Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's been awhile Craig....................('s LIST )

What with everything that's going on here - reno's - furniture - eating - sleeping - reno's - furniture - eating - sleeping - I haven't had time to scour Craig's list................

Last night I decided to give it a whirl -
And this morning I'm one tres happy girl
( I'm also a poet - just in case you didn't know it )

On it's way ....................
( I want to fix that wall behind the seller's bench - badly )
It's an antique Church bench - and lo and behold - this may be the only time you'll ever hear this
out of my mouth - it will NOT be painted !!!
Is that the sweetest thing ever?
A pillow - a throw - a basket on the floor in front of it - love love love !!!

This will be picked up tonight - OMG - I can't tell you how much I'm in love with this -
The seller claims it's an antique - looks a little like a reproduction to me - but I love it regardless.
And this may be the 2nd and last time you'll ever hear this out of my mouth - but I don't think this will be painted either - although I'm not quite so certain about this one - I'm kind of picturing it white with a french graphic also -

John says - how much do you think you can get for them refinished
Suzan says - hmmm- not sure - we'll see

Suzan doesn't say she's keeping them - for now at least - and getting rid of the one she has now
which is this one - and is far too big for this living room

I still haven't heard back from this seller - but asked about it - no chairs but they're easy enough to find

beautiful legs

items I wanted to get - but they're just too far away ( or so John says and I'm agreeing with him because I don't really have the room for anything else right now so they'd have to go in storage )

why why why does the seller have to live so far away?

I literally had to turn off the computer because I was having a bit of an anxiety over the chair to be honest with you................

Ok gotta get this piece finished -

hmmm what else?

oh - if any of you are interested - THE WINDOW IS FINALLY INSTALLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John says - what the hell are you taking a picture of the window now for - it's not finished
Suzan says - Listen, my readers don't care, you got it?  Stop sticking your nose in my blog details!!!
John says - it's just ridiculous - the foam is sticking out everywhere - the shims are sticking out - the
Suzan puts her hand up - shhhhh - I'm trying to concentrate on my photography skills
John says - or lack there of....................

ok - he gets no argument from me there - none whatsoever LMHO

but here you go guys - because I know most of you have been having trouble sleeping worrying about my kitchen window

Now tonight you can all fall into the deepest of slumber.....................
( and dream about that hardware )

I don't think I'm going to hang curtains on the window - ( and blinds are very dangerous )

I saw the light on the night that I passed by her window 

I saw the flickering shadows of love on her blind 

She was my woman 

As she deceived me I watched and went out of my mind 

My, my, my, Delilah 

Why, why, why, Delilah 

can you remember belting that song out?
how morbid lol

Have a wonderful day all !

Much love,

Partying over here!
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  1. He bench, what a find! I love that chair too you sure you can't tell John you need a ay trip to take a break and end up in the vicinity of the chair ;)

    Window is looking great it's all coming along.

  2. That bench is gorgeous, Suzan. I love it more, send it to me, girl.

    Hugs from here

  3. Wow! What a find, Suzan! I love that bench and I love the new coffee table,too. You will know once you get it in the room whether you want to paint it or not. That first piece does look like an antique..or a really good reproduction...hard to say till you see it in person.

    The pieces that "got away" are also amazing.

    We have baby on its way today-Mom is being induced right now. Whoo Hooo...
    xo Diana ps-The cat where I am staying at my daughters? Her name is...........guess........Delilah! I can hear Tom Jones right now.....

  4. You found some great pieces, Suzan! That bench is so sweet - love it. So glad I can get a good night's sleep tonight! : )

    1. sweet dreams are made of this LOL
      thanks JoAnne!

  5. I'm loving your CL finds. I could shop there all day!! And Phil keeps leaving the shims hanging out of the doors...I keep waiting for him to run into one and put an eye out.


  6. Oh gorgeous finds!! Can you reveal to me where the chair and that bed are?? Closer to me than to you?
    I love the French windows you are putting into your kitchen....beautiful.

  7. Ok Girlfriend it is so good we live a country away from each other. I would so be over taking that bench and coffee table. What beautiful finds. I can see why you do not want to let go of them. Gorgeous. I can never find great treasures like that on Craig's list. You are so lucky with that. I really really want that bench please!

  8. Dear Not Delilah Who Is On a Tom Jones Kick This Week:
    Church bench: wonderful. Coffee table: if that really is antique (definition of antique?) it must be very rare. Kitchen window: a great choice, as usual.
    And John, these are very important blog details.

  9. Window without trim looks great! Window WITH trim will look GREAT!! Grammar lesson using looks and will look. I blame it on the weather. Yesterday 70 degrees, today 40 with wind, rain and snow. It is a good thing that I don't live in Craig's neighborhood as I wouldn't get anything done...not that much is getting done now, anyway.♥♫

    1. Sure didn't mean to sound like I was the teacher correcting your writing...just my lame attempt at humor this morning! Just want to let you know I love the window!!♥♫

  10. That church bench is awesome. I wouldn't paint it either...as much as I love painted furniture, it would almost be sacreligious! I did a similar window post, as it was going in way back when I first started my blog. There's just something exciting about a new window!

  11. It's so pretty!!! I hope you leave it that color. It's gorgeous. ♡

  12. I love the bench and am glad it's close enough that you can get it. Raw wood is in so this will be great in a white room. Your window looks great even unfinished. If you lived closer I'd love to have your coffee table. :)

  13. Did you figure out who the cartoon character was the handle resembled?

    I think this is going to be a beauty when it's all said and done. I love it!

  14. Good for you and great stuff. I had one of those chairs that turns into a ladder and it had to go. I loved it and forgot about it until seeing this. What a great pew.


  15. Ooo la la! That window is so so beautiful! And I love your finds- the bench is to die for and the table will look good no matter if you leave it as is or paint it. I don't get on Craig's list for that very reason ( and I'd spend way too much time and money lol)

  16. Oh Suzan/Delilah . . .
    I had to go to YouTube to watch that fabulous Tom Jones! Oooohhhh, he was such a great entertainer back in the 60s and 70s! I need to purchase a cd of his . . .

    Love, love the bench! Whatever you do to it, it will be great!

  17. Don't know how you could resist that chair/ladder thingie!!! I think I may have to drive to Montreal and get it. If it wasn't for the 15 cm of snow coming tomorrow

    The window is awesome!

  18. You gotta go get that neat chair...get your son to go with you. A son always owes his mom.
    Love the bench and the coffee table. Definitely keep them both. I do like the new coffee table best.
    Yes, I have been waiting with bated breath for the reveal. Love that hardware!
    Have a blessed week, xoxoGinger

  19. Oh how I love that charming church pew! It's even got a worn butt spot on it! :) I wouldn't paint it either, Suzan...or that gorgeous coffee table. I bit of brown with your black, gray and white scheme would be so chic! And don't even get me started on your gorgeous window, girl! It's absolutely perfect!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  20. Great finds! I wouldn't paint that bench either - the other stuff I definitely would though!

  21. I'm so jealous! That bench is a fabulous find. Where have I been?! I really need to check out CL!

  22. Love your finds and your almost complete window. I am on the fence about the chair/ladder thingee, looks like an old Bombay Co. repro. The curve on the footboard of the bed, however, tres sexy!

  23. Wow...you lucky girl. You found some great items.

  24. Oh, what a gorgeous window and that little chair is to die for.

  25. Suzan, I love, love that window. I have the same little chair that makes into a ladder and when mine is fully folded out it is an ironing board. I got it at an as-is store for $7. I almost sold it when I had to move, but at the last minute I just couldn't part with it.

  26. I love that bench. I will give you six months and I bet you paint it. You are a paintaholic! You must to come to terms with that! Cheers.

  27. Love your bench and table Suzan. I would be willing to bet money that both of those items end up getting painted in the future. I have a white library stool that turns into a step stool kind of like that chair. It's not nearly as gorgeous as that chair. Your window is awesome! (You knew I was going to say that.)

  28. I'm sure I'll sleep better now that I've seen your gorgeous kitchen in place. You should get that chair/ladder. I was supposed to pick one last week, then had to call the seller because my ankle hurt too much to drive that far and now it's sold.

  29. Gosh I want that window and the hardware is gorgeous! I would have to have that chair/ladder, such a cool piece!

  30. Nice scores on Craigs list , love love love the window. Glad to see you taking a break and doing some online shopping. It wil help prepare you for spring, YARD SALES and FLEA MARKETS woohoo hugs Tobey

  31. That coffee table that you are not telling John about keeping.....well I could keep it at my house - I have been looking for something just that shape and size - until you get around to telling John....LOL Really I will babysit it for you.....for a LONG LONG time. lol

    1. I hope I haven't lost that table - it's been an issue going to get it !!!
      Just asked again if we could come on the weekend - but you know how it is, someone else may have picked it up to babysit in the meantime LOL

  32. I really love that bench, what a great find! I agree with your decision not to paint it. Good luck with the new window!

  33. Oh that bench is awesome! And I understand why you won't paint it. The window is looking great so far! I never go on Craig's List...I really should check it out. I forget about it...should add it to my calender reminders.
    Have a great day!
    Debbie :)

  34. Oh that bench is awesome! And I understand why you won't paint it. The window is looking great so far! I never go on Craig's List...I really should check it out. I forget about it...should add it to my calender reminders.
    Have a great day!
    Debbie :)

  35. You're having better luck on Craigslist than I am! It has been DEAD here. I love that last chest of drawers & the church pew. It is adorable.

  36. Me and Craiger would have been dangerous...it's a good thing I don't have a truck...I did once rent a truck to pick furniture up. LOL I love that coffee table/chest!

  37. The headboard reminds me of the one my parents had. The window looks awesome, shims, foam and all...did you decide not to paint it? The hardware sure is pretty! And, er, yes, that was me belting out Delilah all those years ago. You heard me?


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