Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Require some thinking outside the box ............
Areas that wouldn't normally be considered as storage quickly have hooks screwed into them ( and in some cases simply screws )

magnet bars hold things other than knives ( well there's also the fact that I'm terrified a killer will break into my home and quickly find them hanging there and then use them to kill me - but that's a story for my therapist and not you guys )

Curtain rods are used for things other than curtains

Door jambs become become a place to hang an apron or two

and doors are no longer meant as just a means to come in and out

even window knobs become a place to hang a basket

so it was just a hop - skip and a jump away from a hutch being repurposed into a pantry..........

Tucked into an alcove just before you step into the kitchen..........

We're empty nesters ( I HATE that phrase - absolutely hate it ) and we eat mostly fresh but still we needed somewhere to keep tins and cereals and such.
And our small kitchen doesn't have a pantry

Or rather it DIDN'T have one................now it does :)
The bottom section is where I'm keeping all of my baking supplies - it's just perfect for a house with a tiny kitchen.

No wait !
I take that back !
It's not perfect - perfect would be having a pantry no matter how small your kitchen is - but it's perfectly fine ..............

For now.

Have a wonderful day everyone !


FLUSTER BUSTER                                              SAVVY SOUTHERN STYLE
A GLIMPSE INSIDE                                             CRAFTBERRY BUSH
KATHE WITH AN E                                             AN EXTRAORDINARY DAY


  1. I so love your attitude...not perfect but perfectly fine...LOL. My pantry will only hold one dead body==preferably a little person. So I know what you mean. Everything is visible and more than you want. I also have one corner dead space---no corner cabinet...there---just a big empty hole covered with countertop----I wonder what is back there. We originally had two, until I came home and my husband had 'hacked' yes hacked the pennisula in half and shoved it in the middle of the kitchen to see if an 'island' would work. That was 15 years ago! Can't wait to do the kitchen redo---we are working our way toward that....maybe this summer, if we dont' have anymore surprises in the rest of the house!...Always love your posts!

  2. I really love your window photo with the basket and lavender. It's beautiful. Love your pantry! Which reminds me that I found an old hutch that I put out in my carport, so that I could see it from my kitchen door. I put excess dishes in ours, because the extra food is in the potting shed. It is sweet to look at, but I have to clean up out there before taking a photo. There is a big problem with cats that are not ours, and my daughter cannot rescue anymore! 2 in the house and 3 outside is enough! Have a wonderful week. xoxo Su

  3. Love your ideas, you are on my regular radar for watching. But the pantry would drive me nuts seeing all the cans of different colors etc. I think I would put curtains inside the glass. Just me. Thanks for keeping us in stitches.

  4. Nice job!!! Small spaces are always more interesting to me. Great use of space!!! xox

  5. Love your pantry and your kitchen! Great ideas :)

  6. I love using hutches as pantries....after all, it's the way our ancestors used them! Cute stuff, Suzan !

  7. Love, love, love your kitchen....thanks for sharing!

  8. I love all of your ideas❣👏🏻 for a moment , I thought they were photos from a magazine, you clever gal! Mowed the lawn last week for the first time and the clematis is showing green, yippee! The fields of commercial grown daffy are blooming here in Skagit Valley. You can look it up on the Internet. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington State. People come from miles away. Hope you are having a delightful day❣

  9. I am agonizing over what to do with the limited space in our kitchen.I know everything has to be multi-purpose, but I'm still scratching my head!

  10. You have made some very clever storage ideas in your kitchen Suzan. Our kitchen isn't very large and when we had it made over I made sure there was more storage than before. Enjoy the week ahead. Hugs.

  11. Oh Suzan.....by now you know how I love my Jim! BUT he never puts things away! When I "loan" him one of my tools and ask him just to "put it away", he does, but where??? Instead, I actually mean to "put it back", to him, out of sight is out of mind, and then his mind forgets where that was! Your mention of the knives in the kitchen and your fear of what might become of you brought this vision back to me........Jim has this garden tool of torture that he leaves out on the front porch! It is fine Japanese steel, shaped like a knife (carving no less!), serrated on one edge and straight on the other that you can use to dig, hack, chop and even kill slugs with! He would make Freddie Kruger proud! Every time I see it just laying there on the porch, this thought comes to my mind! "Why, the nitwit! Doesn't he know that someone could pry open our locked screen door first, then mutilate our front door to get in and murder me with that thing????!!!!" It would be the perfect crime.......hey, wait a minute here.......what is the phone number to your therapist????

  12. Hi Suzan... l found your lovely and funny blog through Debbie at the lakehouse.l can't believe all the un-thought of places you've found to store your kitchen bits. Love the idea of the apron in the doorway Put it on as you come through and off as you go out:-) Your pantry in a hutch is wonderful and l love the writing on the glass. l also hate the term empty nesters, but am one too:-)

  13. It seems like you are making the most of your space! I love the hutch turned pantry. I think it's perfect. :o)
    I don't think I like the term empty nesters either.

  14. Love your perfect pantry! Such a great cozy kitchen, I bet a lot of yummy meals come out of it. xo Patty

  15. You have manage to use every inch of space in your kitchen. Brava on a job well done - and quite lovely as well.

  16. Hi, Suzan!
    I really love your Pantry/Hutch with the neat letters spelling out PANTRY on the door. I really think it's just perfect! Your kitchen is very "handy" in that everything is very easy to get to for when you need it right away. I think it's marvelous the way you have used the space. It looks very homey and attractive too. It looks like a kitchen a professional cook would have! I know you like to cook and bake from all of the yummy recipes you share with us, so your kitchen says "Suzan"!
    Love Ya,

  17. My Kitchen is 8 x 12 / I can relate so this was a fun post :)

  18. I love everything about your kitchen and make-do pantry. I think it is all the black in the kitchen that makes it classy even with things hanging everywhere. But when you showed the door, I could hear a whole conversation between you and John about the door being no longer functional. Tell me I'm not wrong!

  19. I have a tiny kitchen as well. Thanks for all the tips and tricks which I can't wait to try out!

  20. Hi Sussana !, i love your love , you have a new follower

  21. I got lots of ideas for places to store stuff in our tiny kitchen.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  22. Hi Suzan, I will be keeping some of your storage ideas in mind since we plan to move into a much much smaller space. Thanks for sharing!

  23. China hutches are absolutely perfect repurposed into a pantry. We did the same in our tiny little kitchen a couple of years ago...well sorta. We split the top from the bottom and...well you get the drift. They are awesome and so is yours! Oh Suzan, I so hear you about hanging knives on a magnetic strip! Like you, can't do it.

  24. I love your small kitchen. It looks so inviting, and the way you have everything at your fingertips. Makes me want to cook there. Great use of the china cabinet. You did a wonderful job.

  25. I'd like your pantry better if you used textured glass, instead of clear. The color of the products would still come thru, but it wouldn't be so obvious.


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