Monday, August 3, 2015

Broadway Baby...............

I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone................( although I'm sure everyone loves seeing live performances ) I don't know if it affects everyone the same way.

It doesn't have to be Broadway (although there's nothing like seeing 42nd street on 42 street let me tell you)

It's not uncommon to see me sitting there with tears running down my cheeks - simply because I'm witnessing such raw talent.
I get chills and I'm more moved by this art form than any other.

I'm the one screaming BRAVO loudest ( and I've been known to scream out I LOVE YOU on more than one occasion )
I'm the first one clapping - I'm the first one that stands for an ovation ( which is every single time really ) and I'm the last one to leave the building - always feeling overwhelmingly sad that it's over and terrified that I'll miss one last curtain call.

They stay with me a life time - lines that resonate are repeated until everyone I know is sick of hearing them.
I never am.

If I lived in NewYork I'd be at the theater constantly - I know that.
Here in Montreal I'd spend my last penny on something to wear - or eat.
But in New York?
I'd spend my last penny on something to see.

So I thought I'd share - via You Tube 2 shows worth their weight in gold.

When you find the time ( and I know sometimes it hard to find but these are oh so worth it - promise )

LIZA MINELLI  - this was broadcast on T.V. back in the 70's - and I love it as much today as I did then.
The show is magnificent.  Not a musical per se - but a concert that's every bit as good as one.
I was 13 years old the first time I watched it - in our living room - with my Mother.

And this next one?
What a lady - and one of the best one lady shows ever produced.
I can't say enough good things about it.............

The show opens with this line

" Yah - well it's like the prostitute once said - it's not the work - it's the stairs "

And goes on to talk in a frank ( and because of that - endearing ) way about her life - her entire life condensed of course and includes songs - it's out of this world fantabulous !


You'll thank me.
As soon as you watch them.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone - it's the first one in August
Let this month last longer than June and July did - PLEASE !!!
From my ♥ to yours


  1. At any show, especially a Broadway show, I usually start to tear up when the curtain opens. If the curtain literally "goes up" I get emotional. Perhaps my past life in the theatre has set me up for this. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  2. Oh I went to my first Broadway play in New York last July 2014 and I could go to one everyday also.
    It's the excitement of just being in the audience that thrilled me let alone the wonderful actors and actoress .
    I love walking alone the outside of the theatres and seeing all the billboards
    Then I was thrilled to shop on 5th ave and buy new a new Louis Vuitton bag LOL
    Even shopped in the Diamond District, window shopped LOL

  3. I feel the same way. I raised my daughter and son to love theatre. Broadway is exciting. That inspired my daughter to be an actress. Her dream is to someday make it there. For now, we enjoy her at The Spaghetti Factory in Nashville TN. She is in a murder mystery company. I will always support live theatre. There is nothing like it. I especially like it when she is on stage. ;)

  4. I LOVE the theater! I've only been to see a Broadway production once, when Carl and I were doing work in NYC for a client. It was UNFORGETTABLE! We're fortunate in Cleveland (Ohio) to have Playhouse Square, an area devoted to live theater/ballet/opera, so we do get some fine productions and performers here. For a long time, we had an Opera company, and I had season tickets. But, that one experience on Broadway had me so hooked, that I am with you on that: I would spend all my money going to the theater if I lived there! And thank you, Suzanne, for sharing Ms. Liza Minnelli. . .I remember this, too! One of my favorites.

  5. Really enjoyed it.
    Thank you.
    I always thought that Liza (with a Z) had the most beautiful eyes.

  6. OMG I adore live theatre, the journey it takes you on, the emotions and if it's a musical, all the lovelier! I once saw a performance of Les Miserables by a high school. The leade male, when he sung, you were spellbound and could hear a pin drop. My son is a theatre grad, best experience of my life - other than the day he was born - was seeing him performe live. It was such an unbelieveable experience. I love how you so totally immerse yourself in the experience, I do too. It is magical! Thanks for sharing your favs, I love both Liza and her Mother. Turner Classic Movies is wonderful for playing, new and old films. I wish I had a video of my son's performance. xo Patty

  7. We have tickets to a dinner/theatre in the round here, and its just as you describe--excellent. Nothing beats live theatre. I played pit orchestra during my high school and college years. I know every show I played by heart, and can break into every song, even now, forty some wears later. Support your local theatre and museums.
    "High on a hill is a lonely goatherd..adee-I-",…oh something!, lol.

    1. " loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd " LOL !!!
      She was the best also !!!

  8. When we lived in San Diego our daughter took me to a one person show at the theatre in Balboa Park. It's quite a place. I totally enjoyed that show. We saw a play here in Grand Junction one time and enjoyed it very much. i can remember seeing the Movie with Barbra Streisand and Chris Christofferson and was so blown away by the music, was entranced whole movie. Thanks to my lovely old memory can't remember name of movie. I am very emotionally affected by music so things like plays really stay with me and affect how I feel about things.Never have seen play in N.Y. of course but am pretty content with what I have experienced. Glad for you to have been able to see in person plays. Enjoy them. I believe them to be enriching experiences. Also loved the Sound of Music and am so sad for Julie Andrews not to be able to sing anymore. What a voice. Interesting topic this time. Always love your posts.

    1. Wasn't that " A Star is Born " ?
      It was fabulous ! I think musicals are incredible anywhere you see them - I saw " Cats " here in Montreal
      ( there's just something about old New York - New York - I want to be a part of it ................... )


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