Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Ice Castle Mantel

Busy busy busy..............................

Last night I started on the mantel ( I'm so late this year that I think I'll keep everything up until Valentine's day lol ) just stick a couple of red hearts here and there

White and Silver - and lots of glitz

I bought the star from the dollar store a couple of years ago - think it's one of my favourite decorations

3 different sized glitzy trees
the white tree also came from the dollar store - just might be my second favourite decoration - it sparkles though you can't really tell from the photo

I normally use garland - this year I just poked silver glitzy flowers all along the bottom and then added some
white poinsettas
Isn't it serene - almost ethereal like?
Ok - so now this is where I go mental with my mantel.......................
I don't quite get the concept that LESS IS MORE - LESS IS MORE - LESS IS MORE -
It's perfect the way it is - completely what I was going for - and then I go and do this

Get them off Suzan - you don't need things dangling from the mantel

Oh wait - she's not finished yet -
lets take the dangling ornaments off - and stick a small wreath with looks even more ridiculous

actually lets just go back to the way it was originally and call it a day

 but by now it's dark outside - so let there be light

it looks so pretty lit up in person

stay tuned - there's aproximately 3,354 more projects to do in 2 weeks

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  1. Wow, I love your mantle!!!

    It's so wintery and beautiful...very calm...
    For me it'not overkill, it's perfect:)

    Have a wonderful holiday season,Susan!

  2. Suzan, my hubby just told me today, "You don't know when to stop"! I think I may have said before that you and I are two peas in a pod, I rest my case. But seriously, in MY opinion, I think it looks beautiful..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. It looks lovely and so very "you"!

    My sister said something on Tuesday about the Christmas tea I host being this Sunday. WHAT?! I have a wreath on the door, candles in the windows and Christmas/winter pillows on the couch. That's it.

    I go into Christmas decorating hyper mode this Friday night...unless I decide to drink instead. Wonder if I can just use paper plates and serve beer & "pigs in a blanket"...

  4. It's very pretty with or without the embellishments! I get you on the projects that are happening far too late. I'll be writing about Christmas in january!

  5. The pictures are beautiful, its not too much. I say its your house decorate it any way you want. I am not going all out until we get back to Ontario. So I am keeping things simple for now. But I love your decorations and I love your photography skills, very nice. hugs Tobey

  6. Absolutely beautiful! And Dollar Tree always amazes me. Especially when other "cheap" stores are 5 and 10 dollaring (is that a word?) me to death!
    I always love stopping by here for a visit! Have a great day!

  7. It looks fabulous- I think more is more at Christmas, least that's my thought this year. Love all your glitz and glamour. Now...You mean you are gonna get 1,677 projects done in a week? You.are.good. xo Diana

  8. Looks beautiful! :) I love getting fun things from the Dollar Store...your star is cute.

  9. Guess what? Haven't quite done my mantel yet. There's stuff put willy nilly on it. And there will be danglies. And stuff from Dollarama. Speaking of Dollarama, last year I found a bunch of really beautiful stuff. This year, nada. Glad I stocked up when I did.

    Anyway, love your mantel, the white and silver, very appealing to me. Not a huge fan of the traditional green and red.

  10. I love the white and silver - it's perfect ( as usual)...
    The Dollar store is my go to place for decor now - I made most of my Christmas decor using things from there this year.... Have fun with all your projects - you're fast you'll get done, lol....

  11. Oh this is just stunning Suzan!! I love all the white and iciness! Fabulous! I'd better get crackin!!

  12. Beautiful, Suzan, and a little red heart here and there would be gorgeous! No kidding, I haven't even started, but that's because I plan to keep all Christmas decorations up throughout the entire looooooong, cold month of January. They bring cheer to an otherwise White Witch winter.

  13. lol totally me too put it up take it down way too much lol the mantel looks great your really moving now on the holiday decor way to go...

  14. It's beautiful and full of spark. I am all for MORE IS MORE.

  15. I liked all your attempts - It is so icy and sparkly looking - so wintery!! (so you could certainly leave it up for a few months) Thanks for your kind words over at Pandora's Box!

  16. Everything looks really pretty! I like it w/the dangling items and without too.
    Good luck w/your 3.354 projects, lol.

  17. There is never enough! I have found out in decorating, first there is the minimalist look. But keep going to the tacky look. But keep going to the spectacular look. And on and on . . .

    Of course this comment is brought to you by someone who just spent five days putting 2000 lights, 150 yards of tulle, 200 yards of gold rope, and about 1800 ornaments on two seven-foot trees!

  18. Suzy, it is so pretty! Love all the sparkly white too!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on "O Holy Night":-) You can certainly share it too. I think there is a share link on the video you can just share from there. Thanks again!!

  19. It looks so lovely! \The mantle is perfect!!
    I love white and silver decor, but don't have any in the house. One day...maybe
    Debbie :)

  20. The silver and white is stunning! I'm doing a very simple decor this year! Just no time! I'll just visit your blog and enjoy the beauty!

    hugs, Linda

  21. Gorgeous, my friend. Such a nice change from all the glitz. By the way, I think we have the same sparkly trees on our mantel but mine are in a bronzy colour (that's my theme this year).

  22. To me there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to decorating for Christmas--but not everyone likes to go so far. Your mantel is "icy" cold with all the silver and white--I love it.

    1. Thanks Ann - I'll have to get the fire going christmas eve to add some " warmth " to it lol

  23. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ice castle mantel at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Everything looks just perfect!


  24. Very pretty and sparkly!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  25. Very pretty! Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

  26. This is gorgeous, love the icy wintery look!

  27. I want to thank you for linking up all your fab ideas this week at the cabin. Hope to see you again on Monday:)

  28. Hi Suzan,
    This is beautiful. Sorry it took me so long to get to you but you are one of the featured bloggers at Adorned From Above this week. Here is the link to the post. Head over and you can grab your featured blogger button.


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