Thursday, March 20, 2014

The deal of a life time.....................No really !!!

And so this is the way it happens -

After spending a small fortune on curtains.......................

I found these on Craig's List -

Not one set

Not even 2 or 3

BUT 6 SETS !!!!!!!!!!!

And with a little - very little - manipulation - they will fit the south facing downstairs windows !!!

How much did this deal of the century cost, you may be wondering?

40 beauitful dollars -

Never have I been so thrilled to hand over 40 dollars in my life lol

Less then 10% of what I spent on the curtains I ordered.................oh well - sometimes that's just
the way things work out :)

John is busy lifting the green linoleum from the office....................don't the floors look lovely underneath?

and those floors aren't half as bad as the Master bedroom floor was - believe me !

let's see now - 4 more rooms of this crap to go through -

why is it that instead of being thrilled each time something gets done - I only concentrate on what still needs to be done?
another disorder of sorts I imagine - I'm loaded with them - and this reno is bringing every single last one of them out in full force.

Have a wonderful day all and if you don't see me before Monday have a wonderful weekend too:)

Much love,


  1. What a steal on the shutters! I love that you can open either the top or bottom or both. Never seen any like them. And...what an awesome deal! I love seeing the transformations in your home....such a difference. It's looking great. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend....Vicky

  2. More than great find on the shutters. Those cost 1000s new.

    You are doing great! Only four to go!

    On indoor reno I still have two to go: my spouse's office and the shed to be studio, someday...

  3. Congrats on the shutter find. Those are awesome!

  4. A FABULOUS FIND on those gorgeous shutters! They will be beautiful in your home. I think your home is moving right along and coming together GORGEOUS! We are stuck in the plumbing/electrical mode~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  5. SCORE! That's so awesome well done $40 bucks seriously!

  6. Can't believe you scored such a deal on the shutters! Looks like you are into some hard work but it will be worth it.

  7. Two words: LUCKY.DUCK.

    (PS. Love what's going on in your little Villa!)


    1. I KNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I'm not usually so lucky - can't wait to hang these!

  8. What a great find, and I can't wait to see them up. Lucky you:)

  9. Yay! What a find! And that gives me an idea for our windows in the living room of our newly renovated Beltway Apartment in The Netherlands. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  10. Omigosh! What I wouldn't do for a bargain like that on those shutters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore shutters. Lucky girl!

  11. Those shutters were a super deal!! Shutters give such character and charm to a room.
    You are making amazing progress on your house!!
    Mary Alice

  12. What a great find Suzan! Will you use these for the 'sunroom' windows on the front of the house? I'm sure the floors will be beautiful when they are refinished or painted. It's nice that there were hardwood floors under all that linoleum even if they are nearly ruined by the glue. They must be awful to clean up though. Have a great weekend.

  13. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Love your shutters . . . and what a deal!
    Can't wait to see them up :0)
    Have a great weekend,

  14. You actually stole those shutters! I know they will look great on the windows. Will you keep the curtains also? Learn to close the door to the areas that are not finished and do not think about them.. Unless they have no door knobs!

  15. WOW!!!! What an amazing find! I still have shower curtains over my windows that face the street. The back windows are wide open, which means if you're wandering in the woods behind us, you can most likely see Phil's bum strolling through the house. I'm guessing the deer don't mind. But YOU, my chickadee, are one lucky chickadee!!


  16. I LOVE SHUTTERS! Sorry, didn't mean to yell.

  17. SCORE! Wow that is all I can say WOW!

  18. I have a bunch of shutters in my garage. They won't fit the windows in this house, but I keep thinking I'll figure out something to do with them. I've had them for 20+ years because they were left in the garage at my last house. If I wait much longer my kids will be selling them at the estate sale. I always tell them there will be quality merchandise for the sale. :)

    I think you have to be careful taking up old linoleum because of asbestos. You might want to check into it. Be careful.

  19. Excellent buy and I'm glad this time you didn't hand over more because you felt like it was a steal!

  20. I have the same style shutters on most of my windows and I love them!

  21. Yay! You rocked on this one. :-)
    Good luck with the floor.

  22. Suweeeeeeeet. They will look amazing!!

  23. Wow...that IS and awesome deal! I need to shop where you do! I love shutters. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    p.s. I'm jealous.

  24. These are great and what a super deal!!! You always get the best stuff.


  25. The shutters are amazing! Can you return the curtains

  26. OH WOW! I think I'm jealous! But then you deserve a break after all the reno nightmare you've been through! Those are going to look amazing - can't wait to see them!
    Have a great weekend...we are off to the farm. Hurray!

  27. Oh my, the shutters are beautiful, Suzan. I`m sure you want the curtains more, so just send them to me lol.

    Big hug and have a great weekend, my friend.

  28. oh wow, what a buy, thats a steal!!! I miss my shutters, I had them in our house, :( JUst think how much you will enjoy the house when its finished, remember the finish line,

  29. Hi Suzan!!!!

    I haven't been on for awhile, so, today is catch-up day!!!!!

    LOVE the shutters!!!! I'm so in love with Craig's List!!!! I can furnish a 2 bedroom apartment with what I find in the "Free" section in any given month!!!

    The office room floors look awesome!!!!! Soon you'll be in the sun, planting and hey jumping in the wonderful pool looking at the house and sighing because it's all done!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  30. Oh wonderful! I LOVE my shutters! Best window treatment ever. And I totally get focusing on what still needs done - it's because you want it all finished before it's time to start over on the first project :)

  31. W-O-W! You are so fortunate to have found those before someone else. They are beautiful! I can't wait to see how they compliment your home. XOXO

  32. Your blinds are great and such a deal!! A little manipulation..famous last words in a reno project! LOL! Suzan I am the same way...always focused on what's to be done next. It's a sickness of some kind for sure!

  33. I love the look of shutters! You really scored big on this one! Looking forward to seeing how they look installed.

  34. $40.00??? For all those shutters??? Holy hit the jackpot, Suzan!! What a find!
    Debbie :)


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