Friday, June 21, 2013

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...................

Well it is here anyway - as in " Morning has Broken " 5 o'clock
The street lamps are still on
No one is on the street
The park beyond is empty

I've just made a cup of tea - and sat down for some computer time - you know - replying to emails - visiting
writing up a new post - but my eyes keep wandering to the window
and I realize just how much I love this time of day
before the hustle and bustle of the city filters in
before the Sun bursts through the sky and urges us all forward with our busy hectic mad paced lives.
before vitamin C and caffeine push us through the door.
It feels like I have a secret -
It feels peaceful -
It feels like " my " time -
I know the sun is there - just beyond the trees - it's stirring - yawning - getting ready to rise
but I want to tell it to turn over and go back to sleep
for just a little longer................

and then it hits me - smack in the face -  these moments are so special to me only because they DO last for so short a time.
like so much in life - we tend to strive towards the bigger picture - the day we had - the night we had
the week we had - the year we had
I don't think I've ever had a conversation with anyone - that started with
" oh what a beautiful moment I had today "
by the time this post is finished - that wondrous view will be gone
joggers will have started their routine at the park - early dog walkers will be up and about -
squirrels will be chasing each other up the trees - cats will be making their way home from their
night shift and the birds will begin their morning song........
and I will forget about this - until the next time.

we all forget about them - those spectacular moments that make up the whole.

Moments like 5 o'clock in the morning -
a cup of tea -
and a window...............................

Out of the mayhem of your day
I hope you find yours

of course, a glass of wine at twilight can be pretty awesome too!


  1. Gorgeous early morning photos- the best time of the day!

  2. I am an early riser, between 5:00 - 5:30. My family does not understand why on earth I would get up at that time, but it's something that is very important to me; something that I truly enjoy. It is 'my time, a spectacular period in my day. I love the peace and quiet, and watching the world outside my window slowly awaken.

  3. I am awake at 5 each morning, but don't usually get up until 6:15. I so agree with the your feeling like you've got a secret. It's a wonderful time of day with the birds singing like crazy. Our granddaughter stayed here last week. She wanted to get up to see the sunrise - and finally did achieve that one morning. She had never seen the sunrise before. lol

    Are you sure you could leave the city, Suzan? It sounds so lovely -especially that time of day - and each moment thereof.

  4. Beautiful blue hour photos. Up early here, too, in Colorado and the skies are looking gray from all the wildfires. We need rain!♥♫

  5. Yes I am an early riser too. It is a beautiful time of the day. Why a lovely post.

  6. it looks so calm and peaceful! i wish mornings and i didn't hate each other so much ;)

  7. There is something so wickedly awesome about being in the house while others continue to sleep. There are so many possibilities which lay before me.....somehow as the day evaporates so too does the idea that everything is possible and I become weighed down by the stuff that wasn't done, or all the things I didn't accomplish. Perhaps I should re-define different parts of the day so that they still offer the moments of possibility.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I've been up that early before, but my eyes were still closed and I was running into furniture. It's intriguing to see what I've been missing.

  9. I'm a total morning person. I looove running my errands as early as possible too! Enjoy the day

  10. Love the photos! I'm glad you took the time to enjoy the morning.

  11. Hi Suzan,

    Your expression of these early morning observations is so in tune with what I have felt in the past, particularly the feeling that this precious time feels like a secret, maybe because those who sleep through it miss out on the wonders of this most dreamy time of day...


  12. I think the moments are better in silence, no matter the time of day.

  13. I love that time of day, too, though I admit I've usually stayed up all night when I see it. Beautiful photos and beautifully written, Suzan!

  14. I love any moment of silence, this really was a lovely post :)

  15. Love it! Thanks for the reminder to find a moment to just linger and appreciate it. ( although busy puppies in the morning make me think the wine at twilight might be better - LOL)

  16. How beautiful Suzan! I haven't missed a sunrise in years...I thought it was just my secret!

  17. I love that time in the morning when I am the only one up. When the dog is still sleeping too, and I can sit and enjoy my coffee and my toast and have a few minutes to myself. It is my favorite time of day, with the birds chirping and the sun coming up. Thanks for sharing that I am not alone in my love of this time. We share this time of day, from one side of the country to the other, hugs Tobey

  18. I'm never up at that ungodly hour, so I'll never know that joy, lol! I'm definitely more of a wine at twilight kind of person. I was walking around our backyard yesterday around 7:30 p.m. and I saw a blue heron in the pond behind our house, just wading around. That was my moment. The stress of the day just melted away. Thanks for remind us that t is important to just take little moments for ourselves each day, to stop the world from spinning for a few seconds.


  19. Hey girlfriend, a glass of wine at any time is awesome :) I am SO with you on this post, Suzan. I am one of those people who rises with the sunrise, so this time of year I'm waking up at like 4:30 a.m. and laying there, staring up at my net canopy, which I can barely make out in the slowly increasing light peeking through the slit where the curtains weren't quite pulled together fully, and even with the windows closed and the AC on (like the past 2 nights cuz it was so darn tropical steamy here) I lay there, stretching out this muscle and that muscle, snuggling myself into the pillows and the mattress, listening to the sounds of the robins, cardinals, wrens and even the raucus sparrows singing the Sun up! It's so still and quiet around here that time of the early morning that even with the windows closed I can hear the birds. When the air is cool and dry in the evening, or there is a breeze, I love to keep the windows wide open, and watch the Moonlight flood into the bedroom when it is shining, and in the early morning, starting around 4 a.m., the robins start their songs. The other birds gradually join in. I swear I can hear birds from three or four blocks away, that is how quiet it is. It is a perfect moment in time. Then, downstairs around 5, coffee (instant) -- my one allowed cup for the day, and I open the patio door and throw nuts out for my squirrels, peanuts out for the cardinals and black birds with irridescent blue heads (I've no idea what kind of bird they are but they go gaga for peanuts), and birdseed for the sparrows, mourning doves, cow birds, etc. The quality of the light at this time of day - it's impossible for me to describe. There is such a magical quality to it, like I'm in fairyland almost, like I could step out and walk through an invisible wall and be in a different world. So, I am always careful where I walk, LOL! Yeah, I know, sounds crazy, but for the life of me that is what it feels like. The stillness of the dawn lingers in the air, like Mother Earth is holding her breath for a few moments before bursting forth with a big strong breath and jumping out of bed and running to the shower. Me, I like to take things sloooowwww in the mornings - and even on work-days there is NO running to the shower for moi! My precious weekends are the BEST at this time of the early morning. And since I get up at the crack of dawn (it's rare that I sometimes fall back asleep and linger in bed until like 7:30 a.m., feels like half my day has melted away when I do that!) I have been known to take a nap as early as 10 a.m., or as late as 4 p.m. Ahhhhhh... I love this time of year. Now, alas, the days are getting shorter. Damn!

  20. My sleeping habits are off the radar at this point in my life Jan - if I DO go to bed at night - I'm up at 4 o'clock - often I don't go to bed and am up at 4 o'clock lol - so I can very easily take a nap at 10 a.m. too!
    But I get what you mean about the invisible wall - it's almost like capturing " Neverland " isn't it?
    Thanks so much for coming by and sharing your early morning magic with me!
    Much love,

  21. Suzan

    What a great post, we should all take a step back and take in the life's beautiful moments more often!!


  22. So beautiful, and so true. And I have to agree wine at twilight is heavenly as well.
    Debbie :)

    1. Twilight is just as magical really isn't it Debbie?


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