Monday, March 14, 2016


Good morning everyone !

I showed a bowl of paper roses yesterday in my multi color Monday post and a couple of you asked how I made here's how you make a huge bowl of colorful paper roses for 1.00 !

We made these for Mother's day when I was a little girl and since my craft skill levels have never matured beyond 10 years old this is how I still make them :)
It's so ridiculously easy that I'm embarrassed to show you how but here goes.

Supplies - Multi color pack of construction paper ( from the dollar store )
Pencil ( or pen or chop stick )
White glue
Rerun episodes of Mad Men
Red wine
The wine is optional - Mad Men is not.

Draw out various sizes of circles on the construction paper ( I used saucers and glasses )

Cut each circle into spirals while staring at Don Draper - try not to cut your fingers

Sorry for the lousy pics but O.M.G. Peggy did something really really stupid so I'm lucky I remembered to take one at all !
Anyway once the spiral is cut - you take the outer end piece and start rolling it on the pencil going towards the middle piece - as tight as you can until you reach the end

then you pull the pencil through it while holding the spiral intact - there will be a " tail " hanging at the end -

This is where the white glue is applied

before pressing the glued piece down you can allow the " rose " to open to the size you want it to be and voila
OH NO - NOT AGAIN DON - stop it - just stop it !!!

I'm thinking this was a subliminal project actually - completely inspired by the fact that I'm binge watching Mad Men all over again on Netflix

And Paper Roses was  ( I'm sure ) written for all the men on that show !
( cuz like a big red rose that's made of paper - there isn't any sweetness in their hearts )

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Hugs to you from me ( real ones - not paper ones )


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  1. How pretty! Thanks for the tutorial! 'Haven't heard that song in ages, but still love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Those are beautiful, Suzan! And your photography is excellent!

  3. Hi Suzan! How fun - love the bright, happy colors. And...I am admitting to remembering this song from when I was a pre-teen. Yep, I am that old, lol! Still a good song though, in my opinion! Jane

  4. Suzan this is great! I'm going to try with circles on old magazine pages and see what happens. Consider it my contribution while binge watching Grimm on Amazon. Same thing right? lolol ~ Christina in FL

  5. Hilarious! Now I have to make some and binge on Mad Men! xo Patty

  6. Thank you Suzan for posting this for us. Could have googled it but I am glad you did not mind . I hope you had enough wine to see you through it all!

    Lisa xx

  7. Ha! I started singing as soon as I saw your title! these are cute.... never made them before, and I was in a lot of summer craft programs ! WHY did you make them ?

  8. Hi, Suzan! Those are really cute roses! Thank you for the tutorial! Made me think of Alice In Wonderland at the Queen's Rose Garden for some reason.
    I looked up Schitt's Creek on our Cable provider's site, and they do carry it!! I will be watching it as soon as the first episode finishes recording. I am recording the series so we can fast fwd the commercials. I missed it, but I saw in the TV schedule in the newspaper that Catherine O'Hara and Levy, (can't rem his first name), were guests on the "Today Show" or some morning show like that on one of the big channels at 7 AM today, promoting Schitt's Creek! So I think it will be big in the US when people start to watch it. I'm so happy you mentioned it, because I'd never heard of it, and I am dying to watch it, cuz I do love those 2 comedians! Thank you for telling us about it!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  9. What a pretty idea! Great tutorial Suzan. Don Draper = YUMMY!


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