Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yes money DOES grow on trees

I'm not quite sure who I'm becoming - I've never been a crafty person per se, I've got an imagination, I'm pretty good at staging houses, I can redo furniture, but to actually sit and do crafts?  Nah - that was never who I was..................but again, blogging and pinteresting have reinvented me.

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When I saw this from CRAFTY JOURNAL I was completely captivated, money being something I love to play with after all - isn't this brilliant?  Origami dollar bills.  We no longer have 1 dollar or 2 dollar bills in Canada - they've been replaced by the " loonie " and the " toonie " our lowest bill is a 5 dollar bill.

so I created these.....................

origami, money,bills,

Now I do have to admit the American dollar shows nicer with it's garland in each corner - and the 1 showing on either side BUT  (and here's where Canadian money comes in  handy - with all it's different  colors )
You can make fun of it all you want.
You can call it monopoly money.

The vase comes from the dollar store - I used nickels as " filler "

money, tree,diy,craft,

then added some branches

and added some fertilizer - please note the higher the grade of fertilizer the greater the yield

here it as after day 1

I stuck it in the window ledge for some winter sunshine

and after a few days it blossomed into this  ( note:  DO NOT WATER THIS PLANT )

don't mind the petals that constantly fall all around it........................
you can add miniature scrolls like this

roll them up and tie them with little bits of ribbon - once you " curl " the ribbon they can hang from the tree to
personalize it

Who wouldn't mind receiving a " money " tree as a gift?
it's so much nicer than sticking money in an envelope, don't you think?

And the great thing for you Americans is that you can make it with dollar and two dollar bills - so you
can give a 20.00 money tree and have tons of petals!!!
Our money is now in the process of being plasticized so I won't be able to make them much longer
but you can always shape them into scrolls - people don't mind what shape the money grows in..............

Now excuse me - I have some planting to do.....................( talk about a " green thumb " )
and I've got some loot-fruit trees to prune..............
Much love,

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  1. I want a money tree! We don't have $1 or $2 notes either, but our money is plastic coated you can't fold it, I love the idea of this.

  2. So...a second Valentine project. I am terrified that rainbows and shamrocks are not far behind. :)

    Side note: "Forever Young" was the song I chose as the groom and mother dance when my oldest son was married.

  3. Hmmmm....that looks like a very expensive craft!

  4. funny stuff Susan and so crafty i love it

  5. This is absolutely fantastic! A great gift idea. I love it!!

  6. How adorable! I've done "money trees" for Christmas with money and lottery tickets, which is always wildly popular. This, though, is SO super cute and clever!

  7. Thats so good! I would just know my money tree would be leafless and fertilizer-less by the time the kids left the house for school!

    1. I have a feeling these trees would not last anywhere LOL

  8. I love your money tree that is too cute. I would be picking from mine constantly and maybe from yours too lol I think our government may be rethinking the plastic money. I heard if you leave your wallet in the sun too long the bills melt together. And did you know the leaf on it is not even a Canadian maple leaf, its a norway leaf. We don't even have a leaf in Canada that looks like the one on our money. Who does this stuff lol , I think the govt should hire us, we are smarter at designing than they are. hugs love your money tree, you are so cute. xo Tobey

  9. No time to comment. I'm off to get some branches and fertilizer!

  10. ps - Can you loan me some seed money?

  11. I always told my mother that money did, in fact, grow on trees, and now I have proof positive. :) This is a fun idea, and you're right it'd be great for gift giving!

  12. Farmer Suzan... no that doesn't sound right. You could have a vineyard...Vineyard Suzan, yeah that's better!

  13. Well how cute is that little Miss Crafter! Whatever road you choose, I'm right behind you, win or loose.


  14. I used to do a money tree on a real tree for baby showers. Then the tree could be planted for the baby. However if I had known about this tree - all those children would have college funds completed by now. Keep fertilizing!

  15. How cute! If I were you I'd hang onto some of your paper money - it might be worth millions someday! You know, when paper is totally a thing of the past ;)

  16. Love it! You are SO crafty, too! Thanks so much for sharing at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I know what you mean about blogging changing our habbits. I made kitchen curtains last weekend. When I told my mom on the phone, she said "You? But you can't sew!". Well, I figured if everybody else can, why not me?
    Oh, and I have "green thumbs" so I want a money tree, I so need it! I wonder if it would work with euros... Maybe they dont't grow as well....

    1. LOL - I'm sure they would grow just as well!
      And congrats on making curtains!

  19. Hi Suzan!!!

    What a great idea for a wedding shower or baby shower. People could write down little messages and scroll it, then put it on the tree with a gift of money.

    I love your pink money tree. Can you send me out a kit containing all I need to make it. Pink money included!! I also like BIG trees!!!

    Have a great week!! This is a long weekend for us in BC.


  20. Nice job with your new found talent. There really is a lot of inspiration in blogland. Your tree is so cute.

  21. i'd love to know what john said about this!!! i can just hear him..... "you're doing WHAT with the money?! you have totally lost it now!!! you'll do anything just to post it on your blog!!!"

  22. I love clever and unique things - You WIN!!!

    1. thanks - what do I win?
      a money tree? LOL
      big hugs,

    2. thanks - what do I win?
      a money tree? LOL
      big hugs,

  23. This is so COOL! Lovin' it ~ thanks for linking up to the party, Project Inspire{d} ~ you know I love your awesomeness!

    ~hugs, Mary Beth~

  24. lovely idea.I made something similar once with lottery tickets and scratchies for a 50th birthday pressie.Looked good and they won $50-love deex

  25. this is outstanding! I love it!
    I wonder what could happned if you plant a nickel in a garden, hmm.. ;)

  26. OMG! I am cracking up! Love the fertilizer! You are a secret crafter...I just knew it! What a fun project! Did you put one of those in my box?? I actually have a loonie and a toonie (which I think is one of the most hilarious stories about how it got it's name) given to me by a Canadian friend several years ago as good luck pieces for poker! REally...I can just see you sitting there folding money! Awesome project! Now I have to learn to make those hearts to impress my niece!

  27. I love it, such a great idea! Thanks for linking up to ITS PARTY TIME! I pinned your post. {HUGS} Clydia @ Three Mango Seeds

  28. NOW I have seen it ALL ! I can never say " do you think money grows on trees" again!

    LOL love it! :)

  29. So happy to know that money does grow on trees! Wonder if they sell that at our local nursery? lol! so much more fun than an envelope filled with money. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  30. Suzan I'd say you were pretty crafty. I agree that the Canadian money is much pretty. Probably worth more also. lol Have a great week. xoxo Peggy~PJH Designs


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