Monday, June 24, 2013

The one that got away

Last week I was scouring Craig's List and Kijiji ( American version of Ebay ) and came across this

FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!!
Now  you know you have to act quickly when you see something like this -
You cannot - simply cannot - spend a half hour arguing with your better half about it because every second is crucial..............
John thought it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen
I thought I could do something really special with it
That half hour was all it took for someone else to grab it.............
I'm still sulking.
But I've learned something very valuable here
In the future I'll contact the seller - and then speak to John - and that way we can argue for 3 hours
( because he'll come around - he always does ) and it'll be mine.
I'm starting to think he likes the arguing part as much as I like the painting part.
It's all part of the si do - away we go.............round 1

In the meantime I'm working on another Red Dresser

We went to pick this up at storage last night - it was dark and the storage place is kind of in a seedy part
of town - I was terrorized.
When we pulled up to this massive building my heart started beating a little too rapidly
You pull up to the loading dock - but you can't access the doors unless you go inside the building
and down a bunch of dimly lit corridors - and then open this big industrial door that leads you the basement where all the units are - of which you have to walk down many different sections to get to ours ( which is directly in front of the loading dock - just ridiculous!!!! )

John says - ok - so do you want to wait in the van?
Suzan says - yes - I'm not going through that building - I'm too terrified.
Suzan says - what if you're attacked in there ?  OMG - we shouldn't have come late at night
John says - don't be ridiculous and he leaves..............
he couldn't have gone more than 10 feet - when I see 2 young boys drive by me on their bikes and I was out of that van as quick as lightenening -
Suzan screams - JOHN - WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John laughs - you weren't afraid of those kids, were you?

we go through this building - which felt like going through the opening segment of Get Smart - seriously -
big heavy doors clanking behind us as we went further and further into the abyss
and we get to our storage unit - ( I can hardly breathe at this point - my legs are weak ) open it up and start removing a dresser -
AND 3 MEN SHOW UP OUT OF NOWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They must have had ballet slippers on because I never heard them until they were beside us.
I almost collapsed.
I seriously thought I was going to pass out.................
Big strapping mean looking men - and wow did they look mad.................scowling and coming towards us -

I ran into the storage unit - as if that little bit of corrugated steel was going to save me from a particularly gruesome death - my poor daughter is getting married on Saturday and she'd have to live with this?
The thoughts that went through my mind would put the True Crime channel to shame -

Once we were finished loading - with them standing and watching our every mood btw - and got into the van
I locked the door and looked at John

Suzan says - well that was one of the most terrifying episodes of my life
John says - what was?
Suzan says - we could have been murdered - did you see the look on those guys faces?
John says - they looked tired that's all
Suzan says - I worry about you - you're far too trusting - too naive - I could have been raped and murdered and there wouldn't have been a thing you could do about it
John says -  do me a favor - call a Doctor - you need to talk to someone
John says - you think everyone is a potential killer / rapist
John says - I can't believe how ridiculous you are - why don't you tell your blog friends about this?
Suzan says - I think I just had a very very close brush with death - and that's all you have to say?
John puts the radio on
Conversation over.......................

I'm very worried about John though - if he can't tell the difference between 3 murderers and 3 tired moving men...................all I can say is Thank God I'm so intuitive.
(and be weary of moving men who wear ballet slippers )

Have a good one all :)


  1. So fun to listen in on your conversations.

  2. My husband had to learn the hard way--when it comes to cool stuff, he who hesitates is lost.

  3. LOL, I'm sure the truth of what they were is somewhere in between what you and John thought they were, that's why you're such a good team! However, next time you see something that awesome for free, don't hesitate!

  4. Oh my goodness, your stories always give me a laugh! Your John sounds a lot like my Joey. I love your! I'm with you on the free could be awesome painted! I can't believe someone just gave it away! Have a blessed day! Can't wait to see pix from the wedding....:)

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. I love how he said "why don't you tell your blog friends about this" lol

  6. LOL!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  7. Omg that hutch! That is usually my luck. Suzan I am just like you! I get spooked all the time!

  8. You crack me up! You are intuitive though!

  9. Oh that piece could have been so gorgeous painted. What a loss!!!! Mmmm, Emperor's Silk one of my favorites. Can't wait to see it finished. I think your creative imagination gets the best of you. Lol. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the storage unit to watch the whole thing unfold live!! Stay safe. :)
    Until Sat.

  10. "be weary of moving men who wear ballet slippers" hahaha. Reminds me of one of my favorite poems.


    The fog comes
    on little cat feet.

    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.

    Perhaps it is you Madam that is a little tired? After all you are the mother of the bride and being one of those myself I know how exhausting it can be. I slept 24 hours straight the day after our youngest daughter's wedding.
    And I Love a nice red dresser. I've done a couple myself.
    You and your family have a blessed day Saturday.

    1. Ok Cindy - that completely blows me away - because that was one my favorite poems when I was a little girl - we learned that in grade 4!!!!!!!!
      Thanks so much for your wishes - yeah I'm tired - but I'm also afraid of my own shadow at the best of times lol!!!

  11. I'm with you and besides if they were such great guys why the heckdidn't they offer to help instead of just watching, sounds fishy to me and those ballet slippers , a dead give away, and I do n ot think that is an ugly piece at all!

  12. I honestly think men just don't think of another man as a threat. I am always worried, won't go certain places at night, etc. Men just don't get it that women live in fear, and I know it's not just me.

  13. "Don't tell me to relax. It's only tension that's holding me together."

    My motto lately. I will share it if you like.

  14. The kids and I were at the lake last night, and when dusk started coming in and we were the only ones left, we hightailed it out of there too. Better safe than sorry.

    Sorry you missed your free furniture. Craigslist is ridiculous fast. Hubby's put two things up and both times we had phone calls within minutes and a sale within an hour.

  15. I love it when a piece comes with a great story! I know, you have to check Craig constantly to be the first caller!

  16. Sorry that cabinet got away. I would have loved to see what you would have done with that. Ha Ha loved the storage unit story. You make me laugh I love that about you. Thanks.

  17. God Suzan your conversations are SO darn funny mostly because I can relate to you. I have to laugh when your hubby said, 'why don't you tell your blog friends about this' because it reminds me of my husband. Sometimes he ask me something similar and I know he has no idea who or what this whole blog community is about. Husbands can be so funny when they're clueless.
    by the way, when I miss out on a good deal I tell myself it wasn't meant for me. strange but it makes me feel better. :)

  18. Hahaha...loved that story! I think I would have felt the same way. It's a crazy world out there, and we're so bombarded by terrorizing news that we can't help but be paranoid sometimes.

    And thank you for the response on the last post with all that paint advice! I am going to look into it, and attempt to paint something I've been dying to. I don't have experience with furniture, but I have painted in other ways, so at the very least, I can hold a paint brush properly. I' already one step ahead, no? ;)

    Have a great day!

    (BTW, I just found out that #spoongate has replaced #pastagate. In-sa-ni-ty...

  19. You are so silly!But I agree, storage facilities should be visited before dark. It's a great plan - make plans with the seller, then tell John. I'm sure you will still get some great conversation mileage out of it!

  20. This sounds like a regular conversation at our house!

    I wouldn't go in one of those places after dark on a bet! Every one of them I ever used gets locked up about 5:30 anyway.

  21. Exactly!!! Well, the good news is that you probably lost 5 pounds from fear.
    That piece you lost out on...well, I'm just so sad for you.

  22. I LOVE this! You're so funny! I would have been the same way--I aways think the worst in these situations. But then again, you're dealing with a woman who still has to sleep with a night light on, so....

  23. Guess I would have to see your version of murderer/rapist faces and John's of tired ones before I could take a side on this.

  24. LOL. I am commenting through tears, Suzan. And I totally can relate to your story. My husband works in construction in often dark and dismal corridors that leave me constantly checking behind me as he is giving me a cheery little tour of what's he's been up to. Very hard to focus on anything other than 'What IF...' :-)

  25. P.S. I tend to agree with John on the hutch. I mean, you can put lipstick on a pig, but... lol Just think how disappointed you would have been if you'd put all that paint and time into that thing and it was still ugly. ;-)

  26. Intuitiveness is good. A few weeks ago we were leaving the store, when I spotted two men coming toward us. I was too far from the store to head back and the car was only a few feet ahead. I told my daughter to hurry. She delayed. I gave her a push to hurry. I no sooner slammed the door and locked it and they were banging on it. I mean, I was afraid it would shut on their fingers; it was that close a call. They wanted or demanded money. I started the car and started to back up; I had no idea if they were armed, and they gave the car some more bangs with their fists, and then a peace sign. My daughter started crying in the backseat, because she had yelled at me for making her hurry saying,"The peace sign is a little late!" Then she asked me, "How did I know?" I said I paid attention to their body language and where they were headed. Now, I should not have told you that, because John doesn't want you scared of everything, but sometimes we are right!

  27. don't you just hate that- I didn't get a desk one day because I thought hubby would be cranky from me bringing another thing home, I argued with myself and went back 1/2hr later and it was sold GRRRR!!!!

    1. Yes Deanne - I could just kick myself!!!!!!!!!

  28. yes you never ask you say we need to pick this up...I hope your murderers don't come back to deliver the next freebie you score, of course you were terrified...LOL

  29. Whoa-that does sound scary-good thing the dresser is is cute! ;)

  30. I live a dangerous life vicariously....through YOU, Suzan! lol! Oh my gosh....scary men in ballet slippers? You are such a hoot! But....on the other hand, I must agree. I would'ave been peein' my pants in that situation. Maybe next time you should wear your karate belt or something....??

    xoxo! laurie

  31. Oh yeah, always convince the husband AFTER. Took me a long time to learn that one. :)

    1. That's how it'll have to be from now on Michelle LOL
      Most definitely!

  32. Oh, I had forgotten how frightened I was to go in the basement in my previous flat... Especially after the police arrested my neighbour at 5 am... One more reason I'm happy I moved! I don't remember my neighbour wearing ballet slippers, though, must be typical of dangerous men only in Canada!

  33. Be afraid. Be very afraid!! I would have been terrified. Men!!

    1. I couldn't put into words Heather just how terrified I was -
      Never again -- absolutely NEVER again!

  34. I have been there and John was wondering what I was so worried about. I don't get men sometimes. I get really frightened with stuff like that and he is like no big deal and I am thinking of my death. LOL! Sorry that piece got away you would've made that a beauty I am sure.


  35. What a shame you missed out on that furniture! Gorgeous! Hope the wedding goes well this weekend...then you can get some deserved rest.
    (playing catch-up, haven't been around the web in a while!)

    1. Thanks Debbie - you've been off the radar - I keep coming by to check lol

    2. Am I a no reply blogger again? Sheesh, no wonder it's frustrating, I have lost count how many times I've fixed this!!
      Thanks Suzan, yes, I've been scarce. I'll update you when I have some free time...hah!! ;)

    3. I thought Debbie looked familiar!! This is where I've seen you before! It's me, Nicole from The Painted Bench!

      Suzan, Debbie is now a customer of ours and comes to visit us regularly! It is a small world!

      Debbie, don't you wish Suzan lived close by? I think we'd have a hoot with her. I'm sure there's never a dull moment with her, lol!

  36. complimenti bellissima casa, ciao.

  37. I am stealing Cheryl's (Wisconsin) line.... that is awesome. Great story Suz.... I too would be totally afraid that it would become more of a scenario described by Butterfly Bungalow...... Anyways is it really almost the wedding?????

  38. A piece of furniture escaped the paint brush of Suzan!?! I cannot believe it. I am thinking you are truly woman enough to take on three men and have them live to regret it. Imagine them distressed in Paris grey.

    Good wishes for the wedding!


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