Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why I keep a pen and paper beside me always............

Please note these are not complaints - they are merely observations
Sometimes when we're laying in bed and one of these conversations take place,
I promptly jump out of bed and run to the office to write them down - they're far
too priceless to be left to memory.
Just call me Emily ( as in Bronte )

Cooking is a VERY new endeavor of John's -
He wanted to make hamburgers and it was too snowy outside to use the bar-b-que
so I mentioned that he could always broil them.
After dinner I went in to clean the kitchen - and discovered a cookie tray sitting on the counter.
Suzan says - Don't tell me you're going to make cookies - wow - I'm impressed!!!!
John says - No, why?
Suzan says - There's a cookie tray on the counter
John says - We had broiled hamburger, remember? ( shaking his head at my ridiculous question )
Suzan says - Why didn't you use the broiler?
John says - I DID use the broiler
Suzan says - Oh because there's a cookie tray on the counter
Suzan - Ok - so why is there a cookie tray on the counter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John says - you make no sense sometimes
Suzan says - John - what's a broiler?
John says - It's on the dial on the stove.
Suzan says - It's a pan you use when you're BROILING something.
John says - BROIL is an option on the stove Suzan, not a special pan......................

who's on first?

Watching something on Cindy McCain ( John McCain's wife ) and they're talking about how wealthy she is - and John says - yeah well of course - she's married to a McCain
I say - John McCain wasn't wealthy until HE married HER
John says - C'mon - McCain's is a gigantic company
Do you mean McCain's Foods?
First of all they're a Canadian company John
And second of all there's NO RELATION
Oh - maybe I was thinking of John Kerry then
( ok that makes sense I suppose - McCain's is most famous for their frozen fries - John Kerry's wife is an heiress of Heinz Ketchup - do you see the connection there? )
You have to pay close attention in this house........................

who's on second?

John asked me for directions on how to boil pasta.
No punch line here, that's it.
Except it's only fair to tell you - he was dead serious.

Watching something the other night - and the subject of Redd Foxx comes up and John says
" Oh look - Red Skeleton "  ( it doesn't count if you get the first name right )

I was listening to some Jim Croce on you tube - and I played Bad Bad Leroy Brown -
Suzan says - I can remember dancing to that song
Suzan says - Did you dance to it?
John says - Yep  ( John does NOT dance )
Suzan says - what dance did you do?
John says - the hippy hippy hop
Suzan says - what the hell is that ?
( oh but I have to John - I absolutely have to )
I almost fell off the chair laughing -
I'm still laughing - is that not the funniest thing?
He stormed out of the office with me chasing him down the hall shrieking with laughter
I've been hippy hippy hopping all over the house for the past hour.....................
Well my version of it anyway - he won't show me how to do it.

Last night we were watching one of those true crime shows and it's hosted by Susan Lucci - I think it's called Fatal Vows ( not important ) and John didn't know who she was, so I was explaining that she played a sort
of a Scamp - a camp and a bit of of Tramp, 
John says - Very good Suzan
Suzan says - What?
John says - A Scamp a camp and a bit of a Tramp 
Suzan says - you think it's catchy?
John says - Yeah, you could probably make a song out of that.....................
Suzan says - Who do you think should sing that?  Hmmm. Maybe Cher?
Suzan says - IT'S ALREADY A SONG
Suzan says - Where were you in the 70's anyway?
John says - Oh yeah - now I remember
Suzan says - No you don't
John says - Of course I do
Suzan says - ok - where's it from
John says - Chicago...........................

Now some of you may not remember that song - but if you were around in the 70's I just don't know
how it's possible!
( btw I could soooo picture Renee Zellwegger singing that and doing the hippy hippy hop instead of "Roxie" ) in Chicago ( the musical )...............

John says - why do you constantly jump up in the middle of a conversation?

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  1. LOL- Like I said before- I am living with his twin and their Mom gave them both the same first name. Gotta love them....they live in a world of their own making. Have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Well thanks for sticking another crazy song in my head today! The Hippy Hippy Hop??? I'm crackin up here too! I can't decide which is funnier...that ...or the whole broiler thing!!!?? Tell John he's adorable. Helpless, but adorable.

  3. Ha! Ha! I meant to say "hopeless but adorable"!!

  4. That is too funny! I remember the Hippy Hippy Hop. Oh my what does that say about me. LOL

  5. Okay, thanks for a good Sunday laugh as even more snow is falling!! I am also picturing the grease running off the cookie sheet and into the oven?? If your cookie sheet is like mine it has no side?? Hope not!! :)

  6. My mom tells a story of me wanting to know how much water to put in the pot the first time I ever made Mac-n-cheese -- I was 21 or 22 and didn't know how to cook. I also had to call her at work and ask her what a roast looked like - I had to pull one out of the freezer and didn't know. But even then I knew that a broiler was a pan! Now, I'm a great cook. There's hope for John. I loved watching Sonny and Cher on TV. And Donny and Marie.

  7. LOL at you chasing him down the hall laughing. I love this blog!!

  8. Fantastic Sunday laugh-think I'll add the hippy hippy hop to my exercise routine. ;-)

  9. Ha ha, so funny! The hippy hippy hoo sounds like a lot of fun ;-)

  10. I think he's definitely related to Magoo!
    I drove 6 hours with him this weekend...we listened to Maroon 1 and watched Elizabeth Montgomery in Downton Abbey.
    No telling who will win the Oscars tonite...maybe Daniel Night Lewis for Jefferson.

  11. It may be a little while before you get gourmet meals from John. lol My ex thought he was a chef if he tossed the food in the frying pain the way they do. I tried to explain that it wasn't a mime contest, but about the actual food. Hippy Hippy Hop? Sorry John. You sound like a sissy with that one!

  12. Seriously, I want to be a fly on the wall at your house!!!!

    1. seriously Heather?
      we squash flies -
      so much better for you to read the conversations here LMHO

  13. LOL! Oh but you two are so funny! So glad he keeps us entertained!!

  14. You may soon find that all pens and paper have been removed from the house.

  15. He might be smarter than you think... tell me will you ever let him broil again? I read this to Mr. P. about the broiler and his response was... so what's wrong with a cookie sheet??? He's smarter than I think...but he plays dumb really, really good!!

  16. Can I move in with you????? I want to laugh like I am now EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! LOLOLOL! You two are just a HOOT!!! Love you guys!!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

    PS I'm off to hippy hippy hop my way to bed now.....

  17. LOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Even Rog almost fell off the sofa when I read this to him Suzan!

    (ssshhhhhh! but dont tell John.....)

    xoxo laurie

  18. Those were great conversations! Sounds like our house except that I play the part of John and my husband plays the part of Suzan! :)

    1. lol - well someone has to be the straight guy, right?
      Thanks so much for coming by!

  19. I never missed an episode of the Sonny & Cher Show (later on, just Cher).
    Too too funny, yous guy's (I'm from Chicago)
    I remember and argument we got into about the words to a Rick James song. My man was singing while working around the house "...she's a super freak, a super freak, she's SUPER FREAKING OUT". I said, (with much laughing) "it's not, she's super freaking out, the words are, 'she's super FREAKY, YEOW'". Guess who won that one, hehehe :D

    Yous guy's always brighten my day, thanks :D

    1. I never missed it either!!!
      I even went to see them when they went on their reunion tour -which was fabulous.
      Thanks so much for coming by :)
      Big hugs,

  20. Susan how do you remember all this stuff SCAMP lol. Love the bed btw. Just did no comment. I thought you were going to go off on the pastagate scandal with John asking how to cook pasta. The pq sure cooked up their own scandal world wide.

  21. LOL love it. Thanks for brightening up the day. :)

  22. you crack me up. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop your participation is what makes it so much fun. Hugs! P.S. love the share video.


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