Friday, August 14, 2015

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning everyone !!!

The last month has been insanely busy...................
I did furniture for Evan's room  - including a rocking chair makeover that I haven't had time to post about yet.
I finally finished the front ( enclosed ) porch
We built a deck ( with an incredible amount of help from the boys )
Had a baby shower ( and all that that entails )
Worked on the backyard so that we could accommodate roughly 50 or so people.

So...............this past week was kind of a lazy one for me.
You know when you just collapse in a heap?

Anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I made salad one night and asked John if he could snip some basil off the plant outside.

John says - Sure !
John says - What does basil look like?
Suzan says - Tell me you're joking !
John says - laughing - Of course I am.

He was gone quite a while so I went out to see what was taking so long
HOLY COW - I'm still laughing 3 days later.

There he was...............foraging around the planters - .bent down and sniffing all the plants trying to figure out which one was basil -
Can you picture it ???

He finally looked up as he was holding on to some Rosemary - NOT THAT ONE!

John says - I know - I just like the smell.


I pointed to the basil and he grabbed some and came back in

Suzan says - You really didn't know what basil was?
John says - Of course I do !
Suzan says - What were you doing - just taking time to smell the herbs?

My desk faces the street ( from the second floor ) so I can see what's going on out there if I'm sitting at it.
We bought a new lawn mower so the old one ( in perfect working order actually ) was put outside on the curb along with the garbage ( knowing someone would grab it )
On garbage day a man pulled up in his van and came out to take a look at it.
As he was wheeling it around I yelled out from upstairs
The man jumped and looked all around
The man now is frantically looking all over
' UP HERE! "  I yelled down -
Finally he looked up and waved - grabbed the lawnmower and took off.

John says - I wish you wouldn't do that
Suzan says - What?
John says - Scream like a banshee from the upstairs window - DON'T YOU KNOW YOU PROBABLY MADE HIM VERY UNCOMFORTABLE??????????

I'm in a stump over Trump.
How is this happening?
And I'm not being facetious ..................I really want ot know - HOW.  IS.  THIS.  HAPPENING?
Enlighten me.

When Megyn Kelly mentioned all the nasty mysogynistic comments he's made about women - and he pointed out that it was only Rosie O'Donnell - the audience erupted into laughter and applause.
Then he went to twittertown on Miss Kelly herself and everyone got upset.

I really AM confused by it he allowed to denigrate some women but not all women?
Can he only make fun of overweight women?
Gay women?
Women with dark hair?
What ARE the rules here?
Other than entertainment value I don't get what he stands for politcally.
Other than build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it ( great in theory - sort of ridiculous reality wise )

He wants to make America Great Again by implementing  "really good" changes.

Surely that's not the criteria for a good speech on policies?  Shouldn't he - oh I don't know - MENTION WHAT THOSE CHANGES WILL BE?

Can you imagine what he'd say about Angela Merkel if she disagreed with him about something?
He'd probably break twitter !

As Lindsay Graham so eloquently put it - " it's all gibberish "

You know, if every ounce of ego was worth a dollar - he'd be worth..............oh wait forget about that.

Anyway I DO so love a good circus !

Our mail man will no longer be bringing our mail................we got the keys to a group mail box up the street.
Another job made redundant.
You young ones won't remember but I grew up with a milk man....................he delivered our milk every morning..............along with eggs and butter and sometimes my Mother would leave a note - as a special treat and there on the stoop would be sitting ice cold chocolate milk first thing in the morning.
I also remember Tellers in banks.

Is it any wonder there is an epidemic of anti social disorders today?
There's very little interaction left, period.

I wonder if schools will be made redundant in the not to distant future - every child will be provided with a computerized curriculum a voice on a computer tells them which book to open - no interaction with other children.

Too many of them already play virtual games .............instead of actually kicking a ball.

Some things are better today - but the ones that are not terrify me..

Our grands ( mine by the heart - John's by blood ) play soccer.
I asked Amelia a couple of weeks ago if she had won her game.

Amelia says - We're ALL winners !
Lolli says - I know you are - but who won the game?
Amelia says - We don't have winners and losers because we're ALL winners !

Oh dear Lord - we're going to be a whole society of Donald Trumps one day.

What happens when they lose at something in real life and have no way of handling it?
Doesn't losing sometimes and winning sometimes build character?
Or am I just being too old fashioned here?

How can you ever know if you suck or excel at something if you win everything you attempt?

Can you imagine what the FIFA games will be like in 20 years?
They'll have to give everyone the cup !

If you think some of today's sports people act like prima donna's - b-b-b-baby you ain't seen nothing yet.................

So........I had the above mentioned shower and NEVER TOOK ANY PHOTOS OF THE DECORATONS!
What kind of a blogger does that?
One who was so stressed out that she could barely see properly.
But I DID get this one !

and this one

and this one

and those are just some of the gifts - they went on well past where Chris is sitting -
I also made a gift card " tree " - where Babies-R-Us gift cards were attached to branches - all  $1360.00 worth of them - plus they received cash in cards - holy cow - I've never seen anything like it in my life!

Those balloon swags?
I made 4 of of my fingers is scarred forever from tying them in knots !

They're calling for a hot one this weekend..................really hot.
With the humidity it's supposed to be over 100 degrees...............if any of you are looking for me I'll be in the pool for the next 48 hours !  I keep saying that but I don't actually do it -
This weekend I intend to !!!

Well first we're off to buy those French Doors but then I swear to you that's where I'll be :)

Have a wonderful one everybody -
( summer's flying by so quickly it makes me panic )
Love to all
Lots of it


  1. Thanks for brightening my morning with your funny wit!

  2. I SO agree with you on the "We're all winners" will they ever learn life???

    As for Trump, as an American, I profusely apologize... unfortunately, slime happens. Should he win, may I come live with you for 4 years?

    LOL @ John's basil hunting!!

    Hugs ~

    1. Don't count on being gone just 4 years after all we got stuck with Obama for a second term. Rosie went after Donald first but unfortunately he got in the mud with her. Is she supposed to be treated differently? Or is feminism really that women should be treated differently?

  3. The first time Steve came to my childhood home, he walked into the kitchen in the morning and a man was sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper. Steve greeted him, made a bowl of cereal and sat down. At that moment, the man stood up, said, "have a good day" and left. Steve was baffled. When everyone was gathered in the kitchen later, Steve asked about the man and my dad simply said, "that was Floyd, the milkman". I assumed that Floyd stopped at every house on his route for coffee. There are no more Floyd's.

  4. I think The Donald is making so much headway because he is not beholding to the lobbyists the way all the Dems and other Repubs are. Everyone else is politically correct to the point that they seem like they should be on one of those "everyone is a winner" teams you spoke of.

  5. I just smile, when I see you have posted on my blog list…cause I know it will be fun, entertaining and informative on Friday. The shower looked gorgeous and I did wonder what you did with all those balloons. And Trump is a media phenomenon, I think people just so up--and participate in/on his idiocies for entertainment. Certainly the rest of the world is not laughing with us, but AT us! Grins and have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks so much - you put a big smile on my face too !
      And God help me but the Trump said a few things this weekend that I found myself nodding my head at..............
      I don't recognize myself anymore LMAO !!!

  6. Trump is a buffoon. A baboons arse. And the list goes on. I too am baffled and if he is elected president I will be on the way to Mars with Cher!!!
    And that baby shower? One hellofa. ;) Congrats.

  7. Loved your this and that chat today. Ashley looks so beautiful pregnant. Love that she got so many wonderful gifts to start Evan off right. Looks like you had a great day for the shower weather wise too.

  8. American politics at its best?? LOL
    Love the photos you did take. :-)

  9. Wow such a beautiful decorated show and those gifts! Unbelievable, such fun! Poor Chris looks like he's not sure how they will use it all. Teehee. You had a crazy month so kick back and have a lovely weekend. xo Patty

  10. Hm, where to start? Laughing at John and his basil hunting...too funny about the man and the lawnmower, Donald Trump - well let's just say the last president won on his "it's time for a change" campaign and look where that got us...scary really. Love the pictures of the shower you did take. Everything looks wonderful. And I so agree about the everyone's a winner crud...really? Real life is not like that. Get a grip people! We are overprotecting our kids and not preparing them at all for life.
    Our heat finally broke - we are now in the 90's instead of 100's. Hey we take what we can get!
    Have a good weekend! Hugs,

  11. Looks like the baby shower went well and from what it sounds, you had a good crowd and the happy couple received many useful gifts. Beautiful decorations as well.
    You're just like the Energizer bunny; you just keep going and going and going......... Just can't understand why you should be exhausted? You need to take a few days of vacation just to recoop.
    Have a great weekend and stay cool.
    We reached 106 the other day and has been running 104 deg. and that's not including the heat index. Cool front these last couple days; in the 90's

  12. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme - make John sing the song as he gathers the herbs. Beautiful shower and yes, gifts go overboard now. Chucks wanted to move to Canada, but learned he must speak French and be cold. I do not mention the "T" name - it makes my blood boil.

  13. I really enjoy your blog and have been following for a short while. I have not read your profile, if you have one, but am wondering if you are an Ex-Pat from the USA? Or are all Canadians interested in USA politics? Trump is a bit on the brash side, but because of the state this country and the world is in, the people want a new non political view of how the country is run. You can tell that by the 3 front runners not being politicians, but people with real jobs. Congrats on the beautiful addition to your family. My 10th (9th girl) great-grandchild is due in November. I too feel they are going to miss so much of what childhood had to offer when we were growing up. I grew up in Washington D C and we had an alley to play in, I felt my kids missed so much not having allies to explore and play in. They look back at The Mall with fond memories. I thought they for were shopping LOL.

  14. Hey Linda ! Nope - I'm Canadian through & through............but I think most of us follow American politics for a couple of reasons - first of all and most importantly - what happens in the States directly affects our markets big time and secondly our politics are too boring for words - seriously - we had a debate the night after yours and I almost fell asleep watching it. I actually made popcorn to watch yours LOL !!! I totally get that the world is fed up of the status quo - and believe me that IS the world wide consensus of everyone I speak to - but I've never been a fan of Trump - it's not his brashness whatsoever - it's his ego. The only conversation he seems capable of is how great he is.
    Thanks so much for the kind words re " Evan " ( my slice of Heaven ) 10 th great grandchild on the way - oh my gosh - multiples blessings !
    I grew up with an alley too and a front stoop ! Simpler times...................

  15. I have 6 grandchildren and only 3 have produced the 9, soon to be 10th great-grands. 2 of my remaining grandchildren are gay, so I don't think I will have any more great-grands. They get so much stuff at Christmas and none of them have a birthday in the summer, that this year I had Christmas in July with them. My gifts did not get lost in the shuffle and they have months to play with them before Christmas comes. Is Evan your first?
    Trump does have a big ego, but I think you need one to be successful. I would like to put them all in a bag shake it up and hope all the good points of each come out in one person. I just DO NOT want Hillary for our next president. In fact so far no democrat has shown up that would get my vote. Take care.

    1. Why wouldn't you have great grands from your gay grands? Don't rule them out - there's artificial ways and then there's adoption...............more may be on the way to that empire you're building LOL !!!
      Christmas in July is a fabulous idea and you're right - they get to enjoy the gifts until the next " stash " arrives in December !!!
      John and I are a blended family - so we have 6 grands on his side - this is the first one on my side - argghhh I can't type this without seeing his little face looking up at me - I'm melting here !
      Being a Canadian I mostly identify with Bernie Sanders..............he's kind of my type of politician - for the people.
      Have a wonderful rest of the weekend


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