Thursday, April 30, 2015

A little Grey and White....................

Good morning everyone !

I finally found the grey I'd been searching for ( for the past year ) and I couldn't wait to get started. I painted the wall off the front door ( we have 2 front doors because of the closed porch - this is off the interior door )
I had originally painted it a griege color ( which I love ) but like grey it can be so iffy with different lighting ( this house is dingy - there's no other way to put it - I was going to say " light challenged " but dingy seems more apt )

It changes colors when I stand in different spots because of windows ..............but this next photo is as close as it looks for most of the day

It's the type of grey that begs for crisp white contrast...............and so because paint fixes everything in my world I painted a mirror I had on hand - with Behr High Gloss ( floor paint )
I picked up 5 of these mirrors from a salon that was going out of business - I think for 40.00 in total - because that's part of the disorder.................5 mirrors. ( our last home had 23 mirrors in it - this one's closely catching up obsessive much ? )

After hanging it on the wall it looked like it just needed a teeny bit more...................and so I grabbed a little shelf I've had forever.....................gave it quick coat in the same paint I used on the mirror - .but it looked a little silly - the scale was all wrong - and since that's another disorder I happen to have - I sat down and fretted for over an hour about it.

It looked pitiful actually

I checked online - but the larger ones were larger in depth too - and I needed this shelf to be very narrow in depth because this is the wall the door opens on to and this shelf was perfectly sized - just not long enough
And then I had my Ah Hah moment ( Thank you Oprah - what did we call them before ? )  I mimicked what I did under the kitchen window - HERE

and added a marble threshold once again  ( the slab that goes on the floor between a bathroom and hard wood in case anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about )  and voila - it brings it all together and adds a little touch of glamorous marble where you wouldn't expect it !

It's the perfect spot for John to drop his keys - so that we don't have to spend hours looking for them !

And the door opens and closes perfectly

And now for the grand finale !
We all know I have the crappiest camera in Bloglandia ( but every penny seems to be eaten up by this
fixer upper of ours so it'll be a little while yet before I can justify spending big bucks on one ) and Pic Monkey can only go so far - BUT I FINALLY GOT A TRIPOD !!!
It's actually a quatropod because it has 4 legs ( for better stability )

It's even adjustable for height !

You see?  Renovating a house certainly has it's advantages !
I'm just trying to figure out how to make it less conspicuous when I want to take photos in public places.
Maybe cover it in ribbons ?

I've used grey in every one of my homes - forever - don't ask me how I choose which shade to go with because that's a " grey " area for me lol - and I'm someone who's been known to paint a room 3 times in one week until I get it right................

This time I got it right.....................

I threw out the sample card - but if anyone's interested this is the recipe from Home Depot
Coq/Coquille is French for Eggshell - the finish

Somehow for me, when there's a grey wall or two or three it feels a little more like................

You all have a wonderful day !
I'm working on another project that involves that white paint.
Oh and John - I'm working on him too............I need his help

John says - Have you seen my keys by any chance?
Suzan says - They're on the shelf by the front door.

It felt so good to say that.

In the midst of chaos I love me a little organization.................
And a quatropod.



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  1. Great new look Suzan! Love it!

  2. Your quadropod is even more functional because you can climb upon it if you want a photo from high up. So many uses.

  3. Just beautiful, the shelf is perfect with that marble on it.

  4. You are genius Suzan love the marble shelf. Looks great and is a perfect fix. Love that gray and how the white pops off of it. Really beautiful. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  5. I got a tripod for Christmas and it is wonderful! It goes high at the top, reminds me of ET''s neck extending ...LOL! Gray walls are in almost every room of my house... give me a few more months and it'll be in all. I just love it as a neutral back drop. Genius on the little shelf! I hate when something looks too small (except for my butt) Love the grassy planter with home written on it!

  6. Suzan, love the grey, great job with the shelf (TAH DAH!!!) and love your quatropod! :)) VERY sturdy. (Do you remember before "surround sound" there was "quadraphonic"?
    Happy Thursday!! ~ Christina

  7. I love the grey paint and the glossy white on the mirror. Very nice. You are so clever to think of using the marble slab on the shelf to extend it! It looks great. And that camera stand is awesome! :) Have a nice evening.

  8. That really looks wonderful; the wall color as well as your clever shelf idea.
    Seeing that ladder sitting there, I'm surprised you hadn't gotten it painted yet. :}

    Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Simply Wonderful Suzan! I hearby rename your blog. The marble threshold is perfect! Love the paint on the walls and the mirror. Fresh and bright! I spied a lovely glass door knob, I need a few more sets for the still to be done reno's. I also spied sweet little Soda on the sofa in the adjoining room. Give her hugs from me please. xo Patty

  10. It's beautiful as always. You may not have a fancy camera but, girl, you take lovely pictures!

  11. Quatropod - you crack me up! Very resourceful adding the marble threshold - looks great.

  12. What a great idea ~
    I am looking for something for my entrance and everything I look at is too large.
    So to put a shelf under the mirror is wonderful
    Thank you Suzan.
    Have a great day.

  13. Have I told you lately, how much I enjoy your blog, Suzan?? Well, if I haven't-I will now! Every time I come over for a visit-I leave feeling uplifted-and I always, ALWAYS, have a smile! I can totally relate to the camera issue-and as for the tripod-I LOVE yours!! I actually picked one up at thrift store-but of course it wasn't compatible with my camera!! Who knew?? As for the color-SPOT ON!! I think it would be perfect for our master!! I'll just bring along a picture of your picture-to show the paint expert at Home Depot!! Of course-I could use my phone-if I could ever figure out how to search the internet on it!! Have an amazing weekend!! :)

    1. Aw C.D. - that's the sweetest comment !
      That's why I took a photo of the grey - so that YOU could bring it to home depot LOL !!!

  14. Susan there is no way you could ever describe your home as being dingy. It is stunningly gorgeous. Love everything you do no matter what "John says" Regards from Betty in Ontario.

    1. THanks SO much Betty !
      ( don't make any bets on the dingy part though - you'd lose LOL )

  15. Love your shelf…and the grey is so perfect!!

  16. Your house is gorgeous...:) I love the grey and white and of course, I always love your decor and style. Timeless...:) Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

    Hugs, Vicky

  17. I love that little wall now. Still, somehow I have a hard time understanding how a paint called "coquille" can be grey... Maybe they should consult me before naming their paints? I'd call that one "ciel d'orage"!

  18. Fab idea, and it looks great.
    I too suffer with a point and shoot camera and no money for a better one! I whack up the sharpness,clarity and brightness on Picmonkey as much as I dare and hope for the best. I've found books and plastic containers make excellent tripod adjustment tools too. I love how you managed to keep your quadropod out of the mirror refection - that's not easy! My daughter is a photography student and has a super de dooper camera so as soon as she is home for the holidays I have a pile of projects for her to snap for me.
    Just doing our best with what we have eh! and just for the record you are doing something right as your house is looking lovely!

  19. You should be selling those quatropods!! I know it's a million dollar idea. Love your mirror and shelf and I had to pin your grey paint for my next paint project! Your colors are always so beautiful!

  20. Love the mirror and shelf right inside your front door. What a perfect place to put the keys.

  21. Terrific ideas from the grey colour, to the white framed mirror (of 5), to the marble slab, to the new "quatropod"! It all looks wonderful!

  22. Very beautifull, give a nice atmosphére, greeting from Belgium.

  23. Beautifully put together. It takes talent and a feel for color and ambiance to use grey without making a room feel like the inside of a storm cloud. Visiting from Home Sweet Home blog party at The Charm of Home.
    Great idea - using what you have for a quadropod! Smiling!

    1. Thanks so much Susan - with all the renovations going on it sometimes feels like we're living inside a storm cloud anyway LOL !

  24. LOL! Now that you mention it, I have the same quadrapod that you do! LOL! I forgot that I had it, will have to pull it out to use! I love grey walls, in fact most of our home has grey walls, ours is a lighter color to brighten up the house but grey goes with everything. A great neutral that you can build on. Love the color you chose and the white against it looks stunning. Not to mention the great marble on the shelf! Love it. Way to solve a problem.

    1. Get it out of wherever it's hiding LOL
      Thanks so much - most of my homes have been grey - this was the first time I tried to break away from it - why, I have no idea LOL

  25. I love the white against that grey. It is a nice contrast. Love it.

  26. It's a great little how it turned out. Very happy you linked this up at Best of the Weekend!

  27. I'm featuring this tonight on Best of the Weekend, Suzan! LOVE your!


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