Friday, March 13, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this & that )

Spitting Image....................

Hockey players love spitting

I don't get the correlation between sports and spitting -
or why the cameras seem intent to focus in on it every single time.
It makes me sick.  ( literally - I gag every time I see it )
Really, who needs to do that and a better question might be - who needs to see it?

Anyway it seems prevalent in Hockey for some reason.

I gag every time
And John roars.................

This is the Stanley Cup that the winning team will take home

Do you think it's a coincidence that it looks like a spitoon?
I don't ...................

What is it with Men and spitting anyway?

John says - Well what do you want them to do with it?
Suzan says - WITH WHAT?
John says - Their Spit
Suzan says - I don't know - where the hell does it come from in the first place?
John says - It's a very physical game you know
Suzan says - I can spend the day vacuuming - moving furniture around - cleaning toilets - making beds - and not feel the need to spit all over the place because of the exertion.............
Suzan says - I think Men just like to do it
( I have to mention here that I've never seen John spit - never - but he may be the only man I know that doesn't )

Men love to do it so much that it was once common for spittoons to be all over the freaking place.
Courtrooms - Hospitals ( OMG ) - Restaurants etc.

What are they?
A bunch of Camels for crying out loud?

So now I'll share a story with you - that's absolutely unbelievable to me
AT ALL except I giggle my head off every time I think of it ...................

I come from a family of secret holder's.   ........and window closer's so they'd all be mortified if they knew how much I share...................

Most of you were introduced to my two Grandmothers ( HERE ) it would make sense to read it if you haven't -

One of my Grandmother's was the epitome of class - always -
Slip - check
Dress - check
Stockings - check
Heels - check
Hat - check
Hat pin - check
Red Lipstick - check
Hair dyed and permed - check
Matching shoes and purse check -
You get it, right?
One day we were out shopping - just my Nana and I - and as we walked around the aisles there was a little girl who kept sticking her tongue out at me -
I remember I tugged at my Grandmother's sleeve whining about the little girl
To which my Grandmother turned around and said something to the girl's mother -
I didn't have a clue what was being said ( my Grandmother was fluently bilingual and the entire conversation was in French - this was long before I knew a word of French )  the conversation became very heated and I was getting very very nervous.
As it reached it's height - the lady turned her back to my Grandmother and snarled out something that must have been over the top insulting because my Grandmother quietly said something under her breath - and when the lady whipped around to reply - my Grandmother stepped back and SPAT AT HER. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG - it was disgusting and brilliant all at the same time.
As we walked away I turned around and stuck my tongue out at the little girl.
We were such a dynamic duo - Nana and I.

She was my very own - real life Mary Poppins - always striving to teach me how to be a lady.
And except for that little slip up she was always the perfect lady in my eyes.

And no one ever knew about that slip up except for family -
and now all of you

( I think she's turning over right about now )

Sorry Nana, even skeletons in the closet need to come out every once and awhile and dance.

My Mother once told me that I made her a nervous wreck -  she never knew what was going to come out of my mouth.
" Nothing's sacred in your world " she worried.

Well it was never spit Mom - not once.

It's Skunk Mating season - Hallelujah !!!

I wait anxiously every Spring for that sweet aroma to permeate every wall in my home - and wake up to it gagging - it's just so awesome !

Hey Pepe !
You think you could go hang around another street ?
I hear the ladies are prettier over there.................


And a random thought I had this morning.....................from where I sit in my office I can see the Church down the road ( it's very close )
As I'm typing up my posts in the morning I usually see this from my window

That's the early morning sun shining on the triangular window - isn't that spectacular ?
That's what I call sacred..................
( not silly secrets )

Does it make up for an otherwise gross chat today ?
It's part of a post I'm working on but thought I'd show it to you all today.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are.....................

Have a wonderful day AND weekend everyone
Much love,


  1. Looks a bit like a "hell-fire and damnation" sermon is going on in that church. And from your story about your gran, you don't seem to be the "spitting" image of her. Or maybe you are!!! Always enjoy these Friday chats. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. THANK YOU. At my job it's me and about 25 guys. I swear they wait until I'm glancing in their direction to spit. My question to them is the same - "What is wrong with your salivation system that makes you feel compelled to do that?!" No no no no no.

  3. Need I even tell you how much I adore your spitting Nana? How funny is that?!!! Can you imagine all the thoughts your Nana had to herself after that encounter? Did she scold herself or think that she had done the unspeakable ...or maybe she gloated! I like to think she gloated!

    I have never seen my husband to spit yet either. I think spitting is just so gross...especially those men that "chew" something and spit....ugh!

    That church window is beautiful!!!! It makes us for all the spit talk. xo Diana

  4. I, too, hate to see anyone spit in a public place. Not only is it disgusting, but it is probably not very sanitary either. Yuk! I don't mean to put down the gender, but some men do seem to be obsessed with the idea of spitting. Wonder what one of those spitters would do if a reasonably attractive woman spat on the ground in front of them. Hum, maybe there is something in that thought. Perhaps, every time one of us women spots a man spitting in public, we should work up one and let it land near them. I am too chicken, but it might give them something to think about!

    1. LMHO !!! They'd be disgusted Lynn - and they'd make a comment about it I'm sure !
      I'd be too chicken to do it also - any takers out there LOL ???

  5. You never cease to make me laugh!

    I would love to go out to lunch with you and just sit and listen.

  6. I think your Nana was an awesome lady! I don't understand many of the things men do that are so disgusting ~ the spitting is so offensive to me and seems the baseball players love to do it, along with whatever they're chewing. The scratching inappropriately drives me wild too. :(

    That church looks so beautiful! I so hope that men don't spit or scratch in there.


    1. She really was awesome - gone by the time I was 14 but what childhood memories that lady gave me !
      Isn't that the most amazing thing - the way the sun reflects on the window ?
      10 minutes - every morning!

  7. crack me up!! Love the photo of the church. No sunshine here today...just a lot of rain!!

  8. Oh, my stars ~ I just about PIMP at the Mary Poppins clip ~ Love it!! And of course now I have a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious earworm that will drive me crazy for a few days?weeks??
    I would SO loved to have met your Nana!!

  9. You got me by the heartstrings girl! I love my Mr. Heeeeeman......but he is a retired fireman, and they have some pretty disgusting "after fire rituals", such as bending over and blowing out the nose by pinching one nostril and letting it all fly out of the other. And trust me, it doesn't stop at retirement either! Let's face it girls, men are and have always been a different breed! Not that we don't love them, and lets face it front on because I know for a fact that they say the same thing about us girls! But now that we have covered spitting and other grossly gross related behavior, what is it about farting? Why do us women seem to have better control over this behavior??? I know sometimes at the worst of times, it can happen to anybody anywhere, and I should be careful because you know what happens when a question like this is broached, but my husband claims that from a higher authority, that he simply cannot help himself! He behaves like he is having an appendix attack if he can't let it out immediately! Yes, he has celiac disease, but this goes well beyond that! I am so sick and tired of walking into a grocery aisle and seeing him exit (quickly) down the other end of the aisle and then walking smack dab into the smog. Always it seems someone else is following behind me, thinking I am the ONE!!! I think I need a cork gun.......that's it!

  10. I just nearly spit the hot chocolate I'm drinking clear across the room - and I'm laughing my head off - because someone I know ( I'm not naming names but you all know him too ) sneaks off to other aisles when we're out together - O.M.G. is THAT what he's doing - LOLOLOL -
    What about burping?
    They can't seem to hold that back either....................nothing like a good 2 minute belch seemingly out of the blue - WTH ????
    I'm so happy to be from Venus - Mars sounds like a dirty smelly place LOL !!!
    Have a good weekend - I'm still laughing !

    1. A good giggle is simply payback for allllll the laughter you have given me!
      Hugs, Nanny

  11. You always give me a laugh! And these comments are making me laugh even more! I agree with you though about the spitting thing....weird! Have a wonderful weekend Suzan!

  12. Gag (shivers) I hate spitting too! It's the only reason I look down when walking, so I don't step in it.... gag. Yay for Nana, that was classy, save it till you really need it! Sunny here but still cold to the bone. xo Patty

  13. I am with you on spitting is terrible and sometimes gross,cause if you aren't watching you can step in it. That is so sweet about your grandmother and i loved the rest,you are so funny.Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Marlene !
      Wasn't a very funny topic today though LOL
      You have a great weekend too

  14. Ok, can't say my hubby spits. Never have seen Bruce do it. So gross, I agree. The story of your Nana made me smile..sounds like she knew when stronger measures were needed. :)
    Love that church striking! The sun did shine today - hallelujah, felt like Spring! Have a great weekend...working on my samples for the door finish. We're going up for the week! Yay! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Thankfully I live in a spit free zone, wish I could say the same for farting! This 2/5 diet is playing havoc with our bodily functions, I can only think our forebears went around full of more gas than a hot air balloon :-D Much as your classy Nana might want to deny it ladies DO, in fact in this house even the cat does LMHO
    I am now going to elevate my mind by admiring your church window and remembering a magical moment in France when my mother and I wandered into a beautiful church. There was a shaft of sunlight almost guiding us up the aisle and at the moment we reached the altar we were surrounded by the most heavenly singing but we couldn't see another soul! It was a heart stopping experience I will never forget...The rather more mundane explanation was that they were having a choir practice in the vestry but it still seems like a miracle to me!
    Have a great weekend and give yourself a break from those renovations and maybe Pepe le Pew as well :-)) xxxxx

    1. I can remember walking into the oldest church in Paris - a tiny little building all in stone and feeling like I was witnessing some kind of miracle as well - no angels singing but the history - OMG - the history goes right through your bones.............
      Only cats are allowed to spit - and camels - lol - I don't want to see any more humans doing it

  16. Our local sportscaster decided to put together a montage of all the spitting the baseball players were doing. There must have been a string of maybe 25 in 30 seconds. During dinner. Talk about gagging me! I called up the news station and told them how disgusting it was. The guy apologized. It didn't happen at the 11 pm news. It may or may have not been because of my complaint. The sportscaster didn't last very long. On another note: I remember when sticking one's tongue out at another was the ultimate way to offend someone. Now we use the single-finger hand gesture or resort to verbal abuse.

  17. My husband doesn't spit either. He is very much a classy gentleman. My ex-husband on the other hand must have been crowned King of Spitters at some point in his life. This just reminded me of my favorite movie, Titanic. I loathe the scene where Jack teaches Rose to spit. So NaStY!

    1. They must be related - John's name is John Wood LOL !!!
      And my ex would fight your ex for that title I'm sure

  18. Spit at the front of your post and church at the back.....LOL! I think I would have loved your Nana!

  19. Why am I visualizing the spitting lesson scene from Titanic? Actually, it grossed me out and no men should spit. Except cowboys. They look cool when they spit. Or maybe just lead actors from Hell On Wheels look cool doing it. Anyway, Grandmas really should not spit on other ladies. That much I'm sure of.

    1. I don't even like cowboys doing it LOL - neither should grandmother's ( except to create an over the top funny memory now and then lol )


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