Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 152


I REALLY do want to live there part of the year.
In a perfect world I'd live there for 3 months -3 months in Manhattan - 3 months in my beloved Montreal - and then smack in the middle of winter - I'd spend 3 months somewhere HOT.

Anyway this week it's about Paris apartments of which I completely see myself in any one of them.
There's not a lot of photo's per listing but what there is..........oh gosh it's pure eye candy !

PARIS  8EME  ( Arrondissement = District )
680,000 euros

Site reads


In a prestigious period building located in the Golden Triangle, rue Chambiges, one-bedroom apartment of 45m² (35,5m² Carrez law) on the 6th floor. The apartment has been recently renovated with the finest materials and the most modern facilities. It comprises: Entrance Living room Open kitchen 
Bedroom Shower room WC 

There's nothing quite so beautiful architecturally as Paris roof lines - the hotel we used to stay at looked out at the most glorious roof lines - I used to sit at the window for far too long gazing out at them.
You'd never see an apartment being advertised in North America with pics of that LOL !

You can tell by the windows and sloped ceilings that this apartment is on the top floor - tucked under dormers and eaves

Pieds a terre at it's finest !

This next one ?
Good grief - I almost had to take a valium just to look at it - it's that spectacular !
( I'm probably dating myself here - I don't know what people take today - but when I was little all the Mothers were on valium LMHO )

2,730,000 EUROS
5 rooms

Site reads

SEVRES BABYLONE In the heart of Sèvres Babylone with a beautiful view overlooking the Square Bousicault, Le Bon Marché and Le Lutetia hotel. A 192 sqm (2066. 7 square feet) south and west facing apartment in a beautiful 1903 building, it comprises an entrance hall leading to the corner living room, dining room and separate kitchen. Three bedrooms with three shower rooms / bathrooms and separate toilet. A 7 sqm (75. 3 square feet) service room completes this property. Some decoration work needed in this apartment bathed in sunshine and with a good layout. .

Can you see the view from that window - holy vache ! ( vache is french for cow - I'm trying to be worldly here )
It's almost too much to take in don't you think?

Why there would EVER be carpet over these floors I have no idea - but that window in my bedroom
Oui  merci

This next one is in the 14 EME
1,730,000 Euros
It reads 3 rooms ( avec une Terasse ! )
It's not a typical Paris apartment in the sense that we North Americans think of them - but the outdoor space is absolutely priceless !


All this and heaven too!
The dinner parties with twinkling lights and good wine - baguette and aged cheese - while looking over the streets of Paris ?

And then there's the one that my friend Patty sent me ( Thanks Patty ) which started me looking in Paris ( yet again ) this week !

( St. Germain-des-Pres ) one of my favorite districts !
Pied a Terre
3 rooms
18th century building
Realtor - A & B REAL ESTATE

This company also does design and have a wonderful site HERE

I spy magnificent beams overhead !

Lets see where those stairs lead !

Can you imagine?
I mean really - can you just close your eyes and imagine this as your view every day ?

Think I'll go back to bed and dream a little today
You all have a wonderful one


FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE                                     TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS
THE INTERIOR FRUGALISTA                                        REDHEAD CAN DECORATE
BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH                                 SAVVY SOUTHERN STYLE


  1. Another fabulous find Suzan. Love it. Like being on a cloud in the sky.

  2. I'll take the third one, please... My niece lives in the 19thArr.

  3. Suzan it is a city dweller's dream come true!! Gorgeous!!
    Oh? What's that? Oh, my dream? I'm so glad you asked!
    You are always welcome. :) lol ~ Christina

  4. What lovely options! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. OMG Susan you always find the best! Thanks for reaturing the little apartment. So would love to escape to any of these but the one with the out of site views is top of the list. Really need a lottery win, hoping for a big win for us both. Your 3 month plan sounds perfect! xo Patty

  6. Hi Susan!

    I will gladly timeshare each of those locations with you, provided #4 is Hawaii, baby!

    Take care,

    Jennifer (of Ottawa; formerly of le Plateau) :)

  7. 1903...those windows! That one would be my pick. It's incredible.

  8. Mon Dieu! Il sont magnifique! I'd take any one of them! I have a real thing for those dormer windows. I think they are a type of Mansard window, named after the architect who designed them. I'd settle for a Mansard-shaped mirror, (or similar French window design), which I am having such a hard time finding. They don't have much of that in the USA, unless if you go somewhere they sell very expensive antiques. I'd settle for a vintage or knock-off version. I love those amazing rooftops and windows and the French architecture. Since we're dreaming, I am gonna dream BIG here....I'd love a Paris apartment AND a place in the Loire Valley so that I could gaze upon all of the dreamy chateaux with all of those beautiful windows and gorgeous French architecture!
    You can spend the winter months here in Southern CA, Suzan, cuz it's always Hades here!
    But to live in Gay Paris! C'est un reve, vraiment!
    Thanks for the opportunity to dream along with you!
    A bientot Cherie.
    Mme. Laura/Ethel

  9. LOL I think I could dream this yes :) This series is always so much fun!

  10. I'd just like to go to Paris. Sigh. Tres pretty!

  11. I was going to say #2 was my fave, until I saw #3, and now I can't decide. Guess I'll have to stay here in NJ until I figure it out. I like your plan of where to live...I think I'd like to live in Italy, too. Maybe every other year, Paris and Italy!

  12. Yes, I think I need a Paris apartment!

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  13. Beautiful Suzan! I'd be happy to just visit Paris, little lone live there. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Suzan so much eye candy! Everything in Paris is so gorgeous! The view out the windows doesn't hurt either.

  15. So dreamy! (sigh) My husband and I love Paris (thanks to travel points) and always longingly look at all the photos of apt. listings in the real estate office windows - maybe in my next life lol

  16. I think you could be happy in any one of these places! I'm looking at rentals hoping to spend a month there this year.

  17. Suzan apartment #2 has my name written all over it. Those floors! My cousin has bought an apartment in Provence and is currently renovating it. But Paris has my heart. I would love for you to share this gem of a post on Thoughts of Home on Thursday.


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