Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sesame Street for Adults.......................

We work in the garment industry - as fabric agents and are constantly on the look
out for new suppliers for our North American customers.
John contacted the Thailandese consulate - to source cotton and garment makers
Here's the list of names he was given

Now if he can learn to pronounce any of them - we may be in business..................


MR. BOONCHI  SUPATALOWATTANA  ( all I see here is supercalifragilisticispialidocious - that's just the way my brain works - I'm precocious like that )





MR. APISIT  CHAVANGRUNGSIYANON  ( uh, could you spell that for me please ? )



These business opportunities often involve meeting for dinners - I've already
informed John I'M NOT GOING - EVER!
Can you just imagine me after a couple of glasses of wine?
" it was so nice meeting you, Mr Snuffleupagus "

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street?

Some of my posts are unbelievable - even to me - if I were reading them I'd be like - OK - NOT TRUE
but every word I write is true lol - every unbelievable word.
um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay


  1. OMG what funny names.I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face if I was ever intoduce to someone with a name like that....imagine spelling it out over the I would change it to Smith or Brown ha ha -love dee x

  2. We have a specialist in town with a long name like that. Everyone just calls him Dr. K. Perhaps you can just do that: "Can I just call you Mr. C?" I wonder if they think we have funny, hard to pronounce names?

  3. Usually they shorten their names to make it easier for us to say. Most of them only use the first syllable. I worked in the medical field for years and a lot of doctors were from Thailand and the Middle East. Your Supatolwatanna would become Supato. Much easier to say. But, sounds like a great opportunity - good luck.

  4. LOL the picture of Snuffy - LOVE! I worked with lots of Indian men some of their names were like this and they would give themselves an English name for clients - I used to laugh at what names they would choose (lots of Cricket player names) or really old English names.

  5. DO NOT GO TO THOSE MEETINGS! Although, I'd love to see what you post after them. lol

  6. Rolling.on.the.floor...I mean rolling! You crack me up Suzan!

    1. lol - well you would have peed your pants Laurayne, hearing John trying to pronounce them - OMG - absolutely hilarious................
      I asked him to spell them out for me while I was typing up the post - and he says - well I'll just say them LOL......................

  7. Oh, I'll go in your place if it means heading to Thailand. Angkor Wat is just a hop skip and a jump from there (my total dream vacation spot but hubby doesn't want to take the kids in the jungle or heat, he's practical like that...that's why I married him, hehehe).

  8. ha ha ha ha hehehe haha!

  9. Too funny, Suzan!! He should hire a translator to teach him how to say the names before he talks/meets with them. lol
    Debbie :)

  10. Hi Suzan!!!

    How dare you make me laugh my butt (saying it nicely) off? And that's a great feat in it self, while I'm watching The Walking Dead.

    Bill says: Whose blog are you reading? (Like he has too)
    Pam says: Suzan's of course...Duh!!!!
    Bill says: I can just imagine if you two ever got together for a coffee.
    Pam says: The world would never be the same!!!!!!

    You're too much at times, but, I love it!!!!!!!

    Have a great long weekend!!


  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and following me. I am your newest follower. Love your blog!

  12. Replies
    1. lol - isn't it? You should have heard John trying to pronounce these names LMHO

  13. Oh how funny! Any one of those names would make awesome unbreakable passwords!! Only you could drag Sesame St. and wine into this! Catching up on some much missed blog reading tonight and starting with you....can ya tell?


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