Friday, April 24, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

I think of you all often, you know.
At this point your as much a part of my life as though I'd known you forever.
So when I have these chats I'm very animated in my are, after all, sitting in front of me with your coffee and we're laughing or crying or angry or whatever other emotion comes out of these " talks ".( hopefully it's mostly laughter - you know the kind where you're snorting and tears are in your eyes?  THAT kind )
My hands are flying as I try to explain things .............I put on a British accent when repeating something John has said - and you reply in kind.
I look a mess sometimes - so do you.
We discuss what color the dresser in my entry way should go - you reprimand me and say " Get to it already "
When one of your names pop up in the comments - a name maybe I haven't seen in a while - my heart melts and a big old smile appears out of nowhere.
You have become, through no fault of your own, my friends.
I'm grateful for each and every one of you - more than I can put in words on a silly little blog.

Ok - let's get that emotional crap outta here !

Let's see now................

Oh - my real estate agent MAXENCE RENAUD called me on Wednesday to wish me a Happy Birthday
How sweet is that?
He's the one that sold us my beloved Victorian flat - and he's the one that sold it for us when we listed..
Maxence - I'm crazy about you - but you really should have talked me out of selling it !!!!!!!!!
If anyone is looking for an agent - give him a call - he and his wife are fabulous

Maybe you can help me diagnose this?
I have a small patch on one of my elbows that's very rough - not normal rough as in dry skin - but super rough as in it feels like matter how much cream I put on it, it stays.
It's also discolored - looks like a bruise ( with no pain at all or itch for that matter - it's just there )
Is there a physician in the house?
Every time I go to the doctor I completely forget to ask about it.
Other then being able to pick up dust cloths with them ( when my hands are full ) I don't like it.

WHY, on average, do men age better than women?
Most of them could care less after all while we try desperately to slow the whole process down, but besides that, they actually SUIT the aging process..............
The grey hair - the deep laugh lines - the weathered end up looking like cowboys and we end up looking like .....................cows.
Do you think it's because of the Garden of Eden?
Because we're already tortured with childbirth over THAT issue ( I could just smack Eve right across the face really - thoughtless - selfish - silly woman )
I don't know - but something seems out of whack with all of it.
I want aging equality.  ( along with pay equality of course )

I'm so tired of seeing young girls advertising for anti wrinkle creams - it's absurd.  If those creams actually worked these young babes faces would disappear.

Or people who have very obviously have had ultra white veneers placed on their teeth sadly tell the camera they need to use a whitening product or they can't smile.  Talk about making the general public never want to smile again.

Or medications whose side affects would make you want to just hang yourself before taking them ( which is ironic since suicidal tendencies are actually often one of the side effects )

Or dish washing liquid that can cut through a slimy bowl of oil ( like the parting of the Red Sea ) and make it vanish

Or shampoo that can make your hair curl on it's own and thicken in moments.

Or insurance men that pop up from nowhere when you need them.  Seriously?  This one irks me the most.

Or people that start rambling off in foreign languages that they learned from C.D's.

I think there should be a button on the bottom of the screen - like they do on You Tube - where you can
SKIP AD after a few seconds.  Begone, you insulting ads !

Every time I look into the Holy book I want to tremble
When I read about the part where the Carpenter cleared the temple ......................

fter coming under heavy criticism for asking the public for $65 million dollars to purchase a luxury airplane for his ministry last month, popular televangelist and founder of World Changers Church International Creflo Dollar responded in spectacular defiance in a recent message to his church declaring: "If I want to believe God for a $65 million plane, you cannot stop me."
"Let me tell you something about believing God — I can dream as long as I want to. I can believe God as long as I want to. If I want to believe God for a $65 million plane, you cannot stop me. You cannot stop me from dreaming," he said in a clip of the message posted on YouTube showing his congregants rising to their feet and cheering in approval.
"You cannot stop me from dreaming. I'm gon' dream until Jesus comes. And here's another thing I want you to understand. … If they discover life on Mars, if you think a $65 million plane was too much, if they discover that there's life on Mars, they gon' need to hear the Gospel and I'm gon' have to believe God for a billion dollar space shuttle because we got to preach the Gospel on Mars," he said.

"You cannot stop me from dreaming. I'm gon' dream until Jesus comes. And here's another thing I want you to understand. … If they discover life on Mars, if you think a $65 million plane was too much, if they discover that there's life on Mars, they gon' need to hear the Gospel and I'm gon' have to believe God for a billion dollar space shuttle because we got to preach the Gospel on Mars," he said.
"I dare you to tell me I can't dream. I dare you to tell me that I can't believe God. If I find Jesus, I'm gonna look at Jesus until it comes to pass, because with God all things are possible to him that believe. And so, I say to you, dream on. Dream on baby, don't dream on what you can have, dream about what the devil says you can't have. Dream for the best. Dream for the best healing. Dream for the best deliverance; dream for the best house. Dream for the best car. Just 'cause the world don't have it, doesn't mean you can't have it. You are the children of the Almighty God. Dream, dream," he told his adoring congregants.


Christian minister Creflo Dollar asks for $60 million donation to bless congregation with private plane

People, when your minister asks for something like this - please remind him that he isn't actually Jesus............
And if Jesus rode a donkey then surely this minister can fly economy.

It boggles the mind - completely - almost to the point of my brain collapsing and leaking right out of my ears.

And Mr. Minister?
YOU should try to put your hand in the hand of the Man who stilled the water............................

This next part is a rant.......................but I'm throwing it in with a chat.
I've been reading about " people " in North America who are being investigated for wanting to join terrorist groups overseas.
While some are " home grown " most are immigrants.

There have always been immigrants - there always will be - searching for a better life - if my ancestor's hadn't wanted it I wouldn't be here after all...........but there's been a shift in the " immigrant experience " since I was a young girl.
Back in the 60's I can remember young girls and boys being introduced to us in our classrooms - they couldn't speak a word of English and I remember always feeling empathetic towards their struggle to fit in - I can also remember befriending them ( like the little do-gooder I was ) and taking them under my wing - protecting them from bullies - teaching them to speak English - learning about their cultures ( which always fascinated me ) and making them feel like they were " home ".whenever they visited our house - introducing them to the foods we ate..............sharing my clothes etc.
I can also remember sitting in their kitchens while some exotic ( to me ) food was cooking on the stove and trying to teach their Mothers new words.
This was a very big part of my childhood - and - having been city born and bred - it was quite a common occurrence in my elementary school years. Montreal in the 60's, was after all the decade of EXPO ' 67
( great link of that particular World's Exposition )  the largest in the world for the 20th century  and was a proverbial melting pot of many nationalities and the cultures that came with it.

Had I grown up in a rural area my experience would have been entirely different obviously - but being a
" city rat " ( as opposed to a country mouse )  I had the world at my doorstep - quite literally.

There was Sylvia from Spain
Who I learned a little bit of Spanish from - and walked around asking everyone what they were doing on the weekend in Spanish for a good 6 months or so.
Vasilios from Greece
Who gave me a little Eiffel Tower pendant on my Valentine's day card - the only 8 year old who got jewellery on her card that year
Rachel from Israel
Whose Mother had strange numbers on the inside of her wrists but served me the most delicious Jewish foods with the warmest smile
Anat from Egypt
Who tried to teach me belly dancing to my Mother's horror - at 9 years old
Maria from Portugal
Who lived next door and whose barbie doll could only speak Portuguese - while mine responded in English
Ella from Sweden
Whose apartment fascinated me because it was - looking back - a page right out of IKEA - long before North Americans knew what IKEA was 
Alicia from Morocco
Who wore exotic gold bangles on her wrists that jingle jangle jingled and two gold bands on her fingers that were connected by a chain !  I wanted those rings !

(Oh and there was Fiona - who was from Scotland and whose parents were nudists...............I wasn't allowed to go there once my Mother found out -
" Mommy - they walk around bare- a -naked !!! "
but she didn't really count as an immigrant in my mind because we spoke the same language.)

All this to say that I was exposed - from a very young age - to different cultures and for the most part I was in awe of every single one of them.
But the thing that really stands out in my mind is that while I was fascinated by their differences - they were all - every single one of them - struggling to assimilate - to shed those differences as quickly as they could - to be more like me.  And within a couple of years they were exactly like me - except for Vasilios - he ended up exactly like my brother, but since I had a childhood friend ( a boy ) who liked boys - that wouldn't have even been weird in my little world.
I can still remember some of the Parents - in broken English - telling me that Canada was the best Country on earth - that they thanked God daily to be here.

Looking back I see now that they taught me far more than the few English words I taught them -
They taught me that differences were to be embraced - that it wasn't scary or lesser than - it was just - well


This next part is written for you - you know who you are.
You're the one that's come here and does nothing but complain.
You're the one that refuses to assimilate - who considers us immoral
You're the one that doesn't want your children playing with ours
You're the one that takes from my Government while picketing on the street against my Government
You're the one that screams discrimination on a constant basis
You're the one that has our laws changed to accommodate your beliefs
You're the one that can't abide by our standard of living ( except for the money - you do so love our money )
You're the one that calls us ( fill in the blank ) phobics

There's a lot of you - too many - and you give the rest of your family a very bad name.
They remain silent when they shouldn't because your voice is over powering.

I GET that I'm completely different to you -
I got that at 8 years old in elementary school
The thing is - and I don't think you ever really consider this -
YOU are also completely different to me.  Your language and your clothes and your religion are different to me as well.
Not only is it different - it's sometimes completely alien - and if I'm willing to stretch out my arms and say
" Welcome " I at least expect you to reach out yours and say " I'm happy to be here "

Let me tell you - you're no SYLVIA or VASILIOS or RACHEL or ANAT or MARIA or ELLA or even an ALICIA
You're someone who has taken advantage of where you now sit and grumble.
I don't, for a minute, believe where you came from is infinitely better than where you are now.
Nice try.

I'm talking about about what a Country stands for - what's it's built on ( by previous immigrants I might add )

As we're paying over the top taxes to ensure our doors remain open - we don't appreciate hearing that you don't like what we're serving.
There's other " restaurants " out there in the world - if you don't like what's on the menu in Canada - in the States - in Britain - in France -
Well...........please, by all means - choose another place to go to.

And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

At the end of the day embracing is a two way street - it can't be one side doing it all - we need to be hugged back from time to time.
We ( fill in the blank Country here ) may not be perfect - in fact you could probably teach us a thing or two or three or four - but not while complaining about us on a daily basis.
Trust me - from a 3 rd generation removed immigrant - you're going about it the wrong way.

This Country that allows you the freedom to bitch about us?
We're getting pretty damn tired of it.


Que estas haciendo este fin de semana?

John says - You're going to offend a lot of people Suzan
Suzan says - Really?  I hope I'm not - I hope there's not that many people that hate us out there
John says - Just saying - I think you should stick to furniture makeovers..............

So - I want to - need to clarify something here.
This post was not written for every immigrant in general - I thought I was very clear on that - just some of them in particular.
The ones that act like it's a punishment that they're here at all -
The ones that get here and then plot to do harm -
The ones that never should have been allowed to enter in the first place.
You know who you are.

We're not ( fill in the blank ) phobic - we're just sick to death of it.
And you.
( Oh and you home grown ones?  You're in a category all on your own - a post for another day - I can only handle so much bile at a time )

Phew..................I'm putting the kettle on again, want a refill?

Here in Montreal.
Spring Sprang
Spring left
Spring returned
Spring took a break
Winter threatened to show up again
Spring jumped back in the game.

It's like watching a freaking tennis match.

One day people are jogging down the street in shorts
The next they have their winter coats on

We went from 25 C ( that's in the 70's for Americans ) last weekend - and now they're calling for mixed precipitation this weekend.  MIXED PRECIPITATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Snow AND Rain.

THIS is why Canadians walk around in a state of mass confusion ............................if anyone visits us for a vacation in the Spring - you'll notice us walking around either scowling - or skipping around like Tiny Tin tiptoeing through the tulips - do not be alarmed.  You have to walk a mile in our shoes to get it.

It's not exactly Spring in Paris.

Does anyone else find the new way of announcing a pregnancy a little strange?


Every time I hear it, I think " huh ? "

I mean I can understand " WE'RE expecting " 

But in my world only one of you is pregnant .................

Anyway Ashley and Chris are pregnant as most of you know...................

And if they can say we - I figured I could throw myself into the mix too.


AND the ultra sound was yesterday - 


His name is Evan ( according to Ashley and I - Chris is not 100% on board with it - but the way I see it is that we are 2 thirds of this pregnancy - so we rule him out ) 

It's a very difficult thing to try to express this type of joy - so I'll just say this.

It's unlike anything I've ever felt before - it's in a class all by itself - 

Hi Evan.................hurry up sweetheart - I need to hold you.

Ok folks - I'm not putting the kettle on again for a third time - this is it - this is all she wrote 
( until next Friday anyway ) 

You all have the most wonderful of weekends
Much love,


  1. "Men end up looking like cowboys and cows." Laughed out loud on that one! Look up psoriasis - maybe the elbow thing? Congratulations on baby Evan!! And amen to the rant.

    1. It;s not psoriasis - it's velcroitis !!!
      Love me
      The cow

  2. :-))
    You are going to have so much fun. xx oo A baby boy!!

    I loved your Spring is the same here in Wisconsin. LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  3. CREFLO DOLLAR? Susan, did you check the date on that article - was it April 1st? As for your comments regarding certain ingrates who migrate to a new country and expect IT to conform to THEIR ways, a pox on all of them. Sadly, that is often the case these days; but you know, we rarely, if ever, hear about those who ARE grateful to be here (Canada, France, US, England, Germany, etc.) and who ARE working hard to learn the language and adapt to a new open culture that is a melting pot of many cultures, and also working hard to support themselves and their families. The silent majority. Why is it the big mouth whiners and complainers get all the press? I will contemplate the sometimes really stupid ways of the world while I walk to the supermarket in my winter coat -- snow flurries mixed with rain expected this afternoon in good old Milwaukee. Boo!

  4. You did not offend me on the immigration issue. There are SO many social issues that people are unsettled about but are unable to speak about due to "political incorrectness", and loud backlashing from the extremists. It's getting ridiculous.
    As for advertising, at my house the channel gets changed every time Jan-from-Toyota shows up on the screen.... which is about every 3 minutes. Perhaps they don't blast Toyota commercials in Canada. That would be nice.

  5. Not offended at all
    So true!!

    And when we were expecting our first grandchild I would tell all kinds of random people the exciting news!!! In elevators! Waiting rooms!
    Sometimes they were like who are you!? Go away! You're weird
    Now we have a little Canadian grand baby.
    So I'm getting to know and love Canada.

    1. well Mo, who are you? you're weird LMHO !!!
      A Canadian grandbaby - which part of Canada?
      Congratulations !

  6. Loved reading all of it, Suzan! You always bring a smile to my face with your humor. As far as the immigrant situation. . .I am right there with you. Growing up in the city (Cleveland, Ohio), I lived in a very ethnically diverse community, and was friends with everyone (well, practically everyone. There were still the cheerleader cliques). The problem with what is happening today is that there is a group of people who WANT to take over the United States and Canada and impose their own laws and doctrines upon everyone. I apologize if it seems as though I'm singling out a specific religion, but it is the unfortunate truth. I can no longer walk the fine line between the truth and worrying about offending someone who doesn't wish to be a citizen of our country. Freedom carries with it a responsibility to the Country and their people. Suzan, I will understand if you choose to not have this comment on your blog. I wouldn't want you to take the heat for what I'm expressing. I'll get off my high horse, now, but allow me to congratulate you on the expected arrival of your new grandchild! What wonderful news!

  7. You " hit the nail on the head" about some of the current immigrants. Your points are well-stated and I wholeheartedly agree!

  8. You said it well, thank you. The "politically correct" censorship which seems to be the norm is becoming very tiresome. I agree from the US, that I'm also sick of the whiners who seem to be ruling everything these days. congrats on the baby.

  9. I have always enjoyed your blog more than you can imagine, but today was the best post ever. I agree with it all, every single word you wrote. You said it so well, and I do think a large share of us think as you do. I hope so anyway. Thanks for sharing with us, and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs from Wisconsin

    1. Aw thanks so much Bonnie !
      Hope you're having a great weekend too.................the sun keeps threatening to come out here !!!

  10. Love your rants, raves, and info. Cannot get my comments to post. Trying again. Thank you.

  11. Oh my gosh Suzan, this one was a two coffee'r. I so enjoyed this post on multiple levels. From one ranting Canuck to another - amen Sistah!!! I couldn't have said it better.

    I have it too...I thought I was the only...Velcro-itis on the left elbow. I've spend $$$ trying to heal it without success. WTH? I've got to read the comments to see if anyone has the miracle prescription.

    As for Evan...oh my gosh Suzan there is absolutely nothing like it in the world! Our first grandchild, Westin, was born on March 21st. I never knew how deep the love and how intensely he would steal my heart until that morning at 6:45 when he was welcomed into the world by my daughter, the one who was pregnant and her fiance, the one who was expecting. Be prepared to have a different form of velcro-itis. Symptoms: baby attached to grandma's arms with a tight hold

    Oh and as for the Canadian weather, same $hit - difference province! There is no such thing as storing winter clothes to make way for summer attire. Us Canadians, like tires, have "all seasons" wardrobes.

    Thanks for the two cupper this morning :)

    1. My husband has the left-elbow-velcroitis problem, too (maybe it's a left elbow thing?) He wears through the left elbow of every long-sleeved shirt long before the rest of the shirt goes. Doc says it's definitely not psoriasis. The only thing that helps is CeraVe - the cream works much better than the lotion, but you have to use it daily. My guy often only remembers to use it after the shirt sprouts a hole. ;-)

    2. Hi, I have it - on my left elbow. When I'm reading something for any time or just using my right hand on my computer, I sit resting my chin in my left palm and my elbow on my desk. Got the velcro-itis. As soon as I put a small pad (actually it was the thingie that sits in front of the keyboard that wrists are supposed to rest on) where the left elbow rests the velcro-itis went away.
      Now this next one is weird (and kind of icky), had a patch of psoriasis on my right hand (kind of in the soft spot between the index finger and the thumb) and it drove me crazy for years. Didn't have it looked at just put up with it. I got a new cat a few years ago and he is the lickiest cat (only on the hands) I have ever come across. He started licking that spot (among others), it was gone within two weeks and has never returned.

    3. Well you got 3 replies Marie LOL -
      Thanks so much and huge congratulations on Westin ( what a fantastic name !!!! )

  12. Suzan, I'm with ya on everything. I'm in Texas, a few hours from the border, so we've got them everywhere. They come here for free everything then complain about what else they aren't receiving. Really P_____es me off! I understand they want to get away from a cruel hard government and a terrible life, but they need to do it legally. Oh, don't get me started!

    I hope my birthday email didn't skeer you ! And I hope your day was lovely.

    Congrats on new baby! I became great-aunt to twins this week !!


  13. Looks like my comment went through. Have unsuccessfully tried to tell you how much your blog has meant to me (for example your post following the tragic death of Robin Williams). You are my favorite. I envy your style. You make me laugh til I cry. Congratulations on Evan (name we had chosen for a boy when our Laurel - girl arrived many years ago). You will be the BEST grandmother ever - it is the greatest blessing. Again THANK YOU

    1. Ok Kate - thanks so much for " getting " me.............
      I'm so excited to meet Evan I can't even put it in words !

  14. Oh where to start?!? Let's start with the good! Congratulations, grandma! I bet you can't wait to hold your little sweetie!
    Then about the's so not fair! No one tells a man they need to color their hair, get rid of wrinkles, or anything. They look good old; we just look old. snort.
    As for the rest, preach on, Sister! People are just so darn ungrateful nowadays!
    You are a dear friend too! So glad to be one of yours!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday.
    Amen on today's rant. You're not alone on those issues.

  16. Susan, I found your blog, started reading and could not stop! I enjoyed every part of your post, so interesting, your thoughts so clever and I love the way you use words! I chuckled parts of the time and would say to myself, you go lady during other parts! Congratulations! A grandbaby soon, awww, nothing like it! The best of times will soon begin!


  17. with you all the way Suzan. I really question the issue of home-grown terrorists when I hear that most have not been here all that long. I think it's a way of making us question ourselves. I had a small tinkling of an idea that maybe John was feeling like the target of your rant with his English accent? Maybe he's the one feeling offended? haha. You will love being a grandma, but I feel sorry for your readers because you are going to lose interest in posting once that little guy melts your heart.

  18. Amen to all you said, 2 thumbs up from me! Just between you and your readers, don't tell Ashley and Chris, we are all in this pregnancy together! But you get to snuggle and hold him and spoil and whatever else Gran's wants to do : ). But we will all be so very happy to read about his little adventures. Same weather here, sometimes all in the same day, enough of this crap already! We had 1 stinking day over 10 degrees. Unreal. Enjoy your weekend! xo Patty

  19. Congrats on the Grandchild! Whoot! Whoot! they're the best! Just love your blog, have even gotten my daughter hooked on it. So agree w/you about ungrateful emigrants. I've experienced that not only w/people coming here from other countries but also, from state to state. I think, really? If you're so unhappy and think where you came from is so much better. Please go back! The sooner the better. Otherwise, get over it! :) I think the weather is just unusually weird everywhere this yr. Sounds like no matter where you live. At this point, I'm just hoping Summer comes before Winter this yr. Have a great weekend Suzan!

  20. Sorry, wrote "emigrants" meant "immigrants". Definitely have no problem w/those wanting to leave. ;) Love you Suzan and these little Friday Chats.

  21. Great post Suzan! I totally agree with you in your rant. A grandson? How exciting. I'm very happy for you all and can't wait to 'meet' him on here when he arrives. You will both love being grandparents. It's the bed feeling in the world and you will be so blessed to have him nearby to spoil. Cold and wet here too. Try to enjoy the weekend indoors. :)

  22. Tell it like it is, Suze!
    And a big, big smile about baby Evan. xoxo

  23. Congrats on a little grandson that will be coming into this world. Just wait until you hold him for the first time...your heart will never be the same. It is the most awesome feeling when you hold your grand baby for the first time and he will have your heart forever.

  24. Hi Suzan,
    Just wanted to come by and say hi and Happy Birthday. You and I are close in our birthday just a few days apart. Love your Friday chats.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  25. Congratulations! My first grandchild was a boy and his name is Evan he will be 15 soon, I also have three other grands the youngest is a little girl who just turned 4. Grandparent-hood is awesome you'll love it. I totally agree with your rant. If people aren't happy in their "new country'' feel free to go home It won't hurt our feelings. Love your blog and Friday Chat.

    1. Well he won't exactly be my first - we're Lolli and Pop to John's grandkids ( blended family here ) but this is the first for my " line " lol - I can't even put into words how thrilled I am about meeting Evan !
      Thanks so much !

  26. You know- a little knowledge (which is what I have) is a dangerous thing but it sounds like you may have Seborrheic dermatitis - you can look it up and see if that looks like what you have--but that causes those types of skin you are describing and is often not itchy or sore.- or a type of eczema or psoriasis.

    Wonderful post, Suzan. I hate all those stupid commercials, too, and often hit mute when they are on.

    You hit the nail on the head with your thoughts about those that come here for betterment and say it is WORSE than their homeland...hellooo---let me buy you a ticket back---steerage rate, of course. There are so many good ones that are so appreciative and truly happy with their new lives but they fall to the wayside in the wave of those that protest the loudest about how bad it all is. You just wonder where it will all end.

    Have a great weekend- two of the monkeys asleep upstairs for the weekend again. God is good! xo Diana

  27. Spring? Qu'est que c'est? I'm in London, ON. We had close to two inches of snow on the weekend and it stayed. It's mostly gone now but it's cold again - the wind goes right through me.
    Immigration. I am 3rd generation on one side and 2nd on the other. I remember my Grandpa (from Slovakia) speaking about being able to come to Canada and what he and my Grandma did to fit in. He and a friend got off the ship in Montreal (between 1st and 2nd WW) couldn't get work, headed for Toronto (no luck) and finally he and the friend headed up north. They both ended up working in a pulp and paper mill in Temiskaming, PQ. He and my Grandmother were apart for over five years before he could save enough money to bring her over here. There was nothing like our social services back then. They were just so grateful to be able to be here.
    Unlike you I grew up in the country (more or less), my first inkling that there were people "different" than me was a friend of my Dad's, he was black (African/Canadian?) and his last name was Brown. We always thought that was so funny (he did too). Then the second time was in Grade 13 here in Ontario and we had 1 black kid in the school of 500 students. A year later I went to Toronto and, holy doodle, were my eyes opened. I didn't really care. They were just people the same as me. Buuuut, the years went on and now we are this impasse......
    I agree I am generalizing but the whiners and big mouths always win. If you don't like where you are then go back home. You or your parents or your grandparents came to Canada (or wherever) to have a better life for their family. They left their homeland before the times there were horrible and now you (and you know who you are) have decided that all their hard work is for nothing, you're not happy with what we freely give you so go back to your family's homeland. All you've done now is bring all the problems that were in your country over here.
    Suzan, I have something to add to your list:
    "You're the one that should I a woman decide to visit your country and should I a woman decide to walk outside with my regular Canadian clothes on, you would stone me, shoot me or any other equally horrible things. Would you allow me to push for changes in your country? Not likely. Yet you expect us to change out ways when it wouldn't even cross your mind to reciprocate. Please, go home."
    Canada, the US, Britain and other country: please, please, please cut back on immigration. Use the monies (that damned almighty money) that are saved to put back into my country to people that can use it. Charity begins at home, doncha know? I appreciate that is drastic but what is it going to take before we have another 9/11? Do something now before it's too late.
    Sorry for my rant. Not sorry for actual rant but where I ranted.
    Suzan, I'm so excited for you and your family!
    All the very best,
    P.S. If you decide not to publish this, I'm OK with that. It's just so nice to know that I'm not the only one with these thoughts and feelings.

    1. Hi Cathy !
      I get everything you're saying except I have to add this - I don't care what people wear and I'm grateful to live in a part of the world where that doesn't ( shouldn't ) matter - what has really been freaking me out lately - more than anything - are the ones that have been welcomed and who now ( or their children - or their children's children ) are trying to join up with these terrorists groups to harm us - in a huge way. Those are the ones that think WE'RE immoral. This post came about because of a documentary I watched..............where Father's were murdering their daughters because they had become too westernized.............after leaving all of that crap behind and coming to a western country. There was a terrible case here in Montreal where a Father and his second wife murdered the first wife and 3 of his emboldened me to write this post and now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have - but it's out there.
      Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  28. BRAVO! :-)
    I will have a Gourmet du Village Chocolate Truffle Hot Chocolate (no suar added) Please....or a diet pepsi.

    1. Well Lisa - your hot chocolate will be waiting here next Friday - we have our chats too early for Diet Pepsi LOL
      Thanks !

  29. Happy belated Birthday Suzan! Happy upcoming new grandbaby, too! Isn't it fun to anticipate something so wonderful?
    I am 100 percent with your observations on the people that want to change our countries into their countries even to the degree that laws get changed to accommodate them...NO! Learn English, obey the laws of the land, assimilate and contribute....and if you don't like or want to do this....please leave. This is a huge issue in the United States. Pretty soon, there will be no recollection of what the Constitution said, or why and how it got written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looks like many feel the same way.

    1. I think it's a huge issue everywhere right now - sadly .
      Thanks so much for the birthday and grandbaby wishes - I'm over the top about little Evan !

  30. Hi Suzan, thank you for the shout out! You are my favorite client ;-)

  31. Right now, I'm more worried about the Republicans and the Religious Right, and frequently they are one and the same, in my own country! They want to change the way subjects are taught in the schools, like Biology, Science, evolution, climate change, Sex Education, and History. I stopped getting updates from political groups I belonged to on Facebook because of the acid-mouthed I'm-right-and-you're-wrong people, from my own party even. I am all for a good debate, but when there's name-calling and back-biting, I can't listen to it any more. I am terribly uninformed, but emotionally and intellectually, I've had enough. Until this United States become more UNITED, we will continue to have problems, and, as far as I understand things right now, it really doesn't have much to do with immigrants.

    I was born in the mid 1950s, and my experience growing up in a large city is very different from yours. I don't remember, but my mother has told me that there was a black girl that attended my school when I was quite young. As far as I remember, the first black people I had in my class was in high school, which was in the late '60s/early '70s. I don't know that there were any immigrants at my school, and definitely not in my immediate neighborhood. I don't know how I was so "sheltered". My mother's grandparents immigrated from Italy, and I have heard stories about how they were treated as a group, but not specific instances regarding my family. We did not grow up around those people who were my family, because we lived at least an 8-hour drive away and did not visit frequently.

    I do hear about those going to the Middle East to join ISIS. I wonder what person in their right mind would want to to that. Their ideas, what little I understand, are so foreign to me. What is especially disturbing is the women who are drawn to the group. Women! Why would any woman want to subject herself to the laws of that country/religion, if they don't have to, is beyond my comprehension? Ok. Now, I must stop. Thank you for that third diet caffeine-free Coke you offered, but I have to go. Thank you for the chat. Take care. {btw If all goes according to plan, I will be a great-grandma the first week of October. Her name will probably be Abigail Rose, and she will be born to my 2nd granddaughter. There are 8 grandchildren altogether who belong to my 1 daughter. Congratulations on expecting your grandson.}


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