Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It scared me then.......................

I can still the feel the terror and sadness I felt watching Dorothy's world be swept away in a devastating tornado........................

Because it's pretty much the same way I feel today

I can't imagine such devastation in real life.
And though I know how little comfort it brings, in the immediate aftermath,  I also know there's a planet full of grief and love and prayers - much larger than any tornado could ever be - heading that way.

With sadness,


  1. It's a horrible tragedy. I feel shivers just thinking about it.
    A prayer for all the dead!

    Kisses Suzan!

    1. Beyond belief - it really is
      Kisses back Luna

  2. My stomach just hurts from seeing the devastation. We did have a scary day yesterday because my hubby's cousin lives in Moore Ok. But thank God, she and her family are safe.

    Sending prayers to everyone in this devastation part of our country.

  3. Glad to hear your family are ok Evelyn - terrifying - absolutely terrifying - those poor people

  4. I'm on a self imposed news blackout. I can't take it. It is just too horrible :(

  5. It's absolutely horrific! I cannot even imagine.

  6. Fascinating, isn't it, how much lives can change in one day? Gut wrenching and thought provoking...

  7. I can't even begin to imagine the terror and the horror one feels going through such a devasting experience. My heart breaks for everyone anyone that has to go through such tragedy. I am praying for everyone involved!!


  8. So true, Suzan. Heartbreak for the loss. Prayers for those surviving the horror. Yet tearful smiles for the miracles. Did you see the story about Bowzer who tried to come out from under his owner's fallen house as she stood there calling for him ? Looked just like Toto ! I cried for her happy reunion. That sweet little lady...all she wanted was her puppy. So happy that God had granted her that wish.

  9. The picture leave me speechless and the event makes me count my blessings. I hope all these people will find help and I pray most of them will be reunited with their loved ones.

  10. I can't even imagine the horror of going through such a thing. Such a tragedy and of course we're continuing to pray for everyone.

  11. Thank God you're all ok Amy - horrific - all of it

  12. That was terrible. My home town just outside Chicago was hit by an F-5 in 1990. I can't recognize anything anymore when I go home. They rebuilt everything and it's nice...but it's non recognizable as home to me.

  13. So terrible, so sad. I ached for them too. But it was encouraging seeing the good that came to the the town afterwards.
    (I've been offline for quite a while, missed your posts and I'm trying to catch up.)
    Debbie :)


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