Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Painting floors ( and 2 tips )

Well I finished painting the second guest room's floor - And I thought I'd share the most important thing I've learned through the process of painting all the floors upstairs

It's not whether you use semi gloss - or high gloss or even matte - that's a personal preference

And it's not whether you decide to paint in on your hands and knees like I do - with a brush - or use a roller to make the job a little easier

And in the end it's not even which brand of paint you decide to use ( as long as it's floor paint )
I swear by BEHR's Porch & Patio Floor Paint - and it's proven to be the best one for me - but as much as I can rant and rave about it - someone else might be ranting and raving about another product that works just as well for them.

No, the secret lies in this ( and  you really really have to trust me on this one )

2 coats - a day apart - ESPECIALLY if you're going with white floors.
Skipping this process results in doom and gloom - trust me on this one
I've learned that lesson the hard way so that you don't have to.
It's oil based so you have to open the window but it's perfectly fine to paint a water based floor paint over it.
( this is the ONLY time it's ok to paint water based paint over oil based anything - but I'm sure you all know that )

Our bedroom floor looks the same almost a year later

The landing has held up very well too - if you want to learn a little about my skills as an acrobat while painting - you can check it out HERE

OK - Time for the second TIP - and this one is every bit as important as the first one.

You must stand over your better half's back while he works - at all moments.
Even if he's barking at you that he doesn't need a hawk standing behind him - do it anyway.  Sometimes scurrying away while they work just isn't worth it.

Once all the floors were painted - I laid out the quarter rounds against the edges of the baseboards - just to simplify things for my better half -
( I HAVE to simplify things - I know it sounds insulting but you'll see why in a moment )

Suzan says - John - do you think you could put the quarter rounds in - the floors are ready
John says - Well the Godfather is on
Suzan says - You've seen that movie 10 times since I've known  you - and God only knows how many times before I met you.
John says- Well it's coming to a good part
Suzan says -  How many times do you need to see a horse's head in someone's bed?

He later came up and went to work -

John says - I'm finished
Suzan says - Oh thanks so much -
John says - Now leave me alone - I want to watch some t.v.
Suzan says - So go watch t.v. !!!

And I ran in the room gleefully - figuring I'd start putting furniture back - when much to my absolute and utter shock, I saw something I couldn't believe.
I mean that - my brain could NOT register it whatsoever ( and my brain has had tons of experience registering the unbelievable )

John says - what now?
Suzan says - Please tell me you're joking ?
John says - Listen - you laid the wood out - NOT ME

Well he's put me in a spot - it's very hard to fight with logic like that.

I'm even a little embarrassed to show it to you - but hey - I didn't do it

Ta Da - the quarter rounds - done !

Suzan says - It absolutely cannot stay like that
Johns says - No one's going to see under the bed.
Suzan says - IT absolutely cannot stay like that
John says - Why do you turn every little thing into something huge
Suzan says - It absolutely cannot stay like that
John says - You're too much of a perfectionist
Suzan says - It absolutely cannot stay like that
Suzan says - Aren't you embarrassed?
John says - No - not at all - you're making a mountain out of a mole hill

Just so you know the why's when my makeover's take a little longer than expected.
I have to wait for him to fix these before I can place furniture -
And I have to wait for a night when there's no hockey on
Or a movie
Or a game show
Or the weather network.....................
Or a calender to hang.

Suzan says - What were you thinking John?
John says - I keep telling you I'm not a carpenter...............

But that's a lousy excuse - he's done baseboards all over the place here - to perfection -
He's built me a bench
He's deconstructed and reconstructed a box spring to allow it upstairs -
So......................tell it to the judge mister.

But at the very least - I've done my part.......................

Have a wonderful day one and all !

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  1. The floors look fabulous, what a difference and I was in hysterics over your 'John, Suzan debacle' :)...I think men are all the same when it comes down to home DIY Suzan my husband is exactly the same and would say the same. At the moment though I am trying to tell him about your story and he is saying..."shhhh I am watching "The Block", tell me after." The block is a NZ home design program where 4 couples are doing up houses. He is addicted to this program yet whenever I ask him to do something around the house he always complains!

    I would love to white wash my wooden floors but I can't quite see that happening for some time. However, maybe I could do one room at a time and work my way through the house. Or maybe even paint them. Did you have to sand before you painted?


  2. But it's The Godfather Suzan!!!!! LOL Thanks for the painting tip.

  3. Suzan- I swear that the two Johns (yours and my own) are related. They HAVE to be! Only for this John it is not The Godfather- it would be Ben Hur or Spartacus..or some thing that has horses and blood and guts shed on a grand, epic scale.

    I just can see him LEAVING that quarter round hanging over the edges like that- OMG!!!!

    I use the SAME floor brands you do BUT I have never done the double coat of Zinsser. I will do that if I paint floors again. I like the Behr for concrete, too. It is a great paint. However, I have always used oil based over the Zinsser. Everything I have ever read said that you can't paint latex over oil based unless you sand it or etch it slightly? Anyway, your floor looks great-well-except for the molding! lol

  4. Love the floors.. And seriously John, you know better ;)

  5. his mind must have been on the movie, thats a big boo boo,

  6. My mouth dropped open. I love the idea of hiding it with the bed though, very inventive.

  7. Don't you have one of those husband pokers from Bliss yet??? You need a full set. ;)

  8. I am SO impressed that you didn't strangle him then & there!!!

  9. Why is it that I always hear the angel choir when I see your "after" pictures? You done good!!! I have a question, though. The first picture: What is that turquoise stripe on the wall near the ceiling?

  10. hahahahahahahaha, sorry, I can't stop from laughting!!!!!!

  11. I am going to re-do my foyer...I've painted it, but I did a checkerboard that I'm not thrilled with. I'm going to prime and paint it one color.

  12. LOL ~ You two are so fun. You could be a sitcom!!
    Thank you for the tips.

  13. Thanks for the tips, now hopefully I remember them when it comes time for me to do the floors. The kitchen has already been painted 2x because, well you know when it just isn't right, so you admit a mistake and work to fix it. Ahem, hello John?! I swear they do shat like this so we won't ask them to do something... Patty

  14. LOL...poor John! My hubby says the same thing about not beng a carpenter, but he does beautiful work. I think they just use that as an excuse...:) The floors look awesome!

    Blessings, Vicky

  15. You have more talent and creativity in your little finger than I have in my entire body! Brava chica. Oh yeah, and good grunt work John :P

  16. Oh Suzan, I was waiting... waiting... BAM there it is... and a spontaneous "SERIOUSLY???" burst from my lips. Oh John, shame on you! lol I'm making the leap he fixed it.
    The floor looks SPECTACULAR! Thank you for the tips. No hubby here so I'm betting the cat would be standing over me watching my work standards. lol
    ~ Christina

  17. Now I have to clean the laptop because I just spat some of my morning tea on it... John, how could you do that for me?
    It's still a secret on the blog, but I plan to find the original floor upstairs in my Cottage that is hidden under layers and layers of stuff... The carpenter keeps telling me it's a mistake, it'll be ugly floor... But if the wood isn't pretty, I'll paint it, thanks to your tips. I'm planning on using the "on my hands and knees with a brush" approach!

  18. Sometimes repeating the same line over and over again can be very effective! Have to admit that I love that scene in the Godfather too! Your floors are gorgeous and I cannot tell you how much I love Zinsser.

  19. John and TV! :) The floors look awesome! Not sure how you manage to get your body in contortions without being in traction ~ would never work for me.


  20. Your floors are great. You two are so funny!

  21. So true about using the sealer. Growing up my dad painted my bedroom floors white. He obviously did not seal them as they began peeling and chipping almost immediately....I never knew why until you mentioned it in this post. The floors look amazing! (Psst...John and Bill could be friends ;) ) oxoxo

    1. It really makes a huge difference !!!
      If John and Bill could be friends than you and I would be the best of friends LOL

  22. I almost snorted my drink out through my nose! What a guy! Love the floors and Zinsser is my favorite primer too. Stinky, but the stuff works.

  23. When doing DIY here, we have a rule: one person tells and the other does. When laying quarter round I am the teller. I measure and tell Chucks whether it is an in facing cut or an out facing cut. I tell him where the drill tiny holes in the quarter round. Then I base coat and hand out the appropriate piece as he nails them in. It has worked through three houses. I am loving this room and John cannot ruin it for me. Thanks for bringing it over to Make It Monday.

  24. My husband hates doing any kind of project. I try to do most things on my own. He is a perfectionist and when it is not perfect he gets very grumpy and may start swearing or break something. I don't have floors to paint but like your tips and love how you tell it.

    1. Well Amiejo - John gets grumpy and swears and is NOT a perfectionist lol.
      Thanks so much for the visit and kind comment

  25. Love those floors! You two sound like me and mine! Only his movie is Braveheart! I mean, c'mon, after 15 times you can recite the lines verbatim! And he says the same thing,,,"well no one's going to see it" . Yes dear I know. But I'll know it's there and it bothers me. Mkay?? lol


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