Thursday, May 30, 2013

French Provincial

J'adore French Provincial - quand il est peint dans un style
" shabby chic "
J'ai trouve ces sur Craig's list et Kijiji ( pour les Americaines - Kijiji est la meme chose que EBAY )

D'accord - nous allons commencer

And we will now officially revert to English for the rest of the post LOL ( just felt like showing off a little)

Here's a few items listed for sale this week from both sites
250.00 will get  you the sofa - 2 chairs - the coffee table and 2 end tables
All you need is paint and some gorgeous fabric and this set could be a dream come true!
( we had that couch set in gold brocade when I was growing up and I HATED it with a passion - looking back I wish I had it now - these were built to last - and make the most beautiful pieces when refurbished with a bit of taste!!!

And don't look at it the way it is now - Here's how it could look with a little work -


Then there's this one - which I think was 500 for the couch and settee - just gorgeous right?

Why would anyone go to a big box store and by a generic looking couch made in China???
Both these chairs are listed at 300 ( and you could probably negotiate ) again don't look at them the way they are

they could easily resemble this gorgeous chair from Restoration Hardware - again with paint and fabric - not identical for sure - but they could still be stunning accent pieces 


this piece would WILL make a beautiful changing table in a nursery - the size is perfect ( just heard back from the seller - and it's mine - pick up tomorrow )

Some of you may remember when I transformed this

and these

into this pretty set

Where there is French Provincial - there is potential - 99.9 % of the time - no matter how terrible it looks - which is why tonight I'll be busy working on this

Because the place this type of furniture does not belong is in a garage stuffed into a corner - forgotten about - or worse - a landfill..................

Have a great Thursday all - Come back tonight for the Bloglovin blog hop - it's a great way to meet new people!!!


  1. Yes, but will the story about getting this newest piece home be as fun as the story about the retrieval of that table & chairs set?

    The thought of beautiful old furniture actually making it to a landfill is inconceivable.

  2. I want most of these!!! Why oh why is this not closer to me!!?

  3. Me too, J'adore French Provincail!!
    I'm going to Quebec City( and north) this summer to see in-laws,they only speak French and am getting a little pressured to learn French...but I'm's been like this for 18years

    I can't wait to see what you'll do with the dresser,it's going to be gorgeous!!

  4. A lot of that furniture was in our parents' and grandparents home, and we wanted modern...or I did anyway. What on Earth was I thinking.

    Looking forward to seeing the dresser re-do.

  5. And it will be prettier than RH, because it will be upholstered in a nice linen, not cheap, torn burlap unsuitable for potatoes. I look forward to seeing some of these.

  6. I can't wait to see that piece finished, you will make it gorgeous!!! I love all the other pieces too, so much great potential there.


  7. I have enough trouble figuring out what you mean when you speak english, so cut that French stuff out.


  8. Still playing catch up. Your furniture pieces always turn out so beautifully. If I can get a decent day I want to use that transfer gel on a piece I need to do. Can't wait to see your piece done- xo Diana

  9. Hi Suzan!!!

    I love French Provincial!!!!

    I can't wait to see the beautiful transformation!!! What a great buy for the whole living room!!! I forget the name of the three stacking tables, but, I've always loved them!!!

    Have a great time tonight and have a great weekend!!!


  10. I've been looking for a settee like that! I'm in love. Really.


  11. Love the settee although I don't know if I could live with it. As for those chairs that went with the first set - SOLD. They would be awesome redone.

    Just finished a re-do on a French Provincial chair I picked up at a yard sale for $10 - did a "driftwood" finish on the wood and had it re=upholstered in drop cloth. Can't wait to see it when I pick it up later today!

    1. Oh I can't wait to see that Heather!
      And you just reminded me I was supposed to do a tutorial on the beachwood technique I did for April's dining room set - God I'm bad................

  12. I never met a piece of vintage French furniture I didn't want to haul home. You are so right. They were built to last and the potential is endless. When they are redone, they are so beautiful and timeless.

  13. Is the gorgeous plastic bin bag included in the price of the first set? I really need one! I'm already dreaming of all the renovation dust I could put in it... Sorry, I like to dream big! Et ce français est impeccable. A quand des articles entièrement bilingues? J'ai hâte de voir comment tu vas peindre la commode.

  14. I'll be watching closely on this one Suzan!! I know it will be fabulous! Please do some black and white furniture soon!!


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