Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Ugly Bathroom

Good Saturday Morning everyone!

We finally made an appointment for the real estate agent to come on Tuesday evening - and now panic mode  has set in..............
Although this was to be the year that the bathroom got gutted - ( and I can't tell you how much I hate it - really really hate it ) and transformed into an all white mini paradise - marbles - ceramics - an antique dresser painted white for the sink ( sitting in storage waiting - just waiting ) - and a chandelier - it's not going to happen now obviously,

So I had to work a little magic into what is there ( which is orange - ugghhh - I could just puke - really! )
The one redeeming factor is that it has an antique claw foot tub - so I decided to dress it up with proper drapes ( instead of shower curtains - this is something I've done in most of my bathrooms - such a small thing  but it can make a big impact )

They're a taupe color - so I also hung up a " print " which has taupes and oranges in it as well

I slipped the " rings " through the gommets first and then put the shower curtain on the same ring...............
This is a " floating " rod - so the drapes had to go all the way around - 4 panels

I found this wood piece in the inside of the Parisien box I made HERE
and thought it looked better than the silver one I had - in color anyway

added some " rusty " colored hydrangeas

hung up a creamy capiz shell candle sconce

and at the end of the day, guess what??????????
it's still pretty gruesome LMHO - but not AS gruesome
after all it has drapes and artwork gracing it now..................

And maybe - just maybe - I'll get my white marble bathroom in the next house!
After all the toilets and bathtubs I've scrubbed on my hands and knees in my life time - I've earned
my marble.................

John says - What the hell are my prints doing in the bathroom ?
Suzan says - I needed to spruce that horrible room up a little
John says - Those prints are from England - they're by a renowned artist Suzan - they don't belong in a bathroom
Suzan says - Says who?
Suzan says - Why can't people have something nice to look at when they're sitting in the bathroom?
John says - Can't you find something cheap to hang up there?

are you ready for this?

John says - They're going to end up with urine all over them

WTH??????????????  OMG - if that bathroom made me want to puke before...................

Suzan says - Aim a little lower John - just aim a little lower.

( I had a couple of custom pieces delivered last night - will post about it on Monday!
Have a great Saturday :)

Much love,

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  1. OMG! You are really going to do it! I know you have been talking about it but didn't realize you were taking the plunge, selling and (I assume) moving to the 'burbs! Lovely drapery effect around the tub and I love the tassel!

  2. I just saw my comment. Could I have used any more exclamation points?

  3. Your touches make the bath look great! So hope you find the home of your dreams!!!

  4. Urine!?!?! Tell John I think he's doing it wrong. lol

  5. I could visualize your sweet white bath, we shall see it next house. But must say I like the look of this bath as make orange even look good! Diane

  6. Stay Calm we'll Sell this House ;-)

    ...see you Tuesday.

    1. LOL this is my Realtor everyone - say hello to Maxence ( A Parisien :)

      Thanks Maxence!

  7. How fun that your realtor stopped by! I can't tell the bathroom is ugly at all in the pics. Good luck finding your white marble potty paradise (sorry, I couldn't resist). :)

  8. so funny! :-) glad I stopped by today, I hope you will have a pretty white bathroom in your next house! btw, I really dislike my ugly bathroom too! :-)

  9. Your updates look great, and you will sell your house. From what I have seen it's beautiful. I know I haven't seen it all but what I have seen, beauitufl!! I have to admit when you were telling the story between you and John, I was laughing. You always make me laugh or smile!!


  10. My master bath had a chocolate brown bathtub, toilet and bidet and beige sinks. When I bought the house, I figured we would renovate it right away but babies came and that bathtub was like an ugly brown turd for13 years before we replaced it. Your bathroom looks like a paradise compared to my before photos!

  11. It says something for the realtor that he took the time to check out your blog. Not hard on the eyes either! Nice staging on the bathroom. You'll have that place sold in no time and we'll be welcoming Country Girl Suzan. Meet you at the farm supply store!

  12. You always make me laugh...funny post as usual. I just don't know why are you so worried about this bathroom- It looks great, even without the marble!

  13. LOL @ John!
    I'm so excited for YOU to be moving... it will be wonderful... change is good!

  14. I don't think it's bad at all! I think John might need some peeing lessons, if he thinks his artwork will be damaged.

  15. Too funny! I think John was "reaching "for that logic of why you can't hang his prints in the bath.. My 8 year old misses occasionally but he's never peed on the wall... how old is John! LOL!

  16. Ha! I cracked up at the urine line. Oh, man...that's good stuff. As for the bathroom, I think you should be glad you didn't just get around to gutting the bathroom. I mean why go to all that trouble right before you move and not get to enjoy it. I say, put that energy into the next bathroom if it's not already in tip top shape. I just hope you don't have to put your energy into cleaning the paintings. hardy, har, har!

  17. Oh my gosh!! Sooo funny! That print looks great in the bathroom, and that candle sconce is gorgeous. Real curtains as a shower curtain? How fabulous!! I'm sure your place will sell before you know it.

  18. OMG! Now I have awful thoughts of what my son/husband/stepsons/grandsons/any male in the world does in a bathroom!!
    As for the your decor changes - terrific!
    Did you buy the farmhouse you've been raving about?

    1. I couldn't even buy a Teepee until I sell this Heather lol - and houses really do take forever to sell around here ( my last place sold in 8 hours - this is going to be difficult for me let me tell you )

  19. Suzan, I adore that little tray and the capiz shell light. Nice job! I just ordered my new bedspread, etc. for my bedroom makeover which only involves me painting 4 pieces of furniture. Pray for me girl!! I'm going black and white..since I couldn't do it in my kitchen.

  20. I'm so tired I didn't think I had it in me to laugh tonight... But you managed to make me laugh... Thank you and thanks to John... My electrician seems to be John's twin brother... He really thought I was mad when I showed him the old lamp I wanted in my kitchen.

  21. I have paintings in our bathroom...if I ever see urine up that high someone is going to have some 'splaining to do! Tell John to keep that thing under control. Has he got a monkey in his pants? LOL
    The bathroom looks perfectly spiffy for showings, Suze. Hope it sells quick.

  22. I think you did a great job with the bathroom! But I have to admit--your conversation with your hubby is hilarious!

  23. two are so funny! I would worry about humidity, not urine :) I think it looks great!

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  26. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! Where do you think you'll be moving?

    We are currently renovating our ensuite, it will be my dream bathroom, finally! It will be close to what you're describing, a lot of white and marble. A little oasis of peace I won't want to leave, I'm sure!

    Hope you get your dream house and bathroom, and I'm sure it will be even more gorgeous under your beautiful touch! (And maybe a urinal for John?)


  27. Dangit, you just made me do a laugh/snort when I'm supposed to be working.

  28. I cant believe you are selling your house.from all the pictures you post your house is dee x

  29. Ugly bathroom?!!! No way! I think you did a great job. Good luck with selling your home.

  30. Now I'm inspired to put a print in my master bathroom. Yours looks so good and really dresses up the room.


  31. Oh Susan, the outrageous things that come out of the mouths of men, ha! What would be do for laughs without them around, heh? Love the hanging drapes on the outside of the shower curtains, such a touch of luxe. Hopefully everyone who uses the shower will remember that when in use, keep the shower curtain liner on the inside of the tub and the cloth draperies on the outside of the tub... Oh Boy! On the up side, I am looking forward to reading all about what you do with your new house when it's finally bought and you are moved in.

    1. If you notice Jan - I took very specific photos LMHO - it really is an ugly bathroom!
      I attached the liner to the actual drapes so that when you move the drapes the liner goes with it!
      Sometimes I think John is the reason I still blog - he gives me so much material with his ridiculous comments LOL!

  32. Haha!!! That's so funny and your bathroom looks great(I think the print makes it!).

  33. Suzan, Best of luck with selling your home and I hope you get that white, mini paradise! Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  34. oh my Suzan
    what a guy! Isn't that just something a guy would think about? HA I am still laughing. I think it was a great idea and I love the print and the curtain as well.


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