Friday, June 14, 2013

Starting all over again................

Remember this?  ( I posted about it here ) a longgggggggggg time ago ( when the earth was green )

It's been at the store for over a year now - and I kept meaning to go pick it up and do something else with it - but one thing led to another  ( along with the hope that someone would come along and want it )
Today we picked it up - and I'm as excited to get my hands on it as I was the first time I found it on Craig's list!!!

I'm thinking Duck Egg blue possibly - with lots of dark wax..................
Something like this ( which you can see here )

But until it's done and finished there's nothing to show

Here's a few giggles instead!

1) William Moody Arrested For Allegedly Tossing Dentures At Police

( maybe he was trying to take a bite out of crime ? ) 

2) Darren Koenig was accused in February 2013 of throwing hammers at Texas construction workers.............

( maybe he thought he was giving them a helping hand? ) 

3) After crashing his mustang into an Indianapolis home, William Kise's first question to the victims was reportedly 
" you want some pizza "?

( well I for one would be very grateful - who the hell wants to cook when there's a car in your living room? )

4) Michael Don Mitchell, 38, is accused of stealing 87 dollars in cash and change from a home in Lakeport ( Texas ) as well as a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli.  Investigators identified him by the spaghetti sauce around his lips and mouth.

( obviously an amateur - a pro would have stolen a scott 

towel while he was at it )

5) Arthur Brundage

Police in Syracuse, N.Y. say he robbed a bank and then

came back to claim he was short changed on the loot

( he should press charges )

6) Raymond Garcia, 45, was arrested after cops saw him 

fighting a street sign

( did they approach him with a STOP sign I wonder?) 

7) Sheriff's deputies responding to a burglary call say 

they found Cristian Villareal-Castillo, a 20 year old

man, asleep on the kitchen floor of a home in Oregon

( well that take's falling asleep on the job to a whole new

 level ) 

8) Lindsey Medd Stevens was arrested by Police in  

Knoxville,Tenn. for indecent exposure after his neighbor 

saw him cutting a tree down - while completely in the 


( yawn - another tree - hugger story ) 

9) ARGO ( FLA ) Police pulled over Kotelman allegedly for speeding and driving drunk on May 3.  Cops checked the trunk and say they found a small monkey tucked inside. 

( how did he get the monkey off his back and into the trunk? ) 

10 ) Harold Wayne Hadley Jr was arrested for threatening to blow up his Mississippi school - but he maintains it was a fart joke.  He says he wrote, on a piece of toilet paper, that he " passed a bomb in the library "
He was held on 20,000 dollar bail. 

( something smells with this story ) 

11) Rogue cuddler Agustin Sanchez allegedly snuck into his ex-girlfriend's home and crawled into bed with for a snuggle.  The spooning attempt was thwarted, however, when the woman notified the police.

( by the light of the Silvery moon - I want to spoon.........)

12) Nikoleta Karoly is accused of choking her boyfriend because he refused to marry her so she could get a new Visa

( Visa HAS to relax with their requirements, really, this is going to far ) 

and last but not least............... 

13) Lages was arrested when he called 911 after he was not allowed to bring his kitten inside a strip club  

( this is just too obvious for me to write a punch line - you can figure one out I'm sure ) 

Sometimes it just feels good to start your day off feeling a little superior, doesn't it?

Have a great wknd everyone!


  1. Oh- Even I dasn't touch that last one-not even with a limerick....xo Diana

  2. Hi Suzan!!!

    What I call these are "Groaners". You shake your head and groan at the stupidity of these peoples.

    Have a great weekend!!!


  3. Hahaha thanks for my morning laugh. Here kitty,kitty,kitty or should we say.........?!?!

  4. Hah! Great way to start a Saturday morning! I don't know whether to be relieved that I'm not as stupid as these guys or be afraid that they exist.

  5. Those are funny. I wonder how many of those people were drunk or stoned at the time? I'm betting at least 90%!

  6. LOL People are d*mn crazy! These are great!!!


  7. funny stuff susan thanks for sharing cant wait to see this dressers new look

  8. As Tom Jones would say, What's new pussycat, whoawhoawhoa?" lol. People are silly.

  9. You never fail to bring us chuckles! Have a great weekend!

  10. Wondering if the guy cutting down the tree while naked had a chain saw - that question came from my husband who didn't seem surprised by the nakedness, just the lack of equipment.

  11. Where do you find this stuff Suzan?!!! Thanks for the morning laugh!

  12. You are so funny! I hate when a piece sits! I want them all to sell quick!! Can't wait to see what you do!

  13. We had a man here in the U.S. that went into a convenience store, laid down a 20$ bill, ask for change,and then pulled out a gun, demanding that she give him everything in the register.

    Well, of course she did, (she had just emptied the register shortly before) and the robber ended up leaving with less money than the $20 bill he left behind!:)

  14. Loved the pizza comment! I ALWAYS want pizza :)

    Thanks for a good chuckle today.

    Happy Father's Day!

  15. Thank goodness no one had the last name of Wood.

  16. What a great way to begin my Monday morning, spitting my tea on the screen because you made me laugh!!!

  17. You are just a roaring riot!! Be still my heart, you just make me laugh so hard some times.



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