Thursday, March 26, 2015

A small makeover ( Fireplace )

For a small electric fireplace actually !

One of the guest rooms is extremely cold all winter ( the other one - right beside it is extremely hot - but I've given up trying to figure anything out in this fixer upper of ours )
So a small electric fireplace was the perfect solution for the room
I think I got this for 50.00 - but wood was not going to work in this room all. - it's a dark wood    ( had it been black I would have left it probably  )

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ to the rescue - Pure White

The room is too small to put a proper end table beside the bed - especially with the bed tucked into that
" nook "
I had a narrow console there -  but a fireplace makes it even " cosier " than it already is ( and trust me this room is as tiny cosy as they come lol )

I distressed the edges slightly - and than fell back on my usual " more is more " and added a little painted detail

The evolution of an electric fireplace

There's enough room for the necessities - a book - a cup of tea - a clock AND a

door handle - since my other half doesn't seem to think it's important to put the handles back on any of the doors..................pffft - " I can do that anytime " he assures me - " Are you in that much of a rush? " he asks me - " There's Hockey on " he warns me..................
A year later I've just placed it in the room so people can actually get out of it if necessary - or use it as a weapon in case there's a break in .
I'd do it myself but for some reason these ones are too stiff and I mess up every time ( I try at least once a month LOL )

But if we were still in our rowhouse there would have been some raised eyebrows.
The outlet is behind the bed in that section where everything fits wall to wall and can barely be budged -
It involved John standing over me - dripping sweat - and me scrambling around on my hands and knees and slithering underneath - there were a few " higher's! " and " quick! - I can't hold on much longer's! " belted out and then silence...................followed by an " ahhhhh "
I got it plugged in !
John let the bed down with a bang.
and ta da !

For those of you that follow you must be thinking " not another fireplace ! "
Yep, another one LMHO !!!

John says - Are you going to put one of those damn things in every room ?
Suzan says - Don't be silly ...................they'd be far too dangerous in the bathrooms

Have a wonderful day everyone - the weekend's almost here
( weekend?  what's a weekend?  I miss that show already )

( you can see which guest room I'm referring to HERE - all 70 square feet of it )

The End.

Much love,


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  1. Adorable! I miss the show too!

  2. It looks cute as a button in that room and you won't have to thaw your guests out in the morning!

  3. Lokks lovely and cozy too! We ran electric baseboard heaters upstairs when we rewired the place. No heat up there for 230yrs! No kidding. alove the IWTLTW house, absolutely perfect, just take a toothbrush and move in. Come on lottery, Momma needs a big win! xo Patty

  4. Another great job. I was laughing imagining John. Ever notice how dramatic they are when it's them holding something for what seems an hour? ?

    One time in the old house John was putting up a ceiling medallion. I was telling him he was doing it wrong with the chandler balancing on my head and he said be quiet. After a half hour I yelled stop and do what I say. He said don't be a pain and I threatened to drop the light. Guess what, I was right. He still isn't living that one down, LOL

    By the time he was finished I held the chandelier for an hour


  5. Suzan,
    It looks so awesome and it gives warmth and cozy feel too. So sweet. Like the details you did to it.

  6. The perfect finishing touch for that small room. It really adds a lot of character and serves a good purpose. Twofold hit!! Love it. SOOOO much better painted. xo Diana

  7. Love the looks of what you done to the fireplace. That would look great in my bedroom :}
    "Good food, a warm hearth, and all the comforts of home."
    Any guests that you have sure will feel nice and cozy there.

  8. Hi Suzan, The bedroom is so cute and I love the fireplace! Great solution .

  9. just perfect...can't wait to find one, too....I swear, every thing you buy is just what I wanted.:)

  10. It does look cozy. But I'm really laughing over the conversation. Definitely could of been misconstrued. Lol. :)

  11. Adorable! Love the white paint and accents. Color me freaky about not being able to easily unplug anything! Thus my copious number of power strips.

  12. Love your fireplace!! We have an electric corner fireplace in our living room and I love the warmth it adds to the room.

  13. Looks great Suzan. Excellent job on painting it.

  14. Best idea I've ever seen for one of these little fireplaces. Makes me wonder where on earth I could fit one in our home.... The paint job is perfect!

  15. I think one in the bathroom would be fantastic. You could throw your towel nearby instead of installing a heated towel rack....just saying! Love the makeover especially the doorknob that adorns the top. Adds that flair of escape. Happy weekend Suzan!

  16. What a beautiful room! I love the little fireplace with its new look. Just curious, does the paint that you used hold up with the heated surface of the stove? Or perhaps the fireplace doesn't get too hot? I would like to do something like this. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much !
      The paint holds - but I didn't use wax on this piece ( too afraid of it melting actually ) just a coat of polyurethane !

  17. A fireplace would make a bathroom look so romantic! Maybe John would be glad to look for one that is "waterproof"? Have a great weekend!

  18. "Let the bed down with a bang" - what a visual! LOL Your fireplace looks like it was made for that space and how terrific you can use it for heat and as a side table.

  19. I love that little room and the fireplace looks adorable in there!


  20. Another great project Suzan!!! I love what you have done with this guest room...So Cute!!! Thank you for sharing at Share it One More Time

  21. I love it Suzan. It's so pretty and fits right in that little room perfectly. Love the diamond design you added. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  22. I can only imagine what it took to get that fireplace all fired up and ready to go. Your room is so cozy even without the door knobs. Thanks for sharing at VIP Suzan.

  23. Your fireplace turned out great! And, it looks so nice in the room.

  24. Really looks nice painted white Suzan. Love the added little touches as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. Thanks for sharing your fireplace makeover, I love this post because it gave me great ideas for my fireplace for my new home.

  26. What a great makeover...a usual. The fire place really looks nice in there. With your John it is the door knobs...with my John it is the several lamps that need to be rewired and are sitting in several rooms on the floor just waiting and waiting and waiting... I keep asking if today is the day and so far it hasn't happened yet. GIven enough time, I guess I will be doing them myself......but I know the feeling AUUUUGH

  27. It perfectly matches the cosiness of the room Suzan. Rooms don't have to be large to be beautiful... I think this one looks lovely.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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