Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Mantel

and if you remember then follow....................

My Valentine's Mantel
and I have to tell you I have never done this in my life -
When my kids were small of course there would be goodies here and there around the house to delight their little hearts - but that was it.

I actually feel guilty about not doing something...............so here we go - the things you people make me do!
Blogging has created a monster out of me, seriously  ( I've gone Valentine's day nuts - if I start posting
St. Patrick's day decorations - just shoot me - although my leprochaun of a grandmother would have been proud lol ) I'M NOT DOING ST. PATRICK'S DAY - ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

I love those 2 little hearts - my daughter made them for me years ago - and no, she had no idea there was
a song called " September " lol -

My other daughter created this one year for me - no room on the mantel for it but it has another place of honor

she titled it " the bleeding heart " so I'm not really sure what the message to me was - but I call it
" my daughter made me this because she loves me completely " and that shall be its name forever more.

if you missed the wreath post you can find it Here
and the book?

I just adore.  It was my brother's many many years ago - when he sailed off to sea ( well he flew ) to live in Japan for 5 years and asked my Mother to store his too many to count boxes of books.
I loved it and so I stole it - it's really as simple as that.

it's filled with beautiful silly words
and beautiful silly images
and it belongs to silly me
and he's never getting it back

If you click HERE you can order it through my blog  shameless promoter I know - but this book really is the perfect Valentine's day gift to give someone ( although I hope this post goes viral so I can make a million dollars ) you get the book - and I get a nickel and if enough of you order it well then I can get a starbucks coffee for free.
And you know I don't promote things normally on my blog - AND it's not a sponsored post - so this is as genuine as it gets - if you're looking for an affordable gift - get there and order it now so you have it on time!
Just know that it's a gift for a better half - not your offspring lol - would make no sense whatsoever to an offspring.  Am I brilliant or what?  I swear to you I didn't think of mentioning my Amazon affiliation until AFTER I thought of talking about this book.
And I have something else I'm posting on Wednesday's I wanna live there - and  you may or may not want to order something I suggest then too - and then I could have a donut with my coffee.......)
The book is about a couple that come together - drift apart - and come back together - proving that although
love can be difficult it's worth it.
You'll 100% thank me for introducing you to this jewel!
I wouldn't steer you wrong.

and it looks pretty good on a Valentine's Mantel don't you think?

from my heart to yours,  ( now excuse me while I frantically look for some green paint and shamrocks )

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  1. I will hold you to it Susan. Don't do St Patty's!! I will 'yell' at you through cyber space if I see anything slightly leprechaun-ish.

  2. Opps should have said - the book looks quite cool. Nice subtle valentines mantle.

  3. I KNEW you were going to cave in to blog pressure!! The mantle looks good. Thank goodness you stopped there or I would have become very concerned, Ms. "I never decorate for Valentine's Day"! XXOO

  4. I have never decorated for Valentines day and probably never will, before blogging I wondered if every one did this or if it was just a "blogging" thing. I love seeing what people do though. As for st Patrick's day, my Mum is Irish and it reminds me of my grandparents, but I've never decorated for that either, but I do make sure I wear something green. Mainly because it was forced on me from an early age :)

  5. Fun! I don't "do" Valentine's day...I'm more of a seasonal gal. But I did di a mantel for Downton Abbey this week. Apparently, I have swallowed the Koolaid.

  6. So ya caved. Yep, so much peer pressure in blog world. LOL! Your mantle does look nice. I don't do Valentine decor, but I love hearts so I do have some around the house all the time.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  7. Ha ha ha....you did a beautiful Valentines mantel and you are so doing St.Patrick's Day!!! Those hearts are precious and how nice that you have a a bleeding heart picture to remind you that your daughter loves you completely!!! Now excuse me while I go bug Mel about her lack of Valentines decor. I'm giving up on Kirby!

  8. Beautiful, Suzan! And the book looks charming. How nice that the things on your mantel have a link to those you love. Very sweet. AND, you're not getting away without the St. Patrick's Day mantel. We won't let you off the hook. There are so many possibilities! Let me know when you place the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I'll be there to inspect it.

  9. That is a charming mantle, and it makes me want to recreate some of those hearts for mine next year! I have to say I'd be happy if I could just land on a super nice mantle scape that would look great all year round, but I do love seeing how many are able to play with theirs throughout the year. Lovely!

  10. Everything looks so pretty so I'm glad you were guilted into doing your mantle-LOL

    1. thanks so much Ellie! ( think Scully would approve ) ? LOL

  11. Well I love the Valentine mantel and I'm betting the green of St Pat's gets to you also! hugs,Linda

  12. I wonder what John says of you changing your mantel all the time... And I can't wait to see what you come up with for Saint Patrick's Day ;).

    1. nothing yet on the mantel changes lol
      just a lot of head shaking going on - with me shrieking What Now?
      Nothing, he says - nothing

  13. Well, if you are to do St. Paddy's day decor, use Emerald Green then you'd have the colour of the year incorporated in as well! Just a thought... ;)
    Love your mantle, and the book is so sweet and perfect for it!
    Debbie :)

  14. valentines mantel looks awesome your really working the pics now there really looking awesome cant wait to see st Patricks lol and john comments sure to follow lol

  15. Your mantle is absolutely gorgeous Suzan! Espceially because it's so personal... dressed with senitmental treasures. Love the wreath! Somehow I missed that post.

  16. Your mantel is beautiful!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...Sew-Licious Home Decor and for the follow! I'm following you back on GFC.

    I would love for you to stop by and visit again!

    (Love your martini, btw!! LOL)


  17. Hi Suzan!!!

    Ha-ha...you did it!!! Knew you would. I like it. It's done just perfect and using what your daughters have made you when they were lil'uns is so darn loving and cute!!!

    Old and the new is what life is all about.



  18. I do hope you sell a million books! I'm sure the writer does as well. Are you telling me you can't find a single thing representative of the Emerald Isle and the Irish that settled in Quebec to put on your mantel? How about Guinness and Bushmills on your bar? Your Valentine's mantel is delightful, with the little hearts and the awesome painting. John's bound to feel as romantic as Colin Firth when he enters the room!

  19. Hi Suzan,

    Love the fact that your Valentine mantle is white with a lot of fabulous texture! It's true what you said about the sacrifices we bloggers make for future posts. Then again, it forces us to be imaginative and create, and that's something to get excited about in itself!

    Poppy xo

    Anxiously awaiting your nod to St. Paddy...

  20. uh...oh. Now I'm really feeling guilty. I've never decorated for valentines either. But I'm seeing such cool ideas like yours all over blogland! I'm just not into puffy pink and red hearts dripping with glitter ya know? Not that I'm knocking puffy hearts...or glitter for that matter. Just now me.
    Anyway, I love your mantle. Are you going to share it at my party this week? It's live now. Have a good one!


  21. Aww Your Valentine's images are lovely.

    Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things.

  22. I simply love the look of those hearts! Great-looking mantle!

  23. I LOVE it! Well done! I don't think I've ever decorated a mantel for Valentine's Day either. My fireplace mantel was just built last week and I still have to do some painting before it's ready for decorating. Maybe for Easter!!! :)

  24. Your mantel looks very pretty for Valentine's Day!

  25. What a subtle nod to Valentine's Day. I don't do all the holidays. NO Valentine, no St Patty's , no Easter..... Just a 'springtime' theme :-) But I luv yours.
    Lets see if ya cave on the Green.
    Hugs, Gee

    1. thanks so much Gee - I SO will NOT be caving in on the green lol

  26. Is that a teeny little shamrock on that mantel? No wearing of the green? I have to agree. The hearts are precious.

  27. What a beautiful mantel. I love the softness of the colors. I just started a new link party and would love for you to come over and share your post or any social media sites. Talkin’ About Thursday - http://designeddecor.com/talkin-about-thursday-link-party6/

  28. Love your mantel...mine is a plain as a chalkboard...zero zip nada! so happy to enjoy pretty ones like yours! Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks Lizbeth - this is a first for me, believe me!!! lol

  29. I am so glad you linked up, I hope to see you this week!

  30. By the way, I love the valentine glass as my mouse(pointer)


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