Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sometimes I feel like a Mule Skinner - sideboard makeover


Music inspires me - ALL music - Jazz - Rock 'n Roll - Rock - Folk - Gospel - Reggae and Country - I love it all - which is why I try desperately to infuse you with lyrics that get stuck in your head all day.
( you're welcome )

I woke up yesterday morning - and belted out Good Mornin' Captain !!!

John says - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SCREECHING FOR?  as he buries his head under the blankets

Suzan says - I'm yodelling

John says - That's NOT yodeling - who do you think you are Julie Andrews?

Suzan says - Julie Andrews yodelled?

John says - Yeah - when she was escaping the mountains with all those kids

Suzan says - Oh - that's not the type of yodelling I'm doing..................

John says - Well it's horrid - can you stop please?  Because you're NO Julie Andrews!

Suzan says - Well you're no MERLE HAGGARD - as I scream out Hee Hee Ha Ha Hey Hey .....

Suzan says - I feel like an old Mule Skinner - so no I don't think I will stop

John says - What in God's name is a Mule Skinner?

Suzan says - Someone who keeps Mules in line - so it's very appropriate

John grew up on classical hymns - I grew up with Mule Skinner Blues -

And if I can appreciate and love " Were you there when they crucified my Lord "

Well .....................then he should learn to appreciate a little Hee Hee Hee ha ha HEY HEY -

don't you think?

You should see how quickly I can paint a piece of furniture listening to this kind of music blasting.

John says - When you're finished - could you make me a tea please...............

Suzan says - dancing out of the room - Sure - I'll bring the buck buck bucket down - whah whah whah


John says - Just one morning - I'd give anything for just ONE NORMAL MORNING...................

John yells - You ARE NOT playing that music outside in the summer !!!!!!!

( I had an Uncle that sang this to absolute perfection -

Bonus points if any of you knew which song I was talking about

And this is what I painted ( mostly to this type of music ) You can hate it but you can't deny it's energy
Man can this song get me going - seriously !  If you're at work DON'T blast this - if you're at home, go for it - this songs needs to be LOUD

Another treasure found on CL -
Solid?  Yes
Functional? Yes
Boring ?  Yes

I decided this needed to be lightened up - too dark and foreboding - it came from a Church and it looks like it's about to give a sermon on Fire and Brimstone - and it smells of incense like you wouldn't believe...............A good dose of shallac can take care of the odor ( or 2 ) and a good painting can take care of the rest :)

I painted it with Annie Sloan's Old White - and added a little detail to the doors -

Then I distressed - using a sander and by hand until it was just the way I wanted it

I painted the handles in place ( pulling an Annie Sloan here )

Then I decided to add a little to the inside!

I did the stripes in different directions for even more of a little surprise

I like the little bit of wood showing in them - because that's the only place any wood is left on her!

Here's one I did a couple of years ago - aren't they fun?

ok - back to the buffet

I painted the interior cupboards with a pale yellow I had on hand ( just latex paint, shhhh, so I'll have to seal it with some polyurethane )

and while that was drying - I attacked the doors

She wants to show you her backside ( something she could NEVER do in Church )

( that's why the lady is a tramp  ♪♫♪♪  )

how many songs can I fit into one post?  ohhh probably just about as much as the nonsense I can fill it with.

Well...................♪ she never picked cotton  like her Mama did - and her Brother did and her Sister did and her Daddy died young  ( working in the coal mine ) ♪




John says - Oh look, there's a line outside
Suzan says - Huh?
Suzan says - Don't tell me - An electric wire's down?
John says - No - A LINE - For your performance

LMHO - really - he keeps me in stitches!

I just put it on full blast as I'm getting ready to sign off - John immediately got up from his desk and left the office - mumbling something about living in a madhouse.............
Soda promptly followed him.
The two of them need to lighten up.

Cha cha cha !

P.S. - I'm giggling here by myself picturing some of your horrified reactions to Mule Skinner Blues -
really - LMHO -
This is the type of thing that keeps me blogging LOL
Have a great day :)

P.S.S. and if you want to see the controversy that painting furniture can stir up - check out my post on Hometalk HERE - whoa there's some angry people out there !

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  1. My husband is in bed next to me swearing at his laptop. I pulled up your blog and said to him do you want to hear something funny. I read him your post and we listened to the music. I laughed till i about cried as i could just imagine you singing this to John. My husband said it sounds like she has the mule by his nuts. Haha

    1. LMHO - I love the buck buck bucket part - think I'll sing it him now, again, in fact LOL

  2. You two make me giggle. I love the transformation it is beautiful! I like that you painted inside the drawers too. Smooches!

  3. I LOVE this piece!! I want it!!!!!!!!

    Gorgeous job, I need to get some of that paint...

  4. Well that song IS catchy. This is my first time hearing it.

    And that piece you have redone is def. no longer boring. Great job!

  5. I guess I am going to have to fight Anne for this piece. I want it too. It is too cute and pretty and amazing and gorgeous........ you get it I need that piece in my house. Great makeover
    now if I could get a good makeover like that....LOL! Have a great Sunday my friend.

  6. John would be BORED without you in his life! As for "The Fenderman", I prefer by blues sung by Muddy Waters or Keb'Mo'...but gimme some banjo wailing bluegrass music and I can sing along at the top of my lungs, too. Thankfully, I only scare the cat!

  7. Love the piece but I loved, loved the song.......think I will memorize it and sing it at our next friends get together.....;)

    1. LOL - hope they don't react like John ( or maybe they should - because that's the funniest part of all ) If I could have captured the look of horror on his face LMHO
      Thanks Lisa !

  8. Nice, Suzan!! But really? That's what a mule skinner is? I had a very different mental image. Kinda glad to hear this. As soon as I read the title I knew it was from a song, but I couldn't hear the Beatles singing it and I was pretty sure it wasn't a John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers selection. ANYWAY, just think how much joy and excitement you bring into John's otherwise dull life. :-)

  9. I grew up on both and I really got a charge out of your Mule Skinner music! The chest you painted here is gorgeous and the extra touch of painting the stripes and squares inside the drawers is inspired.

  10. I like her backside as much as her front. I also like how you painted the insides! I remember the song by Fendermen, and think that song is so cool. Again, do you ever sleep?

  11. You and John crack me up! I love the new is just gorgeous. I love the drawers...too cool! I think it is awesome that you like so many genres of music. I am the same all genres just not all songs in each! If it inspires you or gets you going....go for it! Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Blessings, Vicky

  12. Cripes, as I was reading this Thomas, my nephew, asked me what I was laughing at. You got a full belly laugh from me on this one. "I'm yodeling."
    When I was a kid there was a radio on our kitchen counter that was constantly on, tuned into the AM country music station. That song was one of the songs in it's rotation. I am quite positive that I have belted it out a couple of times during that era.
    And naturally, your work on this piece is fabulous.

  13. Love this piece you did but love the song more. I'm not much for country western, but my brother can sing this song like there's no tomorrow. I knew immediately which song it was from your title. Thanks! (Tell John I'm so glad he has that lovely British sense of humor.) :)

  14. Sing your little heart out Susan
    Mule Skinner Blues by the Fendermen

    (sample of the lyrics)

    Well, hey, little water boy,
    bring the buck-buck-bucket down
    weagh, weagh, ha ha ha ha ha
    hey hey hey heeeeeeeeeeeeeee - a - heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    he he he he he , he he he he he
    well if you don't like your jo- ob
    put the buck buck bucket down
    weagh, weagh--------(you kinda get the idea)

  15. hahahahahahahaha!! LOL BTW nice paint job!

  16. The two of you could be on a sitcom, your so funny. If the music makes you happy and productive - then you should have music. You go girl.
    The chest is stunning and you did a terrific job on it. Are you selling it or keeping it?
    Have a great week.

  17. Well, I never thought I would write that, but JOHN actually put a song in my mind, probably for a week or more... You should never ever mention The Sound Of Music in front of me. I was in a youth ballet as a teen and one of the thing we were asked to dance over and over again when we were invited somewhere was a routine on the song when Julie Andrews teaches the children the notes... "doe, a deer, a female deer, ray..."
    Awesome transformation, by the way...
    "A drop of sunshine, me..."

  18. Another great job by the singing furniture refinisher, Suzan!

  19. Well, I like most music but I'm with John on that one! lol Ummm...I think the song you were talking about early on- Working Man Blues? Not sure but I kind of remember the Hey-Hey-Hey part in that one by Merle H.
    The piece turned out GREAT, Suzan...and, to tell you the truth, I come for the nonsense and the make-overs are a bonus- xo Diana

  20. You're a scream, love the the sideboard but I have to say I would pay tickets to the show that your dog walked out of LOL

  21. Dolly Parton does a mean version of this as well. Then there's Jimmie Rodgers, Karen Wheeler, Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed, and the Osborn Brothers. Too bad there isn't time to get all of them for April Fool's Day!

  22. Me thinks that you need to post a video of you singing dear John awake, my dear girl! lolol Just think of the blog traffic you'd get! lol

    Oh...and another fab job with that sweet cabinet, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  23. Don't you just love a piece with a finished back. It opens up the possibilities for placement in the room. I have to admit I know all those tunes and even sing them sometimes. Sorry to disappoint John!

  24. Really pretty piece. I especially like the fleur-de-lis crosses that you added. Loved the music, too, both yours and John's. Were you there when...

  25. Your makeover is the inside of the drawers. I don't know those tunes. Your taste in music is far more diverse than mine. Your neighbors are going to love you!!

  26. Really pretty! I'd love to have this piece of furniture! It'd go perfect by my front door. I love how you do something fun and unexpected inside the drawers. The stripes are a perfect touch!

  27. I am more a Daft Punk blaring/painting sort of girl, but there always has to be music. Love the buffet and wondering why there was an incense smell? What kind of church was this? And was it really just incense? And maybe that was the reason behind your Muleskinner Blues singing.

  28. Thank goodness (for Mr. Frugalista's sake) he's out of town a lot because when I'm in the workshop I have 70's Rock (and I'm not talking the BeeGee's) blasting to the rafters and it's not uncommon for me to get jiggy with it while holding a paint brush (not a pretty site for anyone's eyes). So kudos to you for doing in front of John! Love what you did with the buffet, especially the white stripes inside the drawers. Another gorgeous makeover by Simply Vintagous!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  29. .I love it....but I have a question. Is there really a big difference in Chalk Paint, i.e. Annie Sloans ($$$) vs. other pre made or make at home paints?? I guess that the same question would apply to the waxes also. Thanks a lot.

  30. Love the makeover. I wish Phil would not sing. :P


  31. Love the makeover. would make a darling kitchen island too. I'm like you, I hate most wood furniture without paint, especially the orangy-wood. My heart stopped when I saw the final version of the beautifully painted armoire you painted duck egg and white chalk paint. It was fine in wood, but fantastic with paint!

  32. Love it Suzan! I love the inside of the drawers... I've been thinking a dresser I'm working on needed a little something extra... you've inspired me!

  33. LOVE! That is a very easy sprucer upper with out using the modge. Also you have to check out the video that was made making fun of canada Quebec. It is kinda funny

  34. What an adorable piece and I love the way you did the inside drawers....very neat.

  35. Oh man, we're watching tv so I can't listen just yet. But I'll be back because I'm not sure I know about the mule skinner blues. I do however, know a LOT about classic hymns. That's why John is such a grump.

  36. Well, I have to admit I've never heard that Mule Skinner Blues song...but I was feeling in the dumps this morning and listening to it brought a smile to my face & lightened my mood. Now I'm ready for the day, thanks Suzan!! And I love the way the buffet turned out! The drawers look amazing! And wow...some of the comments over at Hometalk...just wow...
    Debbie :)

  37. What a great idea on drawers! Very clever. I love music too, all genres, but Mule Skinner Blies was a new one for me...and I laughed out loud! How fun is it to listen to someone come alive with their music? Loved it!

  38. What a pretty transformation. Clever way that you transformed the interior, too!

  39. Wow...I had a peek at that 'controversial' conversation. That's all I can say. Wow. I love your sideboard and think you did an awesome job converting an ugly piece into something very stylish! I also love your cursor that trails do you do that? Saw your thumbnail at Three Mango Seeds and had to come and have a peek. Don't worry about the critics. Beautiful work! Mimi...x

  40. Love the result !! Did you have to do something first for the cabinet to absorb the paint or is that paint you have used to be used directly ? - Thanks

    1. Thanks so much Eva ! No prep work whatsoever ( other than washing it down completely ) I used Annie Sloan chalk paints :)

  41. Thank you Mimi !!!
    If you go to my sidebar you'll see a button that says Sharing is Caring - click on it - and it will lead you to a page where I have tips - the curser info is on there :)
    There's ton's of them to choose from,
    Wow is right about that conversation - talk about stirring up controversy just by painting something LOL

  42. I love this makeover, it turned out beautifully! I especially like that you even made over the inside of the drawers! I am forever decorating the insides of things and spaces that no one but me will ever see!


  43. I absolutely love this piece and the stripes in the drawers is genius. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  44. You are one funny lady :) Loved the two-way conversation I got to be in on this morning ;) Oh, and the buffet turned out amazing!! She now looks like she wants to be goin to the chapel and we're goin to get married - she's going to have a much better life...guaranteed ;)

  45. Great redo! I LOVE it! I love how you painted the inside of the drawers, too! Very innovative :-)


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