Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rain, rain, rain, Showers..................

It's raining as I type this - and I can already tell it's going to be a grey day...............
I have a hair dressers appointment early this morning - and then I have to run around like a crazy lady because lately I seem to have a terrible time in the organizational department...............

And today I'm hosting a Shower for Lindsay.

I've managed to set the buffet table

but I have no idea where I'm going to put the 6 platters that are already prepared in the fridge.............

I decorated the buffet with photos of the Bride to be

and I thought I'd show you a little DIY framed poem I wrote for the dining room many many years ago ( another house another time )

Set your table for kings and queens,
Let good wine and good food abound
For we are surrounded by Royalty
When family and friends sit down........................

I have not decorated anything else yet.
I have not bought the game prizes yet.
I have not finished making the food yet.
I have not finished cleaning the house yet.
I have not bought the wine yet.

There's a chile cooking in the crockpot - because the digital pad on my oven just stopped working -
and there's no time for a repairman to come - everything else will have to be a cold buffet.

It never rains.....................
But it Showers people -

Did I mention I couldn't sleep last night?
We all know what happens when I over indulge, right? ( here and here )

I asked everyone to bring a gift certificate each - because I plan on making a " gift certificate " tree
I haven't spray painted the branches yet - and it's raining.
I asked everyone to bring a hand written recipe - and I forgot to write one out for myself.
They're to go in here

each section has recipes - a place to write out recipes - and a pocket for recipes from friends

and if I don't seriously get off this chair and move my butt - the only recipe I'll be able to contribute is a recipe for disaster :)

Have a great Saturday!


  1. The buffet table looks great Suzan! I love the recipe book idea. It sounds like it's going to be a wonderful party for your daughter.

  2. Wish I lived closer- I would be your "yes, ma'am" person and jump to do whatever needed doing. You will do just fine-what doesn't get done won't even be noticed. When the first guest gets there-forget what you haven't done, relax and have a great day. Your buffet looks gorgeous-try and get some pictures...and STAY AWAY FROM THE WINE! xo Diana

  3. That buffet table setting is beautiful. It will look wonderful when the food is served. I'm sure it will turn out to be a complete success and you'll all have a wonderful time!

  4. Looks gorgeous. Can't wait to read all about the shower!

  5. You are going to be fine. Afterward you will be saying, "Well, we pulled it off!"

    Your buffet is beautiful and I love the recipe book idea. Have a lovely day!!


  6. These are such great ideas, haven't heard of a gift certificate tree before, how clever! You're going to be a fantastic hostess, just let your personality shine through and take a deep breath. And relish every minute.
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss

  7. I bet it all gets done and beautifully, Suzan style. Have a great day!!


    1. We had so much fun Heather!
      Are you having one for your daughter?

  8. Why the HECK were ya bloggin' this morning with all that to do?
    LOL... hope all went well!

  9. Suzan,
    Everything looks wonderful. I love the recipe book and the gift card tree. I know Lindsay will love it all. Enjoy.

  10. Hi Suzan!!!!

    As I'm reading this, it is 12:38 am, Sunday morning, sooooooo the shower inside the house (LOL) is over and HOW DID IT GO???

    I love the tree idea because that gives the couple the chance to pick items that will go with their decor and the recipe book will be so special every time she turns the pages. The book will bring back all the fun she had at the shower and she'll find herself laughing away while making/baking the recipe she has picked.

    But, most of all, she will remember how her darling mom gave her the best bridal shower a mom can give!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


  11. Pffft! I know you got this girl! You are the queen of pulling it all together!

  12. Your framed poem is so pretty and so true. I have learned, the hard way, that time spent with family and friends is precious and deserves being treated as if we are entertaining royalty.

    1. Oh are you like me Lynn and learn everything the hard way???
      We had a blast -

  13. You will get it done, it will be lovely, and the wine will be plentiful.


  14. Hi Suzan have fun drink lots of wine (think of the posts you will get out of it ) and have fun.Love these ideas hope you take a photo of the tree-love dee x

  15. I'm sure you got it all done and had a fabulous time! Such great ideas...:) Can;t wait to hear how it went!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  16. How do you manage to always get things so perfect? Rain for a shower, that's so brilliant, you don't need any decoration when you have this!


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