Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue eyes crying in the grain..........................

Good morning all!!!

One of my repeat customers ( Monica ) brought me 2 book cases that she searched high and low for - it took a long time to find 2 identical ones - but she's a lesson in perseverance let me tell you and they are such a great CL find.  The owner apparently just had them piled into his garage - and they hadn't been used in years.

Last year I had painted a coffee table ( and had fallen in love with it and decided to keep ) when I received
a frantic email from Monica - " please please please tell me you are selling that coffee table you just did - I've
been looking for one just like it forever " ( you can read about that makeover here )

and so now it resides in her living room - and this whole time she has been looking for the perfect 2 book cases to compliment it.................

Friday night she brought 2 of these over

Now most of you know that I'm a vampire - and that I'm up most of the night - for some reason I get a lot more accomplished in the middle of the night then I ever could once the sun comes up.................

BUT sometimes it's easy to get a little creeped out when you're working while the rest of the world is sleeping.
Sometimes it feels like there's eyes all over the place watching you


Suzan says - They creep me out, totally
John says - They're only knots in the wood
Suzan says - YOU see knots in the wood - I see dead people
John says - Oh for God's Sakes - what is wrong with you?
Suzan says -DO NOT TELL ME that  you don't see eyes John - because you're not being honest if you don't
John says -Actually I think they could be boobs
Suzan says - uggghhh - you're sick, you know that?
John says - And you're not?  It's a rational thought to see eyes all over a piece of furniture?
Suzan says - You're becoming a pervert - get away from me
John roars - and walks away
Suzan worriedly runs to a mirror - because I'm in worse shape than I thought if he can equate them to to any part of my anatomy..................

There were at least 8 sets of eyes on one of the bookcases



John says - where are my reading glasses?
Suzan says - ON the bookshelf

John says - I suppose that's a photo op for the blog
Suzan says - NO - I did it for you - I thought you'd get a laugh out of it
John says - You didn't do it for me - you did it for the blog
John says - Why didn't you hang a brassiere from it?
Suzan says - BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT BOOBS - THEY'RE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzan says - I'm not posting this conversation anyway -  trust me.......................

HAS A THOUSAND EYES........................

Or it did - I've quickly taken care of that.
AND not like this either

weird post calls for a weird bra

  I just used paint..................

What does everyone else see?
I mean they're so obviously eyes, right?
I've never heard of a ghost exposing themselves before - what would be the point?
Unless they were haunting a certain type of establishment of course................
And though our home could be classified as an insane asylum - it is most definitely 
not a brothel.

Hopefully I'll have this finished tonight and can show you all tomorrow this transformation 
( it's now officially as blind as a bat ) I'm going to take this from a boobcase to a bookcase - mark my words!!!!

Have a great Monday,

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  1. Good Morning Suzan, Well, I have never looked at knots in wood and seen eyes...... but, now I look closer I can see them.... oh my, I'll never look at a piece of wood the same way again.
    I loved the hat and moustache.... brilliant!
    Best Wishes

  2. Oh Suazn you crack me up! The glasses were the best. Can't wait to see the final product

  3. Funny gal! I think they look like the eyes from that robot No. 5, can't remember the name of the movie.. But they look like his eyes more than a ghost! I wish I could work at night, I get pooped at 3:00... I'm such a slacker ;) glad you covered those eyes!

  4. Well, yeah, they were definitely EYES until John made his comment. Now all I can see is a 'Maxine' greeting card. lol

    I should try working all night, cuz obviously I'm not getting much accomplished during the day. Trouble is, I can't sleep in the daylight. I'm definitely not a bat - more like a robin.

  5. oh my gosh, EYES yes boobs NO, spooky for sure!!Beautiful book cases though!

  6. LOL!! Such a funny post, Suzan!! Leave it to a guy to see boobs! Their brains have a one-track mind... My daughter's friend says all boys think about are boobs and pizza.


  7. ROTFL....ow,ow quit, my sides are hurting. They're eyes of course! Anyone can see that. I did have a door with saggy boobs though. It is now covered in paint. :o)
    Thanks for starting my day off with a smile,

  8. I used to do all-nighter cleaning expeditions once in a while, because I could get so much more done than during the day. Eventually I got more and more anxious about someone watching me though. As if me mopping a floor is entertainment enough for someone to put the effort into standing outside the house... The point is: I can relate to the eyes thing.

  9. hahahaha! Love the hat and moustache pic. Hilarious!!

  10. In my last house I had a tongue & groove pine ceiling. I swear there was a perfect image of my dog's face right above my bed. It was amazing.

    Lovely pieces


  11. Definitely eyes as your mustache and hat clearly show! So cute Suzan!!!

  12. I never thought about it until this post, and now I am all freaked out because, they do LOOK like eyes. Totally creepy now. Great post Suzan.


  13. Hi,
    Yep, I can definitely see eyes. Though, once John mentioned it, I could also see boobs.
    Vampires of the world unite! For the past several years, I've also found I get more done during the wee hours rather than during the day. I find it soothing and calming. I love the quietness and the softness. The only thing I don't like is by the time I get up most of the day is gone and I don't seem to find time to do my errands. Oh well, tomorrow's another day!
    Hope you're having a great long weekend,

    1. All I can say is, those are pretty unattractive boobs lol

  14. Yep they look like eyes - how funny that one piece had so many double knots!

  15. Boobs? Really ? Ha, boys will be boys. Do you know that vampires have rings that allow them to walk in daylight now? It could help you!

  16. Oh, Suzan..... those are most definitely eyes!! And very creepy!! But funny with the glasses! And leave it to a man to see boobs.... :)

  17. Funny but either one is creepy lol! Love the bookcases though. Hmmmmm Monica is she the one you had the drinking episode with? Better not discuss that you are seeing "things" now lol!

  18. Your posts always make me laugh out loud! Your hubby reminds me a little of mine too...:) I can't wait to see the shelves all finished!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  19. Firstly, I love wood with knots in it, but... when I was a child I used to lay in bed and have a clear view of my closet door which had "eyes" that looked like an owl was watching me! LOL... you are so funny!

  20. Replies
    1. lol thanks Erin - I'm going to let John know!!!

  21. I used to see the eyes in wood too, lol. I totally forgot about it until now. :)

    Blue eyes crying in the grain?!?! Bwuahahaha

    1. Hi Suzan omg how creepy to be looking at those eyes.I love the photo editing made me smile-love dee x

  22. Love it! You may be painting in the night, but your imagination is working 24/7!!!

  23. I grew up in a house with a knotty pine den. Creeped me out to go by it to use the bathroom at night. I saw lots of eyes!! you really have an angry birds bra???!!!!

  24. Hi Suzan! I only just discovered your blog, and as a fellow Montrealer, I can't tell you how many times I've laughed out loud at your wonderful sense of humor. Strangely enough, my husband and I were also eyeing that farm house in Lancaster Ontario! Keep up the great work and yes, they are absolutely EYES, although I'm pretty sure my husband would agree with yours hahaha!!

    1. Hi Kim!!!!
      It looks like we may be going to Hudson now - but it's a beautiful little farmhouse ( in Lancaster ) - free from all the stress of the politics in this province and that has a lot of appeal ( for me )
      Are you part of the current exodus lol?
      So happy you found me!
      Big Montreal Hugs,

  25. Oh yeah, I see them. Too funny! Love that coffee table and I'm sure the book cases will be gorgeous when you're finished with them.

  26. Brian saw boobs too lol its a guy thing. I love the coffee table and can't wait to see the bookcases when they are done. hugs Tobey

  27. Hi Suzan, Thanks for the laugh this morning! I appreciate you sharing this at the Open House party.

  28. Well, in certain light, they could actually be boobs... Sort of like how the great pyramids at Giza Plateau in Egypt actually represent the breast of the Great Mother, Isis.

  29. LMHO!!!!!!!!!!
    Well this bookcase was LOADED with Pyramids - let's just put it that way!


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