Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dirty Dancing.......................Chateau Chic

Good morning all!!!

Another day - another dresser!  Nice lines - nice bowed drawers - nice carved details on the drawers -
Awful color ( in my world - I know I know - there are people who love wood out there - and I always feel a little bit of guilt - for about 30 seconds when I do this and this ridiculous urge to explain that

Again I'll take you through the process ( ok Danni and Rosey? ) for the rest of you that actually do this - you can skip down to the last photos lol

So - I know I've said this before but when I want to do a contrasting color in any carved detail - I do that before I paint the dresser - for me it's so much easier -
The handles are still in because I was actually working on the Red Dresser ( HERE ) when I did this........

Once that was totally dry - I lightly sanded all the top in case there were any ridges left from the Old White.

And then painted all the drawers Paris Grey - yeah - I'm back to my beloved Paris Grey again............
Waxed them all with clear wax - and then proceeded to " dirty " them up with dark wax - here's what I wanted to show you - because dark wax can be very intimidating the first time you use it - no matter what anyone tells you - trust me on that one - the very first time you apply it - you will most definitely panic lol

Here is a drawer with the dark wax applied to it ( PLEASE ALWAYS BE SURE YOU APPLY THE CLEAR WAX PRIOR TO DOING THIS - OTHERWISE THE DARK WAX WILL SEEP INTO THE PAINT AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REMOVE IT ) yes that's me screaming at you - because it's very very important that you follow this rule - GOT IT???????????????? ( I'm not really a screamer in real life )

scary looking right?
next step is to start rub a dub rubbing - until most of it has gone away................

and usually at that point It's still a little too much for me - so now you take your clear wax again - I use a scott towel dipped in - you do not want to use the brush you use for your clear wax because it'll become contaminated with dark wax...............

and then the rest of the dresser got the same treatment - it's recommended that you do small areas at a time
I don't necessarily follow that rule - but it would be best in the beginning to do so!

and the outcome is the most deliciously authentic dirty looking piece of it's aged gracefully in a corner of French Chateau, n'est pas? ( eh? in Canadian English )

I've never read this anywhere - so don't know if this is me just talking out of my foot - but for some reason whenever I use dark wax the shine seems to be far superior to clear wax - has anyone else ever noticed that?

Oh oh I have to go dirty wax the legs a little more - hold on I'll be right back
Here's for your internal listening pleasure...................

 Ok - I'm back

LMHO - I can't win - now the shadows from the chandeliers are showing - but it has to do - and the most important part of the post was showing you the dirty wax anyway!!!

It's not shabby chic - because there was no sanding involved ( or white paint )
It's not prairie chic - because there's no farmhouse style involved
So I think we'll call this Chateau Chic - what do you think?
It belongs in some kind of Chic category doesn't it?  DOESN'T IT?
( that's me screaming at  you again - just because )

Have a great Monday everyone :)

Ok scrap all that - it's me again - it's 12.30 at night - you have no idea what I DO for you guys - I just went and moved the dresser by myself and staged it again - in the hopes of getting a better photo for you

it didn't work LMHO

Now I'm really signing off - see you tomorrow :)

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  1. this is stunning. I want so much to do 2 chest of drawers I have in my bedroom. I'm not sure if I can get the wax's here that you mention, or the Paris Grey. I'll have to research it. I love it so much :)

    1. Thanks so much Jeanette!
      Good luck ( maybe you can order them online from somewhere? )
      I used to purchase mine from another province until Piorra Maison opened here!

  2. That is really, really beautiful, Suzan! And yeah, Chateau Chic sounds right. :-) I was surprised to see you haven't painted those bookshelves. lol

  3. Gorgeous! As usual! I live in Alberta and was wondering if you would share the name of the brand of wax you use. I would love to find the dark wax to "give it a whirl", but am unsure as to a brand that you would recommend. I know that you usually use A.S. chalk paint(which is tough to find here), would you have another brand that might also work? Thanks so much!!!

  4. This looks great Suzan, beautiful job!

    Faye (MacGIRLver)

  5. So gorgeous Suzan another beautiful re love.

  6. Hi Suz, Been offline for a while have missed your creations. I love the dresser great job as usual, it looks stunning. I have made that mistake with the dark wax and have had to sand and repaint. I did notice that when I used dark and clear wax I do get a better finish. hope all is well with you, hugs Tobey

  7. You can't even tell it's the same dresser. It's a beautiful job!

  8. Definitely chateau chic! Love the dresser and the staging! Xx

  9. Chateau Chic is a perfect description. Lovely!

  10. Love that dirty girl!
    Thanks for the song of the day- love that song.
    xo, T.

  11. Beautiful, Suzan! Love the color combo. Thanks for the tip on doing the detailed areas first. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I guess I'm always more eager to see the main color on the piece I'm doing.

  12. Great always crack me up. I wish I could hang out with you, it must be a great time!! This dresser came out great, I love it!! Great tips by the way and yes, I have noticed that with the sheen too.


  13. What a lovely piece! This is quite a transformation! You chose two of my favorite colors! Thanks for the great tips! This is looks so much better!

  14. I love that high boy so much, the colors you used are perfect for it. You do a great job and appreciate the tips about the wax. Since I haven't been able to find any pieces I can afford to buy to redo I haven't been able to do any. I have been practicing on my own pieces however.
    Guess we're just going to have to move to the midwest or east so I can find pieces to redo. It's sad but western CO just isn't hacking it. If I do find something great people want too much. Even the goodwill and thrift stores ask exorbitant prices. Love your blog Suzan
    Ok I'm thru with my rant, it does get frustrating tho.

    1. Often things are exorbitantly priced here in Montreal too ( although I've been very very lucky ) but I'm constantly on the lookout - and often buying things that others wouldn't look twice at...........
      Our goodwill is ridiculous - selling dressers for 300 to 400 dollars sometimes - it's sickening......
      Check out this post to see what happened the last time I was at the Salvation Army - you won't believe it, I swear!!! It was a year ago and I haven't been back since!
      Oh and thanks so much for the compliment:)
      Much love, here's the link

  15. You did a great job. Love this dresser.

  16. So gorgeous! How can someone like wood better than paint? It's amazing how different and BETTER it looks. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Clear wax before dark wax- Got it!

  17. Wow! That is really pretty and I love the name Chateau Chic! And yes...I pay very close attention to what you are doing (even when you are screaming)! Pinned I don't have to keep asking you! Thank you ma'am!

    1. Danni, I'm paying very close attention too. But I'm still scared. ;)

  18. once again a great post and great photos.the dresser is beautiful.-love dee x

  19. Looks good - love "Chateau Chic" as a term. Great tip about using the paper towel to clear the dark wax off gently.

  20. It's really gorgeous!!! I love it.

  21. Love the Chateau Chic dresser. :D It's beautiful! I need to find some dark wax....
    :) Cecilia

  22. Paris Grey.... I just love it with the contrast of Country White! How wise of you to know that outlining the drawers would only add so much more charm to this piece. Great tips on working with wax... and so very true! Thank heavens you can delete the dark appearance with more clear wax. Takes the pressure off of thinking you made a mistake?! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Chateau Chic it is!! To me wood is just a fabulous building material that needs to be painted. Maybe that's because I don't like the colour brown very much.

  24. Helloooo!
    A great job Suzan!I love the colors you have used, and it is certainly chic chateau style.
    You have good luck finding these beautiful furniture.

  25. Very "Château Chic" indeed! You should write a book "Château Chic" by Suzan! I'll do the French translation once it's a big success... I'm off to work, singing "I've had the time of my life" at the top of my lungs... When I'm really not having the time of my life (too many dead lines at the same time at work!)

  26. Hello My Friend!!!

    Just simply(?) GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    Yes, that's me yelling at you because I want you to know how gorgeous you make furniture look!!!! I love the category, "Chateau Chic"!!! Are we not all dreaming of living in a country residence (Downton Abbey!!!!) and surrounding ourselves with pieces of gorgeous furniture!!! This dresser would be in my dressing room holding my prized gloves, hankies, etc.....

    And I would have you to do all the restyling of my furniture to make sure I had that...Je ne sais quoi...Chateau Chic atmosphere.

    Have a great week Suzan!!!


  27. Hello Susan,
    The chest looks great and I do agree with you about the shine from the dark wax. I got a can of CeCe Caldwell clear wax and I am liking it better than ASCP clear wax.


  28. Hi Susan,
    Your expert paint job definitely brought this chest to life! It's gorgeous...very chateau chic!!
    Mary Alice

  29. Beautiful job on the Chateau Chic chest. Yes, I think Chateau Chic is now an official style. :)


  30. It's really beautiful but I don't know if I could have painted over the gorgeous wood grain. I love the wood, I love the paint. That is why my dresser and SuperDave's chest of drawers are both a combo of paint and stain. I think my dresser is the matching piece to this chest of drawers!

  31. I love it! sometimes we just need to paint!

  32. OMG!! I just bought the EXACT same dresser from Craigslist! I'm picking it up friday morning and that was exactly what I was going to do with it-Paris grey and old white (or pure white - depending) trim with some gold wax in curves!! Great minds think alike, huh? And besides, Toronto is pretty close to Montreal!

    1. I can't wait to see yours Loretta!!!
      I didn't do any gold gilding on mine - so I'm anxious to see how that turns out!

  33. Good Morning Suzan, You need no other word for this dresser other than "Chic", because that is what it is.
    You have a real talent and I always love what you do with pieces of furniture. When you have finished working on them the pieces are a million times nicer.
    .....and this one is a beauty.
    Best Wishes to you,

    1. thanks SO much Daphne - you're so sweet with your comments -
      best wishes right back at you
      Have a wonderful wknd

  34. That looks great, I am gearing up to redo a wooden secretary in my den, and your tips will be helpful. I like the way you used old white for an accent in the depressed ridges. Thanks,

    1. Thanks so much Jenna!
      Good luck - can't wait to see what you do with it

  35. Looks gorgeous!! I definitely think it's some kind of Chic :)
    Saw you at The Shabby Creek Cottage!

  36. Hi Susan,
    Very very nice. I have been thinking of watching that movie again soon. It's a summertime movie right?! Thanks for sharing.

  37. Wow, it's gorgeous, I love it!!!
    Definitely Chateau Chic:)


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