Friday, March 18, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Good morning everyone !

C'mon in !
The keurig's been moved to another spot in the kitchen - John doesn't like it - he hates change but....

Everything changes.

When my kids were small I was told to let them cry - now I'm told it's not good to let babies cry.
I bundled them up to take them out - overly so just in case - now I'm told it isn't good for babies to be too hot in a car.
I started feeding my kids pablum quite young - now I'm told it's not necessary.

But then again I'm from an era where I learned to read from books that said:


which meant something entirely different back in the day.

And speaking of SEE DICK JUMP UP AND DOWN...............(pun intended for obvious reasons) why is it that I can't seem to get mad at Don Draper on Mad Men ?  I've had turns getting mad at practically everyone else on that show at some point or another.
My daughters think he's disgusting ( he is I suppose but I can barely even acknowledge it )
Am I that superficial?
Is it because he's the most beautiful specimen of a man?
I always feel sorry for him.............he's in bed with half of Manhattan and I feel sorry for him.
One day I'm going to visit an analyst - which in turn will send the analyst to an analyst who will kindly explain that there's just no helping some patients.

I've come to the conclusion that retardation doesn't have to mean that a person is totally retarded.
I know, I know, it's NOT politically correct to use the term - but I'm allowed to use it because I AM somewhat retarded.
Technically Retarded.
Truly I am.
There's a mental block that I can't jump past.
I'm still in utter shock that planes can stay up in the air - I act like I was born in the 1800's for crying out loud.
AND I HAVE to imagine a plane just flies UP THERE IN THE SKY -
when you show me pics of what it's actually doing my brain starts sizzling ( which is of course just flying up there in the sky )

But there's no safety net............not from crashing to the ground - but from being flung out into the universe.
I can't grasp that it's out there in the atmosphere and that the only thing holding it back from floating for eternity is a little gravity - my brain shuts down completely at the thought.

I mean you're talking to someone who has a hard time with Facebook.
I'm on instagram and I can't even use my phone to it's full capacity.
I've been thinking of just signing all my posts HASHTAG IDIOT ( of which it took me forever to even understand what hashtag actually means ) 

Here's the thing about me:

I wasn't born with one of these in my mouth


Nor was I born with one of these up my ass derriere ( well actually I wasn't born with much of a derriere period )


And I most certainly wasn't born with a technical gene - but that can be forgiven - God had no idea about social media when I entered the world hashtag whatthehellissocialmedia

But I WAS born with a wicked imagination - which kind of makes up for the lack of the other 3.
Well maybe not completely but you gotta take what you're born with.
A wicked imagination makes you a dreamer.
And that's a good thing.

Take it away Mr. Williams

See you later -  my huckleberry friends
Love you to bits even though we've never met
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend


  1. Your nickname could be: technotard.....that might be politically close to ok.....just sayin'

  2. Perhaps you will tell me what hashtag means now that you've figured it out? dumbass to dumbass..

  3. I had SUCH a crush on Andy Williams when I was a little girl ~ Mom and I watched his shows every week.
    Thanks for the great memories!

  4. Nothing is constant but change. Get used to it, John. *** I'm with you on the plane thing. It's just against nature. Don't even get me thinking about the universe! What's beyond the sun, and beyond that, and beyond that, infinity. Just freaks me out! *** I'm not a MadMen gal, so I ain't got nothin' for ya on that one. *** But like you, I have a vivid imagination...for good and for bad. Meaning I'm always imagining the worst when people don't call on time! And I LOVE Moon River! And I hate #hashtag!

  5. Love you back to bits.....funniest, best person that you are. Yes we have never met, but I know we would be friends in the real world! Have a blessed weekend!

  6. I don't know what hashtag means yet and haven't found the right person to ask (don't want to look stupid). Can you pleas explain it? I'll be forever beholden to you. :)

  7. Katie and I had no idea what the hashtag was for the longest time. Once we found out, I have never used a hashtag, and Katie uses it for special occasions, like #IStandWithPlannedParenthood.

  8. as a hashtagmybehindisaporch, I'd be happy to share. That plane thing, I'm puzzled, too. BTW, I don't do twitter, and those others I can't remember. I know what a hashtag is....# that, right?, but have no idea how to use it. And it's perfectly ok, since I don't have an iphone, etc and I don't text. I tell my children that I can be reached by phone, cellphone, email, letter, carrier pigeon or pony express. Last resort, come visit, novel as that is!! Anything else is redundant. haha

  9. Hi Suzan!!

    We are so sisters!!

    I've done things to my phone and laptop that my kids can barely get me out of!! They ask what did you do....HA!! If I knew I wouldn't need them to help me out!! Plain crazy I'm telling ya!!

    Don Draper is a very fine specimen of a man!! Loved him in the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves(Who also is a VERY fine looking man!!).

    I know what you're saying when it comes to babies and kids!! Do what you feel should be done and forget about the books. And we wonder why we feel we are going or are crazy!! Yes, do it this way, no, not that way!! Bottom line, listen to the Dowager of Grantham and you'll never go wrong!!

    Have a super warm weekend sister!!


  10. Ok- You ARE nutso but that is probably WHY I like you so much. Sometimes YOU make ME feel ALMOST that is not an easy task-trust me.
    Would you believe I have never watched MadMen? My daughters told me not to start or I would be hooked and have to argue with MyHero about watching it at all. lol Like I am corruptible or something. I think I need to watch it and also I have not seen House of Cards which I understand is a great, addictive show, too.
    Have a great weekend- We are getting through here- just getting through- xo Diana

  11. Lovely chat thanks! Love love love Moon River, my fav. Never knew what the # meant till a couple of weeks ago either. Dreaming of a little Moon River now. xo Patty

  12. Don't feel too badly about being a little 'slow' shall we say? You are in excellent company, look Leonardo and Michaelangelo didn't know how to use there 'smart' phones either❣😋

  13. Now you're stating to sound like me, and you are younger than me, so you have no business being Retarded which I KNOW I AM! I've mentioned to you before, when you got on this "Tech Savvy' subject that IF God had intended for me to have any Technical Smarts He would have tightened some of my screws. As it is, I keep dropping screws everywhere I go, much less knowing what this whole hashtag business is all about. I do see those # everywhere, but I'm not sure I know what they really mean. I mean, I have a notion, but I couldn't give you a technical explanation, just a general "feeling" about what they are. I've Googled "hashtag" and "meme" and "GIF" and all of those new cutsie tags, or whatever they're called, lots of times, but the definitions just don't stick, so I guess I'm a "retard" because it just won't stick! So that's why young kids like my daughter and others come in handy because they can explain it, but I just have to ask them AGAIN when I see them the next time. I still can't get half the stuff on FB. It has been explained to me several times what "Tagging" is, but I still don't get what it is. I say you are much further along than me because you can upload pictures to your blog posts, but every time I have to do something like that I have to ask my husband, because I have a problem with that whole FOLDER thingy as it is, much less posting a picture from a folder on the internet. I guess I don't do it often enuf, cuz I can't seem to remember how to go about it the next time I hafta do it! So how's that for RETARDED?
    Good luck to us, but I know you'll get it before I do, cuz you're younger, and that's the rule. The younger you are the easier it is to use these new fangled devices!
    Pathetically Retardedly Yours,

  14. Remember when a # was a "number sign"? We lived on Highway #6, not hashtag 6.

  15. Seriously---hashtag#technicalidiots ---you have company here. I'm creative, Im on a I can actually figure out what to do where, however...on the PC...everytime they update/change a thing-I'm so lost---it takes me hours just to find settings, let alone fix them.

    I'm with you...See Jane run, run fast, Jane.

    That's why we bang stuff together and collect old/junk with history and stories...grins.
    I laughed through most of this post...too, true. Muddle on..., Sandi

  16. You are one of my heroine bloggers.....i.t is so nice to know someone else doesn't "get" technology!!! I don't even "get" what's so great about pinterest--and please enlighten me as to what a hashtag means. And what's the point of twitter?
    I understand--sort of --why planes stay up in the air, but not why they so often are late touching down.... or taking off...

    And when my kids were small, I put them to bred at 6 pm and stayed home with them until they woke in the morning, having made great strides in growing brain cells and good eyesight and a sense of security, but today people treat small babies as if they are toys and as if they don't need regular hours, enough sleep, and some peace and wonder so many young people need drugs these days.... or are we not going there?

    If God knows about social media, why were we not born with full capability in that subject? I think he must be shaking his head and wondering what Satan is up to....LOL
    You have a good week and thanks for sharing your philosophy......not sure it can be passed on by Pinterest...happily you are a blogger.......LOL

  17. Hope you are okay! It's been over a week since a new post and I am worried about you. Hope you just got an amazing opportunity to fulfill a dream.

  18. You are too funny! (and I can totally relate) Case in point, we had geothermal heating/cooling installed several years ago. I get it that the heat from the earth keeps the water in the enclosed tubes at a certain temperature, but I am totally lost as to how the house gets colder or warmer than the earth's temperature. Many people have tried to explain it to me, but I just start hearing the teacher's voice from the Peanuts cartoons in my head - go figure. I'm with you - sing on Andy Williams!!!

  19. Where have you been? Love your posts and I haven't seen one since this one. Hope that you are okay. Has Spring arrive in Canada yet?

    My gardens are so very pretty with all my roses in bloom.

    Take care of yourself my friend and don't let John get you down.


  20. I am definitely not the most computer literate person in the world, for sure. You know what I think? I think that a lot of #users who stick them in front of everything they post don't even know why they are doing it. They just want to look like they do. It looks kind of like #$%** cursing to me anyway (lol)! You are cool and funny, even without #'s!

  21. Hi Suzanne- I am missing you....looking for your posts, which I love to read....hope you are well and just taking a vacation, but hope you will come back.Did the US Presidential shenanigans just put you over the edge? Ha! Me too!

  22. Have been missing you and hope you are ok, frankly am worried ❣


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