Monday, March 17, 2014

A Quick Back Splash Solution

Good morning everyone ♥

Well it looks like I only a day or two left in the kitchen before I can show it all - but for now I thought I'd share my quick back splash solution :)

Money's running out - patience has already run out - I want it DONE - sooooo.....................

I had a mirror I bought many years ago - which kind of has an industrial look to it - 

and lo and behold it fit in perfectly between the top of the stove and the hood -
( we're shopping for a new stove but in the meantime I needed to put something up there ) 

Before anyone warns me that I'll be cleaning it all the time - I'm aware of that LOL - but I'd be cleaning white subway tiles ( which is what will be placed over that entire wall eventually ) all the time anyway

And I'm thinking of painting that back wall a very very deep charcoal ( almost black and only the back wall )  until the tiles go up - so much for that "all white house" I was going for - blacks and grey are very hard for me to stay away from.

Remember how that wall looked from the sellers MLS photo?

I should look at that photo more often maybe - every time I'm discouraged at least - it makes me realize how far we've actually come ( instead of whining that it's not moving fast enough - fingers clicking here - c'mon c'mon let's go  )  This was such a major major job - with many nasty surprises along the way - a nightmare if the truth be known - but it's slowly - very slowly becoming more of a dream every day!

Suzan says - I'm taking a selfie
John says - A what?
Suzan says - A selfie - you're so not with it
John says - Why would you do that - I can take a picture of you
Suzan says - Then it wouldn't be a selfie - sheesh - I have to explain everything to you
John says - I don't get it - what's the point
Suzan says - I don't get it either - but if everyone else is doing it I don't want to be left out
Suzan says - I don't want to be one of those people that doesn't keep up with the times
Suzan says - All the young people do it all over social media
John says - Uh Huh - all the YOUNG people do it, gotcha ..................

This took about 356 photos to get - and I still couldn't get my face................

♪ Flapping my arms I began to cluck
look at me - I'm the disco duck
Disco, Disco duck ♪

Suzan says - Look what I did
John says - Well that's cool - it looks like your holding a photo of your head up - how did you do that?
John says - I have to tell ya, I'm impressed

Go figure - I can paint 6 pieces of furniture in a week - while renovating....................and nothing
nada - zilch
I run to pic monkey and do this and he's impressed.

But that's my first and last selfie................I'm too old for this crap LOL

Have a great Monday all

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  1. Great solution! More light in the kitchen and it makes the room look bigger. Win/win!

    Now for the cleaning part - you are right. You would have to clean subway tiles, too, so what's the difference? You just need a big bottle of window cleaner and papertowels. I have a large silver serving tray hung up behind my stove. It has to be cleaned often but so does the wall behind the stove. I love the way it looks and that is all I care about!

  2. Lol I'm leaving selfies for teenagers I tend to run from the camera. How cool the mirror fit, although for me it's another thing I run from. It does look pretty though.

  3. I love the mirror there. It looks great, and will reflect light into the room. I love it when things we already have fit a need perfectly... even if temporary. I might even leave it there permanently. It just looks so awesome to me. But it also depends on the new stove.

  4. I love that mirror! What a great solution for the time being. Selfies are so hard to do. Where do I look. How much do I omit. How do I smile nicely. Oh, they're fun and funny too. I think the younger people can do them great. Why can't I?? I wonder if there are instructions on the internet on how to take a good selfie. I think I'll google that. Have a great day!

  5. The mirror looks great Suzan. I cannot wait to see the whole kitchen. It is looking so good.
    Love your Selfie! Too cute.

  6. Love your mirror and your selfie!! Suzan you are making great strides and it is all looking wonderful. I still don't know how you are living in a reno project!!! My hat is off to you! Hopefully my tile goes up late this week.

  7. Love this post! I can't take a selfie to save my life! I absolutely L-O-V-E your idea of using a mirror as a backsplash....I have been updating my dish cabinet with mirror backing and the light it adds to the room is wonderful! Plus I'll give you a tiny tip...a lot of home improvement stores sell an spray glass cleaner (not windex) it's more like scrub and bubbles works so much better to clean mirror and comes out of the can like a foamy spray and a quick streaks!

  8. AND you did your selfie in the bathroom, which is mandatory (judging by my daughter and her friends' Facebook pages). :)

    I think that mirror looks great there, and I love the idea of a mirror behind the stove.

  9. The mirror looks like it was made for that kitchen. BTW mirrors over the stove are good Feng Shui too!

    ps I started painting my laundry floor yesterday and was thinking of you... ;)


  10. Would be great in a small kitchen to make it look bigger. I honestly feel glass would be easier to keep clean than some other materials used in kitchens! I love the look of the mirror are you sure you want to replace it?

  11. Your kitchen is beautiful. Hard to believe the before and after ... but leave it up to Suzan.
    You preform miracles.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. wow, you have come so far since you moved in and I agree, a photo shoul be up somehwree to remind you, like a photo of our weightloss or gain, just a visual reminder, I love the mirror over the stove, an the dark wall sounds wonderful, I'm a an all white house kin a person too but your idea soundds good!!! I think your selfie is adorable,

  13. Visiting from BNOTP.

    Wow that is some transformation.
    I love the mirror behind/above the stove. Great Idea!

    Linda C in Seattle

  14. The mirror is fabulous, I love it and your selfie is just the cutest ever. How fun. Hugs, Marty

  15. Holy smokes. I expected this type of awe-inspiring transformation from you, and you are serving it up on a platter. We can be all impressed with this kitchen, but YOU ARE DOING THIS TO A WHOLE HOUSE. Amazing.

    I am far more thin and glamorous than photos portray, so, like Mel, I'm a camera dodger. Cameras are LIARS!

  16. I love the mirror! What a dramatic difference between the before and after. You are really doing a wonderful job!!

  17. It looks so pretty! Wow, it looks like you moved the location of the stove, sink, and dishwasher in that short of time!

  18. Amazing transformation... doesn't even look like the same room. You DO need to keep looking at the before photos, I can't believe what you've done in such a short time. (I see your checkerboard floor in the reflection of your oven door)

  19. I don't do selfies because no one wants to see my old face.

    I love the new look of your kitchen. It is hard to believe what it looked like before.

  20. Suzan, you do the most amazing work. And in such a short period of time, too. It's incredible I've lived in this house for almost five years and haven't done half of what I said I'd do! And in addition to the great work you do, you look spectacular.

    (Had to laugh with the mention of the song Disco Duck. You know, I still listen to it. And like it. LOL) By the way, I've never taken a selfie, so I'm totally out of touch with what the youth is up to...hahaha...

  21. I am hoping after all this Kitchen angst is over, you will realize just how awesome the transformation is to those of us just following along with the posts. Also, do you plan to do kitchen makeovers for other people? I want on the list! Around here "selfies" have become "twinnies" where you take a pic of yourself with a companion. You and John should practice that.

  22. Love love your kitchen! Have you thought of using black chalk paint for the back walls?

  23. Lol. I love your interactions with John!
    What a cute kitchen! That mirror looks good there. Have you thought about using carrara basket weave tile or even the herringbone?? It would look amazing! And after you seal it with 501, all you have to do is wipe it down with a wet rag to clean

  24. Hi Susan, I think the mirror looks great! I love how it reflects the white room and makes it look larger! I actually love the white back walls the way they are now (or if you put up subway tile) I think the kitchen has turned out beautiful~~~yes, keep looking at the before pics! p.s. Selfies are Sweet! Blessings~~~Roxie

  25. Your kitchen is looking maaaahvelous. I don't think the camera is supposed to be in the selfie with you ;)


  26. What an amazing transformation...I can't wait to see the whole reveal!


  27. You are soooo weird, I love it! The kitchen is coming along beautifully by the way!

  28. I love the if you ever tire of it you can just take it down no problem. I LOVE those shelves on each side too...gorgeous!!!! Your selfie is cute :o)

  29. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I love the mirror behind the stove...looks like it was made to go there! I'm not much into the selfies either....and I freak out every time I accidentally hit the button on my iPhone that lets you see yourself to take the picture....scary! LOL
    Have a blessed day...Vicky

  30. Looking good, and so are you! Yes, your kitchen sure has come a long way baby. WOW, so pretty, I love your solution.

  31. Great post...and Suzan, you look wonderful. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.

  32. Don't worry, I have a mirror behind my stove and I don't find it brings a lot of cleaning. Yours looks good.

  33. How fun is the mirror!! Great idea for a stand in back splash!

  34. Oh have gone and done it now. Your house is going to be featured in a magazine. I just KNOW it! It's beautiful!!! Your vision has come to fruition perfectly! It looks so French, so chic, so Nordic! :)

    And your selfie? lolol I know exactly what you're saying about them. It takes me about 500 tries before I have one that's even a smidgeon worthy of publishing! lolol Your's is adorable!!! lol

    xoxo laurie

  35. Love the mirror and the selfie! You look mahhhvelous!

  36. Too funny, Suzan! Love the conversation...I don't think Larry would know what a selfie is either. And you're not too old!!!
    Debbie :)

  37. The mirror looks great in your kitchen. Can't wait to see everything when you get the kitchen all done.
    hugs, Cindy

  38. Great idea with the mirror! The before and after of your kitchen is unbelievable ! What vision! And a very cute selfie, I might add. I had to explain what that is to my husband, too. Sheesh. We are just so young and hip, aren't we???

  39. Hi Suzan. The mirror fits perfect. You are soo very creative, my friend. Your looks beautiful in that selfie. We don`t have to leave all the fun for the youngest, do we? Have fun, that`s how WE stay young, lol

    Big hug

  40. Perfect place for that mirror and it looks great! I agree with the black, charcoal re-do too. Your creativity continues to amaze me ~ just wish you were closer. You look adorable in photos, girlfriend! You shouldn't hide from them...we need more.


  41. I love the mirror!!! It really looks fantastic. I would be tempted to leave it there permanently! I did a selfie once and that was to show my sister and hubby (luckily for him he was out of town at the time) the black eye I got from chicken wire hitting me in the eye.

  42. I love that idea and it goes perfectly with the vibe of your kitchen. My favourite picture is the first one, as we can see so much of your kitchen reflected... included that new window!

  43. Oh your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I love everything you've done! And your selfie story is hysterical! Found you on the link up!
    Alicia @

  44. I LOVE, LOVE the mirror and the shelving. So good!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  45. I reeeeally like the mirror you added between the stove and hood. Your kitchen looks amazing, Suzan, compared to the before photo!!
    Mary Alice

  46. I so love your humor. On a different note, I really like the mirror there. It makes the space feel bigger and open...if you cook, you will be cleaning whatever is in on the back of the stove anyway.

  47. love the mirror fix you really are a genius

  48. I really like what you did with this mirror. I think you have gotten a tremendous amount of things accomplished with the house. You are too hard on yourself. I think the selfie is cute. We know what the y are since we have nieces and nephews and also John works with many young people. He says the y focus on this garbage and don't know w ho the Vice President of t he U.S. is, LOL!!!


  49. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the idea of the mirror. I'm all about adding more light, anywhere and everywhere!
    Thanks so much for sharing,

  50. Your kitchen looks amazing, love that the mirror fits right in that spot. And I love how that black window just pops. But I think the black wall might take away from that. I am loving the counter tops, are they carerra marble, they look like it. My renovations are not coming along as fast as yours. Maggie had her second knee surgery in 5 months, and I playing nurse, and doing a bit here and there. Don't want to disrupt her too much by moving furniture around to strip wallpaper. I cater to my lil girl I tell ya. Can't wait to see the rest of the kitchen. I hate pics of myself so no selfies here lol hugs Tobey

  51. I love mirrors as backsplash -- have done it a few times. In fact I have one in one area of my kitchen now. Yours looks fantastic, like it was made for the space. I particularly like the etageres you have used for open storage on either side of your stove. Where did you find those? I need some of your energy!

  52. Wow, amazing makeover on the kitchen, love the mirror (and the reflection I in it), I think charcoal would look great. Next room I do (probably the hall) will have a chalkboard wall because I need a little drama !

  53. I love mirrors as backsplashes behind the oven. I've not found they get dirty fast... but maybe if I cooked more I'd know.

    I think a black or dark gray accent wall would be stunning!

  54. I love the mirror as the backplash! In Feng Shui, a mirror is actually desirable as a back splash behind your stove. Supposedly it doubles your money and luck!! I have subway tiles behind my stove, I love them, and you don't have to clean them as often as you think.


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