Looked great both colors! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. Wonderful makeover.
    Thank you for linking it up to the VIP party.

  24. This turned out so well. Grey can look so drab but you've made it look so, well, delightful!

  25. Gorgeous but now I'm really hoping you'll tape John I imagine stiff upper lip British telling you off LOL

  26. It looks great. The little bit of Duck Egg peeking through is good. Love it no matter where you put it! Happy SYC!

  27. Love,loveLOVE your post and your house(s). LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE FROM YOU...You make my day.


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