Friday, March 11, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning !

How do you do?

I do fine thank you very much !

Where did that expression come from?  I remember when people said it all the time - today if someone asked me  " How do you do ? "  I'd look at them baffled and reply  " How do I do what? "

Still... my youth was such a polite era to grow up in. ( even if it was on the cusp of flying out the window )

We got Netflix last week.
And so I've been binge watching Mad Men ( although I've seen every show already ) and even with all it's misogyny it still makes me nostalgic for those days.
I know the 60's were terrible years for many but they were my " little girl " years and so I was pretty innocent about the ugliness.
From my vantage height of around 4 feet at the time things looked pretty glamorous.
I spent the 60's in bliss if the truth be known..............or maybe as we get older we " blissify " our youths ?

I miss this girl..........

Does anyone else remember Rabbit Rabbit ?
It brought luck if it was the first thing you said on the 1st of the month and I learned it from Trixie ! Did it for years and years.
( who am I kidding - nothing feels quite right if I don't do it......still to this day )
I did it on Tuesday actually so don't be too surprised if I win the lottery or something !

I also miss Nancy

Many many nights were spent in terror reading those books with a flashlight under the blanket.
But I had no idea that THIS existed

Oh my gosh - did anyone else ever see this game or own it?
That would have been on a few Christmas lists back in the day I'll tell ya !  I was so freaking concerned with ' DON'T SPILL THE BEANS ' and ' KERPLUNK '  and ' CLUE '  that I never realized this game even existed.


The game boards ranged from blue to red for the 1957 version, blue for the 1959 US version and red, green, and black for the 1959 Canadian version. On the back of the board was a sticker that featured the art on the box lid. If you find an old ratty game missing some of its parts, consider framing the game board to hang with your collection.

Locations on the game board were from the mystery stories:
The Haunted Bridge, The Ghost of Blackwood Hall, The Mystery of the Tolling Bell, The Secret of Red Gate Farm, The Mystery of the Hollow Oak, The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion, The Sign of the Twisted Candles, and The Secret in the Old Attic. Also featured on the board is the Drew Home and Moon Lake, the lake Nancy visited in The Secret of the Old Clock. The "bad" place to end up on the board is the Spider Web, perhaps inspired by Old Attic. One thing not in the books that is on the board and seems somewhat odd is that at the Haunted Bridge location, there is a witch holding a broom--obviously not from this book!
There were action oriented spaces on the game boards which allowed players to place markers on spaces, go to Moon Lake Bridge, remove an opponent's marker, remove your own markers, and go to the Spider Web.

Oh I'd give anything to find one of these !!!

I miss Gilligan and Batman
The girls from Petticoat Junction
Samantha and Endora and even Mrs. Kravitz
All of the Munsters ( but mostly Herman )

I cut my teeth on The Edge of Night - The Secret Storm and of course Another World ( which I watched well into the late 70's  - remember Steve and Rachel ? )

And reruns of I Love Lucy and the Honeymooners were on every day.

Then the 70's came around and t.v. was even better !

When you're from my era and you try to watch t.v. in this era you're doomed - really you're just flat out doomed.
I was raised at a time when T.V. was it's finest ( in my humble opinion ) and have lived to see it slide down every decade until we are now what I believe to be the worst.

It's SCHITT - all of it

And speaking of SCHITT - there's a show out right now that has me peeing my pants
it's absolutely HYSTERICAL.
Well the peeing my pants thing? That has a lot to do with menopause I'm sure - but still.............

It's a Canadian show starring EUGENE LEVY and CATHERINE O'HARA and it's called
Now first of all you have to know that for me to recommend a t.v. show it really has to be a great one.
I'm so critical of t.v. of it all.
Secondly it's a very rare thing for me to recommend a Canadian show - we're a great Country - filled with great people and crap t.v.   Sorry fellow Canadians ( we also apologize for everything ) it's just the way it is.
But Schitt's Creek?
It's pure comedic brilliance.
I'm hoping you can watch it from the link HERE - but if you can't - google it to find out how.
I know it's on netflix but maybe that's only Canada - anyway move here if you have to - it's worth it !

You'll thank me .................but it's not necessary.
That's what friends are for.
In a world of horrific t.v. it's a friend's duty to let another friend know when they discover a good show :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Much love,


  1. I was born in 1966, I am not quite 50. But I remember when TV was awesome, it was back in the 1970's for sure. Now pardon me, while I go tell my boss I need to leave work early as I have to go find this show, Schitt's Creek on demand! Have a great weekend!

    1. I know you're hooked on Schitt's Creek now Laura LOL - so glad you love it !

  2. sounds interesting. reading this post was like going down memory lane. the public library was my life in the little town I grew up in.

  3. I DEVOURED all the Nancy Drew books... and everything else I could get my hands on!

    I miss "the good old days" too ~ Samantha, Tabitha (whom I wanted to be!), Gilligan; I had a mad crush on Burt Ward (Robin), and loved H.R. Puffenstuff. BF and I drove our folks nuts with that theme song!!

    I'll definitely check out the Schitts... I know you wouldn't steer me wrong!

    Hugs ~

  4. I think we may be the same age, but let's don't tell each other our ages to confirm, k? I remember when I was young that whenever someone knocked at the door my mother's stock greeting was "Won't you come in?" Ha! I can just see me saying that! Those were the good old days. And you are absolutely right about t.v.--much better then! I miss The Guiding Light, As the world turns and Dark Shadows. Used to watch those shows every day during summer break. BUT. . . . we're not getting older, we're getting better! I bet our husbands secretly say to others, "my wife, I think I'll keep her."

  5. Okay... having grown up on the Beachcombers and Irish Rover's specials, rolling into M*A*S*H and China Beach and finally loving Dead Like Me (then I got rid of cable)... I will ever be grateful that you have now got me hooked on Schitt's Creek. Appreciate that on...

  6. Yes the best tv was then! I love watching some of the British renos of older estates etc. Misery loves company sort of thing! Will have to check out Schitt's Creek, thanks for suggestion! xo Patty

  7. Love this post! It was fun going back in time to those shows, and Nancy Drew books - and thanks for the rec for Schitt's Creek, the trailer is hilarious! I'll check out the episodes.

  8. I really enjoyed reminiscing with you, Suzan! I figure I'm about 10 years older than you, but I watched all of the same shows, and I love Nancy Drew. I am not familiar with Trixie Belden, though. I don't know if that is a Canadian or British book series, but I have heard of the "Rabbit-Rabbit" thing, but I never knew where it came from! We don't watch any regular TV cuz it IS Schitt. We watch mainly PBS Masterpiece Theater and all of the documentaries on PBS and all of the British shows. We can't stand how there are more commercials than show on the regular channels. We tape only one show from either CBS or NBC, not sure what channel it's on, called "The Big Bang Theory". It is only 1/2 an hr. Actually the actual show is about 15 minutes, and the other 15 mins. are commercials. We've counted as many as 12 or 13+ commercials at each break, (about 4 breaks), we fast forward through the commercials. The show is very funny. I don't know if you've ever watched it. I've wanted to get Netflix, but we do not have it yet. Do the shows have commercials on Netflix?
    I love Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy! Anything they are in is guaranteed to be funny. I'd never heard of "Schitt Creek", but I'm going to see how I can watch it. O'Hara and Levy are from "Second City TV", aren't they? I really think she is hilarious! I've gotta find how to watch "Schitt Creek"! Thanks for the tip. We are really hooked on the BBC shows that they show here now on PBS, plus they have no commercials on PBS!
    Happy weekend!
    Love Ya,

  9. Loved this visit to memory lane! Nancy I knew very well, but not so with Trixie. Darn, would like to have known her. The Boxcar children were another of my favorites. Manners certainly aren't what they use to be!

  10. I literally NEVER share things from posts with Steve, but I shared several excerpts from this post with him. We had heard of Schitt's Creek, but haven't looked for it. Steve is actually looking on Netflix now to see if we can get it. Of course we won't watch now, but if you put a bug in Steve's ear, he has to look into it right away. Oh, the posts I could write about him!

  11. I was a child in the 60's and it is my favorite decade. I knew about the Viet Nam war, had a cousin who fought in it, but it was not on our soil, like the horrors that go on today. I loved those shows you mentioned amd was a huge Nancy Drew fan. I especially liked her pal Dave Mead. Still to this day don't know if it is pronounced MEE-d or M-eh-d. Aye. I also believe the 60's had the best music. Beatles, Beach Boys, etc. The seventies are bittersweet, music was good, tv shows better, but I also loved the 80's, for both televison, music and my love life. But that's not for this comment. TMI!

  12. I grew up on The Guiding Light and As the World Turns. They just ended a few years ago but I sure miss them! Loved Trixie Belden and The Bobbsey Twins. My husband just found that we can get Schitt's Creek here on Verizon Fios in Washington, DC. Thanks for the referral! Love you Girl!

    1. Oh my gosh June - have you started watching it yet? It's just too freaking funny for words.

  13. Oh my goodness Suzan, thanks for the trip down memory lane! I totally agree about television being better in the yester years. The Second City TV gang - that takes me back to my early first marriage days. Another World - I have the final episode on VHS somewhere. Schitt Creek - hilarious! I didn't realize until a couple of weeks ago that the son on the show is Eugene Levy's real son (I live under a rock). Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this post and to wish you a happy weekend. Any signs of Spring yet in Montreal? Not a bud to be seen here yet.

  14. I'm a bit younger than you, Suzan, but I remember Trixie Belden well. I also read Nancy Drew, but liked Trixie better. My oldest daughter is just getting old enough to introduce to Trixie.

    1. I hate people that are a bit younger than me Melanie LMHO !!!
      I don't think my kids ever read Trixie ( terrible Mom that I was ) but they read Nancy Drew !
      And what about Anne of Green Gables ( or is that a Canadian thing? ) Make sure your daughter reads those too! Oh my gosh and how could I not have mentioned the LITTLE HOUSE series? I'd love to reread all of them now actually !

  15. I read Nancy Drew and loved her but then I discovered Trixie! She wasn't as froufrou as Nancy so I loved her more (I was such a tomboy...where did that phrase come from?). We'd watch Batman and Mr. Ed every afternoon. Good times, good memories. TV sucks now, for sure.
    Hope you had a good weekend! Hugs,

  16. If you recommend it, I'm gonna try to watch it. Even the title is funny, and I've gotta find out if they've got a paddle.

  17. I thought I would never come across someone else who read Trixie Belden books. I also watched The Flying Nun with Sally Field and That Girl with Marlo Thomas. LOL. I was in their fan clubs.

    1. And then you found me LOL !
      I LOVED the Flying Nun and That Girl - ( I wanted to be THAT GIRL badly lol ) but I don't think I ever belonged to fan girls.

  18. Suzan -- catching up on posts and this made my day. I loved Trixie and all the Bob-Whites. I still have all the Nancy's. Never heard of the game but now I want it. Loved That Girl and all her yummy outfits. Never wondered how an out of work actress afforded them! And Gidget as a nun! Flying no less. Thanks for the memories.


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