Tuesday, March 4, 2014

To distress or not to distress...................

As you know furniture talks to me ( sometimes it sends me mixed messages - and I have to start all over again - other times it's clear as a bell - right from the beginning )

There are pieces I do where distressing would take away from the beauty of the piece - and so they are left as is such as this one ( HERE ) instead of distressing I did a " driftwood " finish on top using wax and left the body clean

Some pieces are content with just a quick white wash ( super easy white wash HERE )

or dark wax for a quick " antiqued dirty look " HERE

applying dark wax to furniture

And then some pieces ask for distressing ( " cheating " distressing HERE )

and every now and then one whispers  "please, go all the way " ( HERE )

But the piece I'm working on right now?

It was begging for just a little distressing around the corners and details - and to precisely do that I used my sander and tilted it to an angle that would only " outline " the edges................
Of course you can do it by hand - but this took seconds for each drawer ( as opposed to precious minutes LOL )

There's something particularly beautiful with ASCP Graphite and small bits of wood peaking through -
the old worn look is so Restoration Hardware ( ish )  -

it's not even waxed yet and you can see how this looks so naturally aged, right?

and the great thing about this is that IF you decide you DON'T like the distressed look - it's simply a quick coat around the corners and it's removed in minutes.  I think a lot of people are afraid when painting furniture - but there's nothing you can't fix - absolutely nothing :)

oh oh - it would appear electrical sanders speak to me too - I can hear it yelling from downstairs -
" hurry up will ya - come finish this piece already "

I'm coming - I'm coming !!!
Sorry have to sign off now - these things are very temperamental :)

( I had to google temperamental - spell check kept correcting me - who else thought it was spelled

I hate spell check - it's removed another false belief I had in myself..................

Much live leve luve LOVE,

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  1. I love the "naturally" worn look of the piece you're working on now. You have a knack (or is it nack) for just the right amount of distressing - or maybe you just listen well...

  2. Is that the piece you showed yesterday that you were working on? I love the distressed look you gave to it. It looked too plain in the first photo. It's gorgeous. Tempermentel has an 'a' in it? Who knew?? I'm thankful for spell check but it slows me down sometimes. Temperamental. There. Have a great day and don't get to (di)stressed over it. :)

  3. Suzan,
    You are the furniture whisper and this piece is wonderful. Love It!!!! You have done this piece proud. Great job.

  4. Oh darn, I left a long comment and it just told me that it was BROKEN. Okay, so just wanted you to know that I love the look. Beautiful. And I sure hope I get some ambition once the snow melts. And I think I pronounce it temperamental too! It sounds better that way, doesn't it!

  5. Have loved every piece of furniture that you have done.
    You probably have mentioned this before but wanted to ask; what kind of wax do you use on your painted projects?
    Thank you

  6. Hahaha! I knew how to spell temperamental because Lulu had it on one of her tests and I told her she spelled it wrong (and I am a good speller)...lol Wrong-check one for me!

    You do the most incredible job of painting, Suzan. You know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em-when to leave her fully dressed or show a bit of "skin". I have not seen a single one of your pieces that I would not want to claim for my own.

    Can't WAIT to see the piece you are painting for your client. I do have a question for you though - do you ALWAYS use chalk paint or do you sometimes use regular paint? If you do use regular paint do you use a poly (or wax) over it? xoxox Diana

  7. Spelling words wrong is something I do all the time...my fingers are faster than my brain. OK, so I typed brian already this morning. If only my fingers would get work finished faster!! You have another gorgeous piece!♥♫

  8. there is beauty in each piece...distressed or not

  9. I am a big fan of your choices, you have a great vision on how to treat each piece.

    (Why do the spelling gods thing temperamental needs aNOTHer syllable???)

  10. Love it, Suzan. Every furniture you lay your hand on, end up just beautiful.


  11. Right choice as always! That's exactly what it needed. Yes, yes, yes.

  12. Love, love, love that piece!
    Uh, you mean I've been spelling it wrong all these years? Great. Another spelling adjustment to make - sigh. Lol

  13. You create such beauty, regardless of the finish you choose. I'm not one for a lot of distressing or the chippy look...that's just me. Proceed my talented friend!! :)

    P.S. I've been called a spelling Nazi! Lol

  14. The piece looks stunning. Do you think we should start a "I hear what inanimate things say" club?

  15. Taking a second look I really like it as is but as Kris stated, you are the Paint Whisperer. This is such a gorgeous piece. No matter what you do it will be perfection!


  16. Really like this finish! Congrats for using Spell Checker! You may be one of the few bloggers who does..

    1. I make plenty of mistakes - even with spell check - trust me lol - my fingers fly faster on the key board then my brain works !
      Thanks Teddee !

  17. Love this piece...it looks great!! Spell Checker drives me crazy when it changes a word on me. LOL...

  18. All your projects always look wonderful so your furniture pieces (and your sander) are speaking the right language it would seem!
    I have to look up words too sometimes and it drives me nuts!

  19. well whatever your doing keep doing it as your stuff looks great always-love dee x

  20. Really pretty Suzan! I think distressing is an art. And less is more. And I too struggle with spelling, I'm always googling words. Like I've got nothing better to do...

  21. Suzan, you always know just what to do! I LOVE that driftwood finish and want to do it on my new dining room table. It will be perfect. Did you ever do a tutorial on that?? I looked at the post link and it says you would...but you might break that promise! LOL!

  22. Well you sure are busy painting away. What a gorgeous piece this is. I love distressing, I think it just finishes the look off right. Less is more, I agree!

  23. I am definitely going to paint my armoire one of these days with a distress finish! Luckily I have "tempermental" you to help!! LOL Cheers

  24. You do beautiful work and this piece is stunning. I am sure the pieces talk to you and guide you.

  25. I love the light distressing on the edges. And I'm happy to know your furniture carries on conversations with you.


  26. lol dam spell check love love love the little distressing you did looks perfect now

  27. It horrifies people when I tell them I use a palm sander for distressing. If you have a light touch, who's gonna know you used a machine to do it? I think that is the perfect amound of distressing for that piece. I get what you are saying about spellcheck. I seem to always want to use a 'z' when it should be an 's'.

  28. I confess to using a sander on larger pieces instead of hand-sanding. I do finish off each piece with a light hand sanding with a rough paper towel - try it - you will be surprised at the extra patina it gives a piece. Love that graphite paint color. Maybe you were thinking temper-mental!

  29. I use my sander too, or sometimes a wet scrubby. And I recently bought a car buffer to buff the wax. What can I say I am old and need the short cuts to save my arms and hands. I love this dresser and the colour, is gorgeous. Another master piece my dear. hugs Tobey

  30. I've done my sanding with a block, but with some practice it's good to know that I might be able to use my sander.

  31. Ha ha ha! I think my sanders have been mute because none of them told me they could make the darn job so much easier. They probably sat there on the shelf laughing at me in unison while I hand sanded each piece. Lazy sons of a gun...but that stops today :) *Finger's crossed* - I use power tools like I drive...pedal to the metal.
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  32. Of electric I didn't think that could be done, keeping that in my pocket. Furniture talk to you, mine curses me and says why why did you ruin me, I'm ignoring it and rethinking some ideas, plus I have to do all my wood and I won't let this one put me off ;)

  33. I had no idea that's how you spell "temperamental" see...I learned something new today! Your pieces are all so beautiful! You truly have a gift! I've never used chalk paint, but keep hearing great things about it. I may have to try it soon. I'm sure I'll want to use it on everything. :)

  34. I didn't know that was how temperamental was spelt! It isn't pronounce that way...strange language this English is.
    Beautiful dresser! I have never used my sander to distress a piece, I'm afraid I would take too much off...but it actually didn't with yours!
    Debbie :)

  35. Some really lovely examples, and I like how you showed different options. Cool! (Seen on "It's a Party" link up.)

  36. Gorgeous. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon http://www.astrollthrulife.net. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  37. what a lovely piece of furniture you do good work thanks for sharing following on bloglovin have a good day

  38. I have to get me some ASCP graphite! it looks gorgeous.


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