Friday, March 6, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that ) and giveaway winner !

Coffee's on the counter - help yourself !
What shall we talk about?

( To Laugh or Cry )

This week on TLC there was a story about a lady who had 14 inch long nails - and was looking for love.
She may or may not have found it - we'll see - but driving to her date she broke one of them !
OMG - I was hanging on the edge of my seat !
What will she do now?
Can she get over this hump?
What a riveting story line !

Thankfully she had glue in her purse and someone helped her fix it - otherwise this would have bordered the
" Who Shot J.R. ? " cliff hanger !

Her date took her on a cooking class evening - and she manoeuvred those puppies around the frying pan like nobody's business.................the Chef was impressed ( and we all know how difficult Chef's can be )
I was impressed. ( not with the nails but how she can actually live with them )
John wasn't/

John says - What the hell are you watching now?
Suzan says - This lady's nails are 14 inches long - come see !

He almost threw up - poor thing - he has a sensitive stomach.

There's a new show on " Little Family "
Personally I find it a little insulting to little people everywhere .

See how little people live.
See how they cook their dinner.
See how they brush their teeth.
See how they run...............type of thing.
I mean they're just people in my mind.

Anyway - they've decided to take their story public - ( good for them - the money's good, I hear )
So here they are - out and about - and they end up at the Lincoln Memorial - strolling around with their children - a typical family day EXCEPT THERE'S A CAMERA CREW FOLLOWING THEIR EVERY MOVE SO THAT IT CAN BE TELEVISED INTERNATIONALLY.

And the Mom notices that someone's taking their picture.

" No No No she waves her finger at them - No pictures - Please NO pictures "
She then explains to the camera man ( and us millions of people watching ) that she doesn't want people taking pictures of them just because their little -

Come again?


Are you politically incorrect?
Bet you are !

There was a big hooplah on social media this week.
The " R " word was used again.
Apparently a weather person said the weather this winter was retarded.

Ok - it's on odd choice of words to describe weather.  ( even if it describes it perfectly )

But the outcry?
I don't get it.
At. All.
How can calling the weather something be an attack on all mentally handicapped challenged children?

I'm not an insensitive person but we're getting so damned politically correct that soon we'll be grunting like cavemen in case we sound offensive.

Can someone explain it to me ?

I'm really asking this question because I don't get it.
And I'm risking sounding like an ignoramus here, I know - but I want to understand.
Help !

Here's a list of others words and phrases that are considered Politically Incorrect

Pet Owner is a no-no
Apparently we shouldn't say we own them - but rather we are Pet Guardians.
( why do we have to buy them if we're only their guardians - and who sits there and thinks up these reasons to be offended? )

Swine Flu
Offensive to Pork Farmers ( I kid you not )

Christmas - and now supporters of Happy Holidays are not thrilled with that either because Holiday derives from Holy Day - and it gets better - the X in Xmas is the Greek letter CHI - which is the first two letters of Christ...................
( maybe we should just be telling everyone to go to hell around the holiday season?

Black sheep - Black day - White Collar - for racial reasons.

Senior Citizen - to be replaced with Older Person ( apparently it sounds more inclusive )

Oriental - but only from North Americans - because it refers to Asia from a geographical perspective
( this is NOT satire ) it's perfectly acceptable for Europeans to use this term -
So what happens when a European tourist uses the phrase while in North America ?  You see how complicated it all becomes ? You'd better have your passport on hand at all times to prove you don't live here !

Flip Chart - offensive to Filipinos - OMG - I'm flipping out here !

No Worries - possibly offensive to those with O.C.D. who tend to worry too much

The list goes on and on and on -

Here's me being completely Politically Incorrect.

I  was going to make a flip chart to showcase them all because I have a white collar job - but since I'm a black sheep I decided not to.
I asked my Senior Citizen if he could walk Soda - since we're Pet Owner's and he said No Worries and took her out while I vacuumed the Oriental carpet.
It's been terribly cold here - hope I don't catch anything like the Swine Flu ( since I was really sick at Christmas...................

Oh and maybe you should check this site out GLOBAL LANGUAGE MONITOR before you open your mouth to say a word about all of this !
You could end up in deep sh feces ........................

And guess what arrived yesterday?
The package from Australia !
So here's the winner of the HEART TO HEART  giveaway ( I'm not sure - but giveaway might be offensive to people who sell things - have to check that out )

True Random Number Generator  9

Carol - Art & Sand - it's YOU !!!
How appropriate - you were the one that gave me my first hearts !!!
Can you drop me a line giving me your address?

Have a great weekend  ( so as not to offend those who love to work ) 2 days everyone !


  1. 14 inch nails - that's gross, can't imagine how this women do simple everyday tasks.

    Carpet cleaners Balham

  2. Being politically correct is so exhausting this white collar, senior citizen, pet owner that she refuses to make a flip chart to keep it all correct. BTW where does TLC get those people? Money must be great.

  3. I totally get the use of the word "retarded" While it may seem harmless, it originates from a word used to describe those with intellectual challenges and with Down Syndrome. I recently read an article where a person with DS was asked about the word. They said it brings shame and hurt to them whenever they hear that word. So for all of us who are not affected by DS or anyone with it, it's seems OK, but for anyone with DS it is hurtful so it shouldn't be used. This makes it different from other phrases/words such as dog owner. I you let the phrase dog owner slip, it isn;t going to hurt. It's all about what you are sensitized to. I am overweight and sensitive to comments about fat people. And let me say people are always making fun of fat people.

  4. You are right on SO many counts here, Suzan. We have become a world that is going so far the other way to NOT be offensive that the trend, in itself, becomes offensive. Thank God SweetCheeks hasn't read any of these rules yet. She says (lovingly) I LOVE your FAT arms, Nana. She also tells people outright that they are crazy..and or...stupid. Somehow I find that all incredibly unfettered at age seven. lol

    Have a great Friday and congrats to Carol.

    btw- I might have said something offensive on MY blog today, too. xo Diana

  5. Since it is a bits and bob sort of a day..... could I post a question? I have tried over the years to keep up with technology and electronics.... at least at the basic level. I remember the moment I first heard a news report about the internet and before my kids I was aware of Tweets ( not that I understood) but one thing I have never been able to find the meaning of .... and trust me I have asked kids and adults alike.... if the use of the &amp..... I feel like it is a secret code, to a secret world ..... please what does it mean in computerspeak?

    1. I have no idea LMHO !!!
      And now you've given me another conspiracy theory to fret about - thanks a lot LOL

    2. I have seen this, and I think it is a bleed-through from the HTML that is used in programming. I am so far away from being tech savvy, but this is what I think happens. The symbol "&" is an called an ampersand, so you get the symbol and the abbreviation "amp". I get an update from a certain blog, and that string of letters is always in the title when I believe that only the ampersand symbol should appear. There must be some kind of code, but not code, that makes it happen. Maybe someone can explain why it happens to all of us!

  6. Oh, my goodness! I cannot believe all this PC stuff. I hadn't heard of some of those - you might have made them up to trick me - but I can certainly believe that anybody can get their panties in a wad over anything.
    Congrats to the winner.

  7. O.M.G.!!! ROTF, LMAO @ the P.I. stuff!

    I'm sorry, but blind is blind ~ NOT "visually impaired"!

    Your PI friend...

  8. LOL! You crack me up. I'm one of the most politically offensive, er, incorrect - people I know.

  9. Congratulations to Carol on her win! What a funny post, Suzan. I agree with you on most counts. We are too politically correct in some things. Its overkill. I did enjoy your PC story though. Have a great weekend (two days off)!

  10. I totally agree is beyond ridiculous! Who has enough time on their hands to sit around and think of something to be offended by. I thought the same thing about the Little Family mom. What does she expect? There's a camera crew following them around and people aren't supposed to be a little curious or intrigued. They wouldn't have their own show if they weren't little! Well...I tkae that back...they might if they were as classy as Honey Boo Boo or the Party Down South...or the other hundred or so ridiculous reality TV shows...LOL! I can't stand the majority of them! Have a lovely end of the!

  11. I totally agree with you! I consider myself a caring considerate person but we have taken this political correctness to ridiculous extremes. It seems that so many people are looking for ways to be offended in this country. I wish that they would take all the time and energy they are using in this manner and positively focus on truly doing good in this world.

  12. You are so wickedly funny. Hope I'm not upsetting the wicked.

  13. Okay, it will be your fault if I get kicked out of the coffee shop! Fortunately I didn't get coffee up my nose!. I am sitting here laughing at your post. My granddaughter even said, Grandma, are you okay????? ( I have a hard time laughing quietly) So speaking of PC, did you read the note from Blogger as to why they're changing back their policy on s* explicit photos because too many people wrote who need those photos to express their choice of whichever of the (according to fb) 58 gender choices there are now. This world has become totally insane. I'm so glad you're there. :-)

  14. OM Goodness (did you notice the PC "goodness" not god or God or gods?) I like to consider myself a very caring person and would not want to insult anyone or cause anyone to be hurt. BUT, when will all this craziness stop? Tongue firmly in cheek: hurricane - why not himmicane? I'm fat or as I like to say "bountifully, bodacious and beautiful _itch" - you can put the "b" in the _itch! We fatties are the last known people (minority) that everyone is allowed to pick on. How come?
    The only thing I can come up with is these people who think of all these ridiculous things must have so much extra time on their hands.
    Oh and more thing, I'm a girl - a 60 year old senior citizen girl - and I'm darn proud of it. If I choose to call myself a girl and then I can call myself a girl. The last time I checked (this morning when I put my bra on) I was a girl. I was born a girl and will die a girl. So there! Ppfffth - that's a raspberry in disguise!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    P.S. Still waiting on your chocolate bread recipe!

    1. I'm sitting here laughing my head off Cathy !
      Ok - for the chocolate loaf ( and it was completely politically incorrect to call it a loaf
      1 box of Duncan Hines Devil's food mix
      ! loaf pan
      LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Ah, come on, that can't be all there is! What about the cracking? Darn, now I've insulted hens.

    3. Hey - if's made in a loaf pan - it's a loaf LOL !!!
      It always cracks ( the height I suppose ) making it look even more authentic !

  15. OMG, I was roaring with this one. I saved this on my phone to read to John. He was laughing too. Very well written and so true. We are so politically correct today it has ruined things in a HUGE way.


  16. I'm with you, Suzan. I don't get it, either. I mean...I call my husband retarded all the time. LOL!! Congratulations to Carol....she sure is a sweet lady.

  17. I hate that everything is so overly pc that we look and act like dumbos. Wait, it's wrong to call someone names, isn't it. *Sigh* Even at Disney on Ice (in December) they were very careful to say Happy Holidays. So goofy (and not the dog).

  18. It's official - the world has gone mad and I am not going to apologise to all mentally challenged people because I count myself as one of them :-D
    I wish people would stop looking at the form of words and start examining what lies behind them. You can call me anything you like, if you don't intend any malice, and I will be fine with it but you can phrase something in such a way that it is hard to pinpoint where the offence lies but I KNOW that it's there.
    I was just looking at some YouTube clips on bullying, which were very moving.The bullies don't tend to mince their words and it seems to me we should, as a society, be worrying why so many people are so openly hostile to others for no real reason not getting our knickers into a twist over words that have been in use for centuries!!!
    Oh my word (the most inoffensive expletive I could think of LMHO) I thought we had some cr*p - oops I mean unintellectually challenging - TV shows here but that one sounds like a cracker. I don't watch reality TV unless someone is buying, selling, building, renovating or redesigning houses, in which case I will sit through any amount of poor quality programming ;-))
    If I ever do find myself sucked into one I usually end up deeply depressed about the future of the human race and human nature in general. I don't know what upsets me most, the lengths people will go to just to appear on TV, the cynical producers who are happy to humiliate the participants to add 'interest' to the show or the fact that millions of people apparently enjoy the spectacle :-(
    IMHO if we all just concentrated on trying to understand, tolerate and respect one another and promoted people's positive qualities and achievements rather than revelling in their frailty, there would be a lot less to be politically incorrect about...
    Now I'm off to study the Global Language Monitor as I am probably inadvertently offending some minority every time I open my mouth :-0

    1. Hey Gerry - if you want to see something amazing on bullying - check this out - he says it better than anything I've ever heard on the subject................xoxoxoxo

  19. Suzan, where do you find all this information!! You crack me up...(maybe I've just offended eggs)!

  20. Mm,hm. You're right on. Everything is downright ridiculous. I'll say Merry Christmas, pet owner (oh yeah, I own them all right!), or whatever. I won't be insulting to people and call them a bad name but weather? It has no feelings. Maybe we're all a little intellectually challenged to try to be so PC.
    Gah, 14 inch nails. Why?
    Have a good week Suzan.

  21. The Christmas hoopla really riles me. Everybody else can celebrate their religious holidays without comment, but we are supposed to change the name of our's? When Toronto called their tree a Holiday Tree to be politically correct, I just about lost it. My poor husband has to hear it all because I wouldn't want anyone else to hear me rant. Lol I make sure to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I'm such a rebel!

    1. I don't even know a " real " person who takes offence to it Joanne - Atheists - Jews - everyone I know calls it who is it exactly that are complaining?
      Rant away LOL !!!

    2. Atheists. Me. Someone who is tired of what "Christmas" has become - not a religious celebration, but a commercial free-for-all. A time of year when Christianity is rubbed in the faces of Americans who do not believe as they do. Me. We are not only a nation of Christians. Why is it that other religions celebrate rather quietly, but Christianity is loud, obnoxious and misdirected?

    3. Aw c'mon Rush - it's a joyous time of year !
      You don't have to " believe " you can simply embrace family gatherings if that's what it means for you..............
      I love everything about it.
      Who's rubbing it in your face? Stay out of the stores LOL

  22. Yep, I was living in Toronto and working downtown when they made the Holiday Tree. And then all the big bank buildings started in on the Happy Holidays stuff. It raised such a ruckus. So now I deliberately say Merry Christmas to any and all. What I find kind of strange is that everyone says Merry Christmas right back - doesn't matter race, creed or colour. So who thinks of these things?!?

  23. Political incorrectness...As a part of a group, I can refer to myself by a particular word. It describes me and my relationship to the people in that group. If I am called that name outside of my group, it is a slur and unacceptable. My wife and I say things so politically incorrect that if anyone heard us, we would be embarrassed. After we say it, we say POOH, which is an acronym for Privacy Of Our Home. That isn't to say that we aren't sensitive to those who are different than we are. It just dawned on me...If we say something politically correct, doesn't that kind of mean that we pity that particular person for what they have or lack or is different? Think about it...someone who is mentally deficient, less educated or ugly...don't we pity them, in a way. Perhaps, we laugh at them to direct attention away from ourselves? When insults hurl, we go back and forth, trying to hurt someone's feelings. They come to an end when it gets to physical appearance, because that can't be refuted and it's easier. Political correctness has gotten out of hand, though. You're right. It has gotten silly. Not referring to oil as black gold just because the word "black" is in it is ridiculous. As long as my intentions are good, I will hopefully be forgiven if I'm called out on what I say. I can't change everything, because I don't know everything. I don't evolve as quickly as our language and interpretations does. It takes me awhile to get the hang of things, and sometimes I choose not to change. Change must make sense, too. I love our Friday chats.


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