Monday, May 13, 2013

My Bucket List ( for today )

#1)  Have a son who refuses to walk by this without thinking of his mother

       ( I'm not sure how to take that exactly - so I'll just do so with a grateful heart )

love that the logo is still on this

# 2) Have just enough ASCP paint left in the bottom of the can to haphazardly slap it all over

#3 )  Find a stencil that'll work

#4 ) Have Mother's day happen and receive this from my girls

just getting ready to blossum

# 5)  Have the genius idea ( sometimes it's a curse - but sometimes it really pays off being a genius )
        of putting them together...............

Now excuse me if you will - I have some watering to do!

and just to let you know how my brain works
Les Fleurs du Mon Coeur ( for those of you that don't speak French - means The Flowers of my Heart - or My Heart's Flowers  and why - DEAR GOD - why - does that make me think of those sick sick books that were all the rage in the late 70's " Flowers in the Attic "???????????????????????
If you don't know what I'm talking about - consider yourself very lucky
If you do - I apologize for bringing them back to mind.............
But it's 4 in the morning - and I'm sitting here terrified from just the memory of those books - so you have to
suffer along with me :)
Between that book - The Exorcist and Carrie - I don't know how I survived my teenage years.............

Oh and I kept the logo ( sort of )

Have a great Monday all
( and no - in case you were wondering - there's NO hole in this bucket - dear Liza - dear Liza )
Much love,

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  1. Gorgeous, but now you've said flowers in the attic all I can think of is creepy incestuous kids, and greedy mothers. I read them when I was a kid disturbing!

  2. First of all LOVE the mop bucket redo, it's perfect! And I sooo remember Flowers in the Attic, thanks so much ;), but you forgot to mention Kujo!

  3. That bucket is absolute gorgeousness! Your son has a great eye! I don't remember Flowers in the Attic at all, and by what Mel said I think I'll consider myself lucky.

  4. Love the bucket dear Liza dear Liza! Looks like you had a great day!

  5. Whew that is one series I obviously didn't read ( and I was a bookworm) but thankful that I didn't from the sounds of it as it doesn't take much to keep me up all night worrying anymore..... I love the bucket but I love even more the way that you call creativity a curse..... at times I am brilliant and in others I have analysis paralysis..... so many ideas and to choose only one for a project can be difficult..... I love the bucket.... might just "borrow" that idea for my own plants..... SWEET!!!!

    1. Oh that was on dark ugly series of books let me tell ya lol
      Thanks so much for the bucket love!
      analysis paralysis - loving it!

  6. Really? Now I have to start my day thinking about V.C. Andrews? Yuck.

    LOVE the bucket!

  7. Great way to use the bucket! I have an antique pail that would look fab with the same kind of treatment. I think I will give it a whirl as my "chalk" paint that I used for the cupboard update is still sitting on the counter in my kitchen. (No, I am not a complete slob - I just have been too busy to do things like put stuff away!) :)

  8. oh I do remember those books, yikes!!!
    Thats a great bucket and the flowers look great, you'll need a nap after being up until 4 am!!!I find scary thoughts come easier at 4am,

  9. That bucket came out great and I love the saying perfect since your daughters gave your the flowers to put in it. So sweet.

  10. The Flowers of My Heart saying is so appropriate seeing how the ensemble was gifted to you by your babies.
    I remember reading the first Flowers in the Attic book and loving it. I guess at age 13 or whatever I was then I should consider it a luxury that I had no similar influences in my life, it was all abstract context, I hadn't started reading the 'news' yet. And The Boxcar Children (my favorite of all time)... I read the first book and never read the rest of the series. I was perfectly happy with one story.

  11. Love the bucket, the quote really sets it off!! The flowers add the perfect touch!!

    What wonderful kids!

    Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!!

  12. I was thinking, 'Wonder why she was so disturbed by the mouse book?' and then I looked it up to be sure I was remembering right, and of course I wasn't...I was thinking Flowers for Algernon. lol

    It's been a lot of years. ;)

    Your presents go together nicely. Glad you were celebrated on Mother's Day. Mother's Day rocks. :)

  13. Oh wow! The bucket looks amazing Suzan. The flowers look perfect in it!!!

  14. Looks amazing - your son has a good eye!!

  15. Your son is really perfect... Very few male would understand how cute that bucket was... I remember sending my father to buy a piece of furniture for me once: he called me and said "it's in pretty bad shape, I'm not buying that", I had to beg him to take it and of course, it's perfect!

  16. pretty Suzan, muy bonito!!
    4 in the morning???? uffff....

    Yesterday I posted about Montreal, there are many nice pictures of your city (and I love to think mine). You have a surprise on mi blog, hope you like it.


  17. I love that you're a 4 in the morning kind of gal, too. When ELSE are we supposed to get anything done?? ;) The bucket turned out so charming.


  18. First, thanks for dropping by and checking out my mirror. Glad to know that I am not alone in changing out my mirrors. Really love your bucket! What a great son!

  19. You always have to put an old song in our heads, don't you! Thankfully, I take it, I am not familiar with those books, but I do so love the bucket, dear Liza. Glad you kept the logo! The flowers in it were genius!

  20. Well...I love your bucket and flowers...but not so much the Flowers in the Attic reminder! I remember reading those creepy books too! Seriously creepy...but I read most of them!

  21. Love, love this bucket and what you did. Glad you had a great day!


  22. I loved those creepy books! And I am now singing Dear Liza, dear Suzan.
    What you did with your bucket and flowers is perfect. Hope the kids approved!

  23. Love that your son brought this to you knowing you would transform it. Obviously he has not been locked in an attic with his siblings! I read that series into adulthood - even after V.C. Andrews died and kept writing those creepy books. Where was social services? HUH? Thinking calming thoughts now - no more creepy ones. Think about a beautiful little mop bucket with plants.

  24. I want to run out and buy a mop bucket now! That is so cute.

  25. This is such a pretty redo of a mop bucket--I love what you did with it, Suzan! How cool that you've got your family trained so well that they know what to do when they find cool things :) I hope all is going very well with you, and that you have a wonderful weekend.

  26. YES!!! I love it and it's perfect. Please come and share at What to do Weekends Party. I'm pinning the bucket, too, under Gardens. Thanks Linda

  27. I really like everything about this! the bucket and the flowers, it's very nice how you transformed the bucket! stopping by the Its Overflowing party today! Ingrid

  28. Looks great! And what a perfect phrase to use! -Tabitha

  29. Love the bucket makeover, and such a great idea to use it as a planter!

  30. Makes for a wonderfully unique planter!

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  31. What a great bucket, I love it.
    Have a wonderful week,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  32. So cute, Suzie! Love the rustic French look ~ yum!
    I remember those books... yes, twisted. Why did I/we read them?
    I'm visiting you today from Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. I co-host a Linky Party Tuesday (opens at Midnight Mon). I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog, link up and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Join me each Tuesday for Brag About It Link Up Party


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