Friday, January 16, 2015

A Friday chat ( about this & that )

We got a pony !
And a goat !
Well my daughter's Vet asked if we could keep them for a month or so - they're just babies and really just too cute for words.

Suzan says - They're just babies
John says - WHO'S GOING TO PICK UP THEIR #*&(@@#

Soooooo - I cleared out the mud room off the kitchen - filled it with hay and that's where they live.
It stinks in there but I'm so overcome with love I can't stand it

I make them their dinners which consists of this

Dog Biscuits

All mixed up in a giant bowl and served cold - they LOVE it !

Than my daughter told me I was over feeding them and they should only get half a cup at each feeding - and only 2 feedings a day -
" the Vet wants to stunt their growth - kind of the same concept as a bonsai tree "

WTH kind of vet is this exactly - I'm not doing it - I'm going to keep on feeding them what I feel animals of their size should eat.

I'm closer to the pony but try not to show it - I don't want the goat to end up with an inferiority complex after all.

When I'm not busy with them I've been taking down all the light fixtures in the house and converting them so that they hold candles instead of light bulbs.
John's furious - says we need electric light.


John says - No one on this planet has dreams like you - they're completely abnormal
Suzan says - How do you know what people dream - is this something you ask them?
John says - I just know it - yours are...........well yours are insane
Suzan says - Well I have no control over them for crying out loud
Suzan says - Come to think of it you never share your dreams - what do you dream about ?
John says - I don't dream.................

Therein lays our problem I would think.

I have a hard time using the word " ain't "
I feel like a rebel when I do - but it's always a conscious decision to say it - it doesn't come naturally to me at all - even if I think it's kind of cool..............
There was a time when people were scolded for saying it - " ain't isn't a word " or at least I was.
BUT - now it is a word - it's in the dictionary after all - and if I want to use it - ain't nobody going to tell me I can't ...................
Cuz I'm cool.

We all know that China's taking over North America - that's no secret
We also know that both our governments have sold us out in order to allow that to happen...............

But sometimes we're just as stupid as our government..................

There was a town for sale in British Columbia - ( which is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada ) 

In a province where housing costs have gone ridiculously through the window - this entire TOWN was for sale for under 1 million.
You can't buy a shack for that price ( and I'm dead serious - take a look at this HERE )

photo -

Did a Canadian step up to the plate and purchase it?
Did a GROUP of Canadians grab it as an incredible investment - with plans to fix it up and turn it into a tourist attraction?
Even you Americans didn't bother  ( we could have all chipped in and had a blog fest or something  )
Could you see all of us DIY'ers running all over the place - creating creating creating?

photo -

Nah................too much work I guess.

Bradian, B.C. Ghost Town Sold To Chinese Investors

Why can't we see opportunities when they're staring us in the face?

Here in Montreal we've been drowning in language laws for the last 40 years - French / English
You.  Must.  Parlez.  Francais.
Even if you're English -
All of our elections seem to revolve around this - 
I have news for everyone - 
In the not too distant future, the only 2nd language any of us will have to learn - will be Chinese.



We're Stupid................

The fireplace unit I'm working on has been the most challenging piece to date - I made some pretty dumb decisions which came back to bite me - BUT - I'm almost there - a little " tweaking " left to do with sand paper and I can call her done
I'm letting you guys see it first - before I actually write up a post - and try to get at least one decent photo -

Ok - gotta run - that Pony and Goat ain't gonna feed themselves.................

You all have a wonderful weekend !
Much love
( hugs too )


  1. I swear to God I was NOT shocked when you said you had a pony and goat in your mudroom. You have such a big heart Suzan, you'd probably take them if someone needed you to. Sam says he thinks he does not dream, or at least he doesn't remember them. America has plenty of ghost towns...and even some ghost cities...look at Detroit, so I guess we didn't want another one?

  2. Ugh! I saw a report on the TV about a year ago about all of the brand new ghost towns that are being built in China. The Chinese are heavily investing in real estate even though no one lives there... Huge shopping malls totally empty! It's very strange and I hope that doesn't happen there. As another side note I have totally strange dreams too, my ex husnpband said he never dreamed which I thought was weird... Is that a man thing? I was really crushed when I read you were dreaming about the baby animals, I was hoping to see pictures :)

  3. husband says he doesn't dream either. Boring.
    The furniture piece is looking awesome.!

    1. What IS it with men? LOL - how does one stop oneself from dreaming, I wonder???

  4. I never use the work ain't, lol, but man oh man do I dream! I remember all my dreams, but nothing as grand as yours, that fire place turned out beautiful!!!! I love the black

  5. OMG Suzan only you would have a pony and a goat in your mud room lol! This is too sweet and crazy at the same time. Your heart is so big. I am kind of jealous I always wanted a pony lol! Enjoy your little house guests they sound so sweet and cute.

  6. Suzan, the chinese have been buying up farm land outside of Quebec city for some time now. They have also been flooding the university programs nearby to learn how to speak French. And of course, we are talking about the Charter of Rights all over again. Oh the joys of our province Suzan....sheer pleasure. Dream on my friend, dream on. :)

  7. A pony and a goat in the house? I gotta see a picture of that!
    Love the new fireplace piece.

    1. They were soooo cute LOL
      Thanks Karen - it looks so much better distressed :)

  8. Oh my goodness. Funny post Suzan. I remember when we weren't allowed to say 'ain't' as kids. (among other words!) It was too un-educated to do so and so I don't. Unless I'm trying to be 'cool'. Guess what? I have crazy dreams too. And when I was reading your dream I thought you were telling the truth and that you really had a pony and goat in your porch. Regarding Chinese investors....there is a stone 'mansion' of sorts in Moncton that used to be a nunnery and looks like a castle. It's called 'castle house' locally or as my brother used to call it "Ivanhoe's Castle". It was for sale for $140,000 or so last year and a Vancouver Chinese investor bought it. I guess he thought he got a good deal until they started renovations. Oops! I expect it will be on the market again some day for $1million when it's made into condos. They're smart business people! I love your latest project! It's really beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  9. Yes, I hate this Chinese situation. They got so rich thanks to the West and now they're buying the US and Canada out!
    I like that piece after, it looks great!

  10. What a cute dream!

    It's really a disaster in the making.

  11. Ha!! You had me going for a minute!
    And John doesn't dream. I'm sure he and my husband were separated at birth!!

    1. LOL - you know when you have a dream and you wake up confused because it seems so real?
      That was this one !

  12. The pony and goat just must have been black, grey and white!

  13. And here I was so envious that you had a goat! It's all fun & games until your goat chews through the dryer vent though.
    Your theory is spot-on. US residents send copious amounts of cash to Asia to buy their products, yet remain complacent about what it means in the overall picture. SMH

  14. Am I the dumbest blonde if I actually bought the pony and goat story?

  15. I have to admit that you had me going there for a bit! I could completely see you doing something like that, and John blowing his stack!

    Men DO dream (humans go clinically insane if they don't); they just don't remember their dreams the way females do.
    Good job on the cabinet!

  16. I believed it! It seemed a little far fetched for anyone but you.
    And yes, we will all wake up some day and find we no longer control our own countries. You're words are so true, stupid...stupid...STUPID us.

  17. I'm confused...are the pony and goat real? I once kept a litter of pigs in the bathtub till they outgrew it. :)
    I totally bought that you were replacing your lights with candles and immediately thought "poor John". lol
    And...when I was in Tanzania (Africa) a couple of years ago, we were on a bus and saw road crews with what looked to be Chinese "bosses". The Tanzanian man we were with said "yes, they are in charge of building our roads. And they are trying to buy up Tanzania and take us over". I had to laugh and told him that's exactly what we are saying about America. Also, we drove by a crew and one guy was shoveling and about a dozen were watching. I told him that happens a lot in America as well. :)

  18. I don't know if we should worry too much about the Chinese buying up things. Japan did that back in the 80's & everyone was up in arms. Then they went broke. Sold everything they had purchased...they still aren't doing to well. It is only a matter of time before it happens to the Chinese.

    1. Oh I think this is a little more serious - they're the top economy on the planet and it's population is a billion strong - how can we compete when they have that many people in a concentrated work force?
      Thinking you're wrong ( but praying you're right )

  19. I absolutely love reading your posts, you always make me laugh and smile!!! I totally agree, the way we here in the States and now apparently the Canadians are selling all our real east ate to the Chinese we better get learning the language real soon!

  20. My dreams are like movies, dialogue, colour and entertaining while sometimes weird. Dave says I'm weird because he hardly ever if never, dreams. I could see you taking on a goat and a pony in real life, but if you do, please have mini's and take tons of pictures. Patty

  21. Don't say ain't three times cause it ain't in the dictionary (that's what we used to say but now it seems we are wrong, lol). Ooo, I want to live in your dreams with a baby pony in the mudroom. Bruce would never let me though. Oh, he says he doesn't dream but then admitted he just doesn't remember them.
    Really? They bought a Ghost town? Weird. What's up with that?
    So, if tourists come and speak English because we sadly didn't learn French, are we shunned?

    1. That pony and goat were the cutest things LOL -
      I've had some people complain about the language issue when visiting - but for the most part it's really a very friendly province to tourists
      Come !

  22. I was totally buying that story at the! I only dream weird dreams myself...or sad or terrifying..not sure why I can;t ever have a happy dream! I only use ain't occasionally and usually only with sarcasm. I live in an area where people use it a LOT, bu they ain't too bright if you know what I mean! I am in love with the fireplace. And, yep, China is taking over and I agree...stupidity is rampant these days! Have a blessed weekend and sweet dreams! ;)

  23. I was just picturing the pony and goat in the mudroom! And the straw on the floor! And the pee and the p.... You get my drift. The menu (recipe?) should have given it away. Thanks for making my evening. Tell more about what happened with your new project. It looks great! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  24. Well I was thinking "quit yakking about these cuties and show us a picture". I did think their food was a little -- thought to myself "really. . .This is what they eat?". Also thought maybe the candle thing had to do with losing power. . . I swear Suzan I was WITH you! Then you spoiled it. I have vivid weird dreams and/or nightmares. Love your blog.

  25. As I was reading your post I was thinking, " I would totally clear my mudroom out for a baby pony and goat". The funniest part is my husband would probably not be one bit surprised. LOL!!!! If I had the money I would buy an entire town and make it into something totally fabulous. However the higher power doesn't see the need to give me the funds. *sigh*
    Have a great weekend!!!

  26. OMG! You are a scream! I love animals so I was actually getting jealous because I thought how lucky you are to have a pony and a goat! That is the kind of stuff I dream, and I ain't lying! I have the wildest dreams--my husband can't believe it when I tell him. (He says he can't remember what he dreams.) Boy, I wish we were neighbors, you are my kind of friend! Those convos you have with John are reminiscent of the ones I have with my husband, though yours are more civilized without all of the yelling! You are too funny! P.S. RE your last comment about foreign investors: I think we're stupid too!

    1. LOL - thanks Hazel !
      Our conversations aren't so civilized sometimes lmho
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Hi Suzan!!!

    You really opened up a can of worms about the Oriental invasion, especially here in Vancouver, BC. That's right the same ghost town province. We Canadians that are in charge of all things Canadians are quite stupid!!! And I'll give you examples:

    1. We had Expo here in 1986. After it was over and all the land that was used in the downtown core was cleared, it sat vacant for a few years, until Japanese Investors came and BOUGHT(!!!!!!!) the land and built highrises on it. Why did we not just lease them the land? Why allow them to OWN the land.

    2. With our expensive real estate, as you all know, we non oriental people are being pushed out to the valley...WHY, because we are individuals who want to live with our hubbies and kiddies and be independent. Now what do they do? Their parents live with them and help them to buy property and then the parents babysit their grandchildren where we pay high prices for daycare and our parents are paying for a mortgage and we are paying for a mortgage.

    3. We have a small 'mall' that is practically empty. It has five stores in. It's has 3 floors with plenty of room for retail, but, it only has five!!! It is owned by...........

    4. A Korean man bought a small building that had stores and hairdressing shops in it. Once the sale was finalized, he gave them all 1 months notice and said only Korean's can rent from him.

    We are selling off the country. Where are we to go when they own all properties? Like I said, 'We are being pushed out of the lower mainland and into the valley.' Our jobs though are still in the lower mainland. It's just not fair. I was warned in 1987 when I moved here that in the near future we will be living up north because the Orientals will own everything down here.

    It's so heart retching to live here and see it happening!!! My cousin in L.A. saw a show that shocked the heck out of him and he called me right away asking if it was true. He told me all about it and I answered, 'Yes it's true.' Oh, the name of the show, Hongcouver!!!

    Oh well, what are we to do!!! I don't care what race you are and that you have more money than we do. It's our own people selling us out and not caring how it is affecting us. That's what hurts!!!

    After all that all I can say is, 'Have a great weekend!!!'


    P.S. I would rent for a couple of hours a pony and goat and when John sees them, say, 'See!!! Dreams do come true!!!'

    I'm such a brat!!!

    1. Hi Pam - it's just sickening what's happening - it breaks my heart that Canadians are being pushed out of the city because foreign investors are driving the prices up like that - what the hell is wrong with our government ( oh wait - you don't have to reply to that )
      Have a nice weekend - hope you win a huge lottery !

  28. Suzanne when I started reading this post I thought to myself, "oh my she's taken on so much this past year she's just cracked". ROFLMAO when I read further to see it ain't so. I'm with you on the selling our souls to China. Anyway, thanks for the chuckle this morning...and when I say morning I mean 4:30 AM...dam menopause!

    1. LMAO Marie !!!
      I HAVE cracked - just not to the point of putting a petting zoo in my mud room ( yet )
      I SO get you with the being up at 4.30 a.m. -
      Have a great weekend - SLEEP !!!

  29. I'm so relieved that was a dream. A town for sale? Is there something wrong with it? Oh my. We live in different times.

  30. Oh my goodness Suzan, you had me going. I really thought you had lost your mind this time... like it's normal to keep a pony and a goat in the house...thank God you woke up!
    So funny! You are a nut!

  31. I forgot to say that I live in California and it is the same here! Money gets them everything. They pay cash for million dollar+ homes too!

  32. lolol Oh my gosh! You REALLY had me going, girl! I didn't doubt for one second that you had farm animals in your mudroom. lolol You are such a hoot! And yes, I agree with you about the town. Unbelievable! And sad. Where is this world headed, anyway....? It's just downright scary. Keep the faith, though! That's all we've got left!

    Sweet dreams, farmgirl!

    xoxo laurie

  33. Your dream was awesome. I love dreams like that! Hubby wakes me up from HIS dreams thinking I've hurt myself....."OMG are you OK" I hear while he's shaking Not sure if it's wishful thinking or fear on his Why didn't we pool our money and buy that town...why??? It was a gold mining town....we probably could have struck it rich! BTW, loving your fireplace!

  34. Better late than never with this reply! I had a frantic weekend getting Chloe, my younger daughter ready to fly out to India for 6 MONTHS :-( We dropped her at the airport this morning and I cried for about an hour - I was just calming down when I got a text from her just before take off and cried for another hour...
    A dream analyst would have a field day with you! I love the idea of the pony and the goat in your mud room (the clue is in the name) LMHO and you are so right about the diet, don't listen to the vet, feed those babies up :-))
    In London we have had every nationality (Arabs, Russians, Orientals you name them we've got them) buying up property that they rarely, if ever, live in. Prices are insane and they are now looking farther afield for investments. We have ghost towns, the difference is people are still living in them....
    Money really does talk, it's just that what it's saying doesn't make any sense.
    Don't you just hate it when a piece of furniture fights back and nothing goes to plan? I know you will overcome though and it will end up awesome as usual :-))

  35. I live in CA. Here we have Chinese buying houses in new developments. When they invest 500000$ they can apply for a green card. We live in this development.


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