Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Now I lay me down to sleep

I thought I'd share something I purchased last June ( I waited this long to because I wanted to see how well it held up )

This is not a sponsored post - but it's such an incredible product that I wanted to let you all know about it !

It's a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper - and I swear to you it's exactly like sleeping on a memory foam

I paid around 130.00 for it - which may be a little pricey for a mattress topper - but it's extremely cheap for a new mattress - which is what it feels like !

7 months later it's exactly how it was when I first took it out of its package - amazing!

I no longer wake up with aches - at all !

I remember it had a weird odor when we first got it - but it disappeared after a day or two - other than that
this is as close to a perfect night's sleep as I can recall having in a long time ( when I actually can go to sleep
because it doesn't cure insomnia unfortunately )

A reader just asked for the link so I'm going to include it
Tested and highly recommended - you can order it from Amazon ( affiliated link ) HERE

In fact if anyone is looking to buy a new mattress, I'd suggest trying this out first and taking a vacation with the money  you save !

Sharing is caring, right?

Have a wonderful day everyone
Much love,


  1. One question, Suzan - did it have any kind of smell when you first took it out of the package? We tried one of these a few years ago (different brand) and had to send it back for the terrible smell that wouldn't go away, even after leaving it in the sunroom for a week. We love mattress toppers otherwise.

  2. Please, please give me the link. I just wandered around Amazon trying to find one that looked like your pic to no avail. I love it when people provides links for products and am happy if they can make some money doing it unless of course most of their posts link to products all of which they absolutely love. No problem with that happening here. If there is one thing I'm sure of when visiting your blog, it is that I will get the plain, unvarnished truth. It may be chalk painted or possible waxed rubbed, but no varnish. Hmmm, did I just miss the varnish posts? I shall have to go check that out.

  3. We got a mattress topper last summer too and it's been heavenly! It, too, had a weird odor but it disappeared in about a week. Glad I didn't have to buy a new mattress! I found mine at Target - they had different thicknesses.

  4. Just popping in here and there to visit before I leave tomorrow. That sounds like a fantastic topper. Suzan. I hear you- I don't sleep much either. It's hard to shut the brain down some nights. xo Diana

  5. I just might order one of these since you gave it a good review. I need something on my mattress. I think this would help my arthritis. Anywho....thanks for sharing! Have a blessed Friday and weekend.

  6. I've wondered about those mattress toppers but I'm assuming you need to then buy extra deep pocket sheets to fit both a mattress and the topper together?

    1. Yes - you definitely do !!!
      That's all I buy anyway - because the regular ones always seemed to come up in the corners after tossing and turning LOL

  7. I was about to ask you if it was easier for you to fall asleep now, but I read it didn't cure insomnia, too bad! Does it make John snoring less noticeable?


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