Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DOOR REDUNDANCY ( or Door Decor )

I was cleaning out the linen closet this weekend - suffice it to say it doesn't exactly look like this at the moment by the way

anyway, tucked in the corner - behind the laundry basket - I found a door that I had completely forgotten about.- it's a small door - from an armoire or such I'm sure.
I bought it while living at the last house - where it fit the Victorian flat beautifully.  I pulled it out wondering where on earth I could put it in this place and an idea was born !

Remember that tiny hobbit closet door tucked under the rafters in the guest room?  ( guest room before and after post here
I had painted the panels in a gingham check to give it a little something - something - but the truth is I never really liked it - way too busy for such a small space.

The vintage armoire door was placed over it ( simply screwed on to the original door )
Much better don't you think?

Suzan says - Do you like it?
John says - Very nice !
And walks away - leaving me baffled...........wow - normally there's so much conversation involved with one of my projects !
Maybe he's not feeling himself?

Later on while I was taking pictures -
John says - What are you taking pictures of ?
Suzan says - The new door
John says - What new door?
Suzan says - The door I put up in here !
Suzan says - The door you said was very nice !
John says - I never saw a new door!!!
Suzan says - But you said it was very nice..........
Suzan says - Can you come look at it please
He walks into the room - looks at it and just shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head to himself -

Suzan says - Well?  Do you like it or not?
John says - I don't want to say anything.
Suzan says - C'mon - I want to hear what you think about it ( I don't mention that there's a ton of people out there wanting to hear it as well - or he won't say anything ever again )
John says - I don't understand redundancy - I never will
Suzan says - Come again?
John says - Doors are supposed to be functional - we've got doors all over the place that serve no purpose - now we have a door that leads to a door...................it's senseless.
Suzan says - But it looks nice, right?
John says - Actually - in my opinion - it looks ridiculous - but if you like it.............................
Suzan says - Can I ask you a silly question?
Suzan says - What exactly were you saying was " very nice " when you walked in the first time?
John says - The room, in general.
Suzan says - I absolutely CANNOT believe you didn't see it when you walked in here the first time
John says - Well you wouldn't notice if I had a new golf club, now would you?
Suzan says - BUT I DON'T LIVE IN YOUR GOLF BAG !!!  And if I did - I'd notice it !

And just like that - everything returned to normal !
I heaved a sigh of relief - nothing's wrong with him after all !

I had half a mind to continue the conversation - but I DO happen to understand redundancy and so I stopped right there.

I personally feel it went from a Hobbit's door to an Alice in Wonderland Door lol

And it just goes to prove...................

One man's " door redundancy " is another woman's " door decor "
And in my world ( you know, that strange one I live in ? ) doors are actually furniture.

Have a wonderful day everybody !


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  1. At least he was recumbent while talking about being redundant! lol
    Face it, Suzan. "They" will never "get it"...and, really, why should we expect them to? lol Personally, I love your door on a door....xo Diana

  2. I love it! Redundancy -smundancy. Who cares when it looks beautiful? Now excuse me while I go cry over my door (glad you understand a busy look).

  3. The door is charming and the organization photo of the interior is breathtaking to me, since I just shoved a few pillowcases into my tiny closet and they barely fit!

  4. Quite honestly, I got stuck on the part where you referenced John: "Maybe he's not feeling himself."

    But please tell us! Inquiring minds want to know! ;)


  5. I just LOVE that room with the blue/grey walls and white trim. The new door-on-a-door, the pretty mirror and lamp... that is my idea of perfection. I feel good when I am in a room like that. Sadly, hubby doesn't like blue. I want it everywhere, so you are fortunate that John may make some funny comments, but still you can basically do whatever you like (or is that not true?)

  6. I like the door on a door. Very unique

  7. That is a funny conversation between you and John. I like the door though....really cute.

  8. Andi is trouble LOL! All you people crack me up! I was just thinking of redundancy today. If I like something, I'll repeat it in every room. I'm cleaning out my closet today. I'm neck deep in mess! Spring cleaning has begun!

  9. Not working for me in such a small space, the door looks like it is having a nervous breakdown.

  10. It looks great Suzan and I totally get it. It does look like it was made for the room as well. You are so creative...:) Have a fantastic week!

  11. I love this door and you know me there can never be enough doors. Looks great.

  12. Men are from Mars, Suzan, and apparently redundancy is not allowed on Mars.

  13. Suzan, I totally get you. Love the door, it inspires the mind to wonder, or wander? Take your pick! Love it.

  14. The door looks nice... whether redundant or not. :)

  15. Oh that was a funny exchange you had with your hubby Suzane. Kind of like the one I usually have with my hubby over the lawn...he says "weeds are green" so what's my problem with them? I think they are ugly. He just sees green. I think you door on a door is simply charming and it is unique to boot! Thank you so much for sharing your style at SYS this week! Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!
    XO Barbara

  16. So, so funny!!! I LOVE your door because I'm one of those silly people who goes to great length to incorporate wonderful old doors into my decor.
    Mary Alice

  17. Lol! Please stop by my blog and link up to our Something to Talk About party each Monday, I can use the laughs :)

  18. I think it's super charming and quirky, which is a total score in my book! I love your conversations. ;)

  19. I think John secretly admires your love of old doors Suzan and your beautiful decorating style. Thank you for linking up this week at Shabbilicious Friday.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  20. it is beautiful! you two are so funny! Thanks for linking with HSH!

  21. I like both of them! It's rare to see an old door I don't like, wish I had more room for them around here. Thanks for linking up with Vintage Inspiration Party.

  22. I have screen doors over French door over blank walls. John would be crazy here. What is hanging on the door?

  23. You two are a DOOR able! I actually like both doors. I would be thrilled to have either one. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. Wow! That door is aDOORable! Hahaha! It's really unique and well placed. It brought out such a very cozy and comfortable vibe to the whole room. Thanks for sharing that, Suzan! All the best!

    Daryll Smith @ Franklin Window and Door


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