Monday, August 24, 2015

TRACES of Tracy !

For those of you that read yesterday's post HERE - you know that I went to pick up the cutest little cabinet from Tracy.
The moment I stepped into her house my eyes were darting all over the place !
Is that a gorgeous gallery wall or what?
I love all the architectural details - just beautiful !

We connected right away - I can't tell you how much we had in common ( and by default so did John and her hubby Trevor )

In fact I felt SO comfortable that at one point I jumped up on her sofa to snap a couple of photos !

I could hear John in the kitchen

John says - OMG -  I think she's moving things around in your living room !

And I was because I absolutely had to show you this darling little frame ...............

Which is a small lamp !

Ain't she sweet? ♫♪♫♫
( now I ask you very confidentially - ain't she sweet ? ) ♫♪♫♫

I thought of slipping it into my purse and then remembered I didn't bring my purse..............

A sewing machine table transformed to fit a large tray

LOVE the stencil !

A beautiful tapestry hangs in her living room

Her coffee table - which reminds me of my little Farmhouse Table HERE

Sorry for the state of the photos - this is just to show you that it turns into a dining room table

Really - it just goes on and on - these are just Traces of Tracy's Treasures.
I think I should start a series - Tuesdays at Tracy's and just go over for tea ( with my camera and a very large purse ) once a week !

Anyway - the purpose of this post is to show you something else I bought off her

Her brother built a shelving unit into an antique frame - I LOVE this !

There were 2 of them ( think I'm going back to get the other one next Tuesday - seriously LOL )
The one I took and another one that had some of the ornate pieces broken off................
I didn't mind that at all - it simply added to it's charm for me.............

Tracy's husband Trevor says - Well you don't want that one - there's pieces missing
Johns says - like an expert - No no Trevor - it's like buying a car with 3 doors - it's a " thing "

We had the most wonderful time with the both of you guys -
So..........what are you doing next week?
Feel like some company LMHO ???

We left and............

John says - You have positively no decorum
John says - You act like a lunatic - you're completely out of control no matter where we go
Suzan says - PULEASE - she's a kindred spirit - and as crazy as I am - I can sense these things..............

You all have a wonderful day everyone - I'm trying to decide what color to paint that frame !
And frantically trying to finish this China Cabinet that gave me a few problems with " bleed through "
I'm a day late ( and counting ) but it's oh so close to being done !

( I don't suppose any of you will be inviting me over for tea anytime soon LOL )


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  1. "It's like buying a car with three doors". Ha! That is hilarious John. How fun to find a kindred spirit though and that you and Tracey have so much in common. I love the coffee table that converts into a dining table. Have a super day!

  2. You crazy thing! You can come to tea or dinner any time. I did crack up at John saying OMG...she's moving your stuff.

  3. You can come have tea with me anytime! (or maybe some Sangria!)

    I love the frame over the shelving...

  4. What, are you kidding? That makes me want to invite you to tea all the more! Great little framed cabinet!

  5. She is definitely a kindred spirit, as we all are who spend our days looking at pictures of old things no one else wants and then at night we dream of the endless possibilities! You can come over to my house anytime, but I'm over on the other side of the pond.

    1. Ok - I'll bring my Mary Poppin's purse - since it's quite the trip LOL

  6. Something tells me most of your subscribers are kindred spirits Suzan! Have a great day...xxoo!

    1. You're right Kim !
      But Tracy really really was LOL !
      Hope your weekend's off to a great start :)

  7. *guffaws* You'll have to remember your purse next time, lololol She does have fabulous items and I love that frame/lamp. I've never seen anything at all like it!

  8. no matter.... the door is open for ya !

  9. Suzan and John.... Come. On. Down. Though it might be a bit far for tea. :) lol Love the new projects and that frame lamp is adorable! Can you imagine a photo copy of one of your own old family photos in there? Are you going to make such a lamp? I can see you doing that. Suzan gots skillz. :) ~ Christina

  10. I would love to have both you and your hubby over. I always show my husband your convo's with your husband. He just says she is just like you. I am always on step 101 while he is still on step 3 when doing anything. Oh well great minds do think alike. Take care.

  11. Come on down to visit in Virginia....leave the pocketbook home..haha!! Bring John.

  12. I would invite you for tea but I'm not sure you'd find anything you'd want to slip in your purse. LOL. Well, you might want my buffet but no, no, you can't have it. :o) Tracy's lamp is adorable, I love her gallery wall, those frame-shelf things are fabulous and I'm laughing thinking of you up on the sofa taking pictures and John have a conniption fit. LOL. I bet he and Bruce would get along swimmingly.

  13. I see Tracy in person just above me! I think you have a new friend. The gallery wall is lovely. If you visit me, I will insist you take something home - I'll even ship.

  14. Please, if you want to come over for tea, do so before I buy my new sofa ;)

  15. I'll invite you for tea (or wine) but you'll have to leave your purse at the door:-) Happy to hear that you were able to meet up with Tracy and that you found some more treasures. Thanks for sharing at VIParty.

  16. Suzan., you are a hoot!!! I would so love to hang out with you (and John too) - you make everything so much fun. I am sure tea with you would be absolutely memorable!

  17. How fun! I am so happy you got to enjoy such a fun time and meet another treasure hunter :-))


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