Friday, January 22, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Things I googled recently

Is there a way to remove the burnt taste out of spaghetti sauce
Is it possible that Donald Trump can win the nomination
Montreal winter weather for 2016
Tea Towels in frames
John says - Suzan says -  ( just because )
Duggars - ( just to torment myself )
What causes pink eye
Cure for pink eye
Why would the flu last over a week
Back Pain
Back Spasms
Back Pain Cures

Things John googled.
He googled " google "

John says - How do I search for something on the internet ?
Suzan says - Just google it

A few minutes later I hear him mildly cursing under his breath

John says - It doesn't work
Suzan says - What doesn't work?
John says - Well I typed google in front of the word and I didn't get anything
John says - YOU TOLD ME TO !
Suzan says - No I didn't - I told you to just google it..............

I went over to help him out

Suzan says - You're on Yahoo?
John says - Of course I am
Suzan says - Ok - just type your word in - that's it - nothing else.

And he found what he was looking for

John says - I don't know why you mentioned google when it had nothing to do with it.

This is the man that keeps threatening to start a blog,

I still have to show him how to open an attachment !!!

I'm really terrible with technology - extremely so - you have no idea how amazing it is that I actually have a blog - but John?
He makes me look like Steve Jobs ...................
or Suzan Jobette

I have a pet peeve - and it's a big one.
I don't like it when people post pics of me on facebook or anywhere without my permission.
And the reason why would be because I take horrible pics.
Cindy if you're reading this STOP IT.


But I'll show you the last couple she posted from waaaay back in the day -

This is just too hilarious for words really - I look like a clown

Check out the hair - wth IS that ???  It looks like half of a lion costume !
And that dress - well I was so in love with it I wore it constantly - the polka dots add to the clown look

And this is Cindy ( the guilty party ) and I over 30 years ago - rocker days - I'm on the right

Have you noticed we're each wearing  a Canadian Tuxedo?

What's that you ask?
Well apparently you Americans have named it so YOU show know LOL

You can see some examples HERE
And a mention by Levi's HERE

Hey Cindy - I think we were trend setters !  ( well us and every other Canadian back in the 70/80's )

So I've been thinking about this for a while because of what a blog friend mentioned to me some time back.
I know we can all be a little guilty of hypocrisy - every last one of us - ( I'm always suspicious of those that claim they've NEVER been guilty of it - it's been my experience that those are the ones that are the worst ) but I believe that it's usually done as a way NOT to hurt someone's feelings - it's a different story when it's used specifically to hurt someone's feelings - that's a whole different ballgame and one I stay away from.
There's a few bloggers that don't like me.
You just know certain things and I can't be everyone's cup of tea - I get that.  And there's a couple of bloggers that I don't like - just because they seem ( to me anyway ) to be very cold people. Coincidentally the couple that I don't like are not very liked by anyone ( from the emails I get )
But I can tell you - with a clear conscience - that I have never left a negative reply on someone's site.
Not once.
And I can also tell you that I've only received a couple on my blog ( Hometalk - where I post - is a complete different story - holy cow - I was massacred there for something I painted once - as most of you know )
But I don't understand people that go out of their way to be nasty.
Are they lonely?
Are they bitter because they're lonely ( or are they lonely because they're bitter and no one wants to be around them? )
I wrack my brains out trying to understand what kind of person derives some type of satisfaction out of doing that........holy cow - life is so short - why spend so much of it being mean?
Why go to lengths to tell someone that someone else doesn't like them?  What does it get a person - HOW does that satisfy someone's soul?  I'd be wracked with guilt forever after.

I think social media has allowed a whole new type of beast to grow.  One we normally would never be in contact with I suppose.

Let's see now.
What should we do with all our swiffer products when we're done with them?
I'd like to pack them all into a box - and leave them at someone's doorstep - ring the bell and then vamoose.
Wouldn't that make a great commercial?  Because it's safe to say that the people opening their doors to a box of brand new swiffer products are not in the least surprised - they can't fool me - Ba - Bam !

John said something hilarious last night and I was too tired to get up and write it down -
When I woke up this morning I realized I had a pad right on my end table - WITH A PEN !
There's nothing sadder than lost opportunity I tell ya

Next week we begin the last week of January and I can't tell you how much that freaks me out this year.
While you're growing up in a 4 season climate - winter is never long enough - as a child it means toboggans and skating rinks -  chalets - hot chocolate outside and snow forts.
It means fun.
A lot of it.
Until you become old enough to realize that the whole world is not experiencing the same weather as you are and that Florida is a real place and once you get over the confusion of Santa not arriving on an actual sled ( and it flies in the air so it doesn't really matter all that much ) well.......................winter sort of loses some of it's appeal.
I mean Flipper was just a show I liked until I realized it was like that ALL YEAR LONG !
And then I felt horribly ripped off by the fates.
It's one hell of an awakening as you're pulling on your winter leggings to know that people are cavorting with dolphins in the ocean at the same moment and on the SAME CONTINENT !!!!!!!!

Hence my excitement that it's almost February.
Winter's practically over.


 Most of you know my back went out last week - for those that don't - I bent down to open the oven door and couldn't get back up.
So I spent most of the week walking around the house doubled over.
John was wonderful.
Really he was.
I'd lay in the bed and bang something on the floor - and then scream out TEA PLEASE and he'd run and make it for me !!!
I felt like Lady Grantham - ( minus the bell - but still I really did feel like a LADY )
Some of my requests were as follows
( for this request he had to get in the car and pick it up - TWICE )

John says - Listen Quasi Modo how long are you going to milk this ?
John roars - Well that's what you look like all doubled over
Suzan says - You know - I don't know what I'm doing with you - really I don't - that has to be the most insulting thing you've ever called me.
Suzan says - I was feeling like Lady Grantham for a little bit there
John says - Well you ARE a lady - you're my lady - so we'll just call you LADY QUASI MODO

And he laughs - and he laughs and he laughs.
Which amazes me because he isn't very funny.
At all.
In case you aren't aware of it - Quasimodo is the Hunchback of Notre Dame -

We have new computers being shipped to us as I type this because my computer has become impossibly slow to work on.
And John has decided he would prefer a lap top.
Now I have to share what happens to me with John.
When we're out at a restaurant and we've finished ordering our meals - I always second guess what I've ordered  and HIS MEAL ALWAYS LOOKS MORE APPEALING TO ME WHEN THEY ARRIVE.
Every single time.

I wanted a desk top computer.  I was 100% sure of it.  Until I clicked " done " I'm wondering why on earth I didn't get a laptop?  WHO works on a desk top computer any more?  Besides me of course.  Why do I want to be trapped at my desk?  I can't explain why I do stupid things - but I do them all the time.
And I know the moment those computers arrive I'm going to stare at his laptop wistfully............the exact same way I looked at his Shepherd's Pie last week when we were out.

I'm also on the lookout for a tablet - I DON'T want to spend 600.00 on one - if anyone has suggestions on reasonably priced ones let me know !

Ok - I'm off -
Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs - kiss - kiss
Quasi - Q  - A.K.A.


  1. I do hope you are feeling better, I know how hard it is to be out of commission and not able to paint or do much else. John and Google... so funny! It's all so funny and picks me up each Friday morning, so thanks for that. About the desktop computer, I use one, although I am on the lookout for a laptop or a whatchamacalit? tablet? Something portable.

  2. OMG these pictures are cute AND hilarious. Reminds me of back in the day with my BFF. I hope your back gets better fast and God bless your wonderful husband for taking such good care of you!

    1. Well I only see hilarious LOL !
      Thanks so much Jennifer - my back feels almost perfect :)

  3. You girls are adorable, and your hair reminds me of "Heart". You said something interesting. I just had some weird stomach and intestinal flu; I was the last to contract. I "thought" I hurt my back being sick, and it is in a place that aggravates my hip that has hurt on and off since high school. Any way, I'm a mess, and have another therapy today, and I suspect this flu is not from around here. In my bio studies in U my speciality was micro, and I retained some interest, so I file this weird stuff away. I hope your back feels better soon. xoxo Su

  4. I LOVE my desktop. I also have a tablet but the desktop is still the best...

  5. you are just wonderful to read as a pick me up I had just almost completed a post in my blog, when I pressed the wrong thing, and the whole caboodle just disappeared and of course I had not saved it as I typed quickly getting it down- so reading your post made me laugh and feel a little lighter hearted, thank you for that, I shall hope your poorly back is almost better now, and that you don't get it again.. after all leaning down to the oven shouldn't be a health hazard and risk should it*?I wish you a happy weekend, Janzi

  6. I forgot to say that your photos show how stunning you are, so don't worry about them being shown, they are all lovely Janzi

  7. MY husband keeps threatening to have "someone else" teach him how to work a computer, and then I better "watch out". LOL I have been trying for years to teach him how to turn it on and get online and still he asks every time. He did get a 7" RCA Tablet when they were on sale for $29.00!! and I think he has figured out the google thing. Good thing it has the talk feature. ;) I bet I hear him asking it something at least a dozen times every evening when I am trying to watch a show. And some of those questions are hilarious!!! That little Tablet can do anything my laptop can. Except store pictures, etc. And I am always surprised to hear that ANYONE still uses a desk top computer. ;) I can't sit in one place that long. Laptops rock. ;)

  8. You are hilarious! And you haven't aged a day...

  9. You are very photogenic and an absolute doll! BTW I use a desktop and I love it that way :)

  10. You have my complete sympathy having to share a computer with John! My Jim cannot keep his fingers off my "stuff". I am a really slow bunny when it comes to computers, but a real genius compared to Jim. When it comes to technical stuff, he draws a "deer in the headlights blank stare" as he looks at me for help. "Nancy!", he screams. "This darn remote control isn't turning the channels anymore! @##@&!!! "Jim dear, you are holding the cordless phone!" The scary thing is this man used to work within the emergency system of a major fire department with all the technical doodads in the world at his disposal, and never had a problem! At home he turns into a big Baby Huey and is as helpless as a loon! Now these strange things are popping up on my sidebar! Bot fly removal! I know compared to what a lot of men watch on the computer, this is simple stuff, but what they hey is bot fly removal? (Don't look unless you have a really strong stomach!) Right now he is slung back in his recliner, sound to sleep, with the cordless phone in his little mitt! I am tempted to call him from my cell phone to see what he does! And when I feel real naughty, I have a second remote control he forgets about. I hide it, and then change the channels on him while he fights with his remote control.........then I wait.....and I wait somemore....patiently til he settles himself down......and BINGO! Off I go again. Today I sign off as "Naughty Nanny"

    1. Oh my gosh we don't share a computer - I think that would do the two of us in LMHO !!!
      Baby Huey has me laughing out loud - I completely forgot about him and now he's going to be on my mind all weekend LOL ! And now I'm wishing I had 2 remotes for the t.v. - that sounds like too much fun !!!
      Happy weekend Naughty Nanny
      Sneaky Suzan

  11. Sorry to hear about your back - I hope you're on the mend soon! I have a laptop and it rarely leaves my office desk. Why? Because I can't stand that rolly thingamajig and prefer to use a mouse. Such a waste really, I should have gotten a desktop computer. Looking at your throwback photos, your daughter's look a lot like you. You're too hard on yourself Suzan, you look very pretty in each one. I had to press your Canadian Tuxedo link - never heard of it before. Really, it's back! I think we all sported that look in the 70 & 80's. Have a good weekend Suzan!
    P.S. Finger's crossed I'm not one of the two bloggers on the don't like list.

    1. I'm going walking today - first time in over a week - so I'm definitely on the mend !!!
      Everyone says my daughters ( they're twins ) look like my triplets LOL ! I never knew what a Canadian Tuxedo was either until very recently -
      And NO you're not one of ( the 2 ) bloggers LMHO - you know them though - and that's all I'll say - I'll go to my death never revealing the's that for a little weekend drama ?xoxoxo

  12. John and Google, that's hilarious! Interesting that google has become a verb. // Personally I think your pictures are great... we ALL have those, so let's just laugh together! But I think I'd feel the same if my friend posted pictures of me. // I have never heard this called a Canadian tuxedo.... still not sure exactly what it is. // I'm not really sure what you're getting at with the hypocrisy story, Suzan. Let me know more when you email me. I don't remember ever hearing you get blasted for painting something. WTH? There are a couple of bloggers that I just don't get. I left comments and they wouldn't respond. One was to ask specifically where a store was that she had talked about in that post. Never heard a word. The other one wanted seeds for zinnias and tomatoes. I live a few hours north of her and posted that I'd be happy to send her some. Nada. I know everyone is busy, but if the blogger wants us to comment, then would a moment of courtesy be too much to ask in return? You're very good about responding, Suzan, and I appreciate it SO much! // SO much, in fact, that I won't tell you the newest with my back. ;-) I'm glad John is taking care of you. My hubby often asks the same question: How long you gonna milk this? // We don't have 4 seasons. Consider yourself lucky. // ahhh, Swiffers... hubby always buys the newest crap, then it never gets used. Where are the swiffers? in the corner of the laundry room, collecting dust. Dust that they will never clean up! I'll send them to you... put them in the box you're leaving at someone's door! TGIF !!

  13. Hey!
    I so love the humour and laughter on your blog, which I found through my mom's Mountain Mama Online, my own is Thanks for the laughs and have a great weekend! :D

    1. Every time I scroll down to reply to a comment - and see that first photo - I vomit a little in my mouth LMHO !!!
      But THANKS so much Amanda - and hoping you have a great weekend too!

  14. I think you were quite stylish back in the day, Suzan :) some of the fashions we sported were pretty hilarious, weren't they? I love reading your always makes me smile. And I totally agree with you about winter...bleh.

    1. It was the hair in the 70's Julie - although it was the era of drugs I was NOT an addict ( other than the mandatory joint or two ) so I can't explain the freaking hair LMHO !!!

  15. Forget google! I have Siri on my iPhone and he has a Brit accent! Maybe I will have him speak with a French or Italian accent next. More fun to ask him questions. Have asked him some personal ?'s and his answers are rather amusing. I like my IPad tons.
    Have a lovely pain free good postured weekend❣

    1. I've never heard of Siri - you're kidding me - Brit accent and all ? ( although I have my hands full with a real life Brit Know it All LMHO )
      After just buying 2 new computers I really don't want to spend money on an IPAD - they're SO expensive but I agree they're probably the best.
      Happy Weekend to you too Mary Anne !

  16. All I have to say, is...the two photos of you are ADORABLE.cute lovely are SOOO PRETTY. . back then, and it looks like you haven't changed at all, looking gorgeous, seeing you in your blog photo, John is lucky to have you...Well because you are pretty and SMART too, and you make us happy too, with your news...Good luck picking out a new pc...and hopefully we'll hear from you (without the spy) know, I love this..John is a spy now, getting better and better. your story is not finished yet....NOT for a long time...baahhaaaa ( I don't ever write that, does it mean I am laughing like crazy..or what? I don't know??? I really am doing the big smile over here tho, love you guys bonnie in WI

  17. Can't decide what's more fun, reading your post, (all of it) or reading the comments, hilarious all of it. Boy sure wish I"d looked that good in my old photos. You are a doll. Will we ever get to see what John looks like?
    As for your back, lots of ice for 20 mins then heat for same. Wait hour then begin again.
    Hubs has a lap top but is still using my old Xp. I asked him why he bothered to buy a lap top, his answer, cause he could. DUH!I'm still using my old 7.0 desk top. have a 8.1 but it made me crazy (it almost made it out our back door a few times while I had nervous break down. My daughter called while I was having one so told me to put it away, so it's sitting in box. Need to get it out to download 10 before they pull their offer but am afraid it will be as bad as 8.1. Can anybody tell me it'll be ok?Please. Sick of looking at boxes with 8.1 and printer sitting around. I'm sorry if I"m only stupid person that just couldn't get 8.1 but I'm an old lady (75 1/2), give me a break ok? Was told Microsoft will be making 7 obsolete like Xp pretty soon so I'd better get off the pot. Love your blog
    Suzanne, you're a real keeper. Take care of that back.

    1. I think the comments are WAY more fun than my posts LMHO !!!
      I've posted a couple of pics of John but he doesn't like it and gets really really angry with me ( as opposed to just plain old angry )
      I'm so computer illiterate that I have no idea about 7.0 - or 8.1 - so I'm over the top impressed at your knowledge LOL !
      YOU'RE a keeper too ! xxx

  18. When you said you felt like Lady Grantham, I had this picture of her lying on her bed banging on the floor...and it did not work at all! Maybe Lady Mary? I can picture her banging on the floor. So, now John will just have to call you "My Lady". Yes, I'm picturing that for sure.

  19. Hi Quasi- oops I mean Suzan :D I am having sympathy back spasms at the moment! I think it's because Colin has been ill (he has an infected tooth and it has really knocked him for six) so I've been trying to lug furniture around on my own. I'm with you on the whole photo thing, although I haven't seen a bad one of you yet which makes me think perhaps we are both overreacting? I want to be like royalty and have to give my approval for official pictures... I also relate to the online trolls' remarks, I actually had to remove myself from Hometalk as I was losing faith in humanity!!! When I told Colin he said 'thank God' so it must of been affecting me pretty badly :D I find it hard to believe that anyone could dislike you or your blog but I may have a clue - jealousy. I think we probably have quite similar personalities, bubbly, open and a tiny bit deranged (am I right?) and some people, usually the ones with the polar opposite personalities, just don't like us much. I tend to like everyone until they do something to change my mind and the first time it happened I was really upset, I just couldn't understand why this girl disliked me when I'd never done anything wrong, until another friend put me straight. To be honest I was incredulous, why would anyone be jealous of me? It's not like I'm anything special.... Over the years it's happened once or twice and I've just had to accept it, you can't please everyone however hard you try (and I am a world champion people pleaser;) Fortunately you have so many fans, myself included, so who cares what these embittered, repressed people think? It's really all about them and how they see the world, not you :) Also I agree it is a condition that has been bred by the internet, it's too easy to leave a poisonous remark because there are no consequences. I spent a lot of time pointing out to people on HT that they would never say these things in a face-to-face conversation (unless they really were anti social misfits) but I suspect I was wasting my time! If only everyone was perfect like us LMAO Gerry xxx

    1. It's QUASI - Q !!!
      I take horrible photos Gerry - seriously I do - ( or I'm really much homelier than I thought ) every now and then an ok one pops up but it's very rare LOL !
      I'm not on Hometalk as much as I used to be - because I was getting too caught up in being a White Knight for every one that was being picked on ( I could care less what people say about me - and found most of the attacks hilarious - I had fun coming up with replies to all of the hundreds I received LOL but for some reason it upsets me terribly when people do it to others )
      Anyway those lurkers are not people we could be friends with in real it doesn't matter at all, right?
      Hope your weekend's off to a good start - tell Colin to get to the dentist ( where I have to go soon as well )

  20. Good to hear that your back is improving. We have a desktop mac for me and I insisted that we buy the same for hubby. So, Why do I find him my computer All the time??? Probably that his office is a mess and my pink and white library is cozy and much more inviting. The whole, lead a horse to water and can't make him drink, adage is in play here. I love, love, love Apple products, two macs, ipad, ipod. Just a suggestion.

  21. Suzan, I don't know why I don't make it over here more often... You are the original Funny Girl!
    As for bad hair, and polka-dot dresses, who didn't own a favorite one! ...Muah! here, here, I had one as well.
    The whole Canada thing, well I have news for you we here in California did that whole tuxedo thing too! The man jeans and over sized dress jacket that you harrowed from your dads closet :) yes that was me! Of course it all started with me rocking Cher's hair style then moving into the rocker look of Stevie Nicks, even down to zig zag hemmed dresses and platform boots that went on forever.

    As for seasons of old tv programs yes yes, what a let down to find out people didn't really love on sets, and flipper was filmed in a tank...I bit of history here. My Grandfather worked for "Paramount Movie Picture Studios" in Hollywood Ca. He was a well sought after Art producer, and he would take myself and brother to the set of Flipper. We would beg him as kids to bring flipper home and put him in the pool Lol, it was so easy to lose yourself in the lack of reality when life in the 60's was so slow, Right?

    Everything back then seamed so perfect, and now a days the young grow up to fast never really experiencing anything real in life :)
    Baby that back of yours, get to feeling yourself again! It's nice to read you still have your amazing sense of humor through it all.

    Thank you for the trip down memory lane.... Makes me want to get out my old albums with all those brownie camera shots, Polaroids glued down to the sticky pages, and visit awhile! Maybe Not? Do I want torture myself today ?
    You my dear I could sit with and have a blast laughing our blanks off... You have got to be the most fun to be around, and a friend no one wants to let go of? Your writing is never dull, and always entertains.
    Keep up with the crazy girl stuff this is what we crazies love about you, we can so relate.

    And it's not how you feel, it's how you look, and you look marvelous darling!


  22. Picked up a tablet on QVC, Gigiset. My adult son loves it. It was a Christmas special 2 for the price of one. About $150.00. We took a chance.i believe this is a European co....but My son, whose iPad finally gave up the gost, says it works great. Sheila

  23. I know that I'm risking a beating here, but I'm glad Cindy posted the photos! LOL!!!! I loved them, I think you're gorgeous. However, I forbid people from doing it to me. Now I'm a hypocrite. ;)
    Mean people can go suck an egg, I'm so happy that John waited on you and went out for tacos, and I think I've just about got everything loaded onto my new computer. I don't care for laptops, and go get an iPad. There's all my advice- get an iPad! I miss you, Suze! Feel better soon and maybe stop opening that oven door so you can heal up....I see more taco trips in John's future. ;)
    xoxo, T.

  24. Are you kidding me? You are too funny. I really, really hope that I didn't make the list of bloggers you don't like because I just love you. I"m not cold am I? I hope your back is feeling better.

  25. and let me just say, those pictures of you are gorgeous. I think you look like a movie star!

  26. HI Suzan...
    Happened onto your blog...hilarious! You are too funny!
    I needed a good laugh today, and you delivered...are you this funny everyday? hahaha!
    Enjoy your day...hope your back is better...
    Linda :o)

  27. I love my laptop, but a desk top DEFINITELY lasts longer, always. I've gone through several laptops (they die unexpectedly so tell/show John how to back everything up elsewhere and save it, and often!) during the length of one the life of one desk top. Unless he got a Mac, then it's a different story. Evidently those last a lot longer than a Windows laptop (I've seen it in person and heard it too, but I've never owned one, so I dunno).

    Sorry to hear your back went out. You're lucky to have John getting you stuff, despite the hunchback slander , lol

    Have a happy week. :)

  28. You are a Gorgeous woman, Suzan! You remind me of Goldie Hawn in some pictures, and in the picture you say you look like a clown, to me you don't look like a clown, you just look like you are feeling NO pain, but in a cute way! LOL! Is it just me, or has anyone ever mentioned to you that you look like Goldie, (another adorable Screw Ball I might add!)
    You are just so pretty, and talented, and have a grand-baby....Boy, I think I am jealous of you!

    1. It's funny you say that Laura - because in real life ( not pics ) I've gotten " Goldie Hawn " my entire life - to the point where a taxi driver refused to take my fare when it came time to pay once while in Manhattan LOL !!!
      I'm aging horribly - that same taxi driver would probably charge me double today LOL

    2. You are so NOT aging horribly! Everyone thinks they age horribly. I'll bet Goldie is aging just as much as the rest of us, but she probably has the bucks to get "embellished" if you know what I mean!! If it weren't for the price, (I looked into it once a few years ago), I'd get the Hell embellished out of myself! They say one should age gracefully, to heck with that, I'm the one who has to look at my raisin face every day and wonder what happened? I have ridges on my forehead and you once remarked that I should just wear bangs. That is a brilliant idea, but I don't have enough hair to get bangs cuz for a person who had Tons and TONS of hair, as I've aged, I'm getting male pattern baldness! Now that is adding INSULT to Injury! I have to do a comb-over to keep the glare from causing blinded drivers from crashing! Aye-Aye-Aye as Ricky would say. I think I'll get a Burqa, burka, (spelling)!


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