Thursday, March 20, 2014

Painting a 70's Railing....................

I HATE them - sorry if any of you have them - but I STILL hate them.................

Although I think the 70's was one of the coolest decades - when I look back I could vomit.

MY GOD we had no taste at all )

Our clothes were awful

Hairstyles were gross - why why why did we want to look like " page boys " ?


and then someone came up with the innovative thought that these railings

were somehow superior to these railings ( in case you missed the post of this IWLTW - it's HERE

I think we were trying to break out of a prison or something ( metaphorically of course unless you actually DID spend time in prison - and even then why would you want your stair railing to remind you of that particular episode in your life? )

And if you haven't seen those railings in years - well then come by for a visit - I HAVE THEM !!!

Except I changed them up a little bit of course...............

Because there's nothing -

And I DO mean nothing

That can't be fixed with white paint

( except 70's page boys - you can't do a damn thing with them except let them grow out )

Here's a conversation that happened the other night.

I was woken up ( should that be awoken ? )  by the door closing loudly - and

John says - Oh no...............
Suzan says groggily - You didn't .
John says - What are we going to do?
Suzan says - ( screams actually )  I told you to PLEASE PUT THE HANDLE BACK ON
John says - What are we going to do?
Suzan says - I DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS !!!!!!
Suzan says - You'll have to climb out the window
John says - What the hell?  Are you going to let me climb down your hair Rapunzel?
Suzan says - Seriously, YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. HAVE. TO. CLIMB. OUT. THE. WINDOW

( I really like my bed - but it's supposed to be my sanctuary - not death row )

John says - Don't be ridiculous - anyway my keys are in my coat downstairs so even if I did I can't open the door
Suzan says- You'll have to climb out the window - and smash a window somewhere
Suzan says - We can't stay locked up in the room
Suzan says- panic setting in - YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING

I had images of us starving to death in the room - found on the bed with Soda - locked up together forever more..............

John rummages in his closet and finds a screwdriver

Suzan says - What is a screw driver doing in your closet?
Suzan says - I had to put handles back on a dresser with a butter knife because I couldn't find it
John says - (as he clicks open the door) - Thank God I don't........................

Suzan says - while you have the screw driver out - do you think you can put the door knob back on?
John says - It's too late - I'm going to bed....................

That was 3 days ago - take a look at the bedroom door everyone!!!

The handle has been spray painted and ready to go back on for over 2 months now -
Guess I should bite the bullet and install it myself - but I really want him to
feel that he's been a part of this reno LOL

La la la la life goes on...............................

John's out of town while this got done - let's see the conversation that ensues when he sees the branches LMHO

I've strategically placed them so they don't put him in harm's way

You can read how he feels about branches HERE

I used Behr floor paint - white gloss - because it's very durable and because I have a ton of it on hand.
The blue on the wall - just in case anyone wants to know - is Behr Pensive Sky.

Have a great day all !

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  1. It looks great in white, so have to ask were the branches moved in time for him getting back. I can not stand missing doorknobs all our doors squeak and then I think I must wd40 them then they get replaced and I don't do it because they're no longer blowing. I think he'll love the new look sans branches.

  2. always make me smile! Oh those time ever...worst taste ever! The clothes, the hair, the shoes...what the hell were we thinking? Hahaha...

    I totally agree that white paint can fix anything! It's the best. And I laughed out loud with your door knob not being installed yet! For me, it's a wall railing. I painted the basement and had to remove the wall railing for our basement stairs, and my husband was supposed to install it after the paint had dried. That was before Christmas! I think I'm just going to go ahead and do it myself because it's just going to stay there until the walls need painting again. LOL...

  3. I love that railing in white! What a difference, holy, white paint to the rescue!!!! I didn't mind the 70s at all. Some of the stuff was weird - colours for example, but shag rugs were cool - Farah's hair was definitely cool, the car body styles were cool (well except for the Gremlin and the Pacer - wtf?!) and I still love bell bottoms! and wedges and tie-dye... oh those were the days!!!! :)

  4. Love the rail white. It looks great. Gotta love white! I think I owned those purple bell buttoms. Yep I think I did!

  5. Oh, yes, I remember page boy haircuts and elephant pants! I may have had the haircut but not the pants. My sister bought the pants. I love the stair bannister painted white. It looks so much better. When I was a very young 20 something and in my first apartment with 2 girlfriends we asked permission to paint the black bannister and 'sticks' white and the landlord said yes. And we did paint them white and they looked to much better and brighter. The house was probably 80 years old at that time. An upstairs flat (one of four) with a long stairway from the entry. Nice bay window in the living room and a door in the smaller bedroom to a little balcony. The house was originally two side by sides made into 4 apartments. Big windows, lots of light and freezing cold in winter!! The heat source was a furnace oil space heater in the hall by the stairs. I always worried it would catch fire and we'd have no way out! We paid $99.00 a month - $33.00 each! Gotta love the 70's for that! Happy Spring to you Suzan.

  6. Replies
    1. (Sorry, spelling mistake in first attempt)
      Loved the 70s! We thought the styles were cool at the time, just like every generation does. I had the large pants, even sewed my own. About the railings... they switched to straight pieces mainly because of cost and time. An old style turned one has to go on a lathe and either be hand or machine cut, taking time and leaving lots of unusable wood shavings. The straight pieces can easily and quickly be cut from a board, with no wastage.

  7. LOL- Doesn't look like 70's anymore! Thank God and all his saints for white paint! I remember all those clothes. I see, however, that halter tops are making a big comeback. lol How many of those did I have? Too many to remember!
    LOVE the color of the wall, Suzan! Great choice- xo Diana

  8. I had out my curling iron and was mid-pageboy while I was reading this. Then you made me think about it, and now I'm half curled under and half wild jungle hair. How'm I gonna explain this?

    I don't feel that it's necessary to point out how much better your railing looks now - it's a given. HUGE transformation.

    (You may want to give a neighbor a key to your house so you can yell to them in case this tragedy strikes again. If you don't post for two days in a row I will figure out what happened and will personally drive up there and let you out.)

  9. My bellbottoms always got caught in my bicycle chain. I really wanted John to climb out the window!


  10. Looking good Suzan. White paint can dress up anything....except the 70's

  11. It's a good thing you had tools in the bedroom!

  12. LOL! Yes, not a good decade for decoration, I somehow never liked it!
    Wow, White paint change it all, it looks amazing Suzan! I had long hair, so no bob and except for the long skirt, I do like the other looks! Love your Wall color!
    Hugs and tks for the walk on memory lane, lol!

  13. Oh the seventies...I graduated, got married, had my first child...and had a love/hate relationship with the styles. I never had the page boy cut, I was very into the 'shag' that was popular in the early 70s. And it was the first cut that made my hair look good long with my curly hair!
    Debbie :)

  14. Suzan you are SO right - anything (except hair) can be made to look better with white paint. It's just a rule of life. I'm sure that can be found somewhere in Genesis right??

  15. No wonder I could never feel comfortable about myself in the 70's...yikes. I don't think the 80's were much better lol.
    The railing looks better white. John cracks me up- good luck with getting him to install the knobs.

  16. I swear you must be on freakin speed! You have more energy that anyone I've never met! Wow I can't believe what you can get done in a week. Your kitchen is looking pretty darn good, what a transformation. When you get all done, went to head over my way and help out!

  17. White paint really is the difference!


  18. Oh my gosh, I had those purple Palazzo pants and that page boy haircut and I thought I was so freak'n hot...I mean groovy! LOL
    Yup, I'm with you on the nothing that can't be fixed with white paint. What a difference it made to your railing! I can't wait to read your John says post when he gets home to discover your lovely branches.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  19. Well, I have white hair so I think everything can be made better with a bit of white. I agree with Cheryl above about giving a friend or neighbor a key for the door so they can release you from lock-up. I do not think I have ever seen those railings in a house before - usually around an outside deck. Love the gentle blue of the walls.

  20. This does look better and those railings are everywhere in NJ townhomes. The y are pretty sad, what were builders thinking??? I just love your John stories, LOL!!! I have to tell you I had that hairstyle, what was I thinking?? At least I can say I was on 13 and didn't know any better, LOL.


  21. I had the page boy hair too.... I'm pretty sure that's why I have long hair now! I have a eighties chalet-style railing... Maybe I should paint it white, because yours definitely looks better!

  22. Thanks for the morning laugh! I can just picture you being found years later (because no one looks for the crazy recluse in their neighborhood). Your stairs are lovely and you are so right about 70's fashion and hair styles.

  23. You guys are so funny, I could see you making John climb out the window lol. Thank God he had the screw driver. I know what you mean about the railings, I hate the 70's style too. but at least yours has railings, I have a handle rail and no rails. I keep scouring the restore for ones that fit, but have found nothing yet. thanks so much for the laugh today, I needed it. hugs Tobey

  24. You are right - the white paint is a miracle substance! The railings look very 2000-and-now! Funny about the doorknob!

  25. Funny, but it turns out well! I love the white paint and incredulously make the whole room perfect. And I think John will love those branches to be placed in that corner. You have cool updates here by the way!

    Sebastian of
    Factory Direct Gazebo

  26. My theory about the 70's and why everything was so ugly is that all of the young, fresh, artistic, designer minds that should have be giving us awesome ideas had fried their brains on LSD and other drugs in the 60's.

  27. It looks fantastic. Your conversations crack me up.


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