Friday, January 23, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this and that )

How is it that men can lead such uncomplicated lives?

It's so simplistic it's ridiculous

Here's food - EAT
Here's T.V. - WATCH
Here's toilet - GO
Here's car - DRIVE
Here's store - ( forget about that one )
Here's bed - SLEEP

There's not a whole lot of decision making in these processes - they just DO what they have to do.

I'm most jealous of it all at night - when John's head hits the pillow - and within seconds he's snoring - I lay there almost weeping with the unfairness of it all

I tell myself to SLEEP - but my brain totally ignores me as it frantically wraps itself around every single minute detail of my day - week - month - year - decade..............

My Father almost drowned when he was a young boy - went down three times in a lake ( before he was pulled out by a fisherman )
He claimed his life flashed before his eyes - I was telling John that story this week ( after he mentioned he didn't believe people actually experienced that sort of thing )

John says - I'm not sure I believe that
Suzan says - Ummmmmm, believe it mister - my life flashes before my eyes EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.
( maybe that's why I'm terrified to go to sleep )

I have an Aunt that used to laugh when she was in a terrible or sad situation - it was the strangest thing.
People would be grieving - and you could see the laughter fighting to get out - it used to mortify her ( she was such a class act - this Aunt of mine - the perfect lady - except for this affliction )

And I've inherited it -
It's nerves - I realize that - but it can be so inappropriate that I sometimes have to leave a room.

Once at a funeral ( my Grandmother's in fact - who was Irish ) everyone started to " Keen "
If you don't know what that is - it's a low - but ever rising - moan - verbal grief actually - it's almost musical.
I was so stunned at seeing my relatives doing this - that I quickly looked over at my Mom - who was just as surprised to see her siblings participating -
She looked at me and raised her eyebrows slightly - and that was it -
We both started shaking with silent laughter - till we cried - which was appropriate in the end because my Grandmother liked to laugh more than anyone else I knew.............
She would have been the first one to say " ya crazy bastards "
( to understand THAT grandmother a little more you can read about her HERE )

So you can understand my fear - I had a funeral to go to - one of my dearest sister-friend's Mother passed away -
I was a nervous wreck.( which doesn't help this particular affliction - at all )

Suzan says - I'm nervous - what if I start to laugh?
John says - mortified - Can't you just behave like an adult?

I'm happy to report that I behaved like an adult.
This time.

And speaking of behaving like an adult ....................

Often when I'm watching a movie - if one of the actors looks like someone I know ( especially someone I love ) certain scenes can become unbearable - and if they're terrible scenes - well I kind of fall apart emotionally ..................

When John and I were still in the dating stage ( and we dated for 4 years ) we went to see a movie -
Saving Private Ryan actually -
Tom Hanks looks a lot like my youngest brother.
Enough said..................

Halfway through the movie I was sobbing silently next to him - and told him I couldn't stay to watch the whole thing - it was ripping my heart out -

He turned around and hissed at me - HISSED

" Even children don't behave like this at the movies "

That was the first time he had shown any kind of anger at me - and I was so stunned that I remember thinking - " well this is it - he's not for me - how dare he reprimand me like I'm a 5 year old "

He's still hissing at me 16 years later LMHO
( and I'm still either laughing hysterically or crying irrationally )

But I'm NOT a hisser.

We saw a commercial recently on people who laugh and cry compulsively - apparently it's a disorder
( I'm so tired of them labelling - every single thing people do for crying out loud )

John says - Look !  That's what you have !

I laughed my head off - I mean roared - he's too funny

And then I started crying thinking I might have another disorder......................

I can live with my OCD - but I don't need any more labels - thankyouverymuch

Is there a label for people who don't laugh enough?
Is there a label for people who hiss?

I've been wanting to share this story sooooo badly - and I didn't know if it was right to do so - because it's not my story - so I won't reveal names -
But my daughter went to a funeral last winter
A Jewish funeral - ( and Jews have the art of humor down to a science - all my favorite comedians are/were Jewish )

The woman who had passed away was a very renowned international philanthropist - who happened to be a gynecologist - her Son recounted the tale................

When she first started her career - she shared an office with her husband who was a dentist.

They didn't have a receptionist in the early days - so they would just grab the phone when it rang.

One day a lady called - and asked to speak to the Doctor -

" Speaking "  the husband replied
" I have an infection " the woman said - " how much would it cost to come in for a check up? "
" Well " the doctor replied - " that would depend on the size of your cavity "

Have you guessed it yet?
I'm still laughing a year later at this story

She was calling the gynecologist - and was absolutely mortified by this response.

I used to go to a comedy club here in Montreal -
My favorite night out, bar none.
( I still go to the Just for Laughs Festival every summer )

Once I was sitting in the front - cackling away ( and I do cackle - or so I'm told by my better half )
The comedian made fun of my laugh - several times - my girlfriend was dying of embarrassment - but It really didn't bother me - if you can make me laugh - I'm yours forever.
Bosum buddies.....................

And speaking of bosums...................

This next video had me in stitches - though some may find it a little vulgar - I only see the humor in it !
Warning - boobies are exposed - not suitable for work ! ( and not suitable to anyone who opposes boobies for that matter - me?  I'm more opposed to to what's going on with terrorism to ever be bothered by a little flesh )

From - Dallas, Texas - Rodney Carrington !

I'm with Rodney on this one - with all the current grief in the world - and the tears that go with that - ( and I shed my share ) it's good to remember the joy - and the very best part of joy is laughter - in my humble opinion.

I tried " flashing " John this week - out of the blue - while hockey was on but nothing comes between John and Hockey - not even boobs
John says - What in God's name are you doing?
Suzan says - Trying to save the world.................................don't you care about it?
John says - What the hell are you talking about?  Can you get out of the way of the t.v. please?

So I got out of the way of the boob - tube

What a sad state of affairs..............even when I try to stay abreast of things it doesn't work.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
Much love,


  1. As they say; laughter is the best medicine.
    I always try to find some sort of humor in the worse of times.

  2. Your post has me laughing out loud. I hope your husband appreciates your wonderful sense of humor (and your disorder)!

    1. I think he does - I can always manage to get a laugh out of him ( no matter how upset he may be ! )
      My disorders not so much lol

  3. Oh jeeze, I'll be singing that all day now...... show them to meeeeee

  4. Thank you for the HUGE belly laugh you gave me with that clip!! Thank heavens I had just used the restroom before I watched it!!
    Still wiping away the laughter tears!

  5. Oh my gosh! Taking patriotism to a whole new level! Maybe that's all we need on the front lines!

  6. well hat was the best thing I read alllll day! By the way, my sister in law has the same problem, laughing at inappropriate times, its a real problem, sometimes, it is a hoot though!

  7. I am laughing so hard right now. That was hilarious - loved that the men got into it also. If I flashed my husband, it would get his attention. Maybe John has a disorder? ;)

    1. Yes Cecilia - it's called T.V. itis - LOL
      Isn't that the funniest video ???

  8. So much fun, to see something that makes me smile and laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing.

  9. There are so many things here I want to chime in on, but let me just say I too laugh when I should not. I've heard it is emotions that somehow go haywire. I worked in San Francisco in 1968/69 at a very stern bank. An older woman walked up to my teller cage and (honest) slipped on a banana peel someone had dropped and went right down and disappeared. I felt horrified and deeply concerned for her...but started laughing my head off and couldn't stop, with tears rolling down my cheeks. I was only 19 and had no idea why I was laughing uncontrollably. I feel your pain about funerals.

  10. The video was hilarious! Also howling at the funeral/gyno/dentist story! If it makes you feel any better, I've definitely laughed uncontrollably in inappropriate places - impossible to stop once you start! When my son was in 4th grade, it was the first year he was in Band, and we were excited to go to his first concert. And then...they started playing. They were so bad, and even though it was adorable, I couldn't stop laughing, my husband started, too. I know we were making a scene, but honestly, I don't know how other people didn't laugh. I'm hysterical now, just thinking about it.

  11. HAHAHA. I think we suffer from the same affliction of inappropriate laughter. I think I got kicked out of class once for it too.....just couldn't help myself! Thanks for the laugh! Cheers.

  12. Teeheehee! Snort! There is a label for people who can't laugh, it's probably depression, numerous pills for that one. OMG! I get the giggles in stressful situations. It's how I handled my stress filled childhood. I would start laughing my head off. It helped break the ice on a few ocassions. My sister is 12 yrs older than me, so it seems like most of my life she has been saying, Men, they can sleeped pegged to a line. That one always cracks me up! If I'm having a bad day I check out the pinterest jokes, they help greatly! We are still in the throws of renoing this old house, everytime one of my guys says - I think we have a problem, I end up laughing, and cursing about it, it helps. My cousin burped at my father's funeral and that was all I needed to giggle. I was 12 and still feel bad about that, hopefully he and God have forgiven me. Tears, not so much, but let the giggles role! Patty

  13. I cough. It is terrible. It happened at my brother's wedding. It happened during our headmaster's state of the school a few weeks ago. It is one of those coughs that won't go away without a cough drop. The kind that make ladies of a certain age wet their pants.
    Yikes. I think that's better than laughing though.
    Love your Friday Chats.
    What in the world is the matter with John?

  14. I hate that less than 3 minutes after my husband's head hits the pillow he's out and snoring. Sometimes while we are talking about who's on Jimmy Fallon. So his reasoning is to stay up by laying on the sofa downstairs. He thinks this helps him stay awake. But he doesn't know he was sleeping there to. He just wonders what happened at the end of the news.
    I wonder if I took his pillow away if he'd stay awake?
    Barbara Ann /sho/ barbaraannscreations

    1. Nah - they don't need a pillow - in fact they don't even need beds ( I don't think )
      John can go into a deep sleep sitting upright in a char !

  15. Obviously, John is not an all American boy;-)) I have the laughing disorder too. I laughed all the way through my great grandmother's funeral and once laughed during communion at church. This disorder is no laughing matter!! :-)

  16. Suzan I'm 74 but got one hell of a kick out of that video. I'll have to watch it again, awesome. Hubs heard me laughing, had to come out to see what I was doing. I can identify with one age of boobs, lol. Have gained and lost weight many times, had 5 kids, it does things to the "girls". My youngest daughter complains she's small and I'm bit bigger, wants to know why. What can I tell her. Not too bad for old lady. lol Thanks for great laugh.
    Happy week

    If you care to reply please do so to

  17. Oh man I'm a nervous laugher too, worst time was when I was a teenager working in the local deli with 4 other women, one of whom was a 70 year old woman, she tripped flat on her back and while people are falling over themselves to help her I could NOT stop laughing. I looked like the most insensitive person and being young did not help one bit. The men thing had me as well you know this time of year there are a billion posts on loving our men with all sorts of gifts, as far as I'm aware men need food, the remote, beer & sex and that is the perfect day for them.


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