Friday, January 9, 2015

A Friday Chat ( about this and that )

The battery died in the van this week -
John says - oh well - guess I'll have to take Shank's Pony -
Suzan says - pardon me?
John says - SHANK'S PONY - don't tell me you've never heard that

ummm - no - can't say that I have.

Suzan says - Do you mean the Civic?

John says - SHANK'S PONY ISN'T A CAR !!!!!!!!!!!!
John says - You colonists are hopeless
Suzan says - You're not exactly Lord Grantham buddy

Eliminate The Nickel, Launch A $5 Coin: Desjardins..............

I didn't say anything when Canada got rid of the paper dollar seemed like a good idea to use
a " loonie " instead of all those one's in your wallet.

This was before the DOLLAR STORES became so popular - and there really wasn't much you could buy with a dollar anyway - using a 2 dollar bill just made more sense ( although wallets admittedly got a little heavier ) 

Then they announced the " toonie " - and though I wasn't so big on the idea - it was still ok - after all you could use a 5 for a lot of things and get lots of loonies and toonies back in change - although wallets were starting to split and be held with elastic bands around this time.



Paper money was, after all, invented because it was cheaper to produce - was lighter to carry - and saved space.  All perfectly good reasons - and keep in mind that was back in the day when they
didn't need to carry so many of them - one coin could buy you a herd of cows for crying out loud.

We're going to have to start carrying garbage bags instead of purses
Do you think Parisian Purse designer Lanvin was thinking of us when he designed the " trash bag purse " ?

Very spiffy.( as far as garbage bag purses go anyway ) 


I came across this blog - Things I find in the Garbage - in Montreal.
He's a professional scavenger - and it's fascinating what he finds in the garbage - you'd be amazed at what people throw out !
Take a look - ( you'll be hooked - and maybe find something you want - he sells his items on E-BAY.

Just a sample here - for which he made 1000.00 dollars ( some of them are very rare )

Why on earth would someone think these belonged in a dump?  Sinful..............

Remember my post last week on how warm it was in Montreal - and no snow to be seen - and how it was completely abnormal to look outside and just see grass?
Well - Mother Nature bit me in the A$$ so hard that I can barely sit down.
Last weekend - due to a very quick drop in temperature - and then a very quick rise in one - and another drop - the Island of Montreal was hit with another mini ice storm.
The power went out just as the temperatures were dropping - 10 a.m. Sunday morning - and only returned 6 the next morning.
I was panic stricken -
We had an ice storm in '98 that scarred me for life - no power for 2 solid weeks - in the middle of winter.
The city looked like a war zone - people died - police came knocking on doors constantly to make sure people were ok - emergency shelters were taking in more people then they could handle - horrible - truly it was just horrible.
Again this was due to sudden weather changing - ( it was a very mild winter )  with over 80 hours of freezing rain - it affected Montreal, Ontario and New Brunswick - and was the costliest natural disaster Canada had ever faced.
It also affected Northern U.S. states.
If you've lived through one of them, you never forget................

It's a magnificent site to behold - because your whole world is encased in what looks like white ice - swings - bicycles - houses - cars - toys - anything that's been left outside.
And if we hadn't gone through the " big " one - I would have just appreciated the beauty.

As it was - we sat in front of the fireplace - and I tried desperately to read by flickering candle light - listening to John ranting and raving about Hydro Quebec - and how they had to be accountable - yadda yadda yadda.
A corporation being held accountable?
I was too cold to laugh though.

Candle light for 22 hours gets old.  Fast.


I'll save my rant for another time on this next subject - but my heart's in my beloved Paris today, for obvious reasons............
For the city of " amour " to be hit with such atrocity makes me physically ill.

And lastly - for all you Downton Abbey lovers - this is a must see - I promise !!!
I almost fell off my chair - too funny for words
What a great, fun cast this show has

And if you loved it as much as I did - here's part 2 !!!

You all have a wonderful weekend everyone !

Much love,


  1. the garbage bag purse is not a winner in my opinion, lol, I certainly hope you never ever have another storm like that in 98,

    I have been following that garbage picking blog for a few months, it is amazing what is found, the only thing is you do have to sometimes pick through some pretty smelly stuff and I have a very weak stomach so its not for me, but I still read, it, it was a new post yesterday in fact!

  2. Good morning Suzan. It's snowing here today although very lightly but I see the wind is picking up now. It's definitely milder out there. That's the first I've heard about the 5 cent piece. I visited the garbage blogger and spent half an hour looking around. What a smart guy! He's making money from garbage picking!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. We get terrible ice storms. The worst was in 2011 when we were hosting the super bowl. Usually everything melts in two days. Not that time. Stay warm.

  4. OMG I am so behind, I missed the season's start of Downton Abby...... storms of any sort are so scary lately. We cannot underestimate them. But it is also difficult to prepare fully for such emergencies. We have a wood burning fireplace on the main floor as well as a gas fireplace down in our family room, with an emergency starter in case the electricity goes out...... we thought of converting the wood burning fireplace to gas but feared we would miss it in an emergency (not to mention the ambience) so it was best left in place.

  5. this was wonderful. I loved the ending so much.

  6. Ah yes shank's pony, I haven't heard that one in a while :-D.
    I'm thinking the Lanvin bag will be a tad pricey - you may have to resort to the real thing or how about a small suitcase preferably on wheels?
    I'm praying you don't get a repeat of the '98 ice storm, that sounds horrendous! I always used to say I'd like to live in Canada because you get real summers and real winters whereas increasingly ours are sort of merging, but I'm reconsidering now...
    He found those in the garbage???!!! I need to check this site out.
    Hope you have a wonderful and warmer weekend, remember candlelight is very flattering not to mention romantic (that is unless you're so cold you can't feel your extremities!) LMHO

    1. Never heard that expression in my life - and he's never said until now LOL !
      That " garbage " site is amazing - a dirty job for sure but wow I can't believe what people consider trash worthy

  7. WHat??? You're not going to tell me what a Shank Pony is?????

  8. The ice storm sounds miserable, but the photo of the candle in the window with the snowy/icy backdrop is just beautiful! I clicked over to the Garbage Blog and am truly amazed! I can't believe what people throw away! They could at least donate! Have a happy and hopefully not freezing weekend Suzan.
    Blessings, Vicky

  9. Oh, I do love your blog..thank you for sharing those Downton videos ..I've just gotten Amazon Prime a few weeks ago and started watching Downton, I've almost caught up...
    I am enjoying it very much....

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words !!!
      Aren't those videos fabulous? What a cast - sounds like they have big hearts!
      Go finish watching the series - it's addictive, I know LOL

  10. Love the Downton Abbey videos...too funny!! It is one of my favorite is addictive. We still have about 5 to 6 inches of snow on the ground, but thank goodness the roads are clear now. Now if we can just get rid of the -17 to -25 degree wind chills.


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